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  1. Roppongi Vice with a few good tips.
  2. Off the top of my head, Hogan and Flair.
  3. Pretty impressive that Rebel could be involved in the worst match of the year, 2 years in a row.
  4. Watched the Kimura/Iwatani from the recent Korakuen Hall show and after the match, Kimura gets on the mic and pretty much calls out Iwatani for "drifting away from Stardom". Seems to confirm the "retirement" talk with Mayu lately.
  5. I'd imagine they'll add Sanity vs Strong/Jose/Dillinger/Ruby Riot next week.
  6. In believe it or don't know NEWZ, Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that WWE is trying to buy ROH.
  7. Rusev really needs to be a face.
  8. Nothing mends fences easier than money.
  9. The JBL/Cody Rhodes Court case might be the gold standard of modern WWE comedy.
  10. Big Bart vs the Sea Monster is probably the best storyline from WWE this year.
  11. Boardwalk Empire:
  12. If Asuka's racy photos and the ones in Nazi garb doesn't scare WWE off, not much will.
  13. Not sure what it means, but all references/photos of Io have been scrubbed from the article.
  14. Seems pretty odd that Hojo has allegedly signed with the WWE even though she hasn't been to a tryout yet.