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  1. It all started with the mistreatment of the Gobbledy Gooker.
  2. The only way it changes names is if their is an animal preservation company with the same initials.
  3. It’ll be called All-Atlantic Wrestling
  4. Mark my words, Jericho dethrones Reigns and becomes new leader of the Bloodline.
  5. Derp, I’m sorry I never posted mine, Arizona Gordinal. I’m copying @John from Cincinnati and basing mine off rebooking from the results previous PPV to book Full Gear Derp
  6. COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU: only unnecessary side note. I saw OC vs Daivari live and everyone was so tired because it was the very end of a long great taping, we were mostly out of it. We still chanted OC a lot but hot dang, we were tuckered. More a fun side note of how long the shows can be. OC is great. Good stuff.
  7. Best case fantasy scenario is that Regal turned on BCC because they got too soft with their Regal father figure and it leads to mean Danielson stomping the heads of dorks.
  8. The Octopus Cup 95 Lord Steven Regal vs 93 Genichiro Tenryu 05 Lo Ki vs 89 Ricky Steamboat 01 El Satanico vs 82 Nick Bockwinkel 19 Daisuke Sekimoto vs 04 Kenta Kobashi ——- Tenryu goes over Regal in a hard fought battle. Low Ki kicks Steamboat a lot but Steamboat comes back from a pounding. Bockwinkel get tied up by older face Satanico, but due to dirty tactics Bockwinkel wins. Kobashi and Sekimoto do long grapples and deviating chops. Kobashi goes over. ———— Steamboat vs Tenryu Bockwinkel be Kobashi ———- Uh oh! After the Kobashi win, Heenan makes a surprise entrance as Bockwinkel’s manager. Declares he pulled strings and corrupted the Octopus into announcing their match right away. No dancing girls like we were promised, only the Heels get that. Bockwinkel comes out and picks a part a tired beaten old Kobashi. But he fights back and chops the hell out of a once cocky Bockwinkel. Heenan distracts the ref and Bockwinkel kicks Kenta in the balls. Bock wins. Tenryu vs Steamboat is a thing of beauty. The audience cries in it’s glory. Steamboat wins from underneath. ——— Steamboat vs Bockwinkel ——— Scholars will write about this match. Two possible outcomes based on if this is the start of a promotion or just a yearly tournament: Yearly tournament? Steamboat wins clean and punches Heenan for trying to cheat. Start of a Promotion? Heenan calls out the Holy Demon Amy (Kawada & Taue) to beat up Stwamboat. RoadWarriors clear them out. Heenan is ejected! Steamboat is going to win! But wait, is that? Could it be? Nah, couldn’t? But it’s…it is…could it? A young Rocky Maivia interferes! Bockwinkel wins. Rocky changes his name to The Bock after his new mentor. The team of Nick Bockwinkel, The Bock, Bockiaki Kawada, & Bockira Taue managed by Bocky Heenan are named The Four Bockmen and for months they ravage through the Octopus Wrestling Alliance until they are challenged in a War Games. The Four Bockmen vs (Ricky Steamboat, Tugboat, A-Train, Hot Rod Rowdy Piper, and Northrop F-5 Brock Lesnar) Plane, Train, Automobile, and MOTHER FUCKING BOATS!!!
  9. FaAaAnTaSy FuN! You got a Time Machine and a large Cup shaped trophy. Book an Eight person tournament. Who you picking and who faces who?
  10. Paul is a good dude and a friend. I’ve been lucky enough to have good conversations with him about life and things outside of wrestling. He is a very kind person and incredibly thoughtful. If his or anyone’s posting style is annoying to you, just put him in ignore. It makes things so much easier, I have a person or two that I found annoying on ignore and it’s made my forum experience much more of a treat. Also, the line about a bunch of people secretly not liking him was pretty low. Even if you felt he hurt you by saying he doesn’t like you, that was fairly callous. If we start hating meme and list posts, I’ll be ostracized and have no where else to turn.
  11. Going back and getting caught up on Arn’s podcast. Simply phenomenal as they go through old promos leading up to angles, etc by each month. Got me wondering; How long was NWA/WCW on the Super Station before Nitro? When Nitro started up, did they have a long history on national television to build off of? Also, was WCW’s title lineage and company history something that continued off of the NWA or more of a strict break off schism? Asking as someone who grew up a WWF kid, but retroactively enjoys the podcasts and matches on YouTube.
  12. I prefer Manage, Tag, Suplex
  13. Teddy Hart AND Flair? This thread got pretty dark.
  14. I’m gonna think on it, @The Natural. It’s likely my list would be 90ish% the same. The only big difference I can see off the top of my head is Dynamite being Danielson vs Hangman in their 60 minute draw.
  15. I’d be happy to see a healthy Punk return for fun matches and everyone to become closer from all this. But the stinker in me would like for all this trolling to be sheer pettiness.
  16. He is going to trademark “Jerichryu” now
  17. This may sound weird, but when he was listing off names, by the time he got to the office people it almost came across like him saying Punk’s name like he almost forgot to mention it in the previous group. Awkward unplanned stream of consciousness type thing. At least that’s how I heard it.
  18. Oh, we’ll complain extra hard this time.
  19. You missed quite a barn burner. Arguably best match on the card. But maybe I’m just a Bock-mark.
  20. The promos would be fantastic
  21. Only one topic can steer this thread in the right direction: Brandi Rhodes wasn’t that bad.
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