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  1. Just finishing watching this one. I had thought the whole show would just be this full one night tournament, did not realize it would instead be just 4 first round matches and a 4 way Ladder Final followed by deathmatch stuff afterwards with long clean up breaks in between. Solid enough show overall. The initial 4 womens matches were all good and all felt different from one another. Kamille/Deonna best match overall, Ludark/Lindsay a fun brawl, and Sage always comes off like a star, love her matches. Figured it was between Kamille and Taya. Results:
  2. Ospreay is taking 2 in a row for me with the Dax match last week and now this six man. Glad to see more love for Marina Shafir matches in general
  3. Nia Jax announced on twitter that she will no longer be a part of this
  4. plus Hirooki Goto & Yoshihashi vs. QT & Aaron Solo, so Revolution style 3 match buy in then 9 match main show. I like Kanemaru, but seems extra weird now that Archer is left off completely, considering Desperado came in with Archer for the attack 2 weeks ago and he would've fit the dynamic here vs. Keith & Swerve
  5. EVENT #95 PFL 5 2022: Regular Season (06/24/2022) - Atlanta, GA (Overtime Elite Arena) Bruno Cappelozza vs. Matheus Scheffel - Cappelozza, TKO, R1 Anthony Pettis vs. Stevie Ray - Pettis, DEC Renan Ferreira vs. Klidson Abreu - Ferreira, TKO, R2 Chris Wade vs. Kyle Bochniak - Wade, DEC Ante Delija vs. Shelton Graves - Delija, TKO, R3 Bubba Jenkins vs. Reinaldo Ekson - Jenkins, DEC Denis Goltsov vs. Maurice Greene - Goltsov, TKO, R2 Lance Palmer vs. Sheymon Moraes - Palmer, DEC Sam Kei vs. Juan Adams - Adams, TKO, R1 EVENT #96 Bellator 282: Mousasi vs. Eblen (06/24/2022) - Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Arena) Gegard Mousasi vs. Johnny Eblen - Eblen, DEC Leandro Higo vs. Danny Sabatello - Sabatello, DEC Magomed Magomedov vs. Enrique Barzola - Magomedov, DEC Brent Primus vs. Alexander Shabliy - Shabliy, DEC Cat Zingano vs. Pam Sorenson - Zingano, DEC Anatoly Tokov vs. Muhammad Abdullah - Tokov, DEC Sabah Homasi vs. Maycon Mendonça - Homasi, TKO, R1 Alejandra Lara vs. Ilara Joanne - Joanne, DEC Dan Moret vs. Killys Mota - Moret, TKO, R2 EVENT #97 Cage Warriors 140: McKee vs. Burlinson (06/25/2022) - Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (SSE Arena) Rhys McKee vs. Justin Burlinson - Burlinson, DEC Caolan Loughran vs. Festus Ahorlu - Ahorlu, DEC James Sheehan vs. Martin Causse - Sheehan, SUB, R3 Federico Pasquali vs. Harry Hardwick - Pasquali, DEC Ryan Shelley vs. Matthew Elliott - Shelley, DEC EVENT #98 Ares FC 7: Abdoul vs. Amoussou (06/25/2022) - Paris, France (Le Dôme de Paris - Palais des Sports) Abdoul Abdouraguimov vs. Karl Amoussou - Abdouraguimov, SUB, R2 Akhmed Salamov vs. Jose Galindo - Galindo, SUB, R1 William Gomis vs. José Marcos - Gomis, DEC Slim Trabelsi vs. Luis Henrique - Trabelsi, DEC Damien Lapilus vs. Amin Ayoub - Ayoub, DEC Shamil Gaziev vs. Kirill Kornilov - Kornilov, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 Matchroom Boxing USA: Rodriguez vs. Rungvisai (06/25/2022) - San Antonio, TX (Tech Port Arena) WBC Super Flyweight Championship: Jesse Rodriguez vs. Wisaksil Wangek - Rodriguez, DEC WBA Super World & IBF Super Bantamweight Championship: Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs. Ronny Rios - Akhmadaliev, TKO, R6 WBC/WBA/IBF/WBO/Ring Magazine Female Welterweight Championship: Jessica McCaskill vs. Alma Ibarra - McCaskill, DEC Raymond Ford vs. Richard Medina - Ford, DEC Nikita Ababiy vs. Noe Larios Jr. - Ababiy, DEC Jesus Martinez vs. Keven Monroy - Martinez, DEC EVENT #99 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 38: Tsarukyan vs. Gamrot (06/25/2022) - Las Vegas, NV (UFC APEX) Arman