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  1. According to the Ron Fuller podcast, after Dusty’s babyface turn in Florida he would bleed nearly every evening, and after awhile his forehead wouldn’t heal properly, so he switched to getting cut on the arm.
  2. The specific experimental rules that MLB is having tested in the independent Atlantic League this season have been announced: Home plate umpire assisted in calling balls and strikes by a TrackMan radar tracking system. No mound visits permitted by players or coaches other than for pitching changes of medical issues. Pitchers must face a minimum of three batters, or reach the end of an inning before they exit the game, unless the pitcher becomes injured. Increase the size of 1st, 2nd and 3rd base from 15 inches square to 18 inches square. Require two infielders to be on each side of second base when a pitch is released (if not, the ball is dead and the umpire shall call a ball). Time between innings and pitching changes reduced from 2:05 to 1:45. Distance from pitching rubber to home plate extended 24 inches, in the second half of the season only; with no change to mound height or shape.
  3. I think Vince wanted Dusty to jump during 1983 - they even gave him postmatch mic time at MSG in May of that year:
  4. And instead of there being competing bWAR and fWAR standards, there'd be WARa and WARo measurements, but with an argument over whether the R stood for Rotunda or Rotundo.
  5. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. This was the main event for the first MSG house show that I ever attended - a matinee show with barely 6,000 in attendance. I bought a ringside ticket outside the Garden from a homeless guy for 10 bucks (his quote: “You want this? They just came around and handed them out to us”) and the card was filled with lots of occupation gimmicks (The Goon, The Stalker, TL Hopper). Difficult to see with the tape quality, but Shawn sets up the super kick finish by distracting Goldust via smooch.
  6. The Texas Rangers have announced that they’ll be using artificial turf at their new stadium.
  7. If logical, at least an hour, running back in at 2-minute intervals.
  8. From a press release that just went out:
  9. Agreed, and by 1983 several of them were part of the “Wheeze Kids” Phillies.
  10. Let us not overlook Sid’s triumphant old-man return against Heath Slater, complete with more fist-bumps.
  11. There's a very good Bockwinkel/Robinson match on the 1982 AWA Christmas show.
  12. Excuse me, but did Albert Belle juggle baseballs in the dugout while smoking a cigarette?
  13. I'm...okay with this? Anything's better than the 0 WAR outfield of last season.
  14. Grace Comiskey owned the White Sox from 1940-1956.
  15. With Fox already being on-the-record with requesting Smackdown have less comedy, I can see Vince funneling all of his terrible HAHA PAL HE'S PEED HIS PANTS ideas into Raw.
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