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  1. Someone really wants this game to happen.
  2. Looks like Jeudy might be stepping up to the plate.
  3. The ThunderDome is moving to the former ThunderDome.
  4. Damn, once Io recovered from getting dropped chin first into the apron, that match was just awesome. Io and Rhea were just beating the piss out of each other. Easily one of the best matches of the year. The post match somewhat felt like that was Rhea's last match in NXT especially since she didn't win the title.
  5. So this pretty much confirms there was a fistfight.
  6. $500 for one photo? You would think Vince would appreciate such carniness.
  7. Why would you trade a stud wide receiver like that?!
  8. I'm more expecting Miz cashing in his MITB and winning the title Monday. I just don't see them doing either Drew/Reigns and Orton/Reigns matches here and Reigns destroying Miz seems like an easy out.
  9. I was thinking Cosmic Angels could split off from Stars, but if they're going with them being a sub-unit, that pretty much accomplishes the same thing while keeping Star's numbers strong when they need them to. Bushiroad has been pretty calculated in who they're signing. They're gone with the 3 ring circus approach of getting a mix of workers and idols to fill out the roster.
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