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  1. At this point, Clone Wars and Rebels are pretty mandatory. You can probably easily find a list online of the essential episodes from each. Resistance is largely disregarded, but the other two are being referenced heavily in other media now.
  2. You guys typed a lot of things since I was last here this morning. I love all parts of this show. The standalone episodes, and the ones that move the greater plot. I look forward to this 40 minutes every week, so idk maybe I should just dissect more.
  3. RE: Ahsoka and the number of Jedi out there. It has been a consistent theme through a lot of Star Wars media, that no one really seems to know how many survived. Everyone from Cal Kestis on after, seem to believe it's just them and maybe a handful of others. I mean, that is what Palpatine wanted, for everyone to think all the Jedi were dead, and it worked. Also I'm glad we didn't veer into *another* TLJ argument. That bantha has been beaten to death.
  4. Man, I loved this episode. The cinematography was incredible, and I really liked Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka. They did a good job of pulling at the heartstrings too, because part of me wants Grogue to be trained, but a bigger part of me never wants the bond with Mando to be broken. The Thrawn namedrop was a huge pop from me, since he is confirmed as still being alive. Filoni and Favreau need to be the Feige of all Star Wars projects at this point.
  5. Oddly enough, I don't *hate* the idea of Snoke being a half baked attempt at cloning Palpatine. I just wish they'd left it at that, and not brought in actual (not)Palpatine. If they had told me that Rey's dad was killed whilst trying to make a Palpatine clone, and ended up with Snoke, I could have lived with that.
  6. Not sure I'm crazy about them using the Star Wars property that everyone loves to make sense of the Star Wars properties that people love a lot less. Otherwise, episode 4 was a big hit for me. Carl Weathers LOVES Baby Yoda lol as in, the actor and director of this episode, not his character.
  7. James Johnson coming out to the floor next time someone takes a shot at Luka
  8. I'm very happy with the Mavs effort last night. I like who we got with all 3 picks, and I think Green will be a pleasant surprise. I'm gutted at losing Seth Curry, but I *do* feel like Josh Richardson gives the team what they are looking for right now with a defensive minded guard.
  9. Something I can't decide on, but does the Alice character become more, or less interesting without Kate there?
  10. Sad to hear about Supergirl ending, since I thought it was easily the strongest Arrowverse show the last 2-3 years. At the same time, I'd rather a show go out before it really starts to dip in quality.
  11. I'd give the "Sweep The Leg" song/video just as much credit as HIMYM in regards to kinda creating the germ of this idea.
  12. To circle back around, I don't think Daniel had much of an issue with Johnny, at least at the start of season 1(or even later tbh). He seemed genuinely happy to see Johnny at the dealership, and probably thought they were more cool with each other than they really were. Johnny gave him respect at the end of the tournament, but like Humanchessgame said, probably didn't have much to say to him afterwards. Hell, even later in the series, you can tell that Daniel is holding onto the grudge because he thinks he's supposed to. Everytime he lets his guard down, he and Johnny get along. His issu
  13. Everything I'm hearing about Sasha is that she's playing Sabine, and if that is true, I honestly think it's a pretty solid casting choice. Both in appearance and personality.
  14. Looking back on the last page or two, thinking about Daniel's obsession with Miyagi, and I honestly think it makes sense. Daniel doesn't seem to have had many struggles once he got to adulthood and became successful with his dealership, and in the times where he did have problems, Miyagi was always there to help him figure it out. Now that he's more or less having a mid-life crisis, he's dealing with a major life issue on his own(in his mind, despite having a loving family) and is naturally thinking back to the teachings of the one person that always seemed to have the answers. I think th
  15. The most striking thing about the end of Rebels for me, was how graphic it was to see the wolves maul a bunch of stormtroopers. Rebels as a whole veered away from the violence of Clone Wars, but man if that wolf scene wasn't way up there on the "holy shit" scale.
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