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  1. Color's Saki has made it been known that she wants to be in the 5 Star GP.
  2. So are we finally going to get Vince's Hobo Army to re-take power from Steph?
  3. I think we all know how Vince's promo segment ends tonight:
  4. WWE's new NIL class. They better not change Thunder Keck's name.
  5. I seem to interrupt "policy issue" as more breaking some sort of rule rather than not meeting some 6 month performance review.
  6. TJPW's Miyu Yamashita and freelancer Miyuki Takase brought that hard hitting joshi style to the US.
  7. A doctor's perspective on Cody's injury and if he should have been cleared or not.
  8. Stardom will be doing their first cage match at their Nagoya PPV next month. I'm guessing that's where we get Suzu vs Giulia.
  9. Apparently this is the flight MJF is booked on:
  10. First of many translated interviews with joshi wrestlers. First up is deathmatch wrestler Rina Yamashita who is wrestling stateside in GCW this weekend.
  11. Another big factor is the NBA tv deal that is coming up in 2025 which is supposedly tripling from 2.5 billion a year to 7.5 billion. WB/Discover is not going to want to lose out on that.
  12. It's also something that can be dragged out in court for a long time that it's just not worth taking the risk, especially if you do lose.
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