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  1. Elevation tonight did at least include a nice little promo video package of Cage calling out Wardlow/accepting the open challenge.
  2. My thought as well! Totally cool with Jericho/Bandido winning, that match was truly epic. But I will also show love to my other favorite of the week in Masha/Katch. Just rewatched it since it was put up on Youtube, still thought it was a total blast.
  3. Opening tag was weirdly a total squash. Glad to see Stephy Slays again but disappointing that she barely got to do anything. Great to see the Disciplinarian back as she had been out of wrestling the last few years since last season. Spars/Gigi was match of the night. Took me a minute to remember Spars was Amber Rodriguez, hadn't seen her in awhile but she looked fantastic all around here. Solid main event with a nice knee finish.
  4. EVENT #157 ONE on Prime Video 2: Xiong vs. Lee III (09/30/2022) - Kallang, Singapore (Singapore Indoor Stadium) Jingnan Xiong vs. Angela Lee - Lee, DEC Stamp Fairtex vs. Jihin Radzuan - Fairtex, DEC Martin Nguyen vs. Ilya Freymanov - Freymanov, TKO, R2 Timofey Nastyukhin vs. Halil Amir - Amir, TKO, R1 ONE Kickboxing Rules: Marat Grigorian vs. Jamal Yusupov - Grigorian, DEC Ryogo Takahashi vs. Ho Taek Oh - Oh, DEC ONE Muay Thai Rules: Anissa Meksen vs. Daokongfah Banchamek - Meksen, DEC ONE Kickboxing Rules: Rade Opačić vs. Giannis Stoforidis - Opacic, DEC EVENT #158 UWC 38: Camilo vs. Barez (09/30/2022) - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (Entram Gym) João Camilo vs. Daniel Barez - Barez, TKO, R1 Alberto Sanchez vs. Rudy Gavidia - Gavidia, TKO, R2 Rachid Haz vs. Leonardo Morales - Haz, DEC Christian Cerda vs. Alan Martinez - Martinez, SUB, R1 Antonio Gordillo vs. Jesus Wong - Gordillo, DEC EVENT #159 LFA 143: Lopes vs. Paiva (09/30/2022) - Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil (Ginásio de Esportes Geraldo Magalhães) Bruno Lopes vs. Willyanedson Paiva - Lopes, TKO, R1 Gabriella Fernandes vs. Karoline Martins - Fernandes, DEC José Delano vs. Jair Jesuino - Delano, DEC Marcelo Marques vs. Augusto Matias - Marques, DEC Caio Machado vs. Gabriel Silva - Silva, TKO, R1 Mayara Thays vs. Rose Conceição - Conceicao, SUB, R2 Maicon Douglas vs. Edinaldo Novaes - Douglas, TKO, R2 EVENT #160 BKFC 30: Hunt vs. Henry (10/01/2022) - Monroe, LA (Fant-Ewing Coliseum) Lorenzo Hunt vs. Quentin Henry - Hunt, TKO, R2 Bobo O'Bannon vs. Ben Rothwell - Rothwell, TKO, R1 Zachary Calmus vs. Juan Torres - Calmus, DEC Brandon Shavers vs. Aaron Sutterfield - Shavers, TKO, R3 Dennis LaBruzza vs. Duke Sensley - LaBruzza, DEC Tony Jenkins vs. Ravon Baxter - Baxter, DEC Harris Stephenson vs. Kaleb Harris - Stephenson, DEC EVENT #161 UFC Fight Night on ESPN+ 69: Dern vs. Yan (10/01/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Mackenzie Dern vs. Xiaonan Yan - Dern, DEC Francisco Trinaldo vs. Randy Brown - Trinaldo, DEC Raoni Barcelos vs. Trevin Jones - Barcelos, DEC Sodiq Yusuff vs. Don Shainis - Yusuff, DEC John Castañeda vs. Daniel Santos - Castaneda, DEC Mike Davis vs. Viacheslav Borshchev - Davis, DEC Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Illir Latifi - Oliynyk, TKO, R2 Joaqium Silva vs. Jesse Ronson - Silva, TKO, R1 Krzysztof Jotko vs. Brendan Allen - Jotko, DEC Maxim Grishin vs. Philipe Lins - Grishin, TKO, R2 Julija Stoliarenko vs. Chelsea Chandler - Stoliarenko, SUB, R1 Guido Cannetti vs. Randy Costa - Costa, TKO, R1 EVENT #162 Bellator 286: Pitbull vs. Borics (10/01/2022) - Long Beach, CA (Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center) Patricio Freire vs. Ádám Borics - Freire, SUB, R2 AJ McKee Jr. vs. Spike Carlyle - McKee Jr., SUB, R1 Aaron Pico vs. Jeremy Kennedy - Pico, TKO, R3 Juan Archuleta vs. Enrique Barzola - Archuleta, DEC Islam Mamedov vs. Nick Browne - Mamedov, DEC Max Rohskopf vs. Mike Hamel - Rohskopf, DEC Richard Palencia vs. Cee Jay Hamilton - Palencia, DEC Khadzhimurat Bestaev vs. Khalid Murtazaliev - Murtazaliev, TKO, R1 Keoni Diggs vs. Ricardo Seixas - Diggs, TKO, R2 Jay Jay Wilson vs. Vladimir Tokov - Wilson, DEC Lance Gibson Jr. vs. Dominic Clark - Gibson Jr., TKO, R1 Sumiko Inaba vs. Nadine Mandiau - Inaba, SUB, R1
