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  1. We still running with FSW=Punk now that FSW is doing deadlock? Also I can’t remember what the K in Coach Tony K stands for but it wasn’t Khan. He was some random Midwest kids football coach. Use to post on Czwfans and TSM back in the day under a similar handle.
  2. I liked Natural more when he wasn’t the hogan_bot that went from always responding to posts about Hogan to just randomly posting the same “I have strong opinions about former WWF/WCW/WWE Champion Terry Bollea which you should PM me about. But I wanted to express them here too because I can't help myself” for literally no reason. I know times can be slow and this year sucks and yea Fuck Hulk but just meh.
  3. She does have a certain family member in AEW who could manage her. The women’s division needs her BAD.
  4. Sounds like a question for Flair’s Shadow. Perhaps Shane Douglas will come in and lead them as the new “Triple Threat”.
  5. That’s a lot of talent on one poster. JBL is on it too.
  6. Maybe try to broaden your predictions. More like “Somebody, anybody PLEASE turn on Cody Rhodes at some point in the next 2 years so I can make an actual accurate prediction and make this stupid gimmick worth keeping alive”.
  7. I’m glad you think all this shit up and post it here so Tony Khan will read it and never actually do any of it.
  8. Probably because you frequently post mini novels that are almost as out of touch as Vince McMahon himself.
  9. Whoa whoa we don’t accept this kind of hip speak around here PAL.
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