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  1. Probably, unless they manage to get Ruby Rose to do an episode to write Kate out.
  2. I honestly think they went with a new character so they wouldn't be handtied in trying to recast Kate Kane This way, they can cast whoever they wanted, instead of trying to jump through hoops explaining why Kate is a person of color now.
  3. Pat's kid literally JUST became tolerable in this week's episode lol.
  4. Why does Pat's kid look and act like a shrunken 36 year old? I agree that it's been kinda sweet to see them start to trust each other and become a family. I worry about Court's mom though
  5. I think this spells more doom for DCU than anything else. I'd be surprised if the service is around this time next year. I really hope they don't change anything about the show with the move though.
  6. I'm still blown away by how well the fight scenes are done in this show. The big scene at the end of this week's episode was SO good.
  7. As far as I can tell, that part of the story is really limited, and only towards Yolanda's story. I like that it gives her her own little personal demon to overcome.
  8. I never thought I'd see the day when SPORTSMASTER was presented as a serious threat on a live action property.
  9. I love that Stargirl is doing such a slow burn on everything. Really taking it's time to establish the story and characters, instead of beating you over the head with action every week. Good job on making the villains seem really scary and not making you think they'll be pushovers. A neat thing I noticed is that the hero characters, outside of Courtney, have pretty rotten families, whereas the villain characters(mostly) have pretty strong family lives at home. Just a unique twist that I dig.
  10. Everyone absolutely SHOULD play Horizon Zero Dawn. You can get the game of the year edition for under $20 and there is absolutely no reason not to. It's in my personal top 10 of all time. Such great world building, and a truly emotional story when you piece everything together. I literally yelped with glee at the Horizon II trailer. I hope Stray is like Uncharted but with cats. Me after I finally find out how much this damn machine costs...
  11. Stargirl is finding it's footing pretty quickly. Liked this week's episode, and I dug the swerve of Yolanda's shitbag family not forgiving her, because I hope it leads to her fighting to gain her own approval, versus seeking theirs. Never thought I'd see an episode of a Berlanti superhero show with zero action scenes, but I dug it.
  12. That's what it says on my Tinder profile.
  13. Holy shit. What an idiot.
  14. I popped huge just seeing Sisqo's name in the opening credits, tbh. I never thought they'd top that incredible "Return of the Mack" fight scene, but holy shit the one in the finale was amazing. The shake weights had me dying.
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