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  1. G1 Supercard is an easy choice and I don't think anything really needs to be said about except yaknow... Fuck an Enzo. I went to an ICW show that wasn't that solid top to bottom but it had Eddie Kingston vs. Daisuke Sekimoto on it and Orange Cassidy vs. Kikutaro. OC/Kikutaro was 2/3 falls and Kiku kept forgetting how many falls there were. Marko Stunt was on that show too and I think it one of his last dates before being locked into AEW. Not too long after that I went to a House of Glory show that was the Bucks farewell, they wrestled Private Party that night. Santana and Ortiz h
  2. How can people keep bringing up Dark Side of the Ring without talking about the New Jack episode? "Jack I can't feel my legs..."
  3. There's a really tiny indy in North Jersey I go to once in a while, Pro Wrestling Magic. About a year back, Rave and Nana were tagging on it and it was the first I heard about him years, I was really surprised he was still going and really happy to hear that too. With everything he's been through I hope he's able to stay strong mentally.
  4. If you drove yourself or had a ride you were fine, the problems were for people relying on trains or... god forbid... uber.....
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