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  1. It depends how much AEW is losing. If it's breaking even or only losing like 1 mil/year, that's pocket change to the Khans. AEW might do some cost-cutting, but it will stay around. I do think we're going to see a bunch of AEW talents not renewed in a year or two, which might help the bottom line some. (and some indie talents signed) I think Fight forever is going to matter a lot- if that game does well, AEW will continue as usual. If it doesn't (and my gut feeling is that it's not going to do that well) then AEW might have some issues.
  2. I don't see them going 60 with everything else going on the show. My prediction is someone screws FTR with Acclaimed not seeing it, or both teams get attacked.
  3. She's been taping that shoulder up every match since her last return. It's precautionary.
  4. They should make SIlver/Reynolds a tag team contender, perhaps heel turn of their own, or move them over to ROH to take tag belts off FTR. They are really the only two members of DO worth much on their own right now. Colt and Uno don't really provide much value above replacement at this point, despite being perfectly fine wrestlers I'd love to see at my local indy. I'd definitely offer Silver and Reynolds to NJPW for BOSJ next year too Uno will likely become just the video game guy/ JTTS.
  5. Yep, give me more WCW Saturday Night hijinks. Have Private Party find the WCW Cruiser Tag Champs in the trash and try to defend them.
  6. Well, he gave the belt to a wizard who used fireballs on people.
  7. The value is going to be the tape library long-term. Eventually, AEW needs streaming revenue in addition to the TV money if it wants to grow more. It's hurting bad in the short-term. I want that ROH announcement soon so we can get back to AEW being AEW. EIther that or just merge some belts. If I was TK, I'd have my belts tiered this way: Pretty Platinum as the 1A belt ROH belt as the secondary/1B belt, and treated like a big deal. All-Atlantic/Pure Rules/TV belts as specialty belts: All-Atlantic would be like Stardom's SWA belt Pure belt would be Pure Rules (perhaps tweaked a bit) TV belt would be 20 min , open challenge . The Tag and Trios belts would be merged. TBS and ROH Women's belt would also be merged.
  8. all I know is I'm getting a few really good matches each week, some stars that really interest me, some representation I wouldn't have seen before. I'm happy AEW exists, and without it, I probably would only be watching NJPW and whatever happened to the ROH talent in an AEW-less world (my guess is ROH survives)
  9. I think you should have Acclaimed go over FTR in a classic to cement them as top guys at a major Dynamite. Give them a 20-30 min main event and have handshakes at the end. I don't think the Acclaimed are made yet- super hot at the moment, but not made yet.
  10. This is my spicy take, I enjoyed WCW Jarrett, as a worker, he was perfectly good, occasionally great in his prime, and given his style I suspect he can still go enough. As long as he isn't booking himself I'm fine with him being on the show. As for Colt, I've seen him a couple times live. Definitely a guy who I think translates better to indie crowds, but usually a good worker and seems like a good guy. I liked his clueless schmuck in Brodie's Dark Order gimmick.
  11. I'd be fine with Cole/Bennett/Taven as a group until KOR gets back.
  12. I do think Kenny's legit about revolution. IF he feels like he can't do that in AEW, I'd expect him to freelance or go start something new. I don't really see him going to WWE ever. He wouldn't be able to do CEO x NJPW type events.
  13. Sign Bandit and make it a Nyla and Bandit mother's advice to their kid type show.
  14. I was thinking more new La Park being his likely arc.
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