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  1. Understandable. Maybe it's the barbarian inside me. Wrestling is fine. Politics really gets my revs going. I'd love to to be able to able to spar with @West Newbury Bad Boy. Maybe we will find some common ground.
  2. This take might cause third degree burns but the Dem establishment rallying behind the establishment candidate in senile Joe Biden has only proven to me that the presidents seat is nothing but a puppet position. Permanent Washington and it's bureaucracy run the show. Trump riggled through and shocked the world. His presidency has been nullified and has been reduced to dopamine hits to his supporters provided by his tweets. His populist platform, curated, nurtured and cooked by Buchananism was nothing but a sham. Trump is useless. And Hilary, to her faults, would have absolutely been more effective at handling this pandemic than the GOP. Anyway there should really be a politics thread on here. I have seen political takes bleed through on various sections of the board. I understand the divisive nature of party politics may create hostility, and I respect the admins decisions. But it's going to keep happening. It's here. It's not going to go away.
  3. One of my good childhood friends signed to NXT told me that Bryan, above anyone else, made him feel welcome during his first house show loop. I think that's what separates him from the pack the most, his ideals. Gulak wouldn't be doing anything right now if it wasn't for Bryan's stroke. Selfishly, I'd love for him to finish his career travelling the independent circuit one last time.
  4. I blame Trump for his administrations slack response, I blame the media being far too focused on impeachment in January, and I blame Vince for not safeguarding his most vulnerable performers. Every institution in the managerial class deserves equal blame for this getting out of control. Miz is a grug-brained company man, but literally any crew member could be a carrier of the virus.
  5. Well this fucked me up real good. If you're repressing some stuff, I suggest avoiding it. I don't think I was ever really emotionally invested in wrestling again after the Benoit murders. In hindsight, Cody got off lightly for taking that unprotected chairshot months ago, and with Dean Malenko providing oversight making it even more egregious.
  6. easy there Goebbels Great numbers for AEW, although not surprising given the circumstance
  7. @Ryan any white people roman saluting this week?
  8. The tactical nihilism of the IWC couldn't be more on show here. The same ones that are outraged and complain the most about 53 year old Goldberg winning the title are the same ones first in line to call people stick-in-the-mud and assholes for questioning women beating men for world titles. But some of you aren't ready for that conversation. I guess wrestling is only fake and a performance art when it suits some people.
  9. Roman is far more capable in executing the archetypal Goldberg match and working around Goldberg's limitations than broken down Taker (Goldberg was knocked out 5 minutes into the match) and Bray Wyatt. Roman is winning, the Jackhammer doesn't even need to be used.
  10. You mean a cool ass sprint like Brock/Goldberg was? Or 20 minutes of Fiend control segments to deafening silence?
  11. The Fiend was finished as soon as he pulled out the mallet at HIAC. Goldberg/Reigns is the money match. All of those cool firefly funhouse vignettes did not translate into good in-ring performances, aside from the Bryan match, and I mean let's face it, Bryan could probably have a good match with anyone on this board. Ricochet/Brock was hilarious.
  12. They've been doing that since time immemorial. At least Shayna has to earn her shot. Sometimes obvious is fine.
  13. I like the epic format, but it seems like the more creative liberties performers have gotten the more they're missing the mark on when to execute the finish. Gargano was really good at finding it. Zayn too. I don't know what's happened. Maybe Adam Cole sucks? I blame Shawn Michaels
  14. I understand the flex of wanting to showcase the absurd amount of athleticism Lee and Dijak have for their size, but some of those spots were bordering on life threateningly dangerous. The impulse of wanting to top their previous matches caused them to dance over the line of what's acceptable and what's out of their comfort zone and it showed. If it wasn't for the crowd being so hot, the presentation would have stuck out a lot more than it did. They've had better matches. This one wasn't it. Balor CRUSHED Gargano with the GDG.
  15. Looking forward to the insanity in front of a large crowd
  16. Not surprised the Saudi money has reverberated to the MMA grifters.
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