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  1. Fuuuuck. Howard did NOT deserve that. I think I reacted the same way as Jimmy and Kim did when Lalo came in. They both deserve whatever misery comes to them at this point.
  2. I watched RRR (in the original Telugu language), and this thing was incredible. I'm not super well versed in Indian cinema, but this movie was put over by some outlets that I really trust, so I gave it a shot. I'm not sure if this is the film that makes me seek out Indian movies, but I will say that this delivered on the insanity that I expected, plus added a really damn good story in the midst of all of it. The Hindi language dub is currently on Netflix, and I can't recommend this flick enough.
  3. That bozo Nick Wright jumping on the Mavs bandwagon ain't sitting right with me.
  4. I seriously can't believe it. WCF exceeds the wildest hopes I had for this team. I'll admit to being dead ass wrong about Kidd as head coach too. We got a real shot at the Finals.
  5. Tony Brothers reffing tonight. Adam Silver making sure Luka is gone lol
  6. Personally happy that the Celtics won, because if Milwaukee had won, Mavs-PHX would have been at 3:30 on Sunday, and I would be at work.
  7. I hope by now people realize that Doc has been banking on that 08 ring for almost 15 years now, and only got that one because he had 3 hall of famers at the peak of their powers.
  8. If anyone pays Harden that much, they deserve whatever happens to them.
  9. In the biggest indicator of everyone being checked out on Flash, the show has been largely OK this season, AND a main character just got killed off, and literally no one is discussing it lol.
  10. I loved the framing of the Lalo scene coming immediately after the bunker scene. Anytime they show that thing, I always think of Werner and how Lalo asked everyone about him initially. To have that payoff finally come around is brilliant. Part of me wonders if Kim and Jimmy's plan involved Hamlin figuring out the deal. Also I foresee Mike's tail men to end up crossing paths with Hamlin's and spooking them off.
  11. Wood Harris just producing Mike Rotundo levels of sweat.
  12. Totally fine with Chris Paul blowing it like he always does.
  13. Really impressed with how smoothly the app runs, and there is an impressive amount of classic content available. From what I've read, I'm optimistic about the new stuff.
  14. I thought this was fucking fantastic, and easily among my favorite MCU films, just because it actually felt unique. It really hammered home the point that they need to let directors have more license when making these, because it exposed how cookie cutter most MCU flicks are. It was Raimi as hell, and Wanda as a full blown horror villain really worked for me. Some of the imagery might be a little much for small kids, so keep that in mind.
  15. I think we've touched on this before, but I've never felt like Hamlin is an altogether bad person. I kinda feel bad for him knowing that his marriage is falling apart and he's in therapy, yet Jimmy can't stop fucking with him.
  16. I mean, I mostly *do* know the history, but that hasn't stopped my enjoyment of it. The Haywood stuff was incredible, and only slightly tweaked from what happened irl. Kareem and West, funnily enough are the two best characters on the show now.
  17. This week's Winning Time was some damn good television. Best episode of the series so far, and the show has benefited from focusing less on Magic the last few episodes.
  18. It does really suck that Legends churns out maybe their best season(or at least since season 2 or 3), and doesn't get to finish on their own terms. REALLY wanted a Booster Gold season, but I also wouldn't be shocked if Berlanti's team figures out some way for them to close out the story. I'm not shocked at Batwoman though. The show struggled to find it's audience after Ruby Rose left, which is a shame, because it was always unapologetic in it's representation.
  19. I think we don't see them until close to the end, just to show the merging of the two timelines.
  20. I was so happy that S&L gave us that classic Superboy look, even if it was just a Bizarro World version. Show continues to be very good.
  21. Honestly that wouldn't be a shock, since they have confirmed that Walt and Jesse will appear at some point. That only works if it is the BB timeline or later. The flash forward in the first episode gave me big vibes reminding me of the plane crash season of BB.
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