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  1. Also, by doing the monologue in the acting class scene, Kong is a wrestler who is acting as a wrestler who is acting.
  2. All of that, along with a Cannell manager who distracts the opponent by flinging a piece of paper into the air, and then smashes him over the head with a typewriter.
  3. The Twins have already set the MLB single-season team home run record. There’s an entire month of games left to play.
  4. I think that, and also that Harley was agreeable to doing a belt drop/regain during a tour - besides the two times with Baba (7 and 5 days), he did the same thing with Dusty in Florida in 1979 (5 days), so Rich's 4-day reign doesn't look that bizarre in context. And you get the two bonuses of both legitimizing the local hero as being able to actually win the title, and smaller-town house shows being potential sites for title changes.
  5. Tommy Rich would qualify, except he didn’t hold the belt long enough to tour.
  6. The White Sox had Bill Walton do color commentary for an entire game last night.
  7. Yeah - I was just marveling over the time span (not being snide nor corrective); it’s got to be pretty rare, especially when Piper and Orton vanished fairly quickly in contrast.
  8. It’s one week before Valentine started on the road with Vince, but *two months after* he started doing WWF TV tapings.
  9. They’ll call her The Rockette and give her a front kick for a finisher.
  10. Hell with it - just have Luger wheel out wearing his old shirt with it billowing around like a smock.
  11. It’s tough being a rookie umpire. Maybe Boone bought him a beer later that evening, like in this old vintage Bud commercial:
  12. I loved all of the odd matchups that occurred (Magnum TA wrestling Misawa! Ronnie Garvin gently exchanging with Giant Baba!), and greatly enjoyed Dusty waffling the referee with his boot, and the ref’s slow unconscious fall backwards.
  13. I still think they cut Cena’s legs off in that Wrestlemania title match vs JBL - they had him come out to new music (resulting in a muted pop), and JBL controlled the majority of the match to little heat.
  14. Some teams are already doing just that (raising/lowering the nets before the game), so it shouldn’t be an excuse.
  15. According to the Ron Fuller podcast, after Dusty’s babyface turn in Florida he would bleed nearly every evening, and after awhile his forehead wouldn’t heal properly, so he switched to getting cut on the arm.
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