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  1. Such a great look for a heel fraction. Three rich entitled asshole frat boys with their buddies from the fottball team. And I agree with @Krone Meltzermake Kip their Xpac
  2. You I was wondering this so I checked cage match. The flag incident was actually the start of a long house show program between Hacksaw and Yoko including when Yoko was champ. Hacksaw loses to him at Summerslam spectacular which is his last WWF/E match until he starts popping up as a legend in the 2000's
  3. I agree that 3/4 way matches are best when used extremely sparingly like any gimmick match. I'd change the IWGP match to a White/Cole v. Okada/Hangman tag and use that to set something up down the road. Also I'd drop Trent and Rocky from the tag title match. Them being their feel very third wheel. And I love a big multiman tag match but don't need a bunch of them up and down the card
  4. So two four ways, a three way tag, 2 trios, and an eight man tag. This kinda has the feel of one of those "get everyone on the card" wrestlemanias
  5. I'd agree but add Savage to your list
  6. I'll thank you to never give me the mental image of something being up Vince's "old man alley" ever again. I'll go throw up about something else now
  7. Sounds like he heard you Great O-Khan dressed to kill on Rampage! Also Fenix and Andre where all like "FUCK YOU CMLL WE'LL GO MAKE OUR OWN FORBIDDEN DOOR!!!"
  8. Didn't realize the former Reyna Reyes/Azteca was in iMPACT! really liked her work in WOW
  9. iMPACT turns 20... that Pyramid scheme has out lasted WCW in total years
  10. Kiera's last TV match was losing to Athena, might be a limit of how much TK wants to job her
  11. There was a great bit during one of DO backstage promo's where she was looking exasperated and rolling her eyes at meatmans flexing a while back
  12. A few to many multiman matches/tags for my taste. Also Jay White saying things like "I am the catalyst of Professional Wrestling" remind me of Connor McGregor saying things like "I am the promotion"
  13. Tom Lawlor bled with MOX at defy right?
  14. So much of wrestling hyperbole is bullshit thought, every night wasn't the greatest night in history of our sport, Andre wasn't 700lbs, 93000 weren't in the skydome ect. I can handle a miss named title
  15. I just had the thought that Tom Lawlor could be Bryan's replacement, and he recently bled with MOX so he meets the requirements for BCC Who would you have dropping these falls?
  16. I'm pretty sure Santana was one of the 50 people running in during the greatest "paynight in Muskogee oklahoma" since that one WCWSN where Eddie Guerruo got spanked by LE GIANTE
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