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  1. I feel weird saying but the Triple B (gloriously douchey name btdubs) isn't gaudy enough. The dark leather swallows the plaid and Max either wears a robe for his big matches or sport jacket for his promos so not something that'll really stand out. I get that his thing is backstabbing everyone (and man that turn on Regal was vicious) but something that would probably benefit from having someone hold it up behind him. To echo what a few others said, when I got home from work yesterday I felt really lousy and had a pretty high fever so mostly listened to Dynamite after Wrestler of the Year Dax Harwood and Danielson did their thing. There were a few moments during that segment where I was like "man, this is still going?" I think he is right though, I can see him holding onto that belt for all of 2023. Gonna be gigantic for whoever does take it off him too. COWBOY SHIZ~ Orange Cassidy gets wrestling in ways no one before him ever has.
  2. Good lord I was at the show and the spot through the already broken table at 9 seconds in is still burned in my brain. I remember that table being there for a while after it broke the first time with one of the spokes sticking up and I was terrified for the rest of the match someone was gonna get impaled on it and... then that happened. Wouldn't have been an ECW reunion without one of those two potentially murdering the other
  3. There's always having Colt come out as CP Munk. I mean AEW has enough of the Chikara roster as it is so why not go ham with it https://youtu.be/XsSn5LT5CsI
  4. Was that the best Hager match ever? HAT BASED STORYTELLING~ plz plz plz plz don't fuck up House of Black this time! Loved the little lights out fake out with everyone totally expecting Danhausen for Julia to be the harbinger and just finally see those three wreck some shit like they should have been doing all along. Loved how minus the Elite match, the show gave the audience enough to keep them from doing the CM Punk chant. Wondering too which "side" different cities are gonna take, or if Chicago is gonna be the only pro-Punk city. That opening segment with the former BCC was super compelling and I'm totally into following where this Mox and Danielson road goes. Mox isn't getting that vacation, is he? Super happy for Jamie and Storm for not having "interim" on their reigns. Man, Britt couldn't let Jamie have one moment..... Top Flight and Top Guys is gonna rule!
  5. Is what TK is doing really different than most other promotors? Vince (rich kid) inherited it from Dad. Heyman came into a lot of money then the rest was history with ECW, now TK with AEW. Like.... running a major wrestling company takes money, can you really fault him for chasing his dream since he had the opportunity?
  6. I almost feel like they're laying it on a little too thick, I would have saved MJF quoting Punk quoting Kevin Spacey (jesus how is Max the most reputable person in that trio) until if after that's what the big turn is gonna be.
  7. Liked the tease of "a trio is coming back" with how Elite and the Church of Dutch Satan have both had their own vignettes recently. I'm going to Full Gear on Saturday and I'm really split between wearing my Elite (Change the world) or Malakai mask shirt. Add me to the Allie/Bunny fan club. She's probably the most underrated person on that roster. So........................ The Firm went down kind of easy there.........
  8. The timeline is something to consider to. Is 'mania going to be Roman vs. Rock? Does that mean Rock dethrones him? If that's not the case, do you do it before or after? Do you take one belt off Roman before? A lot of moving parts here. It feel like Roman losing really should be at one of the major events though, Rhodes potentially winning at Mania feels a lot bigger than say... Backlash.
  9. LORD HAVE MERCY! GOOD GOD Y'ALL! LET'S GET UP AND GET DOWN BY DOING THE FUNKY DUCKMAN! GETCHA DOWN-DOWN, YA THRUST YA PELVIS Anyway...... Bryan Danielson/ Daniel Bryan - Feels like there's no wrong answer for this one but recentcy bias has me thinking more of his AEW stuff than WWE and Ring of Honor. Gonna go with vs. Minoru Suzuki on the buy in to Rampage that one time. Matches vs. Morishima and Joe in Ring of Honor stand out too. Seth Rollins / Tyler Black - vs. Cena and Lesnar at Royal Rumble. Shield vs. The Wyatts. The cash in on Roman and Brock. Road Dogg - Don't know if I can pick a good one but the dumpster match vs. Cactus and Funk was at least memorable Fit Finlay - Okay so left field. Back around like... '06ish I think, he had a match with Miz where him and Hornswoggle just fucked with the Miz all match. Sasha Banks - Bayley, Takeover: Brooklyn The Miz - Are there any really great Miz matches? I guess the first run of Miz and Morrison tags were fun Kenta Kobashi - GHC Title vs. Suzuki, vs. Hansen (with that lariat), the one super famous tag with Misawa vs. Kawada/Taue Jack Evans - Steel Cage Warfare: Generation Next vs. The Embassy. I remember one Strong/Evans vs. Reyes/Romero tag being a lot of fun. Vs. Danielson when I swore Dragon was gonna snap him in half with some of the ways he was stretching him. Takeshi Morishima - Vs. Danielson at Final Battle, Vs. Claudio (defending the RoH Title). That one Kings of Wrestling vs. Morishima and I forget who his partner was but Claudio hit the UFO on Morishima which just.... one of the most insane things in wrestling I've ever seen Big Show / The Giant / Paul White - Curious to see what people say about him Hiroshi Tanahashi - vs. Naito at WrestleKingdom (WK 11). I was out of New Japan for a while but a few friends invited me over to watch this show for... another match that got a lot of hype. This would have stolen the show on any other night. Defending the IWGP belt vs. Suzuki (seeing a pattern here....). Almost any time he hooks up with Okada Mick Foley / Mankind / Cactus Jack / Dude Love - HHH, street fight (I know the Cell match gets all the love but I stand with this one being better). Mindgames vs. HBK William Regal - OH, I can answer this for Big Show too. When using the knucks backfired. Kenny Omega - Okada, WK 11. Either of the Danielson matches in AEW. Kenny/Hangman vs. The Bucks (Revolution). Becky Lynch - vs. Sasha at one the early Takeovers The Rock - vs. Austin, Mania 17. Ladder match vs. HHH, Summerslam, IC Title. Eddie Guerrero - Rey, Halloween Havoc. vs. Lesnar. Vs. Angle at Mania (tremendous finish to that one) Darby Allin - vs. Jericho, second Dynamite John Cena - vs. Danielson Nigel McGuiness - defending the RoH vs. Steen. Steen sloooooowly walking out of the way of the rebound Lariat. Rey Mysterio - vs. Eddie, Halloween Havoc
  10. There's been so much digital ink spilled about how Darby's cooled off over the past year or so. I think there's a few good avenues here this could go. Either he gets a good win over Jarrett to build some momentum back or would a heel turn be out of the question? Darby hasn't really done a lot since associating with Sting and.... it's in the rulebook, you have to turn on Sting at some point? Colt was a great surprise for Jericho's opponent. Guess he's officially no longer Dark Order. Hopefully this means he's back in the rotation going forward too. Feels like the tag title scene is a little muddled right now. Feels like the match fans really want is FTR and Acclaimed and I get using Swerve as an interloper for it from a story standpoint but I feel like the worst case is gonna be a 4 way at Full Gear with the Gunns. Nothing against Marina or Jade (I think Jade's great) but Nyla and Vickie hijacking that match was the best possible thing that could happen there. So Julia Hart has gone from Cheerleader to Stevie Nicks cosplayer (Coven was the best season of American Horror Story) to.... literal witch/dark priestess? Really, really hoping they get the House of Black right this time. I love these little horror shorts they do from time to time and just wish they would lead to something substantial. Malakai did post a screen of him and Miro on his insta story recently so I'd love for that story to get a better conclusion than "Lol Sting Wins."
  11. Remember on the Office when Angela kept wanting to every tell the story of Dwight's heroics saving Jim but then she got to Creed....... I want that with Nyla.... Nyla's version of this whole thing
  12. Okay but straight up Nyla looks dope with that belt
  13. WILLOW! Has there ever been a match with a stranger set of seconds? -RUSH had Jose, your traditional manager figure -Pres10 had a literal child -OC had freaking Danhausen I hope this Nyla/Jade stuff goes on long enough that it reaches to full gear with Nyla taking this to the most absurd lengths. I'm talking Nyla committing literal identify theft on Jade. Hook's definitely coming along. His match with Ange at All Out was the first time we saw him take some offense and there and tonight we got to see him fight from behind for a bit. I really have high hopes for him. And yes, as someone mentioned above, Hooking having to run a Trustbusters gauntlet would have been fun too. RE: Jade having a belt at that event: Nyla responding to TK Nyla forever.
  14. RIP the Honor No More theme, that thing slapped. Wasn't really feeling much on last night's show but the X Division bracket for the new champion has some great names in it (ANGELS, BLACK, OTHERS!) Weird that Bullet Club for years and years "ran wrestling" no matter where they were but now they were the footnote to a Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer match in 2022. Good on Heath and Rhino, that tag scene should feel kind of fresh with the Majors back together too.
  15. Okay, so, I caught a lot of shit for being down with the clown when I was younger. Even today I still bump Milenko and Jeckyl Brothers sometimes. This isn't a "great" match to begin with. It's baby Chris Hero (still rocking a Superman shirt, not even the stylized the CH in the shield yet) on a JCW show. It's a competent enough 6 minutes that feels much much longer for whatever the hell J and Shaggy were going for. In a weird way, it is very quotable but not for the right reasons. I still call the Ibushi/Andrade "guys roll out of the way of the first moonsault to get with a standing one" the "nobody moonsault," and..... I can't explain why the Walgreens comment always pops me
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