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  1. so Lashley loses the title, takes the fall last week, takes the fall last night, and loses again tonight. And now back to Goldberg. Guessing he's getting drafted out of this territory
  2. Charlotte/Alexa ended up pretty great. Love the near falls, hot crowd. Only their 2nd match together, I loved their first at Survivor Series 2017. Crowd was huge for Hardy, made me wish he won even though there was no way that was happening. I popped for the callback to the Armageddon 2008 finish. Bianca/Becky almost had a really cool finish, would've liked it a lot if it ended on that counter in to finish.
  3. I figured that was only ending by ref/doctor stoppage. Welcome back Robbie! Hope he can gain some momentum again, and hopefully it's not another 5 years before we see Nick again.
  4. Amazing comeback and performance from Merab! Man when Andrade is ON, so killer great. This is what I was looking for in her last fight. Happy birthday Jessica!
  5. Solid matches all the way around. Punk/Hobbs may be my favorite of the night. Loved seeing the ATT fighters finally get physically involved. Sky & Page don't do much for me as a team, though I've liked Ethan, I was surprised to see them go over here. The post-match still just made me rather see Jericho/Hager vs. Arlovski/Dos Santos. I do love Masvidal as the ATT final boss, I hope he ends up working a match at some point too. And Paige VanZant came off great as heel valet. Big fan of more fighters involvement. Main event was fun. A great trifecta of themes on the entrances. Homicide made for a cool moment even if it did take a 3 on 2 advantage for the faces. Thought the finish was a little weak though. Still has me hoping for even more Suzuki in AEW and the SuzukiGun association gives Archer a greater motivation as he's always someone who feels like he could be more involved.
  6. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer that Roberts is dealing with undisclosed health issues. During a recent appearance, Roberts was in a wheelchair and had an oxygen device in his nose that he would take out for photos. Roberts had announced last year in an interview that he was battling COPD which made it hard for him to breathe. Roberts said then that he doesn't get enough oxygen into his blood and he didn't know how limited that would make him in the future. He also said he couldn't talk for more than 20 seconds without an oxygen tank. Jake said late last year, "The thing I'm happy or happiest about is that I'm in AEW and they actually give a damn, it's really wild, they actually care about the athletes, they actually get us the help that we need, they actually set up protocol so us dumbass wrestlers don't say "hey I'm okay, I can get in there, I've got one arm missing" you know, it's okay." I've also missed Jake appearing with Archer the last few months.
  7. EVENT #126 POINT TOTAL: 1417 ONE Championship 129: Revolution (09/24/2021) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium) Christian Lee vs. Rae Yoon Ok - Lee, TKO, R1 ONE Super Series Muay Thai Featherweight Championship: Capitan Petchyindee vs. Mehdi Zatout - Petchyindee, DEC Joshua Pacio vs. Yosuke Saruta - Pacio, TKO, R3 Martin Nguyen vs. Jae Woong Kim - Nguyen, TKO, R2 Amir Aliakbari vs. Anatoly Malykhin - Malykhin, TKO, R3 Victoria Lee vs. Victória Souza - Lee, DEC Lito Adiwang vs. Hexigetu Hexi - Adiwang, DEC ONE Super Series Muay Thai Rules: Petchdam Gaiyanghadao vs. Taiki Naito - Gaiyanghadao, DEC Marcus Almeida vs. Anderson Silva - Almeida, TKO, R1 ONE Super Series Kickboxing Rules: Petchtanong Banchamek vs. ChengLong Zhang - Banchamek, DEC EVENT #127 POINT TOTAL: 1417 ACA 129: Magomedov vs. Sarnavskiy (09/24/2021) - Moscow, Russia (Basket Hall) Rashid Magomedov vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy - Magomedov, DEC Vitaly Slipenko vs. Gadzhimurad Khiramagomedov - Khiramagomedov, DEC Salimgerey Rasulov vs. Dmitry Poberezhets - Rasulov, TKO, R2 Alikhan Suleymanov vs. Leonardo Limberger - Suleymanov, DEC