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  1. Has anyone mentioned that Brady is playing against the Patriots this week? You'd think the sports media would be covering this.
  2. Utami/Iroha will also be a no time limit match.
  3. Giulia getting hurt probably made them change course in a lot of their booking. I would have figured Giulia was winning the 5 Star, setting up the big title match at the end of the year. If she's out for an extend amount of time, I can see why they went the direction they did. Stardom is very conservative in how they book things. That kind applies to Mayu/Tam, where with only two weeks build to the next show, it's a match that can draw without too much need of a story.
  4. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Nanae Takahashi challenge Las Fresas de Egoistas for the Seadlinnng Beyond The Sea Tag Team Title. Yuu challenges Ryo Mizunami for the Seadlinnng Beyond the Sea title.
  5. NĂ¼ NXT is such a weird thing. It almost feels like GLOW where they're just throwing a ton of gimmicks and backstage stuff at you, but at the same time something like Bron Breaker which has so much potential wouldn't have happened under the previous regime. He's only had two matches and he's easily the most talked about thing in NXT in forever.
  6. That wedding was the best non wrestling segment on WWE tv in forever. Everything done perfectly and not over produced. I don't mind if the new NXT is closer to early Network era NXT. They threw out a lot out there.
  7. B-Fab and Ridge Holland are also wrestling on the show tonight.
  8. Sean Ross Sapp and Meltzer are saying it's not a work, but who really knows.
  9. Concussion is the only thing I can see them not really being able to work around.
  10. Joe just relinquished the NXT title due to not being cleared to wrestle.
  11. Tommy Dreamer has joined Bills Mafia.
  12. Taken from someone who translated Rossy's interview with Tokyo Sports. Spolierized from size:
  13. The safe bet would be Syuri winning and facing Utami since it seems like they're setting up a no time limit match between them.
  14. Not a good day at Ravens practice today.
  15. Stardom has announced that Giulia will be out for the rest of the 5 Star GP with an injured neck. Thought this was going to be her year to win it.
  16. Mei Ying is Karen Q. She was out for a long time with a broken leg. Out of anyone losing tonight, Burch and Oney definitely feel like they're getting a call from Johnny Ace sooner than later.
  17. I highly recommend listening to Marc Maron's WTF podcast where he talks to Williams about his life and career. He just reposted it today: https://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/remembering-michael-k-williams
  18. Nothing has been more consistent this year than a great Seadlinnng main event.
  19. Leading up to their title match in a couple of weeks, Yuu and Ryo Mizunami face off in a pretty hard hitting tag match.
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