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  1. RIP Andrew Symoonds. A great cricketer, have to think what if with his attitude sometimes. been a shitty year for Aussie legends
  2. Here was the opening to that game 7, two days short of 35 years ago. Celtics won that game. Hopefully history repeats itself
  3. So, the Celtics-Bucks game 7 will be on sunday at 3:30 PM. I half-expect the old CBS NBA opening and "You are looking LIVE at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts". Just like Dominique and Larry, Giannis and Jayson Tatum are going to go for it. Hell of a series so far. edit: I can make that comparison because I saw Dominique and Larry in Game 7. My parents had dragged me to a Air National Guard/AirForce airshow, which I wanted NOTHING to do with, thankfully, one of the buildings had a TV with half the air show watching Game 7.
  4. I have to go way back in DVDVR's history, to a certain DEAN-reviewed match (the BJPW Barbed Wire and Bed of Nails match) and (butcher) a quote he made in that, because the main event deserved this ."It's Darby Allin and Jeff Hardy to determine who's the craziest motherfucker on the planet. SURPISE! It's a tie!"
  5. "What if I told you that in the 2022 Red Sox Season, the only extra from the tenth inning on was extra heartbreak? ESPN 30 for 30 presents: "Losing Time".
  6. Holy shit, what a finish in League Two. Northampton began the day in the final promotion spot, won 3-1, fairly comfortably, and still were forced down a spot into the playoffs as Joey Barton's Bristol Rovers crushed Scunthorpe 7-0 to pip Northampton to the final auto promotion spot on Goals Scored. The seventh goal caused a pitch invasion by fans that almost cost them the game.
  7. Not to say the other semi-final was one-sided, actually it was one-sided. Villareal had three touches in Liverpool's Box the entire match. (I wanted to call it the penalty area to avoid the double-entendre meter blowing up, but decided it wouldn't be THAT much better on 2nd thouyght)
  8. you know the old joke right? If you know what a floppy disc is, you're old enough at some places to get a senior citizen discount.
  9. I went COMPLETELY old school with my most recent purchase. All the old AD&D Gold Box Games. Yes (Just about) all of them https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/24494/Gold_Box_Classics/ The Krynn Series, The eye of the beholder Series, Unlimited Adventures (the first "Build a game for others to play in"), the Forgotten Realms series, The Dark Sun Series, Ravenloft... yeah. Lots of old school gaming here. Now I'll have to get my hands on (somehow) the Spelljammer game, the Buck Rogers one, and War of the Lance (the board/war game Gold Box game)
  10. Also they announced a new Dragonlance setting book, likely featuring the Legion of Steel (hinted at the last line "All we have is each other")
  11. easy enough. The acclaimed come down and beat up both Hook and Danhausen (or beat them up backstage), and voila, tag team match.
  12. My thoughts: I feel like Punk/Dustin were watching soime old tapes and thought. "You know what? We could work that exact same match in '22 and it would get over, even with folks who prefer the more.. ahem.. athletic style in AEW." Punk/Hangman stare down. That's how you do it folks. When it comes to the big title, you don't do endless rematches, "Championship Contention" matches, or whatever the folks up North call them, or out of nowhere multi-man tag matches. Instead you have someone declare that they're reaching out for the gold ring, DO SOMETHING pretty meaningful to prove they want the gold ring of a title shot, and the champion going "Ok.. here we go, better bring your a-game, cuz opportunity doesn't knock twice.... (unless you're Adam Cole and prepared to near-die in a rematch) Yes.. yes... give us a weekly segment of the BCC murdalizing some fools. I will watch with sadistic glee. Am I the only one who wants someone to pull the old jobber routine when they found out when they were working with Vader or the Steiners, and just check out after being announced to face them? "I came here to wrestle, not have my head kicked in" YES! Forbidden Door PPV! Please figure out a way to get Toru Yano to team up with Orange Cassidy in a match. (Honestly, the only team I'd want to see more in cross-fed would be Miz and MJF... the "I'm going to backstab you before you backstab me, but you know I'm going to backstab you before you backstab me, so "I know you're going to..." (you know what, fuck it, I ain't typing that shit out again, you get the point). Besides. Miz needs to up his promo game again and there ain't no heat magnet on the stick these days like MJF. Sammy/Tay are hot and have sex! with each other! Booooooo them! I guess the fans will be rooting for crazy ass spots, instead of one of the two men in the match. I'm cool with that. Terry Funk (though not dead) has possessed Sting, and drove him to these repeated crazy spots. Change my mind. (actually, don't. you can't) Even the lackluster feuds (Although I'm pretty sure that Darby/Sting/Hardys vs Andrade Family Office is better than 90% of the feuds in WWE) seem to get kickass blowoff matches in AEW The thing I like is that they give us frequent title matches (and in the case of the TNT title, changes) with the "lesser" titles, but the main titles? (The women's, men's and tag titles?), much less frequent and thus more meaningful. Oh and next week: Hook is on Dynamite-hausen!
