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  1. No, but it's on my radar as I keep seeing house ads for it in the books I'm reading.
  2. Another title I'm reading daily is Ms. Tree, after reading some discussion about it on another forum. Love Mike Tree, don't love duotone. Especially the brown duotone. Blue is okay, but I wish they had stuck with four colors.
  3. I read Marvels for the first time (yep, that's right.) Is it the best Marvel comic of the 1990s, and if so, does it bother anyone that the best Marvel comic of the 90s was a reimagining of the glory days instead of something completely new?
  4. I've found a series I can binge read, and that's Fables. I've had a poke around and a lot of people seem to think it's an allegory for Bill Willingham's questionable politics, but to me it's a damn good yarn. I guess when I need something to binge read, I always end up turning to Vertigo. First Preacher, then Ennis' Hellblazer, Sandman Mystery Theatre, and Y: The Last Man. There's this buzz I get whenever I open a Vertigo book that makes me feel right at home. I guess I was a target reader for the imprint, or perhaps it's nostalgia since the imprint was launched right around the time I got into more serious comics. Another mini-series I read was James Robinson's Golden Age. I have no affinity for the DC Golden Age characters, but for some reason I like reading 1990 reinventions of them (Starman, Sandman Mystery Theatre, etc.), which is strange because post-Crisis reboots have been bothering me so much lately. Golden Age started strong but lost steam halfway through. In the end, it wasn't anything that Alan Moore hadn't done better in Watchman and Miracleman.
  5. Silver, you magnificent bastard. Highlight of the season was Johnny explaining why Tom Cruise's character in Top Gun is a pussy.
  6. I have three episodes to go, but what's interested me most about this season is the reemphasis on the character relationships. There was so much escalating action in previous seasons that they could have easily gone OTT on the fights. Instead, we get a slow burn to the tournament. The cast has grown so big that we don't get as much Johnny as we did in season 1, but he's still the best thing about the show. One thing the show does well is the soap opera style heel & babyface turns. No matter how man turns there's been, I'm still not sick of them. I think it's because the writers do such a good job at portraying no character as wholly good or wholly bad. The "good guys" can be huge dicks at times, and the "bad guys" can be sympathetic. Even Kreese has a complex backstory. The writers are also on the same page as the fans. They knew fans wanted them to bring back Silver, do something with Anthony, etc. Most of all, I'm impressed that they can get me interested in a show about a teenage karate tournament.
  7. Loved the Burning Heart video montage where Johnny spars with the waves.
  8. I went three episodes deep. They've done a really good job of mixing up the pairings this season so that you get subplots with characters who haven't interacted before. And the new character has a neat connection to the previous series. Oh, and of course all of the Terry/Kreese stuff is awesome. Loved the Eagle Fang Karate training.
  9. I'm not gonna binge watch too much tonight, but the first episode was good. It's back!
  10. I had some back issues when I was younger, but I haven't read the entire thing. I will go for it.
  11. I finished reading Planetary, which is very good, excellent even, and the ends. Although, I believe there were delays in real time. I've been looking for something to sink my teeth into. I started reading Fables and Saga. Both are in the world building stage. Fables has a stronger hook given it uses famous fairy tale characters. I'm not how I feel about Saga yet. It's strange reading fantasy characters that speak and act like contemporary adults, but that is very much Vaughan's style. Does anyone have recommendations for a binge-worthy book?
  12. I read the re-colourized collection of Dave Stevens' Rocketeer. I normally dislike re-colouring of older comics, but I have to admit it was a pretty good colouring job. I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the quality of Stevens' work. It's just a shame that the stories up and end just when it's getting good. Another thing I finished was Terry Moore's original Strangers in Paradise mini-series. This was a series I was aware of back in the 90s but didn't really know what it was all about. The art was slightly more cart´╗┐oony than I was expecting, but I liked the overall dynamic. I could easily have seen myself picking this series up in the 90s alongside Bone and the other titles I was reading. I also finished the 40th volume of Yasuhisa Hara's Kingdom, which marks the halfway point in the series. It was easily the most impressive volume of the manga for me personally. I ran through a gamut of emotions, almost cried, gave the book a clap of applause, was taken aback by the depth of the storytelling, and was overwhelmed that Hara had stayed so committed to the manga for ten years. What I thought was a good manga has now been elevated to the next level.
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