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  1. An explanation of what happened during the Mickie/Asuka match from Mickie herself.
  2. It better not be another multi-man match to qualify for another multi-man match to determine a #1 contender because they've beaten that trope to the ground.
  3. The way James turned over at an awkward angle, I think the ref might of thought that Mickie dislocated something because they announced it as James not being able to continue and not a submission.
  4. Probably the Korakuen Hall on the 28th I'd imagine.
  5. Bayley might be the best heel in WWE and is cutting the best promos of her career. She's stepped it up big time since they've gone no crowds.
  6. I'd imagine both will probably freelance since they both had various side hustles other than just wrestling.
  7. Money must be a little tight if they're not re-signing either.
  8. A big problem with the Women's division is there's never really been a good story-line dedicated to the champion. Like the Riho/Emi match, Emi did a lot better job on her Twitter setting up their match than AEW ever tried. Brit and Big Swole's feud has gotten way more attention than anything Shida has gotten.
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