Tsarukyan vs. Mateusz Gamrot - Gamrot, DEC Neil Magny vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov - Rakhmonov, TKO, R2 Josh Parisian vs. Alan Baudot - Parisian, TKO, R1 Thiago Moisés vs. Christos Giagos - Giagos, DEC Nate Maness vs. Umar Nurmagomedov - Nurmagomedov, SUB, R3 Chris Curtis vs. Rodolfo Vieira - Curtis, TKO, R3 Carlos Ulberg vs. Tafon Nchukwi - Ulberg, TKO, R2 Shayilan Nuerdanbieke vs. T.J. Brown - Brown, DEC Raulian Paiva vs. Sergey Morozov - Paiva, DEC JP Buys vs. Cody Durden - Durden, DEC Brian Kelleher vs. Mario Bautista - Bautista, DEC Vanessa Demopoulos vs. Jinh Yu Frey - Frey, DEC EVENT #100 Fury FC 65: Weems vs. Miller (06/25/2022) - New Orleans, LA (Alario Center) Joshua Weems vs. Mo Miller - Miller, TKO, R3 Themba Gorimbo vs. Julio Rodrigues - Gorimbo, DEC Tyrek Malveaux vs. Matheus Camilo - Malveaux, SUB, R1 Jonathan Eiland vs. Casey Jones - Jones, DEC Felipe Efrain vs. Javier Obregon - Efrain, TKO, R1
  6. This show flew by quick but set up everything for Against All Odds real fast too. Mia/Chelsea was good. I'm liking the Deonna/Chelsea pairing a lot so far. Callihan and Moose going to Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun rules, I can only hope that means actually bringing in Raven too. Madison Rayne's fractured nose was a freak accident spot like Rhea Ripley's concussion. I was hoping for more babyface Gisele Shaw, but this is a pretty good spot for her too. Another solid Honor No More six man in the main event, always glad to see James Storm back in the mix for however long it lasts. I liked that they actually explained Chris Harris not wrestling as much as I wish we had another AMW run.
  7. Lady Frost just announced she has requested her release from Impact
  8. I feel like ZSJ should be going over, assuming there's a plan to eventually run the Bryan match, so I don't think it'd be Claudio in that case, coming in and losing straight away. I don't think Gresham would be a hyped surprise since he's been on AEW TV already (and also ROH Champion)
  9. Coin drop! THE RAINMAKER has arrived! Amazing moment, HUGE pop, loved all the crowd reaction shots. Felt like this show did a ton and building to the excitement for Forbidden Door, definitely had a WCW/NJPW vibe. We've got Okada plus Shingo and Hiromu on the card after all! Absolutely loved Sting's team being called "The Dudes with Attitudes" again. Trios tag opener was super fun, nonstop action. I wonder who gets left out of Blood and Guts for Bryan's replacement since they have Kingston/Ortiz/Santana/Yuta/Moxley. Christian with a pretty epic heel promo. I appreciate the attempt at long term storytelling from Double or Nothing last year and he waited over a year for revenge, even if it didn't quite make sense that Jungle Boy took so much from Christian, considering Christian main evented the next PPV after that anyway. I wish Luke Perry was still around, he'd be great getting involved in this. Hangman/Silas was good stuff while it lasted, thought Silas looked pretty great and definitely hope to see him kept around. Toni/Marina short but solid as well, agreed on the Toni Storm corner butt smash being the new most brutal move in the biz. Great main event and awesome show-closing chaotic brawl. Very much looking forward to Forbidden Door after everything on this show, feels way more stacked suddenly. Only wish Archer could still find himself a spot on the card, considering he's the AEW guy that's going to the G1.
  10. Those are the top two matches for sure. Probably nothing 'must see' but the 10 man was a lot of fun, boosted by all the 'outside' shenanigans involved. Josh/Young was a solid main event, a nice TNA Tribute match with them using all the past top guys finishers which did create some variety in the offense.
