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  1. I’m assuming not that many places have/had a 6-man title, so the opportunities are rare. If you allow for multiple companies, Ivan Koloff (WWWF champion, NWA tag and 6-man).
  2. Absolutely. Further down the rabbit-hole of unintended consequences, one could theorize that Bret staying alters the timing of the chain of events that leads to HHH's 1999 push and storyline pairing with Stephanie (which leads to their actual relationship/marriage/kids).
  3. The way I always thought Bret leaving should have gone was: Let Bischoff make the announcement that he was jumping to WCW. Since Bret was under contract with the WWF through the December IYH, you have him announce that he’s leaving in a month and taking the world title with him, unless someone can beat him before then. The month becomes a chase, with the entire roster temporarily turning face. And then he loses on the last night to Undertaker; he tries to walk out and the roster blocks him at the top of the aisle; usual stuff like that. Tombstone finishes him, then Taker drops the belt to Michaels at the Rumble in the casket match, and we're back on the same timeline without anyone being double-crossed, quitting, etc.
  4. Honky Tonk Man appears as a face-painted alter-ego named The Graceland Honk, spits a mist of chewed-up peanut butter and bananas, and debuts a running version of his finisher “Shining Rattle and Roll”.
  5. Terrible idea: They rip-off the Wrestlemania 2000's IC/Euro match stips; it's Reigns vs. Cody vs. Sammy in a 2 Falls Triple Threat match with the first fall deciding one title and the second fall deciding the other title. Sammy pins Cody in the first fall; Cody pins Sammy in the second fall. Reigns loses both titles without dropping a fall as Corey Graves screams about the injustice.
  6. As a lifelong Phillies phan (which I try not to mention too much for professional reasons), I honestly can say that I had a fantastic time: Postseason games attended: 4 (NLDS Game 3; NLCS Game 3; World Series Games 4 and 5) Foods consumed: Chicken cheesesteak, Impossible cheesesteak, a 'Thanksgiving-on-a-hoagie-roll' turkey sandwich named "The Gobbler", veggie hot dogs, soft pretzels, Cracker Jack, Tastykakes, peanuts, french fries, crab fries, Federal Donuts Dingers seen hit by home team: 4 No-hitters witnessed: 1 (even if it was by the other team; history is history) Playing with house money takes the sting out of losing. My poor old heart and belly are full; I have lost some hearing from the bedlam. I love baseball.
  7. Look at is this way: the total number of World Series games played to that point (688 games) divided by 2 no-hitters, so the average of one-per-344 games is the same occurrence as having a no-hitter in a regular season every 23 days.
  8. I always thought during the panda vs. titan logo/name angst that the company should have changed its name to UUWF and only refer to it as "double-u dubba-u eff", as it retcons the former name pronounciation.
  9. This isn’t how I wanted to experience a no-hitter in person….
  10. I will be in attendance at Game 4, and I hope for many more Phillies dingers.
  11. Or she’d use rose stem thorns to gouge the eyes.
  12. If we're using the available roster, Dynamite/Davey and Bret/Anvil were already doing tv tapings....
  13. JYD was super-over in 1984 WWF; I think that initial wave of his popularity peaked at Wrestlemania 1 with him not winning the IC title against Valentine. And “Grab Them Cakes” just wasn’t going to bring the crowd to its feet like “Another One Bites the Dust” did.
  14. I could seriously get into Wheeler Yuta - Destroyer of AEW Cliches: he refuses to do backstage interviews because that's where everyone gets attacked when doing an in-ring or ramp/entrance interview, he waits a full 30 seconds after the first question while looking back at the entrance before answering, because that's when everyone gets interrupted he immediately brings out weapons during a match, forcing the refs to remove the weapon or DQ him he leaves the ring and compels the ref to count, and urges them to hurry up
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