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  1. Lot of good wrestling on this one, OC grabbed the tights but swerve tried it frost so turn abouts fair play! Wild and Bloody tag match Anna Jay is no longer spooky! I really hope this MJF v Adam Cole feud is one and done, Bay Bay is a lot like Jarrett say what you will absolutely no need to have him in a featured spot this much. as @DEAN would say Don CALLIS is a heat magnet! Way to lean into it with no entrance music! and how about that main event!
  2. @DEAN would be ready to show @Gordlow the
  3. I’m glad to see Double M and Angelico again
  4. Taker has told a very similar story about getting conned by Buzz Sawyer
  5. Took forever to load because of all the Twitter posts I believe
  6. I enjoyed listening to Lance Storm and Jericho talk about their one and only FMW tour
  7. Reminds me of the time a I saw a small girl yell @your scarred Brody” at Brody King
  8. Eh Fred Roses is solid yet unspectacular, I think punk himself is the draw so just give him a match with somebody he feels comfortable with like when he frost wrestled sydal
  9. 5 year olds have the best wrestling takes!
  10. Jericho had Brian Solomon on his podcast talking his book on the Sheik it’s a good listen
  11. Yuji had that fun match with MOXa couple years ago
  12. I think a lot of it is just something that’s taken a lot more seriously today (thankfully) I mean R Kelly and Micheal Jackson’s proclivities where treated as fodder for jokes for years
  13. The asshole in me when the Texas tornado match was announced “ you mean live every other AEW tag match?”
  14. I got to see Mr Walls of Jericho sign with his name sake group tonight
  15. And JR did seem especially enthusiastic about everything tonight
  16. When a Vikingo match is the low one on the totem pole you know it’s a hell of an hour of wrestling! Hell of a Lady Hoss fight! I want willow v Hosslander and Hoss Hayter! (And those two against each other!)
  17. On the subject of live entertainment post pandemic it seems a lot have bands have jumped from clubs to theatres and theatres to arenas. There’s still a hunger for live entertainment looming recession be damned
  18. Dustin makes the cut as an ex WWE guy? I like the uniqueness of indie wrestling but if you are trying to run a national televised promotion you need someone to keep you from getting to far into the weeds, this maybe where JR comes in. Also to balance out the Indy weirdness and the 70-90s Japanese serious wrestling I think Jericho has made MJF and OC better with his feuds with them Id be fine with the elite leaving, in a sense of pruning the tree encourages fresh growth . You don’t want a situation of Verne putting the title on himself decades past his prime
  19. On going problem, unless someone is actively being pushed you seldom see them win. To me leads to credibility problems
  20. Say what you will but they really need to run a big Penta singles match in a SoCal market dude is super over. MJF v Penta in La would blow the roof off @JLowe Orange is on his late 30s so this International title run will likely be his high water mark. Kinda reminds me of Billy Kidmans cruiser weight run in WCW
  21. Three and four ways where novel back in the 90s when we hadn’t seen them before now it just feels like an excuse for lazy booking
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