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  1. Speed Racer jumped to my mind as well, but I think your second point is most likely, in that it's probably intro specific. Most of the production stills looked more like a regular TV show.
  2. I never got the sense of it being "cheap", I just think they are going for a certain feel. I want to actually see a full episode in action before I really decide though.
  3. Yeah, Artemis is hella strong, and has heightened reflexes. I want to punch Yolanda's mom.
  4. That honestly maybe the best live action superhero fight I've ever seen. The most recent episode was so good and packed an entirely different type of punch. The Yolanda story is really good.
  5. I've looked at a few comparison videos for some games, and they basically look mildly better than they would on a PS4 Pro.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I had *just* finished the Directors Cut for Ghost of Tsushima before I got the new system, but I am sure I will pay for the PS5 upgrade at some point. I think Kena has most of my interest until games like Horizon Forbidden West hit. Thanks for the heads up on Astro's Playroom, since there is a chance I would have overlooked it. It also seems like my PS4 games will get a decent little boost too?
  7. Ok, I feel like others may have asked this, but I'm a bozo. I FINALLY got my hands on a PS5, and wanted to know which games to start with. I already have Miles Morales, and I don't like FPS games. Chat me up.
  8. The Beard episode was *really* good, but it doesn't move anything along plot wise, other than his love life. Just character building stuff. It has yet to have any bearing on anything so far.
  9. Ted Lasso was tough for me this week. Anyone who has a father that is no longer with us, and a complicated one at that, may have a hard time with this episode. I honestly cried a lot.
  10. David Ramsey is not a bad TV director tbh. All the episodes he did this season were very good.
  11. Ok, so I might be alone in this, but I thought the most recent episode of Supergirl was mostly really well done??? Usually when a show like this tries to do a message heavy episode, it comes off really hokey and fake. This is one of the few times where I felt like it came off pretty genuine, and didn't need to rework the the motivations of the characters or anything. Didn't Azie Tesfai write this one?
  12. You kinda echoed a similar conversation I just had on Twitter, in that he is actually way more digestible when he dials it back a good bit, and stops acting like he's the smartest guy in the room working some ultra brilliant style. It felt to me like he let Christian and Danielson steer the ship in their matches, and they benefited from that. It felt a lot less like him just *doing things* and more like everything was earned and felt way more rewarding as a result.
  13. I am NOT happy about the fact that I have thoroughly enjoyed two consecutive Kenny Omega matches. When he is reserved, and actually leans into being a real heel, he is very watchable. He has been among my least favorite people to watch for several years, but he also just worked two of my literal all time favorite workers back to back. Fantastic match that left a lot more for them to do next time.
  14. It makes sense that Johns would be more invested in this one, since the character is his creation.
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