  5. Just finished the season. Absolutely amazing once again. Loved all of it. Chozen was a huge highlight throughout, I love seeing him and Johnny team up plus the addition of Mike Fucking Barnes. Karate Kid 1, 2, & 3 villains unite as heroes was epic. I wish the show could just go on forever but I liked the way things were wrapping up for all the characters in the end. That last episode was thrilling, all action, so much fun. Huge pop for the "Judas" inclusion and the Rocky references. Also was awesome to see Robyn Lively reprise her role. This show is the best
  6. Amazing main event that very much lived up to expectations. Masha kicked out of a piledriver in thumbtacks, she is unstoppable! Gotta be our next knockouts champ. Definitely one of my current favorites. Cool spot for Katch to come in to and main event Impact in her first showing, would like to see her stick around some in the future. Everything else was kept pretty short, but the main absolutely ruled. Fantastic bloody brawl. Bound for Glory is shaping up nicely with solid build all around, I was only hoping for more Killer Kelly/Tasha Steelz follow up for both but it looks like their only possible spot would be in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Good to see Bobby Fish added to the mix there. I Believe in Joe Hendry remains the best.
  7. Riho beat Britt late last year and got her shot at the first Battle of the Belts in January.
  8. I actually liked this show having a different feel/vibe to it with a bit more emphasis on talk segments even if they weren't all necessarily great. I expected a more different feel if there were a lot of people unable to travel but it didn't seem like too many regulars were missing overall. Thought the opening segment was excellent and did a great job progressing Garcia's story/turn with a hot crowd for it. Loved Yuta's promo segment and his increasing intensity throughout as he continues to improve. "Leave you in a pool of blood on broad street" was great. Thought it ended kinda flat but then got REALLY awesome when Yuta came back in the skybox. Badass moment that reminded me a little of Cody busting in to Jericho's skybox back in the early Dynamite days. I hope Saraya eventually ends up able to wrestle. Was never really fan of the Smackdown GM days and this was very reminiscent of that. The Serena/Toni match though absolutely delivered good stuff. Super driver finish was KILLER. Almost couldn't believe Serena was taking that, especially right after the regular Storm Zero and the hip attack. Bandido/Jericho was really epic! So many great spots, especially from Bandido, with the amazing vertical suplex and the apron rana. Obviously Jericho couldn't lose his first defense but I was still totally ready to buy the 21plex as a finish, awesome near fall. The mask pull continues to be the downfall of the luchadores in AEW. Perfect start to Jerichos' ROH reign and am here for Jericho vs. all former ROH champs.... I'd be down for Jericho/Aries still.
  9. 2001 RVD in what he says was the gear WWE wanted him to wear after Michael Hayes told him the airbrush was tie-dye and reminded them of the 70s. He ended up using it for house shows.
  10. In that stream, he seemed like things just got wildly blown out of proportion somehow. He said he's simply taking time off "maybe a couple weeks, maybe a couple months", but that he'll be "right back with AEW, pretty soon"
  11. Buddy does whatever Black does. Their WWE feud started with Buddy mimicking the squashes that Black was doing, then their feud consists of Black beating him over and over and over in the same basic match, PPV, RAW, etc with Buddy never winning once. Then they go to the indys and Black beats him again and again. Then they come to AEW and Buddy is Black's underling. Black leaves, Buddy leaves and even copies the same goodbye speech. He was a decent cruiserweight champion, but never saw much in him outside of that.
  12. I believe Von Eerie was "Razor" in a previous incarnation of WOW, but this Razor is aka Sarah Wolfe/Sarah the Rebel. Vixen Yes!
