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  1. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    How hard could it be to put a rush job on some new ballots? Any half-wit print shop could have it done overnight.
  2. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    Roy's perfect game in 2010: https://www.mlb.com/phillies/video/halladays-perfect-game/c-8495331 and his postseason debut no-hitter that same year: https://www.mlb.com/phillies/video/halladay-hurls-no-no/c-12756599
  3. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    ♫ Well, Shane McMahon had done it, The Smackdown gang had won it, With Michael Cole clucking all the while, Bray Wyatt's tragic illness made us smile, Matt Hardy lay unconscious on the bathroom tile....♫
  4. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    If there's a Hell, Benny Hill is listening to an endless loop of Yakety Sax while an old man slaps him on the top and back of his skull.
  5. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    I think this will be one of those "in hindsight, we're glad that deal didn't happen" scenarios in 5 years for Philadelphia.
  6. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    The Phillies just announced that they're kicking Pete Mackanin upstairs as a "Special Assistant" after the season is over; he'll manage the last 3 games as a dead man walking.
  7. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    That looks like an awful show. Though, if it was 1984 and there was a house show with Hogan, Snuka, Steamboat, DiBiase, Valentine, Bret Hart, Rotundo, and the Sheepherders on it, it'd be a great card.
  8. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    As a Phillies phan, I am very optimistic about next year's team, bats-wise.
  9. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    Heenan's WWF debut:
  10. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    The only thing that could have topped it is if Monsoon had left the broadcast table and saved Heenan from a beatdown. The crowd would have lost it for that.
  11. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    This tag match then led to Heenan vs. Fuji at the Nassau Colosseum.
  12. MLB - SEPT/OCT 2017

    He has two starts left, so it’s likely that he could climb up to 15th place.
  13. R.I.P., Bobby Heenan

    WCW Nitro comes back from commercial. A series of promotional sponsor logo spots appear on-screen as Schiavone reads them. The second or third was for Snickers. Heenan: Heh heh heh heh. Schiavone: ....and Snickers! Packed with - Heenan (continues): heh heh heh. Schiavone: peanu- what are you laughing about? Heenan (quietly): I'm not, I'm snickering. *silence for the rest of the spot*
  14. MLB - AUGUST 2017

    As seen in the July thread, Yoan Moncada damn near destroyed his knee and Willy Garcia's head with an inadvertent Bomaye Knee last night. Luckily x-rays were negative, though Garcia certainly has a concussion.

    Is that the industry term for the "babyface makes their comeback with three little, shitty clotheslines while the heel inexplicably keeps getting up to receive each one" sequence that I despise?