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  1. So yeah, my interest level in this show was nonexistent when it was first announced. I LOVED Rogue One, but I didn't know that Cassian Andor was a character I was interested in exploring more. SHIT I WAS WRONG. This show is incredible, and it's mostly based around how un-Star Wars it feels. No hamfisted cameos, no rush to make it all connect to everything else, but at the same time, it still furthers the overall SW narrative. It just happens to be a gripping thriller set in the Star Wars galaxy. I also really, really like the fact that, at least through 3 episodes, someone who knows absolutely nothing about Star Wars could watch this show and get full enjoyment from it. A show like this is how you "subvert expectations" with Star Wars. Not by trying to force something with legacy characters that fans will reject, but by taking an unexplored part of the mythos and making it in a completely different style than what we are used to.
  2. So my complaint early in the season was that I thought the kids got buried, outside of the main four. Hawk had such a great run in season 4, that I hated seeing him pushed to the background. That got resolved by the end, obviously. Overconfident Hawk getting wrecked against Kenny was great booking. I also like that there is a clear pecking order in terms of fighting skills, with Robbie, Miguel, Hawk and Tori clearly being better than everyone else. I did like how much more grounded this season was, and they stopped relying on the bullshit misunderstandings. The adult characters are growing just much as the kids. Coked out Mike Barnes was amazing. Chozen saying "it's bad boy of karate" fucking killed me. The Chozen-Silver fight was badass.
  3. The first 2/3 of this was BAD. Like, bottom of the MCU bad. None of the jokes worked, and it had none of the charm of Ragnarok. Once it got to the meat of the story and the tone shifted, I thought it was pretty good, but man, I am in zero rush to ever watch this again.
  4. Lmao they seriously just Lex Luger'd Drew. Unbelievable. Gunther-Sheamus was a legitimate classic though. Great show I thought.
  5. Love the Stargirl season premier. If the whole season is based around who is actually what they seem, I'll like that. I'm still pleasantly surprised at how well this show turned out.
  6. Pat Beverly gives the Lakers an actual PG, which they desperately need since Russ has been a disaster. I'm sure that lockerroom is going to be a hoot with those two in it.
  7. As mentioned earlier, I think the grift can last with minimal effort on Jimmy's part, just by giving free legal advice and being a charmer. They were literally making up musical numbers for the guy, so he'd have to work really hard to push them away.
  8. This really was the closest thing to a happy ending you can get with this universe. Jimmy lost everything, but got to do the right thing in the end, and got to call all the shots in doing so really. There were some great little touches, like the Kim/Jimmy bookend shots. The way they lingered on the buzzing Exit light when Jimmy finally talked through his guilt over Chuck. He went down swinging like Walt did, but whereas Walt was a full blown villain, Jimmy has a bit of a decent person still in him and I came away still wanting to see him find redemption. Also you know he was reveling in the fact that little ol' him, a lawyer that the big firms never had time for, just brought a fleet of DOJ and DEA attorneys to their knees.
  9. I gotta gather my thoughts on this one, but holy damn. What a ride that was. I'll sleep on it.
  10. I did find it interesting that it was teased twice that Gene would do physical harm to someone, considering that he has never shown any inclination towards that ever.
  11. What WBD is doing is absolutely wretched. DC's movies could have easily been as big as Marvel if they had actually been creative and taken some chances. There are only so many times you can throw Batman/Joker out there. Even if it stinks, I'd rather see a Supergirl/Batgirl/Booster Gold/Blue Beetler/ANYTHING before I see another property with Joker in it.
  12. Legends was weirdly having a big resurgance in quality in the final season, which you don't often see. I honestly feel like Flash finished their biggest long running story in season 8, so I wouldn't be at all shocked if the final season is used as a bit of a farewell for that universe, since it mostly dies with this show.
  13. Part of me wants to be sad about the Arrowverse dying, but hell, they got a full decade out of it, and I'm not sure what else they could do with it after Crisis anyway. It gave us a lot of fun, even if some of it was cringe.
  14. I liked the subversion in this episode. You're thinking that Gene is just trying to run another Slippin' Jimmy type scheme, when it is just a long game to protect himself. Took me forever to remember who Jeff was though, not gonna lie.
  15. I guess I still have the trainwreck of season 7 in my head, but I thought season 8 was mostly ok. Not a lot of Iris, or Katelyn/Frost, and they kinda let Barry and Cecille carry things and it's for the best.
  16. We spent all these years thinking that Kim would die because of Jimmy, but this was somehow more heartbreaking.
  17. I think your point is strengthened by Mike saying "that was your plan, right" when talking about planting the cocaine in Howard's car. He sounded so annoyed with that line.
  18. Great GREAT acting from Jonathan Banks in this episode. Just some great facial stuff with him showing how much he is just *over* this life. Him showing a little respect to Howard at the end, acknowledging that he deserved none of this, was great.
  19. Personally I hope the ride involves being possessed by a demonic entity from another dimension.
  20. The "Master of Puppets" scene ruled. Eddie ended up being a hell of a character, and I liked the scene at the end with Mr. Munson and Dustybun. The finale wouldn't have been 2.5 hours without the massive exposition dump. The stuff with Will was heart wrenching and well acted.
  21. Superman & Lois absolutely tried to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to Diggle and their connection to the Arrowverse at large. Very disappointed.
  22. Beginning to think that Eobard Thawne might be a habitual line-stepper.
  23. I may need to do the math on this, but I have a theory. Everyone keeps asking the logical question of why Leia doesn't remember Obi-Wan in ANH, but, does she ever actually meet Obi-Wan, or just "Ben"? I'm beginning to wonder if she ever actually hears his real name.
  24. I did too. First 10 minutes were peak Umbrella Academy insanity. Luther had the best line delivery in the history of the show with "Here you go. It's your ass"
  25. They used the Respeecher gimmick combined with Hayden's line reads. I don't think Jones ever entered the booth.
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