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  1. I may need to do the math on this, but I have a theory. Everyone keeps asking the logical question of why Leia doesn't remember Obi-Wan in ANH, but, does she ever actually meet Obi-Wan, or just "Ben"? I'm beginning to wonder if she ever actually hears his real name.
  2. I did too. First 10 minutes were peak Umbrella Academy insanity. Luther had the best line delivery in the history of the show with "Here you go. It's your ass"
  3. They used the Respeecher gimmick combined with Hayden's line reads. I don't think Jones ever entered the booth.
  4. As a series, I thought this had a few dips, but feel like it finished strong with the last two episodes. For a show that threatened to create some plotholes, it actually ended up creating some important context to some original trilogy stuff. Big fan of them actually explaining Obi-Wan calling him "Darth" in ANH, and everything in that scene was excellent.
  5. This is absolutely the best season in years. Probably since The Thinker season tbh. Look, I'd eat a shoe is Candace Patton told me to, but her being absent from the show has been a huge help tbh.
  6. I have to admit that I thought this movie was hilarious twenty years ago. I've also not watched it since 2002, and I can't imagine it holding up. I *do* still use the line "I guess that's why they call 'em nuts".
  7. I've heard that it is still a go. No way it's worse than Gotham Knights.
  8. I always assumed him being a Green Lantern factored into the creative plans for Superman & Lois, at least in the beginning. If anything, David Ramsay's show getting picked up may have changed the plans.
  9. Flash paid off the Diggle/Green Lantern angle, and pal, it stunk.
  10. I have no problem with Vader doing that, since it was established early on that he had Yoda levels of power. Add to that decades of training under Obi-Wan AND Palpatine, and it's way less offensive than someone like Rey doing it.
  11. I do think Brunson has peaked, but I remain confident that this peak will go for a few more seasons. Your mileage may vary as to whether his current output is worth $18mil, though. Unless a much bigger fish like Lavine is coming along, I think you have to pay him. To me he's a $15mil guy, but I have few doubts that Cuban pays him close to what he wants. Also, I'd be stunned if one of Bertans, Dinwiddie or Hardaway aren't traded before the season starts.
  12. That Vader/Reva fight was killer, and I thought it showed the full scope of Vader's power more than anything else in the canon. It reminded me of the fight at the end of Fallen Order, because you are conditioned to think that these characters have some higher level of ability, only to have Vader dispatch them with ease. The Obi-Wan & Anakin scene was excellent too, and it was great to see some actual teaching moments between the two.
  13. I'm actually planning to buy a physical copy when they drop, which is a practice I save for a few movies at this point.
  14. Hoping the Mavs bring back the trash bag jersey.
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