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  1. While current-day WWE is still very much not my thing, I do think the fact that they did pivot back to Cody/Roman was the first big sign that things were going to be different post-Vince. If he was still in charge, no way they course-correct.
  2. Bonking his head on that sign after warmups that time must’ve knocked a couple inches off.
  3. Also, looking at Flair now makes a pretty good case for not doing anything like he did things.
  4. We went out to the course for the practice rounds on Wednesday, and when we saw the news of the pedestrian hit today, were not surprised. Just the way the road is around the course and darkness, and the traffic and cones and all that make for a bad combo. I think it's definitely a "both parties are wrong" thing with Scheffler. I've had my share of run-ins with overzealous LMPD traffic cops on the scene of a fatality. I got pretty good at standing my ground while also not getting arrested. But, I think if Scheffler would've stopped for a second and got someone over there that knew who he was, he would've got in just fine. It was surreal waking up today and turning on the local news to see that the number 1 golfer in the world was in jail in my town.
  5. Although it would have been hilarious if Danielson stopped and did the Jeff Hardy dance before making the save.
  6. I always wonder that, too, when I catch something I know to be incorrect on a news story or documentary or article or whatever. Not that it was some paragon of journalistic integrity, but the Nancy Grace show's coverage of the Chris Benoit murders did that for me. She had so much wrong about his career on that show. Again, not that she was some trusted source to me, but it really confirmed that so much of that "fly-off-the-handle", outrage "news" shows content was BS.
  7. I watched it with my wife this weekend. She had the same reaction and I was like, oh, it’s actually worse than how it’s told in the movie. There’s another son that also meets a tragic end and Fritz was probably a bigger piece of shit than this portrayal.
  8. @Andrew POE!, if/when you get around to watching The Curse, please check in with us when you've finished episode 9 and have not watched 10 yet. I would just love to see your predictions for what you think will happen in 10.
  9. Would the Savage/Warrior match with all the Liz/Sherri stuff be considered overbooked? There was a lot going on there with the finish and the post-match stuff, but it’s very well-liked.
  10. When did Vince Jr finally decide that wrestlers had to work for him exclusively? Because, weren't WWF guys still territory hopping for a while when he was in charge? Or am I wrong and that stopped as soon as he took over?
  11. I think that's the same dude who, in the opening "fans cheering" montage that started the show, was pulling aside the shirt of the woman next to him to show her bra. To be fair, she seemed to not mind, but it was odd.
  12. Dynamite Kid’s son vs Dax on Collision? Ok, TK. Get weird, girl.
  13. We, as a society, are really devaluing terms like "iconic".
  14. To be fair, what they are wearing can be considered fairly low-key for Derby dress. Especially Seth.
  15. I was not expecting a promo in the lead-up coverage to the Kentucky Derby to be how I found out that Mania was going to be in Vegas next year.
  16. I’m guessing you mean May 8. They actually announced some stuff today. Orange/Trent and Cope/Brody King. Looking forward to both of those.
  17. Why do they insist on having He-Man on Earth in these live action movies?
  18. How does it happen? Do they intentionally hit shift+the first letter of each word? Is it some weird setting? I’m truly baffled.
  19. If someone hit their opponent with an LJN King Kong Bundy, I’d buy that as a death finisher.
  20. Why the fuck does Ric, or whoever the fuck runs his Twitter, fucking capitalize every fucking word!!?!?!?
  21. These trunks seem to fit him better than his long ones did, so hoping he won't have to keep hiking his pants up during matches now.
  22. You know how, legally, a bartender can be held responsible for over serving a person? I feel like there needs to be something like that for tattoo artists. Like, whoever did that should have to go to court and prove why they shouldn’t be in jail for crimes against humanity.
  23. Interesting. For some reason, I thought Joe was off filming Twisted Metal or something. Now, I think there's a good chance that he ends up being Swerve's challenger. Maybe that dog collar match someone mentioned?
  24. I really want a Road Warriors/Skyscrapers/SST/etc type team so bad. I’ve said it before, I want to see some fools get wrecked. And, in pro wrestling, one of the best ways to see fools get wrecked is by a tag team comprised of two big, strong, scary dudes/dudettes.
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