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  1. I look at the Burning Hammer kickout as meaning that Kendrick at 157# can't use it effectively against Ibushi at 189# (as JonnyLaw says above). I also considered the possibility that Ibushi's repaired neck is now bionic, giving him immunity to many head-dropping finishers, but I think that would need more & deeper setup to pay off. Stepping back a level and getting more meta, though: maybe Kendrick's Burning Hammer, and the kickout, were meant for Daniel Bryan, as though they were a taste of the blowoff match that a top-of-his-game Kendrick would have had against a healthy champion B
  2. There's more options in a double-elimination tournament, because then you can get a draw that eliminates one guy (who already had a loss on him) but not the other. Normally in a double-elim you redo the brackets every round so that people with a loss fight each other, but if there's an odd number, you could get this. Now that I've typed it out it feels about as obscure as the fair catch free kick rule.
  3. The Quiet Man looks great. If you've only seen the cruddy two-strip transfer to vhs, or the DVDs made from that, check out the one Netflix is streaming right now. Gorgeous.
  4. NJ Cup Finals 2014 against Bad Luck Fale. It happens at about the 16:55 mark in that video.
  5. One-off tie in to the Arnold: http://arnoldsportsfestival.com/wwe-experience/
  6. Watched the first half of the show last night with my girlfriend. After Kevin Owens' debut, she said she wanted to see him fight Lesnar at Wrestlemania - that KO, like Lesnar, looked 'real'.
  7. I have this poster. No, you can't have it. And yes, Burgerville is worth it. How did I not know about this? Lived in Vancouver my whole childhood, watched Buddy Rose wrestle, still eat at Burgerville - never knew about this ad. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I second what Cristobal said - 8.1 is tolerable, and faster.
  9. Jay says in his review: I think you forgot about Playboy Buddy Rose.
  10. I'm going to have to watch this now - you sold me with "Ligotti writing The Wire".
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