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  1. Practicing a bit of thread necromancy here - not entirely sure that is wise given my post count, but what the hell... To add responses to some of the calls that have happened since: Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - seriously, listen to "Godzilla," then tell me there isn't a career's worth of licks in one goddamn song. Link Wray - Poison Ivy may not happen without him, and Poison Ivy is as good an answer as anyone and better than a lot. Jimmy Page - I think a victim of his/their (as in 'Zeppelin's) success. Too big, and thus often discounted out of hand and not easily seen as t
  2. Because apparently I am approaching an existential crisis that heavy drinking can no longer stave off, and my internal DJ is aware of the fact...
  3. Dark horse suggestion: Mike Campbell from the late and lamented Tom Petty's Heartbreakers & Mudcrutch. He never seems to have played three notes when two would do, and if any of those ended up being bum notes I never heard them. Other names for the hat... Scotty Moore Buddy Guy Stevie Ray Vaughan Steve Howe Eric Johnson
  4. Watching that Hokuto / Nakano cage match a couple of pages back made me think "Hell, I'd rather be in a strap match with Wahoo McDaniel than in the same ring with either of those two." Which then made me think... Maybe this has too much story for proper clubberin' but I thought I wouldn't be going too far wrong posting this.
  5. Loooong time lurker here. Thought the folks around these parts might like to see this:
  6. Frequent reader, almost non-existent poster, but: I've had the same thing happen, though I can't tell you which link I clicked on. The redirect sends you to 'softwareupdaterlp dot com,' and before I started nuking history & cookies & running MalwareBytes & so forth, I know it happened on this board. Since then it's happened to me twice, though from different boards (vegasmessageboard.com & prowrestlingonly.com). Maybe it's something coming through the banners? Wish I could be of more help.
  7. If you liked Ka, and you have the dough, consider getting tickets to 'O' at the Bellagio. My wife and I have been twice and both think 'O' is amazing. 'Love,' the Beatles inspired show at The Mirage, is also really good - but of course you need to like the Beatles. Excalibur, for all its faults, is a much better location. I second the avoid the Excalibur buffet advice. It's better than Circus Circus, but that is damning with faint praise. If you do end up at the Excalibur you've also got MGM Grand two bridges away, so you are really spoiled for choice as far as restaurant options go. Some of
  8. You might consider checking out the Boyd properties downtown: The Fremont, California, or especially Main Street Station. I've stayed at Main Street Station on my last two trips and really enjoyed the place. It's been years since I stayed at Circus Circus, but I am willing to bet the rooms at MSS are cleaner, bigger, and possibly cheaper considering you won't get dinged a "resort fee." The staff is also super engaged and nice, plus there are Hawaiian specialty food items available (which may or may not be a selling point, of course).
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