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  1. GSW just isn't going to lose when Curry has a game like he did tonight. Warriors got outhustled, outcoached and outworked tonight, and still got the win. Steph was at his Curry-est.
  2. I'm about it. I like teams being selective and having a certain criteria to retiring numbers. Unlike the Celtics that retired pretty much every jersey that played in the Russell or Bird years.
  3. So JJ Barea probably has a torn achilles, and I am literally heartbroken right now. At his age and style, an injury like that pretty much has to be career ending. He was having a career year, and was the heart and soul of the team.
  4. Tbh even I kinda undersold Luka a little before the draft, even though he was the guy I really wanted. 30+ game in, I am totally sold. Needs to work on the on-ball defense a little, but otherwise he's phenomenal. Anyone who can put guys like George or Holliday on skates is special.
  5. Mavs Twitter has become as bad as wrestling Twitter. I fucking love Luka, obvs, but anytime someone OTHER than him has offense ran for him, these dipshits immediately jump to "fire Carlisle" and start up a bunch of conspiracy theories about the coach hating Luka. GD exhausting. I thought the play ran for DSJ at the end was actually GOOD. Dennis just didn't execute. Also, Luka just standing at halfcourt pouting won't earn him any favor with Rick.
  6. Boy am I glad I didn't stay up late for that one. Catching a bad team on a long losing streak is always dangerous. Jordan left his defense in Texas.
  7. Yeah, we kinda slept on Legends this week with the crossover. Since they weren't part of it(besides Gary lmao), they just decided to go full on batshit insane instead. I'm VERY curious to see how they manage Crisis next year. If it's a mid-season deal like normal, I can't see anyone permanently dying, but if I had to put money on anyone, it's Ollie. The timeline has changed so much, nothing we've seen is a guarantee he lives. Thawne mentioned him living to be 84, then we saw an older version of him in Legends s1, but between Flashpoint, the Legends dicking around with time, and The Monitor's "deal", all bets are off. Also, this might be their get out of jail free card when it comes to Barry disappearing in the Crisis. WILL LOIS' BABY BE SUPERBOY PRIME???????? Bring on the anti-matter. Also, I love how these low budget TV shows can make you care about Superman a million times better than these bajillion dollar DC flicks can.
  8. Batman exists on Kara's Earth. She's mentioned it multiple times, so it stands to reason that she knows he exists on another Earth as well.
  9. Some great little things again in Part 2. My favorite being a throwaway line from Felicity suggesting that she and Barry dated!!!!! I've been shipping those two since Arrow s2, so I fangirled on that one. Love that Diggle is Green Lantern on 90's Flash's Earth, mostly because I think he'd play a damn fine John Stewart. Ruby Rose did great as Batwoman. I popped HARD for the Merlyn cameo too. Like mentioned above, it doesn't have the drama of Crisis on Earth X, but Elseworlds has been SO fun. I can see why they had to leave the Legends out of this one now, because having time travel available would kill alot of this plot.
  10. Me coming into the thread to take his place and obnoxiously tout a Texas basketball team.
  11. Good start on Elseworlds. Lots of fun little lines and callbacks("Nanites. Courtesy of Ray Palmer" maybe the most obscure callback line they've ever done). Ollie version of Flash dropping the "You have failed this city" line was legit LOL. Loved alpha male Ollie feeling super inferior in meeting Superman, which was exactly how I wanted their first meeting to go.
  12. Imagine being the dopes that passed on Luka after seeing that 4th quarter. C-Bear is a happy boy this season, for sure. Hope people don't forget that we aren't even in that game if not for Deandre, though.
  13. I've actually seen it suggested that he was absorbed into the Speed Force at the end of Legends S2, instead of being outright killed. I know that Flashpoint p much undid what happened at the end of Flash S1.
  14. Goddamn I will never NOT be confused by the Thawne timeline in this universe lol. The Wells version of Thawne is easily my favorite villain in the Arrowverse though, so I'm glad we'll be seeing him more. I have zero idea how he's still alive, however.
  15. I hope Diaz is absent for a while too, but I do kinda like the idea of him looming off camera somewhere. One thing Arrow has never had is a recurring major villain. I'd like him to stay on ice until next season at the earliest. I agree that the prison arc was surprisingly well done, especially since they were willing to take their time with it, and used it to have some nice callbacks to earlier seasons.
  16. Hard for me to explain honestly. I just found her to be kinda dull last season, and I think they are portraying her internal struggle to be a good person vs being a Luthor a lot more effectively now. On Arrow, i'm curious to see where they go with Diaz now. I don't believe for a second that he's done, especially since he was still breathing when we last saw him. Pretty great end to the prison arc too, and I liked the redemption angle for Tiger.
  17. This helped my anxiety more than any medication ever could. http
  18. I thought they turned the corner pretty well with Manchester Black on Supergirl this week. Made him much closer to what he's really supposed to be. Top tier episode for the show this week. Lena went from a character I wouldn't care about if she wasn't played by Katie McGrath, to one of the better parts of this season.
  19. Does anyone know if they are replaying the Turkey Day marathon today? I don't have much interest in binging the new season today(I haven't even finished s1 tbh).
  20. Will offer one VERY used Wes Matthews for Bradley Beal. Who says no?
  21. What makes Luka more dangerous is the fact that his outside shot is alot better than any of us expected. That stepback 3 is something.
  22. Honestly, that was my thought until the mention of the other Felicity, but you are likely right. All it takes is one encounter with a speedster or the Legends and William goes back in time. We don't even have to see it happen tbh, but I'm with you in thinking that William is the fake Green Arrow. You think it's possible that the flash forwards could be in the same timeline where the Legends met Connor Hawke?
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