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  1. It wasn’t until June 11 that the Cubs announced refund info for June ticket buyers; July will come next - hang in there.
  2. This reminds me that the best old-timey baseball names for game-changing plays were Merkle's Boner and Snodgrass's Muff.
  3. So something like nine chinlocks, four finishers each, two reversed finishers each, and fifteen minutes of it will be closeups of conflicted/tortured/sad/“why did you make me descend to this heart of darkness?” facial expressions.
  4. Nah - more likely he’d have had generic huss music.
  5. The very end of it is remarkable, with Wendi staring straight back in disbelief towards the entrance (at what is presumably Vince), and her saying something like “If that’s how you want it, McMahon.”
  6. ♫ Here comes the Dax Here comes the Cash-er They’re The Remodelers Walls lathed and plastered Paint and construction are their middle naaaaaaaames ♫
  7. I make a living by working directly with sports; to be a little more specific, for a major sport. It’s a high-stress job because of the volume of work, but that’s offset by it being interesting and cool, you know? And the job security is about as iron-clad as it can be... the only thing that would threaten that would be for said sport not to be played. And what are the odds of that happening, right? Right... Yet, even with my livelihood being threatened, I don’t want to see my sport played unless everyone can be safe and healthy. I’d rather lose the best job I’ve had in a long career than see someone die to keep my bills paid. tl;dr version: I’m incredibly stressed out, but I’m glad I’m not a monster.
  8. No problem - Haku was in the WWF starting in 1985. He wins each year until he leaves in 1992.
  9. I think the plan there is to have a limited pool of extra players using the training fields at the spring complexes to stay ready for that circumstance, but nothing beyond that for MiLB.
  10. While there wouldn’t be ticket revenue, if empty-stadium games are played there would be considerable tv contract revenue (both the national tv contract which would get divided among the teams equally, as well as each team’s own rsn deal) that would keep things afloat for the year.
  11. At this point, I half-expect Vince to either secretly fly the roster against their will to Saudi Arabia for The Most Glorious Empty Stadium Wrestlemania, or just have the wrestlers playing WWE 2K20 to simulate the card only for every match to glitch out.
  12. I want tons of canned heat and applause like an overproduced episode of Superstars from 1986.
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