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  1. White Sox right-handed hitters preparing a feast on that stove...
  2. Apropos of nothing, I just want to say how much I enjoy the little "10 Months later..." tags that appear when an old thread gets updated. It feels like a plot device in an old-timey crime show.
  3. Important part of the press release: That’s...that’s Josh Gibson’s entrance music!
  4. All of the MLB teams’ minor league affiliation “invitation” announcements are finally being released now. Full lists: https://www.mlb.com/news/new-minor-league-affiliates-for-2021
  5. Phew... Big Don sounded like one of those terrible Vince story cycles (Vince calls himself “The Big Don”, humiliates several wrestlers, feuds with top face for 2-3 months, gets soundly thrashed at a PPV by top face, Vince shows up at Raw and a lower-card wrestler snickers at him, Vince announces new fascistic policy (“Zero Tolerance”/“Merciless Power”/“Violent Reprisals”), repeat next step, repeat next step, etc.)
  6. Theo Epstein’s last day with the Cubs is this Friday; Jed Hoyer will take his place.
  7. Well, if Dusty got the Backlund run then there wouldn’t be an unfulfilled Flair/Dusty dream match, because he would have wrestled Flair in the title vs. title match at the July 4 ‘82 show in the Omni, like Backlund did... Man, this whole alternate timeline is crazy, because then Hogan wrestles Dusty several times for the title in his early heel run, and then maybe doesn’t take the movie offer, goes to Mid-Atlantic/Crockett as McMahon asked him to, wrestles Flair in 1981 before heading to Florida and headlining there against Kevin Sullivan?
  8. One of the joys of watching the postseason on MLB.tv is the repetitive ads; I do enjoy seeing a deadpan-expressioned Johnny Bench hoist seven hamburgers into the air, however.
  9. Joe Buck ripping off his mask to reveal that he’s Marc Lowrance, without any change in his vocal inflection, and soberly announcing that the next World Series game will be contested as a Captain’s Match...
  10. Andre the Giant performed “The Fish Song”. Jimmy Hart lip-synced “Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield”.
  11. The Sheik teamed up with Dusty in 1988 for a tag match in Detroit against Murdoch and Sullivan - he turned either mid-match or after the match (and Murdoch turned face at the same time to save Dusty or something), but he technically began the match as a face.
  12. The White Sox clinched a postseason spot with their win today.
  13. No one’s mentioned a returning Piper as a possibility yet? He and Savage could have gone 3-4 months easy.
  14. Apparently it was Wilpon’s terrible idea, not Manfred’s, so Van Wagenen just had to awkwardly apologize via press release.
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