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  1. NXT

    I think losing Dusty Rhodes has also greatly effected NXT on the creative side. So many ex-NXTers have talking about how influential Dusty is and how no one has been able to replace him.
  2. Just saw the Usos promo and was it just me or were they do a Briscoe Brothers promo?
  3. Is it really any different than when they use to pipe in cheers and boos when they taped Smackdown? They just have the technology now where they can cut in those canned reactions on live broadcasts.
  4. It funny how on the last 2 Talkin' Shop, the 4th guy (Strowman and Enzo) start out very guarded and watching what they're saying in the beginning, but by the end they're cussing and not caring what they say just like everyone else.
  5. I think the idea was something similar to the WCW Dustin Rhodes/Seven gimmick but without Emma shitting all over the Emmalina gimmick. What it's leading to who knows.
  6. Lanny Poffo going 5 years in WCW without wrestling a single match.
  7. Whoops, didn't see it at the end of the last page. Sorry. But yes, I do hate you.
  8. Nevermind, someone else already posted it.
  9. Looks like Teddy Long is the next inductee in the Hall of Fame. Holla holla.
  10. TV

    Where will I get my Cops re-runs? It is funny that TNA outlasted Spike TV.
  11. Also looks like they're partnering up with NOAH.
  12. NXT

    Looks like Asuka finally found some competition.
  13. They got 50+ million to watch the first game so they must have done something right.