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  1. I did not know Jim Johnson was working for the WWF as far back as 91
  2. Honestly I enjoy the Bucks a whole lot more if they worked more spots like thins into their matches on a regular basis
  3. I remember ECW at times haveing storylines interwoven also TNA did this during the Planet Jarrett / Commisener Cornette era. Anyway I'm glad to see the Acclaimed get win on TV they need to find a way to get more of these underneath but not jobber guys wins on TV. maybe more matches that don't go through PIP. That opening segment took the promo interuption meme to new heights! Speaking of Lonce he had some thoughts on the Wardlow/Punk booking https://www.ringsidenews.com/2022/01/13/lance-storm-buries-cm-punk-mjf-angle-from-aew-dynamite/
  4. I understand the logic of putting the McMahons on tv in the attitude era (they wouldn't jump ship) but why the need to keep running a 50ish Shane O'mac out there is baffeling
  5. One of the things I really liked about Riho is that she works her size into her matches by being quick, agile, "you can't catch me". Minus one time she did a forarm exchange with Stratlander. I would be more into the Bucks if they worked more like this or worked more cheating into their matches and less get hit and pop up to hit their stuff.
  6. So apperantly there are only 625 A&Ws nation wide... they may need Danhausen more than he needs them
  7. Go Gonna tell the kids this was Anna Jay
  8. I expected Hobbs to be much larger compared to punk
  9. I'm hoping for more of a Danzig direction with his ring music
  10. totaly down with the US Champion ship being a gun and not a belt
  11. They keep going with these table spots you are going to see more injuries, seems like in eras past guys worked more dates but had less serious injuries. They new they had to make all the towns, not kill themselves and still send the fans home happy
  12. Well her and Rosa are 1-1 with Rosa holding the second win
  13. If they cant afford Skynard they can go this route
  14. I feel like the best recent example of this is Jericho Gage. Was it Flair Steamboat going an hour? no. But it fit the narritive of MJF sending a murderious psychopath after his hated rival.
  15. They should just turn team taz. I mean who is really a heel on the team anyway? Do people want to boo Tazz? Ricky got cheered over Brian Cage.
  16. I don't know how someone could even say those matches are close. Page - Danielson was as close to prefection as you can get, while the other felt like mess. Also I don't think Dave M getting everyone obcessed with star rating has been good for wrestling. Instead of "did a match work for its intended purpose" its feels like it contributes to people just trying to get shit in
  17. I don't know... it seems live everybody since 2001 has had the idea of "if we can get 10% of the WWE audience well be rich" and aside from AEW it hasn't worked
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