  11. Reverse battle royal was amusing, a waste of the greatness of Steve Maclin though - sad that he didn't get a bigger spot on this show than that. Glad to see some good throwbacks that we don't usually see... David Young, Chase Stevens, and Slash's entrance with Father Mitchell was cool. Great victory for Speedball in a typically fun Ultimate X spotfest, figured it was his time to win the title coming off his first loss to Trey on Impact. Pop for the surprise Scott Hudson appearance! Sami/Moose was a solid brawl. Kinda wanted Moose to get a big win back here even though it was Sami's big comeback and understandably he'd go over. Weak, did not expect the Briscoes to lose the tag titles so soon and for yet another Good Brothers reign. Kind of disappointing as I thought the Briscoes were in for a long run since they were so fresh to this division. Huge pop for the post-match arrival of America's Most Wanted though! I hoped they were coming for a full time return and to set up a triple threat but it was not to be. Great to hear their classic theme again. DAVEY RICHARDS~! Loved that choice, perfect to combat Eddie. When Dixie showed up, I almost thought she was gonna introduce EC3. This was awesome and an absolute blast all the way to the finish. Loved the triple submissions spot and the eventual triple finishers. Only felt weird still to have PCO in this spot with Honor No More when he's been more or less a face for awhile now otherwise. Kaz hitting the Flux Capacitor on PCO was a terrifying looking spot, but cool to bust out his classic finish. Wonderful little moment for Brian & Earl Hebner to get to stand tall with the point up for Dave. Awesome that AJ got to do a little video message too. Extremely disappointing ending to Tasha Steelz reign as champion. Jordynne's been doing some of her best work recently but I felt like she was the least likely winner here. Didn't expect that all. Deonna and Chelsea took a hell of a death bump through the tables, looked wild. Felt like they didn't do a whole lot with the whole penalty box gimmick, was just kinda there. Main event was never in doubt, made doubly so after 4 title changes already in the night which seemed unnecessary. But the exchange of past TNA finishers was great, culminating in the Shades of Double J! guitar shot. Angle Slam on Doering through the table was epic too. Nice, definitive finish. Pretty fun show overall despite some questionable outcomes, with the 5 on 5 being the absolute highlight. Full Slammiversary Results:
  12. Due to injury, Jack Evans is out of Ultimate X, replaced by the returning Andrew Everett. Sad to lose Evans, was looking forward to him having a possible resurgence in Impact if it was more than a one off, but happy for Everett as a big fan of his previous Impact run.
  13. Dax/Ospreay takes it this week, they could not be denied!
  14. EVENT #89 CES 69: Ajim vs. Baatar (06/17/2022) - Lincoln, RI (Twin River Casino) Ashiek Ajim vs. Azjavkhlan Baatar - Ajim, TKO, R2 Mike Rodriguez vs. Jeremy May - Rodriguez, TKO, R1 Richie Santiago vs. Harris Bonfiglio - Bonfiglio, SUB, R1 Alex Cardenas vs. Tyrime Da Silva - Da Silva, DEC Dion Rubio vs. Sam Watford - Rubio, DEC Fran Collins vs. Deran Martinez - Collins, KO, R1 Nathan Ghareeb vs. Javon Wright - Ghareeb, TKO, R3 EVENT #90 Combat FC 1: DiSciullo vs. De la Cruz (06/17/2022) - Wilmington, MA (The Shriners Auditorium) Rico DiSciullo vs. Gareth De la Cruz - DiSciullo, SUB, R1 Tim Caron vs. Salaiman Ahmadyar - Caron, DEC Jesse Erickson vs. Jay Bakanowski - Bakanowski, TKO, R2 Sage Philippe vs. Sanad Armouti - Philippe, DEC Leonardo Ladeira vs. Paul Teague - Ladeira, KO, R1 Stephen Stengel vs. Pat Casey - Casey, SUB, R1 EVENT #91 PFL 4 2022 Regular Season: Collard vs. Martinez (06/17/2022) - Atlanta, GA (Overtime Elite Arena) Clay Collard vs. Alex Martinez - Collard, DEC Antônio Carlos Júnior