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  1. Santino in drag hides under the ring during the women’s rumble, re-enters ring during men’s rumble 24 hours later, is confused and is immediately eliminated while the announcers attempt to one-up each other with fake laughing.
  2. I'm not much of a Riho fan, but if she started leaning heavily into Hogan-esque cosplay and match structure, Riho-ing Up out of finishers and then crushing opponents' faces with a top-rope leg drop, I wouldn't object!
  3. I just want his entrance music to be something cheesy, like "Hook" by Blues Traveler or the "You're a crook, Captain Hook, Judge won't you throw the book at the pirate" song from Arrested Development.
  4. To continue with the Hulk/Andre analogies, in a few years Riho will need to give interviews where she says that she tore her lat muscles doing this, and that Hayter passed away a few days later, God Bless her.
  5. 12/28/84 Cobra vs. Black Tiger at MSG:
  6. I'm just looking forward to MLB dusting off its infrequently-used Tiebreaker logo.
  7. During the Hennig/Gilbert MSG match in late 1982, Gorilla does say a generic “both of these youngsters come from wrestling families, and both of their fathers are still active wrestlers”. Edit: and then Vince name-drops Larry Hennig a few minutes into it as well:
  8. Polka Dot Dusty guy was walking around the floor the entire night, getting DUS-TY chants from the crowd and miming the bionic elbow.
  9. I can’t wait for this! Watching the first Matrix film in-person way back when was an incredible experience, not only for the quality of the movie itself, but also because the local movie theater was well-known to have lively audiences that talked/shouted out loud during movies. They came absolutely unglued during The Matrix, frantically mimicking the on-screen fights as they occurred, or shouting things like “That’s the shit I’m talking about right there!” - it was like performance art. Greatest movie experience ever. My only ask for this new film is that they somehow show the death of the annoying Kid from the second/third movies, in as excruciating a manner as possible.
  10. Their finisher had better include a bridging pin called the Water Lily.
  11. Please enjoy three solid minutes of Mike Shannon slowly reading a promo drop and contemplating what an NFT is:
  12. They don’t look the same; Newark is a through-running station with high platforms, Hoboken is a terminal (which is why Ruby can just walk past multiple tracks/gates) with unique middle-height platforms.
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