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  1. Hamhock

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    Excuse me, but did Albert Belle juggle baseballs in the dugout while smoking a cigarette?
  2. Hamhock

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    I'm...okay with this? Anything's better than the 0 WAR outfield of last season.
  3. Hamhock

    Your HOF! Who's missing and Why?

    Grace Comiskey owned the White Sox from 1940-1956.
  4. With Fox already being on-the-record with requesting Smackdown have less comedy, I can see Vince funneling all of his terrible HAHA PAL HE'S PEED HIS PANTS ideas into Raw.
  5. Hamhock

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Deal is official. Phillies get: Segura, Juan Nicasio, and James Pazos Mariners get: JP Crawford and Carlos Santana No money exchanged in deal.
  6. Hamhock

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    The Athletics have released info and renderings of their proposed ballpark in the Howard Terminal area of Oakland, as well as proposed redevelopment of the existing Coliseum site:
  7. Hamhock

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    This is going to descend into bickering that results in a thread closure, isn't it.....
  8. Hamhock

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Any interest in doing a multiple-choice poll topic? We could vote amongst ourselves, perhaps?
  9. Hamhock

    MLB OFFSEASON - P&C report 2/13/19

    Adrian Beltre has retired.
  10. Hamhock

    Uniforms: new, ugly, conceptual and whatnot

    New Marlins uniforms along with their updated logo:
  11. Hamhock

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    Now I wish there was a JTTS/midcard postal worker gimmick wrestler in 1990s WWF. Small package finisher. His weight is announced in ounces. When he gets mad, he "goes postal". He only travels first class. Etc. etc.
  12. Hamhock

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    Hell with it - just run it exactly like the Austin/Bret arc. Ronda wins clean but only via desperation pinfall, Becky annihilates everyone at the Royal Rumble, rematch at Wrestlemania with the blood/passout/double-turn. After that, set up a Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen tag match at a second Evolution PPV in mid-2019, then a final elimination match between aforementioned at next year's Survivor Series.
  13. That would be amazing. Are there any patent medicines in the game? Where’s Nigel West Dickens’s renowned elixir when you need it?
  14. My favorite Albright match is this tag with Williams against Misawa and Akiyama, which is essentially an extended 9-minute beatdown:
  15. Hamhock


    Definitely Tiger Jackson - Patterson wouldn’t stop talking about it on commentary for the rest of the night. “Wasn’t that funny to see Tiger Jackson spinning on his head?”