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  1. Andre the Giant performed “The Fish Song”. Jimmy Hart lip-synced “Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield”.
  2. The Sheik teamed up with Dusty in 1988 for a tag match in Detroit against Murdoch and Sullivan - he turned either mid-match or after the match (and Murdoch turned face at the same time to save Dusty or something), but he technically began the match as a face.
  3. The White Sox clinched a postseason spot with their win today.
  4. No one’s mentioned a returning Piper as a possibility yet? He and Savage could have gone 3-4 months easy.
  5. Apparently it was Wilpon’s terrible idea, not Manfred’s, so Van Wagenen just had to awkwardly apologize via press release.
  6. At least four of tonight’s games are postponed thus far: Phillies/Nats Red Sox/Blue Jays Twins/Tigers Rangers/A’s
  7. And with CB Bucknor as the home plate umpire!
  8. I’m just happy the Phillies finally traded away Nick Pivetta.
  9. Minifood in Newspeak. Now my mind is filled with converting Vince-jargon into Newspeak: championship opportunity = oppochamp medical facility = medfac just want to have fun and entertain the WWE universe = doubleunifun
  10. The more games a team in that scenario doesn’t play, the more that issue cascades to its scheduled opponents’ records as well. For an extreme example, if we pretend that the Cardinals were wiped out for the year at five games played overall, that’s ten games out of 60 that the Cubs/Reds/Brewers don’t play and seven games that the Pirates don’t play.
  11. Verlander’s out for the year with an elbow injury. Edit: Apparently not?
  12. At least the rain will stop Angel Hernandez from umpiring.
  13. Dr. Fauci will throw out the first pitch at the Nats game on Opening Day.
  14. I don’t recall if that game is still viewable via the MLB.tv archive, but if it is, the natural park audio option is there for it. But you’re right - Hawk Harrelson talked so much/loudly that you could hear him faintly in the background of the Orioles telecast.
  15. With the short schedule and unknown variable of the virus, it's a completely crazy year, and therefore no front office/manager should be on the hot seat. If your team wins the World Series, it's "look at all the hardship these guys battled through this year; this win is even more special". For the other 29 teams, it's "Hey, this year was absolutely nuts, ehhh, whaddaya gonna do, you know? *shrug*" Pressure’s off. Develop young talent, go for broke, just stay healthy and alive.
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