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  1. Well, this ain't a good look. We had a player in today's game benched after refusing to take a knee against racism. Bad enough. But of course, it's someone from South Africa. Oy. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/oct/26/cricket-quinton-de-kock-misses-t20-world-cup-game-south-africa-players-told-take-knee
  2. So, two new IPL franchises were announced for next year, at the price of 1.7 BILLION dollars. Holy shiznit. https://frontofficesports.com/cvc-capital-mogul-buy-new-ipl-teams-for-combined-1-7b/ CVC Capital Partners and RPSG, a conglomerate owned by business mogul Sanjiv Goenka, have paid a combined $1.7 billion to win bids for two new Indian Premier League teams. The cricket league is expanding from eight to 10 teams for the 2022 season. India’s Board of Control for Cricket expected a combined bid of $1.3 billion. CVC shelled out roughly $736 million for the Ahmedabad franchise. RPSG paid about $964 million for the Lucknow team. “We had bids from different parts of the world and from parties with diverse portfolios wanting to make a foray into the world of sports,” said IPL chairman Brijesh Patel. The bids included Manchester United and Tampa Bay Buccaneers owners Kevin and Edward Glazer, who offered less than $688 million for the Ahmedabad team. CVC has stakes in La Liga, United Rugby Championship, Six Nations Rugby, and the International Volleyball Federation. RPSG owned the IPL’s now-defunct Rising Pune Supergiant franchise from 2016-17, replacing the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals after their respective owners received two-year bans for participating in illegal betting. A new combined company that comprises Sony India and Zee Entertainment is reportedly bidding for IPL media rights. Star India purchased rights for $2.6 billion in a five-year deal in 2017. The new asking price is estimated to increase by 25%.
  3. Honestly, they need the full kicked water bottle + hair dryer treatment. Hook up Sir Alex to the fountain of youth and let him 'ave a go...
  4. The LA Rams star in the latest viral sensations, 2 TD's, One Kupp.
  5. Stan Hansen just nodded approvingly with that clothesline on Murray.
  6. Apparently no one told the Indian bowlers that the T20 World Cup game against Pakistan was going on (and that oh, a billion or so Indians were going to watch), usually when you hear someone won by ten wickets in a T20, you expect something like what happened with the WIndies.. instead 150+ chased down without a wicket lost.
  7. Or they're competitors in the NFL Squid Game
  8. MOAR LIONS TRICKERATIONS! (Surprise onside kick, fake punt)
  9. At least you got that going for you.
  10. Jets gave up their first 50 Bomb since 1995. Yikes.
  11. The Ben-Gals are for real? I call shenanigans.
  12. Oh that did not look good for Mahomes, Rolled up low then stretched high.
  13. That was on the high side of my projections for the Pats this game. After that last play sack, the commentator said "And Salah has seen enough". I cracked to someone "He had seen enough shortly after the kickoff" But I don't think anyone called the Chiefs getting shithoused by the Titans.
  14. OI take back what I said. Ole isn't a movie slasher, he's a metronome. Swings from one side to the other, back and forth. edit: Am impressed with @odessastepps calling his shot with the Salah hattie.
  15. I think Danielson is more like the Dean Malenko role pushed higher. He can kick anyone's ass, he's going to kick everyone's ass, but he doesn't need to chickenshit heel things to kick people's asses.
  16. I think the Red Sox and the Dodgers should have their own world series.. .with blackjack! And Hookers!. Probably would do better ratings then ATL-Hou (except I don't think Fox would be on board with the blackjack and especially not the hookers). Nah, seriously, I'll be rooting for the A-T-L.
  17. I would have been better with Cody/Malakai III's ending being after the tiger driver, instead of the pinfall, Cody grabs a chair and dishes out a couple whacks, and then either gets the pin, or just stops and realizes he's crossed a line, and walks away to get his head straight, and the camera pans to Black in the ring, pulling himself up painfully slowly up the ropes, laughing at what he's made Cody do. Still a good match, but it seemed.. jarring with the story being told throughout.
  18. He's Batman! (no, he's not, but I always wanted to work that shtick at least once) But yeah, I think you're in the vast minority here, it's pretty difficult to fake a spot like that (and in incredibly bad taste considering the Baldwin happenings earlier this week)
  19. That Dustin/Danielson match. Proved that not all AEW matches have to be mega-sprints with BIG POP Moves every twenty seconds to be ****+ material. Kinda disappointed that Britt went to the "shakes her ass" thing. That's something I'd expect the other company to do. Man, I really wish Roddy Piper was still around to guide MJF a bit. He's good at delivering the Home Run "He said WHAT???" moment, but it's like Home Run Derby. Going down the Luger line was something that should've led to weeks of back and forth, instead, it'll be forgotten as MJF continually ups the ante. Piper knew that you had to hit the singles to turn the Homers into grand slams, things that would really make you BURN for the face to get payback (I think I've stretched that metaphor as far as it can go). Omega with a good heel justification of the Hangman thing. Is the Dark Order going to cosplay as the Elite next week? CM Punk vs Bobby Fish? Put me down for.. say.. 16-18 minutes of that, and I'll be a happy man. edit: Oh, please tell me that Sammy's going to chose Masvidal, Dos Santos, and... Dan Lambert
  20. I think we have a new finishing move for AEW to copy.
  21. Well, didn't help the new rule is you skip the possession after the 2nd OT and go straight to the 2 point conversion, but yeah. this week had a 70-56 game and a 9 OT game. To quote a famous movie title, The (Football) Gods Must Be Crazy...
  22. Did someone want to let the West Indies know that their participation in the T20 World Cup had begun a hour or so ago? 37-5. Eessssh.
  23. Geez. Chelsea is taking Norwich out to the woodshed and whoopin em real good. 6-0.
  24. Yeah, the AEW TV Universe and the AEW Extended Universe (where things like IMPACT, AAA and New Japan are), they cross over, but you don't need to be a fan of the Extended Universe to grok what's going on in the TV Universe, but if you're a fan of other feds, it doesn't pretend that AEW is the only wrestling fed that matters. You know, I just thought of something. Imagine Suzuki vs OC. Something like where OC does that hands in his pocket move, and Suzuki looks at him like "What is this shit? Where is the FIGHT?" and starts obliterating him, only to have OC fight back, and win Suzuki's (very grudging) respect.
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