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  1. Not sure why I chuckled so much at the silly little "I Love Lucy" gag on Legends this past week.
  2. I can't figure out if they are more likely to set up The Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers at this point. Young Avengers seems like a given with Kate, Kamala Khan and apparently Riri Williams all coming along.
  3. My god. Timothy Dalton from about 15 years ago would have been incredible in this.
  4. I'm at the point with these Marvel shows, that I never expect them to do the thing that makes the most sense, and everyone wants them to do. Kingpin absolutely makes the most sense, based on the source material, so I expect them to do the opposite and it will be way less cool and interesting. I feel like Loki is the only one of these shows to really stick the landing at the end. That said, I thought the first two episodes of this were pretty fun.
  5. Mavs Twitter has been summoning Kristaps Porzingasshole all season and it's working.
  6. Where would be a good place to talk about the third Psych movie? Here or the movie thread? Because we gotta talk about it.
  7. I am honestly fired up about Tony Dalton being in this.
  8. Lol I actually backtracked and watched the credits when I heard it start right as it skipped to the next episode.
  9. I just did episode 6 as well, and it kinda tells me that the people who claimed that the show was "too cartoony" and didn't have emotional depth, never watched to that point. Episodes 5 and 6 were very powerful, and I always loved the Jet-centric episodes from the original, so episode 5 landed for me. "Binary Two Step" had a kind of silly setup, but really dug into Spike and Faye's story. Still not getting the hate tbh.
  10. It took me until this morning to find an actual angle that showed what really happened. It was an intentional shot, but I feel like they didn't want to show that during the scuffle. Stewart was absolutely going to end Bron's life if he could. Haven't seen anyone in a Detroit jersey bust through a line like that in years.
  11. I knocked out three episodes today, and it is super enjoyable. The only thing I'm not really crazy about is Vicious. Not sure if it's the actor, or the way he's written, but he isn't totally landing for me. I do like how Jet has a little more backstory, and Mustafa Shakir has nailed that part.
  12. One thing that really helped that first season, was how positive and vibrant it was. I'll never understand why they went to the more sadsack broody shit later.
  13. Watched the first episode of Cowboy Bebop this morning, and honestly couldn't find much to complain about. Maybe it goes off the rails later, but so far it's exactly what I expected it to be. That being them "playing the hits" while trying to weave their own original stuff in those stories. I stand by my earlier stance that the negative reviewers wanted it to be an exact copy of the original, and were probably wanting to find something to hate before they ever watched it.
  14. I can't believe I'm saying this, but The Flash was actually fun. I didn't know how much I missed Ray Palmer.
  15. I've seen some pretty positive reviews on Cowboy Bebop along with bad ones. With most of the negative stuff I've seen, it comes off as thinly veiled complaints that it's not a 1 for 1 adaptation of the anime. I am almost certain I am still going to end up enjoying this show, even if it's far from perfect.
  16. They honestly didn't even have to make a huge deal out of it, but one of the big threads throughout the series was how Kara always felt alone. This would have been way more satisfying than her outing her identity. They could have done that scene almost exactly the same, as not to overshadow the wedding stuff. It's canon in my head.
  17. Apparently they actually filmed something and cut it?!?
  18. I mean, he and everyone had to know going in that this was the definition of a "keep gettin' them checks" type role. I know he holds the Coach Bombay character in high regard though, so who knows?
  19. I thought the Supergirl finale was fine enough. It was kinda symbolic of the show as a whole, in the parts I liked helped it rise above some of the more silly parts. I've just always enjoyed the positive, progressive tone of the show. I can honestly say that over six seasons, I found way more things to like about it than not, and I can live with that. The end was really sweet and it was great getting a last visit with everyone, even if I thought the season long arc was lame. I did find it hilarious that Alex was deadass serious about Barry and Iris not being invited to the wedding, even if I wanted one more Barry/Kara duet. Kara and Lena only getting a hug was bullshit lol
  20. Dude, Jimmy and Haslem were barking from a safe distance for a reason. No way in hell I'm trying to catch smoke from the Jokic brothers, or anyone from the Eastern Bloc tbh. They grew up in a gd civil war. They smoke filterless cigarettes and drink straight vodka at age 10. The Morris boys have had this coming for a long time.
  21. Hope Luka just does this to the Celtics every year.
  22. Stargirl deadass brought out WTF
  23. I mentioned this last night, but I feel like that was the first Bulls-Knicks game since the Jordan era that actually felt like it mattered.
  24. If you haven't watched already, the 100th episode of Legends was sooooo good. Was really great getting to see the old cast again, and seeing them do more "current" Legends type stuff. Having Rip and Snart in there still being 100% themselves added a lot of weight to it, and I liked seeing how close the bond was between Rip and Gideon. Just really well done stuff, and I just smiled at the whole damn thing.
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