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  1. He ain't getting any younger and recently had a pretty big health scare. Maybe he's finally ready to cash out, especially if the offer is good.
  2. I guess it should be worth mentioning the Bushiroad buying Stardom rumors floating around. I'm not sure how it would work, but if true that would shake up the joshi scene even more for sure.
  3. Bayley finally gets an adult haircut! And some other stuff happened.
  4. Network authority figures? Heyman's time to shine!
  5. Alexa Bliss saving Charlotte from getting beat down by Kairi Sane is a sentence you wouldn't expect to see, but that's 2019 WWE for ya.
  6. The big thing coming from the ratings it that Smackdown killed in the important 18-34 demographics, pretty much five times anything else on. Friday's is pretty much 50 and over people watching.
  7. Seems weird that Rhio has Stardom's 4th or 5th most important title and AEW top title. And she is booked for the tag league this month too.
  8. Also, it looks like tomorrow's show will have a 15 minute overrun. TV Guide has the show going from 8-10:15.
  9. Good to know that wrestling keeps buttrock alive.
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