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  1. Damn, man. Why'd you have to point that out?
  2. I guess they saw the numbers with the over-50 crowd and decided to go for it.
  3. Man, I REALLY want to know what it was that set him off. I'm glad Kingston seems like he's in a good place mentally. Love the guy.
  4. If Mark Henry could sit down with every racist, I'm pretty sure we'd see the end of racism.
  5. I'm a little glad that there's going to be a bit of a break from the Marvel films. I'm totally into them and get excited for every new one. I watch all the speculation videos and read every article I see on them. But, man, I kinda need a rest. I've got two kids so I don't get to watch as many movies as I'd like. I'm looking forward to getting around to seeing some non-comic related movies.
  6. So WWE isn't the only promotion that can't let go of the Attitude Era?
  7. Random question... I just saw some New Japan results with Tiger Mask in them. Looked around a bit and saw that it's still TMIV. I was shocked that he was still in the gimmick. It always seemed to be a launching pad for an up-and-comer who would eventually shed the mask and go under their own name. So, my question is, why has IV never done this?
  8. Really wouldn't they be striking when the iron (Rollins) is ice cold?
  9. I'm a big fan of the Southern territory "Hollywood" gimmick where the dude has a super-thick southern accent.
  10. Your dad looks just like the Joker!
  11. Off topic a bit, but I saw a tweet or something that said Punisher stickers are Live, Laugh, Love for dudes and it make me laugh.
  12. Title change? Nah. Cole retains due to Goldberg interference.
  13. Damn. There's still time for it to happen, though.
  14. Probably a show in whatever area he was popular.
  15. My wife was at that event last night. I was just on the phone with her and she was talking about seeing Titus and I scroll down and see this. Lol. Apparently, he was hitting on my wife's co-worker pretty hard at this thing.
  16. I'm pretty sleep-deprived, so forgive me if you're joking and I'm not picking up on it, but Jeep did play Bane in Batman and Robin.
  17. Man, we really need another Kingston/Hero match now that they're both doing Evolve shows.
  18. "Archer of Infamy" and "Rebel Heart" are signs that wrestling is running out of cool nicknames. Time to start recycling some old ones. "The Hammer" and "King Kong ______" are two I'd start with.
  19. Oh shit! Whatever happened to Raven Mack. I loved reading his stuff. If if I ever get rich, I’m hiring Ben (I think it was Ben) to book and we’re finally getting Bunkhouse Buck vs the Hobo Army.
  20. Daniel Johnston has passed away. https://www.austinchronicle.com/daily/music/2019-09-11/austin-songwriting-genius-daniel-johnston-dead-at-58/
  21. She's from Portland, I believe. That's probably how the connection with Barr was made.
  22. I saw a cool Rolling Stones exhibit there last year. It was in the Musicians Hall of Fame section. We walked around a little bit, and it still looked to be a bit of a shithole. I also saw some WCW there. Saw Starrcade 96 and a Nitro sometime in 96 or 97, I think.
  23. Ah! My bad. I thought those strikes looked like a fiery babyface version of Kamala’s
  24. Maybe it was the spirit of Vader that scared that field goal attempt by Nebraska in overtime. Something spooked that kicker. I’ve never seen someone miss that bad.
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