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  1. He was born Cody Runnels, not Cody Rhodes. WWE owns the trademark to the name "Cody Rhodes".
  2. Real or Io's convenient excuse to show up at the MYC?
  3. Looks like they're dropping the first 2 years of WWECW soon too:
  4. Just in time to have a tranquilo summer:
  5. Not to question the impeccable reputation of Internet NEWZ sites, but this was the same site that said Rusev was coming back last night and that American Alpha were suppose return and be involved in a big angle too.
  6. I get the feeling that Graves is purposely sabotaging Angle's GM-ship so that Steph makes him GM.
  7. Seems like they're trying to be like Smackdown and get all the women involved, but the alliances are all screwed up. The heels are fighting among themselves and then fighting all the faces at the same time.
  8. Has there been any point in WWE history that has been this heel heavy? Seems like there's been more heel turns lately and fewer and fewer over faces.
  9. Looks like they've given up on the 3rd hour because they're booking the "main event" at the end of the second hour. They're going to need to turn one of the tag teams because the face side is just the Hardy's.
  10. Looks like he currently owns the trademark.
  11. So Maria and Mike Kanellis is the most meta gimmick ever.
  12. How come I've never heard about the Toxic Turtles in the WWF.
  13. Corey Grave's face tells you all you need to know.