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  1. Good that they're getting more women onto the show. The division is pretty stacked.
  2. I was talking about Linda. When was the last time she was associated with anything related to wrestling?
  3. I mean publicly banning someone that's most likely not ever showing up to an AEW anyways seems like pandering to me.
  4. Looks like the Brand is dead.
  5. From Cole and Regal's face off, if Dream loses, he can't challenge Cole for the title again. It also sounds like it's going to be in a different venue ala Gargano/Ciampa's last match.
  6. Poor Shotzi, first her tank got messed with then she overshot that Coffin Drop along with Kai and Gonzalez whiffing on catching her.
  7. Pretty solid show all around. Good to see NXT back at Full Sail and I think this set up looked better with the limited audience than the PC did. The show seemed a lot more energetic. Seems pretty crazy that no one ever thought of doing a scaffold set up on top of a cage because it worked out really well. Hopefully Dunn comes back sometime soon to get his revenge on Thatcher.
  8. I wonder if they're going to have wrestlers watching from above the ring.
  9. Horrible news, she was only 22.
  10. Asuka (not the WWE one) posted that she's trying to check up her:
  11. Asuka's from Osaka which is known for it's comedy. I think it might just be something ingrained culturally. Here she talks about how she got into wrestling through comedy (at the 14 min mark):
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