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  1. While Sammy wa good in this, I thought it was clear as day 2.0 were the stars of the night. The reinvention of the goofy french canadian comedy act to bloody brawlers has been so out of nowhere, but holy fuck.
  2. That fucking ruled. Don't think it quite matched the Anarchy match, but best main stream War Games (tm) match in decades, and I don't think it's close.
  3. Imagine being a huge Stephanie Brown fan and wanting her to get her due, and THAT is the show she's going to be on. It's been weeks and I'm still pissy about that trailer.
  4. Fun little Rampage. Main Event was really good. Weird thought: While I like what O'Reilly has been trying to go for in AEW with his shoot style, I honestly think Fish at this point in time is actually better at using it in a pro wrestling setting. Darby is basically prime Jeff Hardy but with significantly better offense and without the drug problem, so him having good matches is far from shocking.
  5. Pretty clearly, yes. I generally can't stand Boston sports, but I actually like this version of the Celtics. There main core is all Boston drafted, and the players they added to complete the puzzle aren't mega stars, just good role players that fill the need they ar egoing for. Basically, I wish more teams were built like this current version of Boston. Amusinly, the closest comparable we have is probaby GS before Durant.
  6. Hangman wouldn’t be the worst case scenario by any means, but I just hope anyone not named MJF and Adam Cole wins honestly. In a perfect world though, there are a lot of young talents that could really use the rub of a match with Moxley with serious stakes. Cases I’d throw out there. Eddie Kingston: this one is kind of obvious, but boy would I love it. King remains over as all fuck and beloved, and while I don’t think now is the time, planting the seed of him back in the title picture would be great. Darby Allin: Long history with Mox, has basically been “guy who loses big matches” for a while, him getting to the final would be awesome. Miro: Fucking hell this would be great. Miro brutalizing the field would work wonders imo. and a couple of real dark horses Ricky Starks: IMO, he’s clearly ready for a tea shot at the upper card. Him getting his chance to go for the belt would be a cool story. Wheeler Yuta: Just off BOSJ, Yuta scoring the big win to get the opportunity for one more match with his mentor after there last fucking war would be awesome.
  7. I mean, I thought the show was largely fun with some meh stuff in the middle, but the booking of this fed in terms of results is stupid as hell. Why did Britt need the win on Ruby? Why is the 5th most pushed member of a heel stable beating Darby clean? Today really felt like the day to take the belts off JE, why not? Just good enough wrestling I'm over it.
  8. 10 Man might be my MOTY. Gotta love a Memphis Brawl in 2022. The stretch with Wild Thing playing on repeat was literally perfect.
  9. I was debating putting down the money for it tomorrow, and hadn't made up my mind yet. the Wardlow match was up with the Punk one for one I was most excited for. If it's announced that match isn't happening, I'm probably not gonna spend 50 dollars for the show. This idea that "People are already buying it, who cares if we try to convince people a match we've been building up to for literally over a year isn't happening!" is a late game WCW esqe move. Also, and the more important question: Fucking why? Why try to work your fans like this, what does it gain you? You aren't getting MORE PPV buys by hinting at a major match isn't happening. This isn't getting MJF heel heat, just "if you seriously pull this shit, fuck you, leave the company" heat. What sort of end game actually makes this valuable as a work?
  10. Yes, running a big story on the dirt sheets about how one of your biggest matches that had been built to for over a year on a PPV might not be happening the day before the show is a really good well to get those people to shell out 50 bucks. Maybe I'm wrong and this is a work, but if it is, it's a very fucking stupid one.
  11. All I know is I'm prepparing GIFs of Fury if and when the mens joker goes a certain direction
  12. I'm... somewhat confused why we are doing a She-Hulk story when Hulk is already a well adjusted individual. Like, She-Hulks entire thing is contrasting with the out of control regular Hulk. But we are already at "completely has control of his powers because we decided to save time by just having Hulk figure out his major conflict by being off-screen for 5 years" level for Hulk. Not that I'm opposed to She Hulk getting a show, it just feels makes this show seem some what not needed. CGI doesn't look good, but I wasn't really expecting it too.
  13. Other notes other then absolute fucking dread over the Owen tournament now. CM Punk with the Tavares jersey is fucking brilliant, even if Excalibur didn't understand it. MJF basically being to Long Island as CM Punk is to Chicago is kind of funny to me. Just seems to fit. No, but seriously, the bracket leads to Gargano/Joe, Gargano/O'Reilly, and Gargano/Cole and I fucking despise it, please don't do it to me TK, the 3 stages of hell is literally the worst fucking match of the last decade, never put them together DON'T DO IT DON'T DO IT I understand they want to pay forward the legacies, and to his credit Jeff has his best performance in a while tonight, but man, Darby should have won this tournament. Dude is the best wrestler in it, and it felt like when they opened with Punk/Darby that Darby was gonna be ready for the main events last year, and since then he's lost every single big match he's had (No, I don't count the Andrade blow off as a big match) Eddie Kingston, William Regal, and Bryan Danielson being on the same side of anything means 3 of my top 10 wrestlers of all time are working together in one angle, and how can I dislike that? Just say no to Johnny Gargano. I don't really have a problem with Dawson taking a bump to pay homage to Bret, I do have a problem with an announcer talking about it.
