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  1. The Obvious answer is Ricky Starks which I'm surprised no one remembered actually has a title shot coming up, Hobbs I see more of a monster of a month that a champ. Guy who works with the guy makes the money (I could see him beating Ricky so Ricky can win it back). Keith lee is a bit older and with the extra weight I wonder how much tread is left on the tires. (I wouldn't mind seeing him drop some weight just for his own long term health and to extend his career) Guys like Dante Martin and Bowens are your young lions who could obviously get there. And as a Non Black POC I could see board favorite Lard Lad getting to the top of the card in short order
  2. This didn't do a lot for me felt like they forgot to tape Rampage so just aired an episode of dark. Loved the opener though. Quite a bit of stuff set up for the future that looks good FTR - Acclaimed, Shida -Bunny., Joe -Darby (although putting the Juice promo before that match makes it a bit of a forgone conclusion Juice Joe should be good though) . Preston Vance mixing it up in the Men's Hossweight Division My take on the guy challenging lee was "Oh that's not Rick Ross" On the main event I wish Ex would stop giving away the finishes to matches with his calls ala Michael Cole and I have no interest in OC verse When We Where Young Kip Sabian. HOB showing up to wreck things where cool though
  3. This also happens in 2 out of 3 falls and Ironman matches. people tune out in the middle if you announce your going long
  4. Might be the best IYH singles match ever off the top of my head I'd only consider putting the pair of Austin v Foley matches above it
  5. brief piece in variety on Iron Claw the von eric biopic https://variety.com/2022/film/news/jeremy-allen-white-gained-40-pounds-muscle-iron-claw-1235445518/
  6. As Jericho said years ago Time Warner is a TV company so the "TV" belt is already the top belt
  7. Get those Vince Russo ceiling dumping things, MJF gets cut off by being completely slathered in JR's BBQ sauce show ends with Good Ole Jim sprinting to the ring and devouring him
  8. My mother wants her nightgown back well this will be about twice for JJ
  9. I've always felt you could run a Wargames like BATB 96, Faces have the man advantage until Luger gets stretchered out negating that
  10. This whole MJF bit reminds me of the Dudley's winning the ECW tag straps and Bubby saying " In ECW we became men and in WWE men become Gods!. Where gonna lay these titles on the desk of Vince Macmahon" then Raven returned. Wouldn't be surprised if Tony being such and ECW fan is cribbing from that
  11. My family once went Indianapolis once for vacation, reasoning being they have the world's largest children's museum. my brother tried to fight a goose. I would say Missouri has the most billboards (you will see a billboard for WORLDS BIGGEST SEX SHOP followed by JOHN 3:16 REPENT! followed by another one for porn) My thought was Ruby got cut cause Rhea was younger and probably came cheaper with a pretty similar esthetic
  12. Another Youtube level main event for OC sadly
  13. First off I want to talk about Cool Hand Ange's attire. According to Yuta he wears both a belt and suspenders, I don't like that can't trust a man who doesn't trust his own pants. SUSPECT! Anyway wow a tale of two shows. Opener was great but you knew that. Fun match with Joe and AR Fox. (as an aside Tony Khan keeps signing guys who kinda give you the same thing Jake Atlas/Jay Lethal/ Davari/ Swerve ect now Mr. Fox. maybe mix it up abit at least Bobby Fish is gone) But man did the show fall off a cliff. That MJF segment. Now I feel that sometime he gets it right (that podcast thingy) and sometimes he doesn't . And this died a death. Doesn't help that they did pretty much the same segment with the Baddies later. (and I don't think that one did much better hope this BowWow stuff goes somewhere fast) Willow and Anna Jay AS both looked a bit like fish out of water. Like they needed someone more experienced in there calling the match. how ever Tay and Ruby looked liked stars (Is Ruby's hair a Daffney tribute?) I hate music on run ins but I love when its used as a distraction so the face can attack from behind. Loved Tay's firey latin temper! But what was with Tay selling her own punch to Ruby? Main event was better than expected. Like a lot of you I've kinda been dreading this best of seven but this was pretty good minus the overkill at the end where it felt like it should have ended 5 or 6 times. I'm a bit of a sucker of the brawl before the match like HBK/Bret in Montreal. Worked it a bit different than the last one so lets see where the rest of them go. One note, chill on the ref bumps for a bit. You got a lot of mileage out of Athena decking Ruby and you had two in Mox/MJF I believe so lets not over due it.
  14. Yes because Rock n Wrestling happened due to Cindi Lauper sitting next Capt. Lou on an airplane, now does it get to the same level? Depends if you can get Savage's madness to near Hulkimania levels
  15. you know what? you go ahead and tell him he needs to wear a shirt!
  16. I see him being a heel ala Piper, probably working against Hogan or on the B tour. I don't see him getting a face run as the companies ace
  17. I agree with this so much. People losing quickly has always bugged me (why not run a normal match and then have people start eating falls?) but I think the 87 main event Team Hogan v Team Andre is perfectly booked and may have never been topped
  18. New York was always a babyface territory so Savage as a heel isn't going to get a long reign either (and that leaves the question as who is your top babyface? I like Steamboat but to me he's the guy who works with the guy who draws the money not the guy himself) So I could see Backlund drops it to sheik, who feuds with Slaughter, who eventually wins the title and spends some time fighting the russians ect. meanwhile Savage gets built up in the IC scene. Sheik gets the belt back to put over Savage sometime around 86
  19. That's crazy if true. I've always looked at it as he was the prefect guy, All American boy gets beat by foreign menace and avenged by Hogan. A world where Bill Eadie is a former WWF champ. Of course this opens un another box of worms, If the Masked Superstar get a transitional reign, do we get demolition or does he just stay as MS?
  20. Sure but do you just bring Randy in as a Face to beat Sheik? Does that work? IMO you had a prefect storm of The Jingoistic 80's for a flag waving Hogan to beat a anti american heel. I don't know if that works for Savage. I like the idea of doing Slaughter v Sheik cause you can do all the flag waving stuff (You could even do so Slaughter v russians or some of Hogan other foes) then transition to Savage. (Could do Heel savage v Slaughter or if the fans demand it turn him face to beat the Sheik) ???
  21. For sure. But then the question is how do you take the belt off of Backlund and on to Randy with no Face/Face matches.
  22. Lord this gif makes me understand the whole "Warrior died and Kerry replaced him" I still want a match where Orange Cassidy goes for the pockets so Yano does the only thing he can... shrug
  23. A lot of these are popping up on youtube if you are so inclined
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