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  1. Joe Maddon is the Angels manager.
  2. Say “The House that Ruth Built has no roof built” five times fast.
  3. This also will be the first World Series taking place in Washington D.C. since 1933.
  4. They could tie in Madusa to the Kabuki Warriors by revealing that the green mist is actually old WCW cologne.
  5. Atlanta hasn’t been beaten this badly since Sherman set it on fire.
  6. Paul Lucas from Uni-Watch was one of the SI layoffs - he was only hired seven weeks ago, after being laid off from ESPN earlier in the year. I’m a big fan of his work...this sucks completely.
  7. Not to be even more pedantic, but it was 1996.
  8. Gable running out, getting grabbed for a German suplex, and then doing a standing switch and launching Lesnar for a suplex would have gotten a huge reaction.
  9. Not to mention the terrible sequences involving Magnificent Mimi, and the endless post-match mic shouting from Richter and Mimi - just brutal, awful stuff.
  10. Medusa looked somewhat frustrated during the match as well.
  11. Also, by doing the monologue in the acting class scene, Kong is a wrestler who is acting as a wrestler who is acting.
  12. All of that, along with a Cannell manager who distracts the opponent by flinging a piece of paper into the air, and then smashes him over the head with a typewriter.
  13. The Twins have already set the MLB single-season team home run record. There’s an entire month of games left to play.
  14. I think that, and also that Harley was agreeable to doing a belt drop/regain during a tour - besides the two times with Baba (7 and 5 days), he did the same thing with Dusty in Florida in 1979 (5 days), so Rich's 4-day reign doesn't look that bizarre in context. And you get the two bonuses of both legitimizing the local hero as being able to actually win the title, and smaller-town house shows being potential sites for title changes.
  15. Tommy Rich would qualify, except he didn’t hold the belt long enough to tour.
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