  13. Definitely fun having this back regularly, for me it's Saturday at 11 PM just like it was when randomly discovering the original back in 2000. the Psycho Sisters are now the Heavy Metal Sisters. Also sad to see them lose, Razor is one of my absolute favorites in this, her look is awesome. Fury looked good here as well. Glad to see Jessie Jones back, was not expecting her to destroy both opponents. "I am the tag team champion!" Absolutely loving "Glitch the Gamer". Perfect character to match her real personality and her latest all blue look with the hair and gear is the best. After that long video for Leia Makoa, I figured there was no way she could lose but Glitch did dominate most of the match. Kicking out of the samoan drop was a legit surprise. Good match with Leia having the somewhat underdog win while Glitch shines in defeat. Thought Princess Aussie looked great in the main, her video package felt like a Tekken intro. Despite her video, figured she was destined to lose with Reina being the new top heel now. Solid match. Epic spear from Beast to end the show!
  14. Well in that case! Badass match that had me hooked between two favorites of mine. Really solid build up to it made for great execution and a finish I didn't see coming kept both looking strong. Kelly's first somewhat longer showing in Impact vs. Tasha's first match in over 2 months and both looked great here. Otherwise, Gujjar/Myers stood out to me as a really fun feud blowoff to a solid TV feud, very enjoyable ladder match. And all things AEW was pretty much great.
  15. I was lost on where/when this was airing last week, but think I got it now airing tonight, so I just caught the 4 matches from last week that they put on Youtube. I had been looking for a full upload but they just put up each match individually so I guess there wasn't much in between on the show then (though it cuts off whatever post-match attack on Beast) the Tonga Twins are awesome. Saw them at a local indy last year and they brought a bunch of family with them so they got an absolutely massive reaction that was one of the loudest I ever heard at a local show. Kandi/Coach was a bit awkward as a match as both seemed pretty green but feel they have potential. Loved BK Rhythm, she is otherwise Texas indy regular Killa Kate, showing a different side of her, this was fun. Nice competitive squash main event. Beast still looks great, had no idea she was in her mid 40s already. I remember loving the lead up and execution of her title win over Tessa. A shame that Tessa had the falling out before this got going again. Looking forward to now catching episode 2 proper in a bit.
  16. This cracked me up randomly. Great explanation
  17. Popped big for MUTA! Thrilled I managed to avoid that as I had no idea that was coming, super cool to see Muta in AEW and with Sting. the Julia bump was insane. Joe and Wardlow would make a badass killer team if they stuck together. Jungle/Fenix was awesome, got a ton of time so it felt important. Diamante didn't get much, and Trina turns heel! The OG Baddie joins the Baddies. Battle royal was fun. Nice to see Brian Cage make a rare appearance and Archer back. The near-elimination at the very end was wild, had me wanting Rush to pull it off but he already had his Mox match. Hangman/Moxley is fresh at least. Solid main event from Starks/hobbs and a nice win for Starks. Even at 2 hours, Rampage still flies by more than any other.
  18. So glad that Tasha/Kelly wasn't a squash like I worried it would be, especially when it got moved to the preshow. Like Masha/Deonna a couple weeks ago, it ended up a really awesome match instead. Great to see Tasha back in the ring after it had been a couple months now, still one of the absolute best while Kelly always shines. Thought these two worked very well together and look forward to more from both. Ended up one of my favorite matches of the night. Speedball/Delirious was fantastic! Tons of cool counters and sequences throughout. Delirious' cobra clutch suplex looked brutal then Speedball's fire back in to the finish ruled. Speedball is the man, quickly becoming one of my favorite X title reigns. Fun MCMG tag, PCO with another wild bump on the finish. Mickie/Gisele was excellent. Mickie has had one of her best years and continues to look great, so I wish she wasn't doing a retirement angle but I hope the Last Rodeo continues on for a good while yet. DEAN's favorite concept, the Triple Threat Revolver! 3 ways upon 3 ways. This had it's moments and I think the right guy won. Kazarian/Speedball feels like a fitting BFG match and has a lot of potential to be a showstealer. Kazarian's one of my all time favorite X Champs so I'll very much look forward to this with Speedball being on fire now. I like seeing Bobby Fish, I think he could be an awesome addition to the X Division/to the overall roster if he plans on sticking around. Trios match was solid. Surprising to see Josh take the fall, so I would definitely assume now that Eddie is not winning at BFG. Jordynne/Max delivered the goods. Masha/Katch should be wild. Main event was properly brutal and an awesome huge win for Maclin. Glad for him to get another one, great moment. Sami's Cactus tribute gear was a nice touch. 2 weeks to set up the rest of BFG, looking forward to it and hope it's an epic one. This was a very enjoyable show overall. Victory Road full results:
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