Cleverson Silva vs. Shamil Shakhbulatov - Shakhbulatov, DEC Bekhruz Zukhurov vs. Elismar Lima - Zukhurov, DEC Pavel Gordeev vs. Zhorabek Tesheboev - Gordeev, DEC Dmitriy Parubchenko vs. Tural Ragimov - Ragimov, DEC Leonardo Silva vs. Asylzhan Bakhytzhanuly - Bakhytzhanuly, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 ShoBox: O'Quinn vs. Sanchez (09/24/2021) - Broken Arrow, OK (Central Park Community Center) Ja'Rico O'Quinn vs. Saul Sanchez - O'Quinn, DEC Timur Kerefov vs. Devaun Lee - Kerefov, DEC Luis Reynaldo Nunez vs. Jayvon Garnett - Nunez, DEC Otar Eransyan vs. Alejandro Guerrero - Eransyan, DEC Hugo Centeno Jr. vs. Kenneth Council - Centeno Jr., TKO, R4 Marlon Harrington vs. Justin Baesman - Harrington, KO, R1 EVENT #128 POINT TOTAL: 1417 LFA 115: Silveira vs. Cummins (09/24/2021) - Oshkosh, WI (Menominee Nation Arena) Josh Silveira vs. Tee Cummins - Silveira, SUB, R1 Chad Johnson vs. Jordan Heiderman - Heiderman, TKO, R1 Jake Kozorosky vs. Lucas Clay - Clay, DEC Kathryn Paprocki vs. Hilarie Rose - Paprocki, DEC Edwin Cooper Jr. vs. Andrew D. Johnson - Cooper Jr., DEC Roland Dunlap vs. Ryot Waller - Dunlap, TKO, R1 EVENT #129 POINT TOTAL: 1417 Unified MMA 41: Campbell vs. Hill (09/24/2021) - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (River Cree Casino) Shane Campbell vs. Mike Hill - Campbell, DEC Chris Larsen vs. Grayson Wells - Wells, TKO, R2 Tim Smith vs. Behrang Yousefi - Yousefi, SUB, R2 Matt Krayco vs. Cole Campbell - Krayco, DEC Chris Chapman vs. Ali Charkie - Charkie, DEC Jett Grande vs. Cornelius Krahn - Grande, SUB, R1 Phil Engeroff vs. Dylan Schellenberg - Engeroff, SUB, R1 EVENT #130 POINT TOTAL: 1417 OKTAGON 28: Pešta vs. Puetz (09/25/2021) - Prague, Czech Republic (O2 Universum) Viktor Pešta vs. Stephan Puetz - Puetz, TKO, R3 Kaik Brito vs. Petr Kníže - Knize, DEC Christian Jungwirth vs. Andrej Kalašnik - Kalasnik, DEC Leo Brichta vs. Damien Lapilus - Brichta, DEC Eric Spicely vs. Zdenek Polivka - Spicely, TKO, R1 Miroslav Brož vs. Emmanuel Dawa - Broz, SUB, R1 David Hošek vs. Al Matavao - Hosek, TKO, R2 Matěj Peňáz vs. Mateusz Strzelczyk - Penaz, KO, R1 Matěj Kuzník vs David Moon - Kuznik, DEC Michal Konrád vs. David Martinik - Martinik, SUB, R2 EVENT #131 POINT TOTAL: 1417 BRAVE CF 54: Ayoub vs. Amir (09/25/2021) - Konin, Poland (Sports and Performance Arena MOSiR Konin) Amin Ayoub vs. Ahmed Amir - Ayoub, TKO, R2 Muhammad Mokaev vs. Blaine O'Driscoll - Mokaev, DEC Marcin Bandel vs. Magomed Ayskhanov - Ayshkanov, DEC Mohamed Grabinski vs. Mihail Kotruţă - Kotruta, DEC Ismail Naurdiev vs. Olli Santalahti - Santalahti, DEC Ewelina Woźniak vs. Samin Kamal Beik - Wozniak, TKO, R1 EVENT #132 POINT TOTAL: 1417 Superior Challenge 23: Back to Roots (09/25/2021) - Stockholm, Sweden (Fryshuset) Kenneth Bergh vs. Ederson Macedo - Bergh, SUB, R2 Andreas Stahl vs. Alan Langer - Stahl, TKO, R2 Fernando Flores vs. Jerry Kvarnstrom - Flores, SUB, R1 Bartosz Wojcikiewicz vs. Kenji Bortoluzzi - Wojcikiewicz, DEC Christian Stigenberg vs. Niko Skonbäck - Stigenberg, DEC Moraad Moreno vs. Raimundas Krilavičius - Moreno, DEC EVENT #133 POINT TOTAL: 1417 Matchroom Boxing on DAZN: Joshua vs. Usyk (09/25/2021) - Tottenham, London, England, United Kingdom (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) WBA Super World/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk - Joshua, DEC WBO Cruiserweight Championship: Lawrence Okolie vs. Dilan Prasovic - Okolie, DEC Callum Smith vs. Lenin Castillo - Smith, DEC Maxim Prodan vs. Florian Marku - Prodan, DEC Christopher Ousley vs. Khasan Baysangurov - Ousley, DEC Campbell Hatton vs. Sonni Martinez - Hatton, DEC Daniel Lapin vs. Pawel Martyniuk - Lapin, DEC EVENT #134 POINT TOTAL: 1417 UFC 266: Volkanovski vs. Ortega (09/25/2021) - Las Vegas, NV (T-Mobile Arena) Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega - Ortega, DEC Valentina Shevchenko vs. Lauren Murphy - Murphy, DEC Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler - Lawler, TKO, R4 Curtis Blaydes vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik - Rozenstruik, TKO, R2 Jéssica Andrade vs. Cynthia Calvillo - Andrade, DEC Marlon Moraes vs. Merab Dvalishvili - Dvalishvili, DEC Dan Hooker vs. Nasrat Haqparast - Hooker, TKO, R1 Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Chris Daukaus - Daukaus, TKO, R3 Roxanne Modafferi vs. Taila Santos - Santos, DEC Uroš Medić vs. Jalin Turner - Medic, KO, R1 Cody Brundage vs. Nick Maximov - Maximov, SUB, R2 Matthew Semelsberger vs. Martin Sano - Semelsberger, TKO, R2 Jonathan Pearce vs. Omar Morales - Morales, DEC