  14. If TK actually has Gargano as the Joker and runs a fucking Gargano/Cole final every good thing I've ever said about him as a booker is immediately discredited.
  15. I remember a promo Kingston cut once about referencing beating someone for his son. After that line, another wrestler walked up to him and said he didn't know he had a kid, and asked his name. Kingstons response was, and I quote: "Mr. Met Motherfucker, I don't have a kid!" The important part isn't if it's true. It's that in the moment, you believe it.
  16. This is a great shout, and I thought that match clearly needed the help. Felt like the two guys were on different wave lengths, with Hardy wanting to do a more genera face in peril segment and Fish going for a more back and forth affair at times. Jeff also seemingly didn’t know how to take some of Fish’s stuff. There were some decent elements there, but it just didn’t click. Doesn’t help that we still have the completely broken face heel dynamic with the Undisputed lot, which continues to hurt there matches a good deal for me due to the heels doing heelish shit not getting heat. The BCC match was a BCC match. By that I mean it was pretty damned great, but it is time to aim that momentum at someone. It feels like they need to introduce trios titles and feud them with House of Black or PAC/Lucha Bros, just… something. Controversial opinion time: Jungle Boy should win the FTW championship from Starks, and Starks and Hobbs should win the tag belts from JE. The long term direction should be FTR coming for the tag belts, and I think that works better with heel champs, and JE’s title reign also has suffered by being stuck with the Undisputed boys for too long. The Wardlow angle is perfect. MJF forcing him to come out with the security force is a great way to basically do a Goldberg entrance without just straight ripping it off, and this 2022 version of the Goldberg push is basically perfect. The only problem with Wardlow is “You basically have to make him World Champion by the end of the year because he’s just clearly the guy. Morrisey did well for himself, and I admire the work to improve his game, and the positive the steps he’s taken in the last couple years. Oh, and that match is 100% going to be Wardlow wrestling MJF while Wardlow is handcuffed, and Wardlow breaking the handcuffs through sheer force mid match and powerbombing MJF to oblivion. We are past the point that Jericho’s guys beating up on Kingston’s guys has gotten a bit old. They need reserves, and I basically thinking Kingston, Santana, an Ortiz shouldn’t be back on tv until they have them or at least have them pick a few guys off. The Julia Hart angle felt more to remind Dynamite only watchers this story is a thing, but this story has gone so long that people that watch everything just want to get to the point. Pillman just doesn’t get it. I would kind of like Julia to stick with PAC, Pentagon, and Fenix now, as it does make thematic sense: Julia is feeling darker and darker, but Pentagon and PAC have had similar run ins and are still there own people. It’d be a weird fit a tiny bit, but I could see it being interesting. Dante vs. Fenix was super fun, even if it’s not my usual type of match. I have a soft spot for both I think: Fenix has proven he’s not just a cool high flier but can work underdog babyface super well, and I view Dante similarly, a guy who is clearly has great instincts for timing and playing to the crowd at this stage to go with his absurd aerial stuff. Give me Fenix/Claudio or give me death. Main was good! Biggest problem was that I think Deanna overshadowed Mercedes. I’ve heard talking points that they were in a bad spot, and I disagree. I think the match being the main event had the crowd a little more focused then your regular women’s kid card match. Not my favorite match of the night, but I enjoyed it a good deal.
  17. I’ll even say things were going pretty well… until the Cole feud. Wrong partner, and that feud god damned draaaaaagggged.
  18. If the Joker isn't Claudio, and if we don't get Claudio vs. Joe, Claudio vs. Fenix, and Claudio vs. Darby in that order, then TK isn't the wrestling nerd I think he is.
  19. I thought the first trailer was great but had absolutely zero faith in the movie being good. This trailer is much less great and leaves me super confident this movie is going to be utter and complete garbage. Does the Jurassic Park franchise just exist in a world in which Guns with Bullets aren’t a thing? Or a national guard? A T-Rex couldn’t 1v1 a dude with an Assault Rifle, let alone a tank, how am I supposed to buy it would be a threat to all of humanity.
  20. Seriously, get that Hoss mother fucker into something worth pushing.
  21. Friends who got screwed out of the biggest accomplishment of there career via a Low Blow asking a friend of 20 years if he can get next shot isn't a douchebag move. If he lost clean, sure. Not after losing via Low Blow.
  22. I think you have this super wrong here. It's pretty clear to me Scorpio asking his friend like a man for a chance to avenge his loss to an old friend, and those promos were pretty clearly "Yeah, we aren't getting the crowd behind Sammy, reset it so Scorpio is the face". Hell, that Page promo, a week after Sammy insulted his abilites as a father was justificiably fired up babyface stuff.
  23. Sammy feels like he’s Seth Rollins version 2: Uninteresting working heel, but a good working babyface who happens to be way too naturally unlikeable to really be a face, so he constantly feels off in whatever role he’s in. Dudes got talent, but he’s seemingly stuck in between roles and that’s not ideal. Bright side, Dalton Castle got on TV and got to be Dalton Castle. Castle/Avalon feud into eventually becoming a tag team when?
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