vs. Bruce Souto - Junior, SUB, R1 Raush Manfio vs. Olivier Aubin-Mercier - Manfio, DEC Jeremy Stephens vs. Myles Price - Price, DEC Omari Akhmedov vs. Teodoras Aukštuolis - Akhmedov, SUB, R1 Natan Schulte vs. Marcin Held - Held, DEC Emiliano Sordi vs. Delan Monte - Sordi, SUB, R2 Rob Wilkinson vs. Viktor Pešta - Wilkinson, TKO, R1 EVENT #92 Lux Fight League 23: Beltrán vs. Perez (06/17/2022) - Puebla, Mexico (Centro Expositor) Marco Beltrán vs. Rodolfo Rubio Perez - Perez, SUB, R2 Allan Zuñiga vs. Francesco Patron Manzo - Manzo, DEC Santiago Prieto vs. Jose Roura - Roura, DEC Alma Cespedes vs. Elizabeth Rodriguez - Rodriguez, DEC Antonio Suarez vs. Carlos Arana - Arana, DEC Linda Martell vs. Andrea Vazquez - Vazquez, DEC EVENT #93 KSW 71: Ziółkowski vs. Rajewski (06/18/2022) - Toruń, Poland (Arena Toruń) Marian Ziółkowski vs. Sebastian Rajewski - Ziolkowski, DEC KSW Kickboxing Rules: Marcin Różalski vs. Errol Zimmerman - Rozalski, DEC Artur Szpilka vs. Serhiy Radchenko - Szpilka, DEC Borys Mańkowski vs. Daniel Torres - Mankowski, DEC Jakub Wikłacz vs. Bruno Santos - Wiklacz, SUB,R2 Filip Stawowy vs. Michal Martínek - Stawowy, TKO, R2 Roman Szymański vs. Valeriu Mircea - Szymanski, DEC Artur Sowiński vs. Donovan Desmae -Sowinski, DEC Przemysław Dzwoniarek vs. Marc Doussis - Doussis, DEC EVENT #94 UFC Fight Night on ESPN 37: Kattar vs. Emmett (06/18/2022) - Austin, TX (Moody Center) Calvin Kattar vs. Josh Emmett - Emmett, DEC Kevin Holland vs. Tim Means - Holland, TKO, R1 Joaquin Buckley vs. Albert Duraev - Duraev, DEC Damir Ismagulov vs. Guram Kutateladze - Ismagulov, DEC Julian Marquez vs. Gregory Rodrigues - Marquez, TKO, R3 Adrian Yanez vs. Tony Kelley - Yanez, DEC Jasmine Jasudavicius vs. Natália Silva - Jasudavicius, DEC Court McGee vs. Jeremiah Wells - Wells, DEC Ricardo Ramos vs. Danny Chavez - Ramos, DEC Maria Oliveira vs. Gloria de Paula - de Paula, DEC Cody Stamann vs. Eddie Wineland - Stamann, DEC Phil Hawes vs. Deron Winn - Hawes, DEC Kyle Daukaus vs. Roman Dolidze - Daukaus, DEC BONUS EVENT #1 Top Rank Boxing on ESPN: Beterbiev vs. Smith Jr. (06/18/2022) - New York, NY (Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden) WBC/IBF/WBO Light Heavyweight Championship: Artur Beterbiev vs. Joe Smith Jr. - Beterbiev, TKO, R7 Abraham Nova vs. Robeisy Ramirez - Nova, DEC Wendy Toussaint vs. Asinia Byfield - Toussaint, DEC Bruce Carrington vs. Adrian Leyva - Carrington, DEC Jahi Tucker vs. D'Andre Smith - Tucker, DEC Troy Isley vs. Donte Stubbs - Isley, DEC Jahyae Brown vs. Keane McMahon - Brown, TKO, R4 Floyd Diaz vs. Daniil Platonovschi - Diaz, DEC
  15. Appreciated! Always glad to carry the Impact flag here the past 10+ years, to help anyone that may not watch still be able to follow along, and always good to see more people like you catch/enjoy some Impact! They've had high and lows but most of the time is pretty enjoyable
  16. Opening tag had some rough spots but Tasha shines as always and was the star of the match all around. Looking forward to the Queen of the Mountain. Trey/Speedball was awesome. I'm down with Speedball for X Champ. Masha is always killer to watch, great squash. Solid tag matches. Loved seeing Impact legend Garett Bischoff~! make his return. Nick Aldis kind of an underwhelming pick for the Impact originals tag but that works I guess. Really good closing segment and final build to Slammiversary. Good stuff from both guys and I got a good laugh out of D'Amore suddenly punching out Deaner. Blood added to the effective beatdown even if it seems like an obvious defense for Josh. Slammiversary should deliver the goods, hoping for as many past stars as possible to celebrate Impact 20.
  17. Co-signed. Emma/Asuka from Takeover London in Dec 2015 is one of my all time favorite NXT matches. Real gem of a match. Emma & Dana were magic together.
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