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  1. For some reason I really want to check out this Australia place now
  2. I just want to hear “Head Scissors Jones over here”
  3. Totally agree with cartoons. Silly characters get a silly show and serious but still mythic characters get an anime. You have a full cast of characters that you likely own the gimmick of. The Undertaker, Dark Order, R-Truth, APA, the Oddities, Judgement Day, Abaddon, Best Friends, etc
  4. I loved the pod. Maybe he just wasn’t ready for doing it. He definitely can jump back to doing it at a high level when he retires from the ring or so in a better headspace. My main gripe with the show was the cohost could be very leading with his questioning. Lead to awkward stumbling moments and unnecessary tension. The Regal pod was phenomenal and also occasionally awkward for similar reasons. But Regal is very tough to talk with and you just need to let him go off on his ramble paths. We’ll likely never see that again, whereas I’m sure we’ll hear from Dax again. very jealous of @Infinit going to that live show and probably slamming back tequilas with FTR lol
  5. thoughts on my Dax: On his podcast towards the end of its short run he became pretty open about his wife having a miscarriage and how he was having panic attacks and that it put him in a space where he handled things poorly. Then his daughter had that heart disease or whatever it was. I give him all the room to be corny and overcompensate with loving his family. Mental health or recovering from loss or whatever there is, I’d be in either a similar or much worse space if I was in his shoes. Him, Trinity & the Usos (Rikishi not showing up at their wedding and a good family speech about loving his brother and new sister on Total Divas), Jake the Snake (his abuse), and Nigel (the sad attempts to come back) are on my list of people I have a huge soft spot for.
  6. Then they’d be AU - Artificial Unintelligence *”he says what we’re all thinking but too afraid to say” *”handsome ~and smart? Sign me up.” *” @Octopus goes deep”
  7. I disagree. Kids are our future *”wow, that @Octopus sure is nice” *”bold, yet empathetic take by the Octo.” *”what a good and emotionally intact person that Octopus is”
  8. For me, I’m not a huge in-ring Cole guy. (Admittedly this is just off the AEW work). But I love his heel promos. He has so much charisma, I just wish he did more eye pokes and back racks. When he is done with the eventual returning and both healed MJF melodrama, I’d love to see a series with Roddy against FTR who are overly serious on how they want their matches presented. They can helpfully work with each other and help where both teams need help.
  9. Derp. Not sure if I posted it here or not, but here’s my film: Ode to the Whale of Christ. Directed by David Matthew Johnson A Modern Silent Film, by David Matthew Johnson. A black and white film with a rhythmic abundance of text that scatters across the screen and a meditative pace that creates a visually compelling sensory experience. She carries He, a man eternally asleep. We witness She’s struggle carrying, feeding, bathing, and caring for He, until She can lift He no longer. WATCH HERE
  10. No worries on not being comfortable sharing @Villanova Grad. You do you and I hope if you’re stressed or down that things work out for ya.
  11. Derp. What is everyone’s 5 favorite Lucha matches of all time?
  12. What if Heyman starts following The Rock around instead of Roman.
  13. The beauty of the heel logic is it was in response to Roman insulting Dusty.
  14. Only if it’s against OC where the gimmick is Orange has to do the Penta taunts the whole match
  15. stumbled on this on Reddit. Supposedly women tried speaking out to management in the past, according to unnamed source.
  16. Can we get a Hechicero recommendation station going? I’d love to watch more of him.
  17. I just feel silly getting emotionally invested in a WWE character. It’s the Mn sports fan in me. I should have known better and expected the fumble.
  18. Redo Wrestlemania 9. Yes, everyone wears Togas. The Bloodline pulls an Ides of March and take out Roman with chairs at the order of The Rock. Before the show ends, Cody gives a speech over Roman’s limp body: Friends, Philly Fanatics, WWE Universe, lend me your ears; I come to bury Reigns, not to hype him The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their chair shaped bruises; So let it be with Roman. The noble Rock Hath told you Roman was not the Tribal Chief: If it were so, Reigns was mistaken as fuck, And grievously hath Roman be wrong as fuck. Here, under the TKO Board-member leadership of Dwayne Johnson and the rest– For Dwayne is not a manipulative prick; So are they all, all totally cool– Come I to speak in Roman’s post match post beat down WWE style unnecessary soliloquy that fucking boot licking douches repetitively call “~Cinema~” He was my story antagonist, a dick to me to overcome: But The Rock says he was not the guy I should beat despite the two year build; And The Rock is an honourable dude. He hath brought many buy rates to us; Who did he dramatically beat last year: Did this not mean he was the one to finish the story with? When I have cried, Roman busted a gut: Tribal Chiefs should be made of sterner stuff: Yet The Rock says he was weak as fuck; And The Rock is a big draw. You all did see that on the Royal Rumble I fucking pointed at him, Which he was like “oh ok that gonna happen probably: was this not clear? Yet The Rock says I was pointing at someone in the stands to show where the bathroom was; And, sure, he is the actual Tribal Chief. I speak not to disprove what The Rock spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did want me to face him again, because that was the build: What build withholds you then, to want The Rock? O judgment! thou art fled to rocky beasts, And fans have lost their passion. Bear with me; My heart is on the mat pummeled with chairs there with Roman, And I must pause till I win the Rumble for the third time.
  19. The Rock had Pharaoh kidnapped. If he didn’t give up his opportunity then he’d pull an Elite and punt the puppy. Bring in Ace Steele to then bite the Rock and we got one armed CM Punk vs out of breath Dwayne.
  20. Cody is naive like Surfer Sting for trusting the former Corporate Champion. If they pivot well, it can still work. May God have mercy on our souls.
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