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  1. I don't think it works in 1985. We were still in the "Hooray America! Bigger is better!" Reagan years. Hogan was a perfect storm of right place, right time, right look, right soundbites, right exposure in the mainstream to explode. Austin was the same thing in 1997-98. Both were just reflections of what was popular in America at those specific times.
  2. "Do your research", the mating call of the great northern idiot. I feel like there's this thing with (especially) men, where they get really good at something, football for example, so they get the idea that they must be really knowledgeable about lots of other stuff, too. So, they convince themselves that they're way smarter than they actually are, and shit like Aaron Rodgers happens. Or maybe it's just getting hit in the head a lot for a living. But there's something that convinces a certain type of person that since they had success in one area, they must know a lot of other things.
  3. That would be awesome, but there's also the possibility that the trios match goes to the time limit. That'd throw a tie in the mix for the best of seven. Kind of interesting, but I don't know that I want to see those six go that long.
  4. Was that match the 60-minute draw or the rematch?
  5. If that doc doesn't have a scene where McCartney stands at the mixing board and sings along with certain parts as he works the sliders and gestures wildly, I'll eat my hat.
  6. I think I've seen Returns maybe once. I need to re-watch it. I've had it come up on a couple movie podcasts I listen to, and it sounds even more bonkers than I remember it.
  7. Have you heard the true story of Cocaine Bear? It's something. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/50220
  8. I'm going to end up buying this game and annoying my daughter by stealing her Switch for a couple months.
  9. Good! I tried listening to that show, but it's hosts so see everything through a WWE lens, it was a tough listen for me. It'll be nice to have a different voice on there.
  10. Yesterday's workout was shiiiiiiiit. It's almost like eating nothing but junk food/Thanksgiving food for a week straight had an effect on my workout. Oof. Pull-ups were particularly tough. Squats moved pretty nice, though.
  11. At first I was like, "Well, at least he protected the guy's head." But then I saw him and his friend start bashing it with fists and not so much.
  12. They'd sign him if he'd have been doing those things while driving his own car.
  13. He just needs to get more lumpy.
  14. There used to be a sandwich shop here in Louisville called "Joe Davola's". It was so good. The owners were contacted by the real Joe Davola, the producer. They figured it was going to be a cease and desist, but he was cool with it. I think he even stopped in once and ate there. They would play Seinfeld all the time on a little tv/vcr combo. They had a poster signed by the guy that did the theme song (he's from Louisville). Anyway, I really miss that place. They had a BLT with pimento cheese on it that was excellent.
  15. I'm assuming he headbutted one of those over after this photo was taken.
  16. Could I get a mod to add "ratings" to the title of this thread? I knew there was something I was forgetting.
  17. I get what you're saying here. I've been in the same boat. Going into Full Gear, I wasn't really feeling any of the storylines. That show did seem like a reset, though, so I'm optimistic that tonight, we'll get some new directions.
  18. I want to make something clear. I understand that there are some people here who genuinely enjoy discussing the financial aspects of AEW and all that. I sincerely don't think that's a bad thing. If you are interested in that, I think that's cool. It's just that the threads for shows, etc. are mainly there to discuss what happened/will happen on those shows. A lot of times, the financial talk derails that and leads to conflict. I don't want me creating this thread to be seen as a "screw you, go over here!" thing. It just seems like there is a lot of this talk, and it should have it's own place.
  19. I said it in another thread, but be sure to catch Alexander/Bailey. It's a real MOTYC.
  20. I agree. I don't want a straight-up heel turn for Regal. If anyone can pull off something more nuanced than that, it's him.
  21. Let's talk about AEW and Tony Khan's finances, the state of ROH's TV deal, and projections on the state of all thing not-in-ring here in this thread!
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