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  1. I like the trailer. It shows promise, but I feel like this movie has to be a massive home run to justify the existence of this trilogy for me. There has been nothing so far that makes me feel "I'm glad these films were made". I agree that JJ should have just run the whole thing, because when we are done here, there will have been an entire film that could have pushed the overall story, that will just be a footnote in time.
  2. Tbh if you didn't like the pilot you won't like the next two episodes most likely lol RE: the suit. They introduce the proper Batwoman suit in ep. 3
  3. I'm kinda stunned at how enjoyable Batwoman is this early. Of all the Berlanti shows, The Flash is the only one that really had a super strong first season, but so far I am confident in adding this. I also don't care for the ex, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that arc get dropped. I liked how organic the reveal of the new suit was. Also they introduced fucking Hush, so I'm happy. Re: Lena Luthor, if nothing else, her slow turn is making me sad, in an intended way. She genuinely thinks she's doing good, but finds some new awful thing to do to justify her actions every week. Much like Flash this season, the show is doing a good job of having multiple stories going on at once.
  4. Happy to have future league MVP Tyler Herro.
  5. Then that was the best move they made this year, by far.
  6. And of course the Pelicans have one of the worst training staffs in the league.
  7. Besides, they aren't going to kill off the best version of Wells, and a pretty popular character like Jesse without a little more buildup. I don't see anyone getting "Wheeljack'd" here. I keep hearing that Bloodwork is the pre-Crisis bad guy, but not much on who is after. Maybe a "fixed" Godspeed?
  8. The stuff with Lena was actually really unsettling, so that may have been her tipping point. I can't remember any scene in an Arrowverse show that ever made me as uncomfortable as that Lena/Tessmacher scene.
  9. I feel like Supergirl may lowkey end up being the best of the CW shows this season, based on the first couple of episodes. Flash will, of course, have all the cool fan service stuff, but they have had trouble keeping the rudder in the water at times. Supergirl seems to have the best understanding of what kind of show it wants to be, and has no issue leaning into it. Thought Batwoman was pretty decent in the second episode, but there is something that I can't quite put my finger on that isn't sitting right with me. Like, something seems "off", but I couldn't tell you what it is. I will say that they went way too hard on the "is she, or isn't she" stuff with Alice.
  10. So is Brandon Routh actually that thicc, or did they add something to the suit?
  11. Going to go ahead and get this thing up and running so we can get everyone ready. Looks like @RIPPA has the draft set for October 20 at 7PM EST.
  12. Porzingis looks fantastic tonight. It's gonna suck when he gets injured in January.
  13. I don't say this lightly, but that was up there with "run Barry, run" or Flash/Arrow/Firestorm vs Reverse Flash as an all-time great moment on the show.
  14. I dug Supergirl too. I don't want Lena to be bad either, since we know Lex is still alive, but I am at least interested to see how they handle her. Supergirl's reaction to the suit having pants was just too adorable.
  15. I actually ended up enjoying the Batwoman pilot quite a bit. It's not perfect, and it has room for growth, but I found it to be very watchable. Ruby Rose is kind of a bad actress, but I think she can make the role work for her over time. Borderline shocked that they actually SHOWED Batman.
  16. Just got my invite for this season. Let's gooooo!
  17. Oh, and they fucking NAILED this.
  18. Speaking of Diaz, there is a line from season 6 that I didn't think much of until a friend of mine made fun of it, and I can't stop thinking about it now. He's getting fitted for his suit, and he tells the tailor, "now don't forget.......my muscles....are gettin' bigga", in that weird Carlito's Way voice he had. I can't remember the episode, but if you come across it, it's hilarious.
  19. Idk, I REALLY liked the Diaz season. I thought he was one of the better villains they've had. I also really liked the shift in tone from last season, even if the reveal of the main villain was whack.
  20. Luckily for you, the last 2 seasons were pretty damn good.
  21. I love that Arrow is more or less doing a "greatest hits" album in their final season. Looks fun.
  22. I just rewatched Crisis on Earth X this week, and it still holds up as the best crossover for me. I still feel like if it had the budget of a blockbuster film, it'd blow away most comic book flicks.
  23. I haven't ventured in here in a long time, but I need a favor. A friend of mine is starting to get into boxing, and is going back to watch old fights too. I have a really solid resource for recommended fights 2000-current, but I have lost everything I had for anything prior to that, other than my own memory. Does anyone frequent a forum or anything that touches on this sort of stuff, or have like a top-20(or whatever) per decade?
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