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  1. RandomAct


    Frankly, playing for Carlisle and with guys like Dirk/Wes will help him immensely. He's lucky to be going to a veteran, no bullshit team(outside of the front office).
  2. RandomAct


    I'm happy to have Luka(and his alarmingly hot mom) on the Mavs. We didn't have to give up much to get him either.
  3. RandomAct

    2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Most people don't know that he gets clowned by JJ BAREA at least twice a year too.
  4. RandomAct

    DC TV Thread

    I like the idea of Team Arrow: Wolfpack and Hollywood. Will be interesting to see which team is more effective before they inevitably just all end up doing whatever Oliver tells them to anyway. Flash and Arrow both having non-conventional villains this season is such a refreshing change of pace. Enemies that they can't just outfight or outrun. Tbh this is the best season of Arrow since S2.
  5. RandomAct


    On a personal level, I'm glad Bruce wrote the piece, as he's been a great friend to the company. I haven't spoken on the situation, for obvious reasons, but mainly because I refused to trash someone who has been my broadcast partner for years, someone who really gave me a chance to be something, and above all else, my friend. At the same time, the company was in the right, and I've called CWF home for a decade, and will continue doing so. As Bruce stated, I will assume the play by play role going forward, and I hope I can continue the excellent standard Brad and I set.
  6. RandomAct


    I hope Riddle double booked himself anyway.
  7. RandomAct

    2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    WHEN I do this exact call at the next CWF show.
  8. I thought his character was completely superfluous tbh. They could have gotten to that ends in 100 different ways that didn't include that stupid ass casino subplot. I was pretty high on the film coming out of the theater, but having a couple of days to sit on it, the stuff that bothered me actually REALLY bothers me. I get the feeling that I need to limit my rewatches on this one.
  9. RandomAct

    DC TV Thread

    One funny gag in the Beebo episode that I'm surprised more people didn't find amusing, is the Arrow theme playing when young Stein uses the toy bow to get the toy down.