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  1. Dallas' defense is making Mitch look like Steve Young out there.
  2. In dumb things radio personalities says news:
  3. Highlights from the Sareee/Mayu match. Hopefully the full match is released soon: https://streamable.com/evcjt
  4. Whoever set up that Lee shot needs a raise pronto. This seemed like a more subdued episode than normal. Looks like the show in two weeks will be a mini-Takeover show with both main titles being defended.
  5. Looks like Sareee will be wrestling in Stardom. For how long isn't very clear, but at a minimum I'd imagine she's going to face Mayu in a singles match.
  6. Cole best (and maybe only) great call was his "The Streak.....is over" call at Mania 30.
  7. Saki and Arisa are better examples of two that took their early 20's off before returning a few years later.
  8. Was at the last two nights of Stardom shows at Shinkiba (the tag title match between Kyona/Konami and Arisa/Tam was really good) and didn't realize that Hazuki has announced she's retiring at the end of the year. Real shame because she's one of the best wrestlers there that didn't really get their due.
  9. Worse thing about the new belts they're coming out with is the use of velco on the strap instead of snaps.
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