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  1. Isn't more that wrestling promoters think that their fans are racists, so that's why racists gimmicks like that exists.
  2. She also wrestled at Wrestlemania Axxess this year so it pretty much guarantees she'll be at least in the tournament.
  3. It's a Jinderella dream come true.
  4. Gargano is better off being the face 205 Live needs and Ciampa is the heel NXT needs. They'd be DOA as a tag team on the main roster
  5. They hit a home-run with Renee. Now they're trying to find their brunette Renee.
  6. As cliche a female drill Sargent gimmick is, I think something like that would totally fit her.
  7. For all the talk of Shiari and Hojo, it's surprising no one else from Japan has been rumored to be brought in.
  8. If Ciampa can't compete, I'd imagine they'll replace him with Ohno or maybe even Lorcan. I doubt DIY was winning here anyways.
  9. It's not like WWE doesn't have any connections with the US government. I'm sure getting a visa for anyone isn't going to be a problem.
  10. NXT

    Patrick Clark's "Prince" gimmick.
  11. NXT

    Shame WWE didn't put up Nikki Cross' interview from this week's episode on Youtube. It might be my favorite this year so far. She's totally locked in to her character.
  12. Blue Panther inviting Bryan to wrestle him in Mexico.