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  1. I'm wondering if the reason they aren't porting over accounts from the Network to Peacock is due to any legal ramifications. I doubt they're allowed to move your payment info to another service and charge you without your authorization.
  2. Everything was good to great but didn't really hit that next gear. I thought Utami/Saya over delivered.
  3. Tam should win tonight, but Giulia winning would be fun just for the meltdowns among the western fans. The Seadlinnng tag match with Iida is the match where I turned the corner with her. She's still got some room to grow, but you can see the pieces there that experience will make better.
  4. Hopefully not lost in Lashleymania is Asuka's CGI tooth flying out.
  5. Guess the Network is branching out into non-pro wrestling docs.
  6. Somewhat wrestling related, looks like NBC, ABC and Fox are all dropping Nielsen’s Live + Same Day TV Ratings as a usable metric. This probably benefits WWE a lot. https://www.thewrap.com/nbc-tv-ratings-live-same-day-stop-abc-fox/
  7. Fish got a knee injury during the War Games match and has been out since.
  8. Looks like the injury was a work and a fan thought it was a seizure and spread it on the Internet.
  9. Yeah, The Celtics Jason Tatum had it in January and says he still feels the effects a month later.
  10. I think most wrestlers would absolute hate the chartered bus idea. Gives you a lot less freedom after shows.
  11. Might as well go all out and have the child be Bray since he's being "reborn".
  12. So now two women have gotten pregnant off the possibility of facing Asuka. Impressive.
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