  13. They were so done mentally. They had 90 Points after 3.. They didn't score their 100th point (10th of the quarter) until there was less than 2:00 to play in t he game.
  14. Of course, there were the obligatory wankers on the ManU side who chanted about HIllsborough...
  15. Durant 0/10 in the 2nd half (4/17 For the game) Kyrie 3/13 in the Game! Marcus Smart with the Booker-T stare at his hand. (and plenty of OH NO MARCUS SMART OH YES MARCUS SMART!!! Moments) Most important stat: Boston 2, Brooklyn 0 You love to see it. Admittedly, both games were at home, but wow, after a comeback down 17....
  16. First time in the premier League era, that Manchester United has given up 8 goals in a single season to one team (in the two premier League games)
  17. re-watching the BCC-Gunn Club match... Underrrated BOSS moment. Yuta with the folded arms and neck bridge on the submission hold with a "I can do this all day" smirk on his face. Ruby Soho's Sister Abigail-alike has so much torque that it looks EXTRA hurty. And the degeneration of Adam Page into a violent SOB continues. Plasma was needed, and boy howdy was it here. Nowhere near as much as Yuta, (is that match going into way of the blade 2?). Has it already been five months with Adam Page as champ? I hate that every Adam Cole match has to have the big cinematic talkie moment but yeah, the barbed wire deadeye. Ow.
  18. The USA Cricket Team has qualified for their first ever ICC World event.. as the hosts of the 2024 T20 World Cup.
  19. Well, Jon got enough of yuta's blood on him to count I think.
  20. https://www.pcgamer.com/court-documents-may-explain-the-disappearance-of-paranoia-happiness-is-mandatory/ This is a bizarre story. Game gets announced. Game gets delayed. Game Gets Released. Game Disappears From Stores. Game Disappears from everything. Turns out, Game is so buggy that rights-holders said "No, we don't want you to release it until it's ready", and Publisher said "Too bad, we just hit publish. What are you going to do about it?", rights-holders "Well, we're going to dress up like the Village and sing about how it's fun to file under the D-M-C-A...." Publisher (Shocked PIkachu face) 16 months later, they're still fighting about it. edit: Crazily enough, the publisher has a similar case where they took another game from a developer, cracked it, and released it without the developer's permission. "Nacon has also been involved in a contractual dispute with developer Frogwares over The Sinking City, with Frogwares using a DMCA takedown to get their own game removed from Steam after claiming that Nacon had uploaded a "cracked and pirated" version of it without permission."
  21. One thing that was a nice callback (deliberate or not). Remember what Moxley said to Danielson when the team up was proposed? "I don't group up with somebody unless I've BLED with them" Blood In, Wheeler Yuta.
  22. Not against you, but I'm going to laugh anytime someone misspells Blackpool Combat Club that way, considering the alternative connotation of what you typed
  23. Oh yeah? Well in the Indies, two invisible folks can wrestle a hardcore classic!
  24. Would the person who doubted that the Yuta-Moxley feud was A) going to continue and B) Be good for Yuta's push, please step forward? I need to know how you want your crow cooked... By golly you got a lot comin... They did mostly confirm there was going to be a Blood And Guts match this summer...
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