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  1. WHEN I do this exact call at the next CWF show.
  2. I thought his character was completely superfluous tbh. They could have gotten to that ends in 100 different ways that didn't include that stupid ass casino subplot. I was pretty high on the film coming out of the theater, but having a couple of days to sit on it, the stuff that bothered me actually REALLY bothers me. I get the feeling that I need to limit my rewatches on this one.
  3. One funny gag in the Beebo episode that I'm surprised more people didn't find amusing, is the Arrow theme playing when young Stein uses the toy bow to get the toy down.
  4. Again, that's what was on the surface. People within the business have know about this dude doing far worse for years, so I guess promoters are finally making up for lost time. Now if they'd do the same with Callihan, we'd be in good shape.
  5. The bigger mystery is how tf Thawne is still alive.
  6. The Elgin news is completely unsurprising to me based on everything I've heard and see firsthand. Slut shaming is the tip of the iceberg with this trash ass person.
  7. Ready to book Emma vs Big Trev in the Sportatorium. Speaking of which, there is a sneaky little surprise at the end of this student show.
  8. The Firestorm stuff fucking wrecked me, I won't lie. I thought the whole thing was epic and fun out side of the minor things I mentioned above. Give this thing the Justice League budget and you have the best superhero flick ever. It hit every emotional beat, the soundtrack was killer, the action scenes were stellar and most of the characters had a good bit of play. I can't ask for much more. Fucking RED TORNADO~! Also, I missed Tom Cavanaugh's Thawne. He just comes of ass so much more sinister than the guy who plays the "real" Thawne. He truly is Flash's greatest villain, and was the most frightening member of the heel team.
  9. The crossover has been a hoot so far, even with a couple of plot holes and REALLY bad CG. Other than that, it's been alot of fun.
  10. Every time Barry and Kara are on screen together, their chemistry is through the roof. Crazy that almost everyone in the Arrowverse has better chemistry with every besides who they are actually paired with. I mean, we coulda had Barry/Felicity(Flashicity) and it would have been great.
  11. I'm excited for the crossover stuff this week. I don't care if Barry is marrying Iris, I'm still trying to ship Barry & Kara.
  12. Tbh I kind of expected them to be after the Melo trade, oddly enough. I just felt like the Kanter/Porzingas frontline could just do a ton of damage.
  13. Honestly after like, week 3, all of the shows have been really good for the most part. Flash dropped a damn STARRO reference. Loved Kara's callback to the Reeves Superman.
  14. Need all the positive moments I can get this season. Barnes has actually been killing it lately.
  15. My god I HATE when the Mavs end up on NBAtv. I'm stuck with whoever the home announcers are instead of Followill and Harper. The coverage sucks, they do shit like what you mentioned above. Sometimes they'll even cut away to another game.
  16. Tbf, no one would give him any shit if not for his father.
  17. Supergirl not getting enough love this week. Almost zero action, and all character development. It was a wonderful change of pace episode, and kinda gave me a season 1 vibe.
  18. Meaning that in 2K17, you had to hold the stick in the direction of the basket, instead of merely up or down like it always has been. Everyone hated it. It's back to the old way now,.
  19. NONE of y'all mentioned that awesome Dahrk return with goddamn RETURN OF THE MACK playing while he just wrecks everyone????
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