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  1. Was Sami Zayn doing a Quentin Tarantino impression in that promo?
  2. Everything was solid but nothing too spectacular. Will say that Cole and Nigel worked well together and it's the best Cole's sounded in a long time.
  3. We don't deserve Rusev.
  4. Preview show after Raw tonight.
  5. Austin's actually a pretty big Slayer fan. He's had their guitarist on his podcast before.
  6. Don't forget if the family/estate wants the person inducted (Owen Hart for example).
  7. I'm wondering if they set up the Women's match as a 4 way in order to get the belt off of Asuka without her getting pinned.
  8. Tokyo Dome adds an extra star too.
  9. NXT

    First NXT recruit class of the year.
  10. Actually, they're showing Okada/Omega on 1/13 as the "season premiere" of the AXS show.
  11. When you have the death sentence on 12 systems, maybe you know when it's time to go.
  12. In WWE's eyes, they brought in the perfect person in Rosenberg: someone smarky enough to bring the Internet bullet points but weak enough that he won't stand up for himself in fear in losing access to the WWE.
  13. Anyone get the feeling Teddy Hart's ulterior motive for doing the podcast was for Jericho to get him back into the WWE? A whole lot of ass kissing in that podcast.
  14. Why would Reigns win the Royal Rumble if he was already winning the Universal title that night?
  15. I doubt Ronda's career is in such dire straights that she has to become a full-time wrestler to make ends meet. She just made 3 mill in 48 seconds.