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  1. Greensboro's Grasshoppers has this as well. One time she got ejected for peeing on the field and/or the umpire.
  2. I watch Dynamite in a vtuber discord with a lot of LGBT presence, and they were trying to figure out what JR was smoking with that. I'm at the point where I just want JR gone. He's not Kevin Dunn bad, but he adds almost nothing to the show and isn't worth the money.
  3. But what kind of Princess is Tay? Headkick princess?
  4. I thought that was intentional- take a guy who lost a belt off TV so the return is more special.
  5. It's clear dark Order is being wound down. Silver, Anna and Preston are the folks who are gonna be ok. (Reynolds deserves better!)
  6. Zybisco vs Regal 1 is one of my all time favorite matches. Stu doesn't really have the stink of a loser on him, esp since he left on his own terms apparently. Maybe have Tully Blanchard's ROH goons as part of his group too if he stays heel?
  7. MJF would need a new faction of malcontents. I'd bring Stu back at a minimum to be part of it.
  8. So- Justice for Baron Black?
  9. Tay really needs an excursion to Japan more than anyone else on the AEW roster. I think she could handle it, and it would improve her so much so feast.
  10. Jungle Kyona is going to appear 9/17 and in November for DPW in Raleigh and Concord respectively.
  11. 6. The 6th one should be the Owen, or an all-women's PPV.
  12. Thatcher is now with NOAH I think, and doesn't Busick have some QAnon stuff?
  13. Is Edith Surreal an incredible mat worker?
  14. Friends I was watching this with- when "Fuego" attacked, they thought it was House of Black mist turning Fuego to the dark side.
  15. Who was on the Japanese side of the SWA tourney? I got Kanemaru and Connors, anyone else?
  16. At least Oliver knew his face was punchable and has is capable of not being a dork.
  17. I see this as more like AEW's version of the SWA belt. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up the least important of AEW's non-ROH belts.
  18. Can always bring out Joe, or have Yuta defend his belt. Even call in Gresham?
  19. This one hits me super hard. I'm a trans veteran, I know both of the big stressors they go through. Honestly, Bandit was living what seemed to be the life I could have had if I had different luck. Now I find out it was a monkey's paw. This one hurts and put me in a bit of a dark place.
  20. Just promise him some hololive and you'll get him back.
  21. The Great O-Khan is having a little too much fun in Vegas, but given his good deeds, I'll allow it! ^_^
  22. Was just about to post that one (we're in the same discord so it makes sense!) I'd love to see an old-school DEAN! review of that
  23. They've gotten their ass kicked a bunch of times, the fans don't even like the Blondes that much, and they've done nothing to show that the results will be different. THey're basically dumbasses getting what they deserve. I am feeling more and more than TK is overextended in booking and the cracks are showing now.
  24. I wonder if Punk will be channeling Tanashashi instead of HBK. Someone needs to show Hangman some AJPW Champion Carnival Tana.
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