  8. Always dig the excitement feel of a lot of stuff going on all throughout the show in different feuds/builds with things for tonight, set ups for next week, Knockouts Knockdown, and BFG. Finlay/Hikuleo was solid. Great to see Raj Singh finally return, I had started to figure he was never coming back. Good main event and an awesome surprise return to end the show. Results:
  9. Dug the Cody discussion throughout the thread here. I was wondering last night when exactly the crowd turned on him so much, considering in the early Dynamite days he was consistently getting some of the strongest pops in the company (thinking of the Jericho build with the Undeniable promo, the cage match with Wardlow, etc). but now suddenly seems so much into '06 Cena reaction territory. Unless it's just this specific feud, I hope the cheers come back around for Cody eventually.
  10. Lmfao, amazing great reference here! The legendary Michael Polinko. Every break during Smackdown especially back in 05/06.
  11. Rosa used her finish (Fire Thunder Driver), so kind of like an inverted version here.
  12. what a night. Amazing show. Omega/Bryan lived up to the hype. Wasn't bothered by the draw outcome being obvious, mumbled time acknowledgments that we never hear otherwise, or that being why it opened as it was just an awesome match to watch. The snap dragon on the ramp looked killer, as did Bryan's reverse rana counter of the one winged angel. Smart logical booking to lead to a rematch. Cody getting very Cena-like reactions nowadays. Figured there was no way he was winning here, but the Arn involvement spots are almost always awkward. Sting looked great, loved the big top rope cross body! Finish was awesome with Darby's coffin drop cutoff. Loved that Ruby/Britt got to main event. Another where the outcome wasn't in doubt but the match was great and just real cool to see. Even still I was rooting for Ruby to somehow pull off the upset, lots of nice spots throughout. Big fan of Ruby, her getting to main event a show of this level is excellent and Britt continues to deliver more and more in the big matches. Great show, great crowd, can't wait for more!
  13. I hope Henry still works at least one match in AEW, even if it's just something short like Wight/QT, since he originally said he wanted to do it so he could say that he wrestled in four different decades.
  14. Solid show here with a very good last 2 matches. Had a feeling Josh Alexander was building towards going for the world title but wasn't even thinking of Option C being brought back in to play. Really liked Taylor/Tenille, good stuff from them and a nice blowoff to that little feud. Guessing removing Suicide was why they retaped the X Division Scramble completely.
  15. Lionheart! Awesome victory for one of my favs to watch. Ariane Lipski with her best performance, that punch she landed in the last couple minutes was killer. Epic comeback from Nate Maness! Good to see a successful debut for "Cold Blooded" Erin Blanchfield, always liked her in Invicta
  16. Loved the Ruby/Britt promo. They were bringing the fire. Ruby always shined in the few chances she got to really talk in the past, so this was great to see. Money segment. Definitely increased the interest in the match. I feel like this could be an excellent longer term feud. I love Ruby's whole entrance. Great finish in the tag titles match. Miro/Fuego II was a solid, logical way to transition in to Miro/Guevara which should be a blast. Looking forward to next week's super stacked lineups.
