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  1. Another good show. Tasha Steelz looked great in-ring and on mic, definitely eventually want to see her as the champ. Really liked the IInspiration's promo, thought they did excellent there. Thought Steve Maclin looked fantastic here also and is starting to show some real star potential. Main event was good stuff as expected, more Haas please. I dug the use of old ROH clips to hype up Haas. I guess BTI will be online exclusive now with Impact in 60 moving to that spot before Impact and NJPW returning to AXS. Glad to see NJPW back on it's old home.
  2. October 2021 / January 2022. Before and After
  3. So much going on all throughout and so much fun. Wondering if Orange gets the win next week since it's "lights out" and won't count towards win/loss records for Cole. I love an epic Cody promo, his pipe bomb. Got a "shut the fuck up" chant followed by "Cody sucks" and he still somehow turned it all around to get a "Cody" chant in there. Laughed at the Walter name change jab. Looking forward to the ladder match. Cody can still come off like a mega star. Very different feeling episode of Dynamite with three squashes instead of every match going picture in picture. Then the match I expect to be a squash in Archer/Kazarian unexpectedly goes 10 minutes. I like both guys and wish we saw more of Kazarian these days. Archer is a fun next challenge for Hangman to beat. Main event was a blast. Moxley's return was perfect. Love the F bomb to kick it off and set the tone. Great to see him back.
  4. the one Batista got fined for in the cage with Jericho was November 2008 RAW. Shortly after there was the seg in March 09 where Jericho bloodied up Flair but I think that was just Flair (one punch and immediately started bleeding), but Flair recently talked about Vince fining Jericho $25,000.
  5. Due to technical difficulties with FITE, this week's Powerrr is premiering free on Youtube in about 20 minutes. (7:30 est). It will then be available for replay at the usual Friday time.
  6. March 16 in San Antonio, March 23 in Cedar Park.... wondering if that could lead back to Dallas the next week, days before Mania is in town.
  7. He suffered a concussion (doing a corner charge and ended up hitting Josh's knee and the rope) but is said to be okay and is scheduled to resume wrestling this weekend. As a result of the injury, he's launched a Pro Wrestling Tees with his first shirt saying "Charlie Haas Is Not Dead". I know he was used here because he was local, but I hope he ends up doing more in Impact.
  8. BONUS EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 0 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Smith Jr. vs. Geffrard (1/15/2022) - Verona, NY (Turning Stone Resort & Casino) WBO World Light Heavyweight Championship: Joe Smith Jr. vs. Steve Geffrard - Smith Jr., DEC Abraham Nova vs. William Encarnacion - Nova, TKO, R5 Lyubomyr Pinchuk vs. Jose Mario Flores - Pinchuk, DEC Omar Rosario vs. Raekwon Butler - Rosaro, DEC Troy Isley vs. Harry Keenan Cruz Cubano - Isler, TKO, R4 Jahi Tucker vs. Akeem Black - Tucker, TKO, R3 EVENT #1 POINT TOTAL: 0 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 32: Kattar vs. Chikadze (1/15/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Calvin Kattar vs. Giga Chikadze - Chikadze, DEC Jake Collier vs. Chase Sherman - Sherman, TKO, R2 Brandon Royval vs. Rogério Bontorin - Bontorin, DEC Katlyn Chookagian vs. Jennifer Maia - Chookagian, DEC Dakota Bush vs. Viacheslav Borschev - Borshchev, DEC Bill Algeo vs. Joanderson Brito - Brito, DEC Jamie Pickett vs. Joseph Holmes - Holmes, SUB, R2 Ramiz Brahimaj vs. Court McGee - McGee, DEC Brian Kelleher vs. Kevin Croom - Kelleher, DEC TJ Brown vs. Charles Rosa - Brown, DEC
  9. Another guy I love seeing get involved in the NWA, Raven! That seg made me wanna see Raven vs Tim Storm.
  10. Love seeing Rodney Mack get involved, another longtime favorite of mine that I always wanted to see get more opportunity in the bigger companies, hope to see more of him in NWA. Main event was a bit of a cluster and everything else was pretty short, thought the women's 4 way was pretty decent.
  11. ^ That new Black Taurus finisher was brutal! Great episode here. Love seeing Charlie Haas in Impact, always one of my favorites. Deonna/Rok-C was excellent, awesome main event, great finishing stretch with all the counters. Laredo/Bey delivers the goods again. 3 squashes in a row was different. Masha continues to be badass. The ROH angle kept things interesting throughout. Tom had another solid night on commentary. Looking forward to another stacked episode next week. Liked the setup for Gresham/Maclin, Maclin coming off his best match at Hard to Kill, and of course Josh/Haas.
  12. Alexa Bliss 2016-17 is my personal favorite. One of the first to come to mind for me was Madison Eagles, who was on fire during her SHIMMER run and just exuded charisma. On the Impact side of things, I think Madison Rayne was doing excellent heel mic work 10 years ago, and more recently I think Tessa Blanchard could've reached that type of level if her career hadn't stalled when it did.
  13. I feel like Seth being the guy to end Roman's 500+ day reign is one of the most disappointing choices imaginable. Thought Big E as a Rumble favorite at first, but not so much after how decisively he lost to Rollins on Raw. Expecting a bayley return to win the women's rumble which is as disappointing as it gets for me, but hoping for an Asuka return.
  14. I liked Wardlow/Punk. Made Wardlow look killer while MJF looked like an idiot for not just letting Wardlow get the win. MJF and the 5 Labours of Punk. Welcome back Murderhawk! Excited for him to be back and gonna be challenging for the title, but at the same time sucks that he'll stay in that same old role of 'monster the champion beats' as he's already done with Cody, Moxley, etc. Slightly disappointed in Shida/Deeb being more angle than match, but I'm all for the feud continuing for however long they wanna do it. Dug the little Arn/Tully interaction in the back. Felt like they threw a ton at us at once as far as next week on Dynamite/this week on Rampage, but cool to see Andrew Everett getting a shot, always enjoyed him in Impact in years past.
  15. Yes, Tom did commentary with what seems like a rotating cast of various partners for these. Moving to Riccaboni with Tom seems like it'd make sense.
  16. Knew they wouldn't have enough of a roster to fill out the women's rumble, but never would've expected to see the current knockouts champ in it. Especially after the way her release went. Other than that, huge pop for Summer Rae getting included, she was an underrated favorite of mine that I always want to see pop up elsewhere after her release.
  17. He said it was a family member that was sick so he and Brandi are just in isolation/quarantine as long as needed
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