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  1. What's more pro wrestling than boarding a plane wearing a half shirt, fanny pack and a title belt?
  2. I wonder who gets custody of the State Farm agent in the Harden/Paul divorce.
  3. It's not even that, you have to win a match in order to wrestle another match to determine if you get a first round bye.
  4. I get that they want to make every match matter, but this seems a bit convoluted.
  5. I have just been informed by the referee that Klay Thompson HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!
  6. This is nothing, Jericho doesn't believe in evolution.
  7. With the last name Lumis, I guess the NXT name formula is first name of your favorite tv show character and last name of your favorite horror movie villain.
  8. I think you can PG her act, keep the "party girl" stuff while getting rid of the drunk and lewd part of her act.
  9. They didn't give him the boot, they gave him his own show.
  10. I'm guessing they didn't use "Hojo" because it's closely tied with Howard Johnson's.
  11. So the NXT Name Generator has been working overtime. So far we have: Punishment Martinez = Damian Priest, Trevor Lee = Cameron Grimes Jessie Elaban = Jessi Kamea Eric Bugenhagen = Rik Bugez Adrian Jaoude = Arturo Ruas Luke Menzies = Ridge Holland ACH = Jordan Myles Garza Jr.= Angel Garza Jonah Rock = Bronson Reed DJZ = Joaquin Wilde Shane Strickland = Isaiah Scott Samual Shaw = Dexter Lumis Elliot Sexton = Barnabas Humphry
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