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  1. Enjoyed the Darby and Athena matches, Nate Webb and Kevin Thorn were fun easter eggs, and they got me to bite on a QT nearfall. A worthwhile Rampage imo. I'm much more excited about Joe vs. Darby than I am about Joe vs. Juice.
  2. There are so many billboards in Missouri, they made a movie about them! It was probably a documentary.
  3. Only kind of following this whole thing (hey, I'm Canadian) but apparently Poland and Mexico are so deadlocked that there could be a situation where the tiebreaker comes down to who got fewer yellow cards. Had no idea that could ever play into it.
  4. We're getting Dax vs. Danielson on Wednesday. Seems good!
  5. CM Punk takes shots at the Bucks: factual and correct Bucks take shots at CM Punk: petulant children
  6. Was that supposed to be a Punk reference? I got everything else, but not that one.
  7. I thought the six-man was great. I have confidence that they can put on 6 more great matches. I doubt they'll try to top themselves with spots every time out. It'll probably be some sort of hammer-related story throughout the series. There are MJF segments that I've loved, but I'm not keen on him winning the title or being with Regal going forward. His promo at the scrum tonight just reinforced that.
  8. It seems really similar to Twitter to me. Although, I've still never used Discord.
  9. Here's a new wrestling crossword for you all. I went so far as to use Microsoft Edge to get this tweet to embed!
  10. I stared at that paragraph for a while. I think I get it, but what a way to make that point.
  11. Definitely time to panic! Tony Khan should lead off Full Gear by coming out screaming, with his hair on fire, and just running in circles for 3 minutes while they play emergency sirens over the stadium speakers.
  12. Looks like it's happening just as porksweats foretold https://twitter.com/WONF4W/status/1593307089505775616
  13. If that's what they do (and then the finals on the ppv), I'd need a very good kayfabe explanation for why they'd be okay with one guy having that disadvantage going into the finals.
  14. What's going on with the #1 contender tournament? Starks vs. Archer, a first round match, is slated for Rampage. Are the tournament finals still happening on Full Gear? If so, how are they getting to the finals that quickly?
  15. Mayyyybe Takeshita and Akiyama win on Rampage and then are given a match at the PPV??
  16. I'm just imagining how the people who had tickets to this week's Rampage feel. One week earlier and they would've had Shibata, one week later and they would've had Akiyama.
  17. Didn't watch (will watch later) but hearing we get Death Triangle vs. Top Flight & AR Fox next Wednesday. Excited!
  18. Effy absolutely should be talking up the finish to the Jarrett match, it ruled
  19. I hope there isn't actually a cause-and-effect link between the last two sentences of the tweet. You'd think someone would let him know he's hurting his own value if he quits on his team.
  20. Ligerbusa was (is?) a poster here. The story, as I remember it, went: - Ligerbusa made a very nice Jurassic Park style Funkasaurus logo, with silhouettes of Brodus and the Funkadactyls - Ligerbusa sent that logo to Brodus somehow, maybe just by tweeting it and tagging Brodus - Brodus unexpectedly showed up with this logo on his gear. Ligerbusa was delighted - Brodus got in trouble for trademark issues. I think the deal was just that he didn't clear the logo with the appropriate people in WWE before putting it on his gear. I tried Googling to confirm any of this and can't, other than that Brodus wore this gear at Royal Rumble 2012, but that's how I remember it going. Apologies to Ligerbusa (and/or Brodus, I guess) if he's reading this and I got something wrong.
  21. So like, Shibata is lying down for Orange Cassidy? Or...?
  22. You can ask Ligerbusa and Brodus Clay about that. (hoping someone gets the reference)
  23. Big character shift for Swerve. Went from "guy who'll cheat to win a wrestling match and might turn on his tag partner too" to "utter psychopath". Although, I'm realizing as I'm writing this, I guess that was the Halloween-themed segment.
  24. Meltzer is saying he never heard anything about Larry being hurt from either side. Seems to think it's made up. ?
  25. Couple of things about that story that haven't been touched on yet: - The Castle Doctrine law being mentioned is strange. Is the idea supposed to be that the NOW Arena is Punk's home? Or does the law say that you can fight anyone who enters a room that you're already in? - The source for all this is "Punk's camp". Ace got fired, who's even in Punk's camp right now? FTR?
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