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  1. I mentioned this on my FB page last week, but my big takeaway from Ahsoka, is that I am far more interested in what it can potentially setup, than what they are showing me directly.
  2. Getting invested in anything from WBD these days seems like a setup for disappointment. The show really found itself in season 2, and dialed back some of the crazy shit from season 1. Everyone knocked it out of the park, and they had years of stories to tell. Guess the algorithms didn't like it. I miss the olden days of shows actually getting a chance before they get dumped. Everything is just disposable content now.
  3. Maybe this is a personal problem that I need to work through, but I could never get into Jason Segal as Paul Westhead on Winning Time, because it always felt like he was playing Marshall Eriksen as a basketball coach. Of course, I run into that line of thinking with everything Segal does? That said, I think Adrian Brody has been the best part of season 2 so far.
  4. Winning Time gave us a classic Jerry West meltdown this week, and it made me so happy.
  5. I guess the idea is that because this season ends with the 84 Finals, the rivalry doesn't really kick into high gear until after that? Idk. That said, the first scene of the episode was great. I had to screen shot "these crackas done lost they damn mind" for future use.
  6. I don't know why, but the thing I'm most curious about, is how they handle the Bird-Magic relationship. Part of me thinks this show will go the route of saying they never actually liked each other, even though that is the least interesting path. With the show moving through time so quickly, that also means less Jason Seigal unfortunately. I already miss unhinged Wood Harris.
  7. I've been a Mavs fan for over 20 years now, and this is legit the first really good offseason I can recall the team ever having. If we can get one of Thybulle(warts and all) or PJ Washington, plus flip some combo of Holmes, McGee or THJ for a real starting center, the I'll be absolutely over the moon. I think Jaden Hardy is taking a big leap this year too. All of this snowballed out of getting the 10 pick, so I can't take anyone serious who is still mad that we tanked two games.
  8. Getting some vets in there was crucial for them, since I don't think Ime wants to be a rebuilding coach for long. Cavs and Pacers also seem to be gathering pieces, but are being way smarter about it honestly.
  9. It's like Nico Harrison got Kyrie to resign, and decided he'd done enough this offseason. Seems like the Rockets have signed everyone in the league.
  10. Dying at how Superman & Lois made that bullshit version of Doomsday that we got in BvS look even worse. I'm glad the show got another season, because that would have been an outrageous cliffhanger.
  11. Aside from 2018, that was probably the most competent draft night I've ever seen Dallas have in my time as a fan. Lively is a dude I was REALLY hoping we'd go after, and I really do see Tyson Chadler potential with him. Prosper at 24 is a sneaky good grab, and addresses another need on the roster. I initially like the trade for Holmes, but idk if I'm as excited for that as I would have been 3 years ago..
  12. Was I the only one who didn't even know there was a Blue Beetle movie in development until the trailer dropped?
  13. I always thought Blue Beetle was supposed to be separate from the DCEU continuity? I was really hoping it was anyway. As for Flash, I hear it's FINE, but it always had a lot working against it, and I'm frankly not surprised it failed. WB has a massive negative stench with the public, DC films have no equity, the star is a massive criminal who was never held accountable. Not to mention that comic book movies aren't guaranteed hits anymore, unless it's a legacy brand like Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Verse, etc.
  14. Lakers fans that have been trying to sell the idea of DLo for Kyrie are in hell right now. Joking aside, the math makes Bron to Dallas almost impossible. Between he, Kyrie and Luka, they would take up literally the entire payroll.
  15. That Ted Lasso finale absolutely crushed it. Just really beautiful stuff. I can only hope they don't do anything psychotic like another season or a spinoff, because that would just ruin a beautiful ending.
  16. Thought the Flash finale would pack a bit more punch, but it was overall fine. Everyone got a happy ending, and I guess that's what matters.
  17. The conversation Ted has with his mom is one I've been wanting to have with mine for 20 years, so that scene was really tough for me. I liked the bit of backstory we got on Coach Beard, and I think the Nate story has been really well done. I like that it was the team that forgave him first, just to set up the theme of the episode. It looks like they might actually give us the happy ending, even though they love the gut punch quite a bit. Though part of me thinks that *this* was the closest we'll get to the team winning "the whole fuckin' thing". Just a great, great episode.
  18. Glad they brought Eddie back for the closing stretch. I've overall been happy with the final season, and it's good to see how much the role means to Gustin. I feel like most of the legacy cast has been really checked out, but he's been the same throughout.
  19. "It's so good to finally put a name to such an ugly, horrible face".
  20. Weirdest thing I noticed was Pete eating Magic Spoon cereal at the end.
  21. Look, the people at PETA are maniacs, but even THEY praised the movie for it's handling of the subject of animal cruelty.
  22. There is some really uncomfortable stuff in terms of animal cruelty, but not nearly as bad as I feared. It def got the heat on High Evolutionary and made me VERY happy to see his face get ripped off. Film made me cry multiple times. My only real nitpick was Adam Warlock, as I felt like they wrote themselves into a corner with him. My theory has always been that he was included in GOTG2 to set up Infinity War, and when he wasn't used in that, they had to find something for him in GOTG3. Other than being used to set up the plot in the beginning, he didn't add anything to the movie, and was mostly treated as a joke. Otherwise I thought it was a fantastic movie.
  23. I'm too lazy to google this, but I reckon Sudeikis owns the character?
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