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  1. It wasn’t so much Brody was a pain in the ass, it’s that he knew who he worked for. Baba paid the bills ( not only did he pay him generously, but he also covered his income tax in Japan and USA). He’d do a job if it made sense for All Japans business. In St Louis he lost twice to Race in NWA Title Matches, and once to DiBiase since Ted was a project they were building to a champion. And not to be a conspiracy nut, but when I heard evidence that Brody had bought in to the territory, and was murdered because of that, it made a lot of sense.
  2. I’m suprised no one has mentioned Jose Gonzales, Carlos Colon, and the other Puerto Rican wrestlers associated with Bruiser Brody’s murder. What an injustice. To this day people who try and investigate what really happened are threatened and intimidated. It still burns my ass when people try and post and push WWC matches on message boards.
  3. Jumbo Tsuruta Chigusa Nagayo Bruiser Brody Terry Funk Genechiro Tenryu Hiroshi Tanahashi Minoru Suzuki Minami Toyota Nick Bockwinkle Atlantis
  4. I am beyond excited that Kenny Omega is working the show here in Pittsburgh.
  5. On the Torch's web site, they're reporting that most of Suzuki Gun will be on the Global Wars tour. I figure this means everyone except Zach and maybe Iizuka. http://www.pwtorch.com/site/2017/08/23/never-openweight-champion-minoru-suzuki-kushida-added-roh-death-dishonor-weekend-september-talent-announced-october-njpw-roh-joint-tour-wradicans-analysis/
  6. I was just looking at Mid Town Comics web site and right now they are offering all the FCBD comics. You have to pay for shipping and quantities are limited.
  7. It just not Wrestle Kingdom if one of the matches doesn't involve Toru Yano showing up with a wacky mystery partner.
  8. Green Arrow had beentremendous. The story in BATMAN has been really interesting. The first TITANS book had was good, if you don't mind some horrendous artwork.
  9. The Android app is terrific, especially if you want to stream it to your TV with a Chromecast. Easiest thing in the world and the picture and sound are fantastic.
  10. on Cagemat.net it states that he was born in California, trained in APW, and had his first matches in Sacramento. He might be of British Heritage, but he's and American.
  11. Ibushi wins, even thought the major booking mishap of the year was only having Ibushi wrestle a couple matches against Toru Yano instead of having a long feud. Obviously Gedo hates money.
  12. Well one of the big reasons I picked Balor is that I went to two of the NXT house shows here in Pittsburgh, and Balor headlined both shows and had great matches, getting over huge with the audience and had some real star power. Zayne was on the second show and had a great match, and the fans were really into him, but it wasn't the same reaction. I don't go see live wrestling very often [this past summer was the first WWE show I went to since 2005] but a lot of my thoughts about both guys is based on how I saw them in live matches, and from those experiences, Balor was the better wrestler.
  13. Zayne was injured over 80% of the voting time period. Balor had a great year and a great feud with Kevin Owens.
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