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  1. To beat the bear, you must become one.
  2. Sendai Girl's Chihiro Hashimoto vs Marvelous' Takumi Iroha for the rights for the AAAW Singles and Tag Championships. Their last match for Hashimoto's Sendai Girls title in November ended in a draw.
  3. Kairi would be my guess. They have two Sumo Hall shows in March they need to fill.
  4. Saya was going in to ask Rossy for a match with Ibushi, but stumbled on a secret negations with a "mystery woman" and saw her face. Can she keep the secret quiet?
  5. Hearing The Minutemen's "Corona" on WWE tv is the oddest thing ever.
  6. Speaking from Dallas, D’Amore said: “WWE wanted it, Mickie wanted it and IMPACT Wrestling’s philosophy is always to work with other major promotions to create buzz for the fans. Everything is signed and agreed with WWE and IMPACT Wrestling – the only question is whether or not Mickie will enter one of WWE’s most historic annual matches as the reigning Knockouts World Champion.” https://impactwrestling.com/2022/01/07/knockouts-world-champion-mickie-james-set-for-wwe-royal-rumble/
  7. I'm sure Jeff already has the Global Force gold NFTs ready to sell.
  8. Pretty cool mini-doc about Arai Yuki wrestling in Tokyo Joshi Pro from a non-wrestling source.
  9. Giulia's masked Momos will be revealed.
  10. Regardless of the race issue, it can't look good to your talent that their boss can throw them under the bus so easily. Even Vince is tactful enough to use the "budget cuts" excuse.
  11. Pretty carny to bury a former talent then hashtag/promote your show on the next line.
  12. Back from AEW, Ryo defends her Beyond the Sea title against Arisa Nakajima in a pretty hard hitting affair.
  13. Any predictions for tonight's Stardom show? I think one of the two main titles is changing hands, leaning more towards Syuri winning the Red Belt.
  14. Hashimoto vs Iroha has been booked for 1/10.
  15. Ice Ribbon's Tsukushi Haruka's first defense of her newly won ICExInfinity Title against Suzu Suzuki.
  16. The stable swaps have always feel forced, but have worked out most times than not. This feel like when Hazuki swapped to OT where it didn't seem like it would fit, but will probably help Momo in the long run. She really hasn't changed much since joining QQ.
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