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  1. nofuture

    Raw Is Santayana - 12/17/2018

    OK, which one of you guys booked this?
  2. Word around the rumor mill is that The Mighty's Nick Miller has been released, but Shane Thorn will be sticking around as a singles wrestler.
  3. Sounds like it was a freak injury early in the match.
  4. Damn, Meltzer is reporting that Dakota Kai may have torn her ACL this weekend and are awaiting her MRIs to confirm the damage. Horrible timing since it looks like she's starting to get more tv time.
  5. nofuture


    Didn't expect the first part of WWE/Fox synergy would be Jeff Jarrett shilling Smackdown on Fox on tonight's Titans/Jags game.
  6. nofuture

    The XFL Reboot Starts Today

    I'm sure getting all that Mania money every couple years helps.
  7. nofuture

    SDL is The Dangers of Methane Gas - 12/4/2018

    Some quality heeling by Bryan after they went off the air.
  8. nofuture

    Your 2018 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Fun little Sendai vs Stardom interpromtion battle between Chihiro Hashimoto & DASH Chisako vs Oedo Tai.
  9. Word is Wrestlemania Takeover is moving back to Friday, so there won't be any conflict between them and the ROH/NJPW MSG show. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of indie shows booked on Friday that won't be happy with that news.
  10. nofuture

    The XFL Reboot Starts Today

    So apparently the XFL's website inadvertently revealed the 8 cities that will be hosting teams:
  11. nofuture

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16

    This is shaping up to be a pretty nice card for a December PPV.
  12. nofuture

    WWE TLC 2018 -12/16