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  1. The White Sox have given rookie centerfielder Luis Robert a six-year, $50-million contract (along with two additional club option years for $20-million each) and are placing him on the roster for Opening Day.
  2. *cue 174 sepia-toned, folksy anecdotes about theoretical kids blocked from getting autographs by a mesh more impenetrable than the Berlin Wall*
  3. Bad News likely would have refused to go - during a tour in Japan he felt that Dusty was racist and so refused to do a job to him in a tag match. Other matches in this alternate-history timeline that would be good: Midnight Express vs. Windham/Rotundo, and Rock-n-Roll vs. Adonis/Murdoch.
  4. The Hart Foundation only happened because Bret didn’t want to be “Cowboy” Bret Hart, correct? In the NWA, that doesn’t happen, and maybe he just stays a single and gets Windham’s original spot with Dusty after Windham jumps in late 1984, instead of Magnum getting it?
  5. Well, at the very least, 1967 Busch Stadium had a deeper right-center (386 ft.) and right field (330 ft.) vs. 1966 Yankee Stadium’s equivalents (367 & 296). That’ll give someone with “power but not awesome power” more deep flyouts.
  6. Likewise vs. Big John Studd at MSG, where a debuting Heenan as manager helps Studd win by countout, and the return match stip is that Hogan can lose the belt via countout (match at 43:39; Heenan goads Hogan into rematch at 2:25:38):
  7. Say “The House that Ruth Built has no roof built” five times fast.
  8. This also will be the first World Series taking place in Washington D.C. since 1933.
  9. They could tie in Madusa to the Kabuki Warriors by revealing that the green mist is actually old WCW cologne.
  10. Atlanta hasn’t been beaten this badly since Sherman set it on fire.
  11. Paul Lucas from Uni-Watch was one of the SI layoffs - he was only hired seven weeks ago, after being laid off from ESPN earlier in the year. I’m a big fan of his work...this sucks completely.
  12. Not to be even more pedantic, but it was 1996.
  13. Gable running out, getting grabbed for a German suplex, and then doing a standing switch and launching Lesnar for a suplex would have gotten a huge reaction.
  14. Not to mention the terrible sequences involving Magnificent Mimi, and the endless post-match mic shouting from Richter and Mimi - just brutal, awful stuff.
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