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  1. The subject matter of Dark Side is, well, dark, but I would not call the show cynical. If anything, the big success of that show for me is that it finds that glimmer of hope and humanity in its dark subjects.
  2. I hope Al yelled, “Judo chop!” like Austin Powers before he threw one.
  3. What was this from? I remember seeing these when I was a kid. The ones that I saw would’ve been a little older, though. Were they in WWF magazine?
  4. I think Tully got popped on a drug suspension. I may be wrong, but I don't think he wrestled for WWF after that point. Arn was gone pretty shortly after that, too. Also, weren't there plans to re-form the Horsemen in WCW, but Tully's issues screwed that up, too?
  5. BATB 96 was the first PPV I had ordered since WMVI. My friends and I had moved away from wrestling for a while. I happened to catch the Nitro where Hall debuted, and started watching again. So, we were all intrigued who the third man was going to be (my friend who never really watched wrestling called it as being Hogan) and decided to watch the show at my house. We were still kind of getting settled and chatting and stuff when the Rey/Psicosis match started. A couple minutes in, we were transfixed on the match and losing our minds over the shit they were pulling off. Hell, even my dad stopped in the room and couldn't look away. He's always hated wrestling. You are so right that it was like something from another planet. An hour later, we were still trying to figure out what we'd just seen.
  6. Sure. That’s a long list. But Walmart, etc don’t do commercials about it. WWE has done the Michaels storyline and did a similar one with Big Show. They also had Kevin Owens (as a face) begging for his job to Shane
  7. WWE, for seeing themselves as this gigantic multi-national entertainment company, sure like to do storylines where their employees (yes, I know, “independent contractors”) are barely hanging on financially.
  8. It’s funny looking back to the late-90’s when being Canadian was a heel trait. That’s it. Canadian =heel.
  9. Aw, cmon OSJ. McDevitt said that Vince ALMOST CRIED when they met with Martha. Have a heart, man.
  10. Best wrestler names of all time: 1. Randy “Macho Man” Savage 2. Gorilla Monsoon 3. Big John Studd Honorable Mention: Bam Bam Bigelow
  11. To me, Pullman would make a great episode. His whole story is fascinating. The undersized football star, pioneer of juniors wrestling in the US, the loose cannon stuff, the playing three promotions at once, the gun angle and his tragic death. Lots of material there.
  12. I’m thinking that crowd noise may have been just a tad bit sweetened.
  13. One of my favorite things in wrestling is when a small-time promotion has a guy doing a rich snob gimmick and he is obviously wearing a $50 suit.
  14. That CWF clip is just proof that wrestling gear fashion has just gone downhill since the late 70’s.
  15. Avery was also the voice of JYD on the Rock N Wrestling Cartoon.
  16. In-ring work aside, there are very few names more recognizable than Andre’s in pro wrestling. Even more so in 1990. What Herb was going to do with him, I have no idea.
  17. My son was dying to watch this, so we did last night. What was the point of the slug dude in the Falcon at the beginning? He did nothing and only showed up again in a quick shot in the closing celebration.
  18. Didn’t Schultz have an on-air association with Piper? Seems like he was being pushed hard enough before the Stossel and Mr T stuff, that he could’ve possibly been Piper’s partner at WM instead of Orndorff, perhaps? If that’s the case, I don’t see them turning him face afterwards like they did Mr Wonderful.
  19. I’m just gonna Pirata Morgan myself outta this thread for a while.
  20. I was just telling a friend the other day that Bobby Heenan has to be at least top -5 for best all-time wrestling performers. He was great at everything he did. Great worker, manager and announcer. If I was building a promotion, and could hand-pick any performers throughout wrestling history, Heenan would be at the top of my list.
  21. I agree with you that Mercer was terrible, but he at least provided a lot of unintentional hilarity. He said something like, “The Von Erichs are about to explode all over the Freebirds!” once and it had me rolling.
  22. My son’s been into the old Adam West Batman series lately. Spotted a young James Brolin as an armored truck driver.
  23. Wow. Macho and Tenryu is the greatest tag team to ever team. I won’t hear otherwise.
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