  17. EVENT #124 Bellator 266: Davis vs. Romero (09/18/2021) - San Jose, CA (SAP Center) Yoel Romero vs. Phil Davis - Romero, TKO, R3 Neiman Gracie vs. Mark Lemminger - Gracie, SUB, R2 DeAnna Bennett vs. Alejandra Lara - Lara, DEC Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Saul Rogers - Karakhanyan, SUB, R1 Christian Edwards vs. Ben Parrish - Edwards, TKO, R1 Grant Neal vs. Alex Polizzi - Neal, DEC Khalid Murtazaliev vs. Anthony Adams - Murtazaliev, DEC Abraham Vaesau vs Albert Gonzales - Vaesau, TKO, R3 BONUS EVENT #1 Premier Boxing Champions: Valenzuela vs. Berrio (09/18/2021) - Bakersfield, CA (Mechanics Bank Arena) Jose Valenzuela vs. Deiner Berrio - Valenzuela, DEC Rajon Chance vs. Elon de Jesus - Chance, DEC Gurgen Hovhannisyan vs. Jayvone Dafney - Hovhannisyan, TKO, R2 Brennon Crow vs. Hendri Cedeno Martinez - Martinez, KO, R1 Mikhail Montgomery vs. Marcos Rodriguez - Montgomery, TKO, R3 Amed Medina vs. Abdur Raheem Abdullah - Medina, DEC EVENT #125 UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 50: Smith vs. Spann (09/18/2021) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Anthony Smith vs. Ryan Spann - Smith, SUB, R1 Ion Cuțelaba vs. Devin Clark - Cutelaba, TKO, R1 Ariane Lipski vs. Mandy Böhm - Bohm, DEC Arman Tsarukyan vs. Christos Giagos - Tsarukyan, DEC Nate Maness vs. Tony Gravely - Maness, SUB, R2 Joaquin Buckley vs. Antônio Arroyo - Buckley, DEC Mike Rodríguez vs. Tafon Nchukwi - Nchukwi, TKO, R1 Pannie Kianzad vs. Raquel Pennington - Kianzad, DEC Rong Zhu vs. Brandon Jenkins - Jenkins, TKO, R3 Montel Jackson vs. JP Buys - Jackson, TKO, R2 Erin Blanchfield vs. Sarah Alpar - Blanchfield, KO, R2 Impa Kasanganay vs. Carlston Harris - Kasanganay, DEC Gustavo Lopez vs. Heili Alateng - Alateng, DEC Emily Whitmire vs. Hannah Goldy - Whitmire, DEC BONUS EVENT #2 Premier Boxing Champions: Montgomery vs. Jumakhonov (09/19/2021) - Bakersfield, CA (Mechanics Bank Arena) Maliek Montgomery vs. Aleem Jumakhonov - Montgomery, TKO, R6 Omar Juarez vs. Jairo Lopez - Juarez, TKO, R5 Angel Barrientes vs. Victor Torres - Barrientes, DEC Demier Zamora vs. Richard Barnard - Zamora, KO, R1 Juan Muro vs. Nicholas Rubalcado - Muro, DEC Alton Wiggins vs. Luis Chavez - Wiggins, DEC
  18. One of the three unnamed girls that stand in the background of Swinger's Palace, dubbed the "Swingerellas"
  19. Main event ruled. Awesome match with a great lineup of talents. Solid final build up to Victory Road. Dug the Deonna/Mickie brawl. Trey/Rehwoldt was short but real good. More hilarious stuff from Swinger's Palace. Guessing VBD turning on Rhino can set up Heath finally returning to rejoin Rhino.
  20. There was a Shida vs. Nevaeh match taped for this past Elevation, but sadly did not get aired. Was hoping to see Nevaeh get a shot here after her Impact run, similar to how quickly Kiera Hogan came in for some shows.
  21. NWA is adding a bonus PPV, "By Any Means Necessary" on Sunday October 24 in Oak Grove, Kentucky, headlined by Jax Dane vs. Crimson in a steel cage.
  22. My first thought was back in 2012/13, they had very briefly signed the wrestler Brian Breaker, but changed his name to "Brandon Traven". And now they've come up with Bron Breakker.
  23. what an event. Cole/Kazarian super solid opener, was looking forward to being able to enjoy Cole more in a setting like this. Six man tag next week should be fun. Welcome back Cody! Awesome brawl and build up to next week's showdown. Rosario getting involved was a cool extra touch. the Butcher & Blade suddenly being top contenders is interesting. Love the ATT badass squad. Kayla Harrison definitely looked like a natural in there and ready to fight, definite great pro wrestling heel potential and would also be a great new path for Paige after years of her name coming up as possibly getting in to wrestling. Still wish it was Jericho & Hager vs. Arlovski & Dos Santos - that would be awesome. Jade/Leyla was good stuff. Looking forward to the Rise of the Undefeated Gunn Club. Great angle with Punk and Team Taz, smart use of Punk being there on commentary for a reason. Spears/Darby was great. Between this and the Guevara match, Spears seems to have finally turned a corner with some standout performances. Post-match angle was aces, very old school with Tully, loved it. Kind of disappointed that Bryan/Omega is not for the title. Feels like it lessens the drama of such a big match on such a big show and seems like if Bryan wins then they rematch at Full Gear then it's another Christian situation. But still looking forward to it regardless. Fun main event, even better post match. The Suzuki Incident! Glad that was rectified at least with a bonus appearance. Thought they'd have him hit the Piledriver on the table to close the show with some momentum, but dig the chaotic nature. Next week is crazy stacked. Really like that Rampage gets to go 2 hours already for the first time, certainly a big time feel. That stadium with that record crowd is gonna be incredible. So much going on all the time throughout these shows and there's always so much more to look forward to with the upcoming shows.
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