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  1. For what it’s worth, players can take part in non-baseball/softball fantasy leagues as long as they aren’t hosted by an offshore-based site, or if the player resides in a state that hasn’t legalized sports betting, etc etc.
  2. And he even overcounted - it’s 14 times.
  3. I listen to podcasts at 1.25x speed; it’s perfect for speeding up slow-paced talkers and ponderous silences without making things sound too manic. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with BTS; Kris’s voice is a “quick-yet-legato” drawl and he tends to yawn quite a bit, which makes things difficult to discern at faster playback speeds. Not a complaint, mind you; just an observation.
  4. If batters were going to make a “simple” adjustment against the shift, it would have already happened. I swear, if baseball had somehow determined that a wall of four armor-padded infielders standing within 10 feet of home plate could snare all grounders and line drives and bring batting averages down to .005, there’d be people arguing “why don’t batters simply Baltimore Chop their way over the wall? We don’t need to ban this defense.”
  5. Yeah - I think I simply misremembered the early early board (where it was one long page of threads with no folders) as being blue, but the Internet Archive shows it in late 2000 as a green/pale yellow combo as you noted.
  6. This has probably been brought up at some point, but was the board blue before it was green? I’m now 753 years old, so my memory isn’t as crisp as it once was.
  7. That reminds of me of when a wrestler would not only be billed from Parts Unknown, but also Weight Unknown, and Gorilla Monsoon would say something like "I can understand hiding where you're from, but what's wrong with a guy hopping on a scale, Jess?"
  8. I would say it was the Midnight Rider vs. Lucifer mask vs. mask “loser must leave for a year” cage match in late 1983, but Sullivan was back within 90 days and they wrestled a bunch more until Dusty left for Crockett.
  9. Hogan having to lean into a Trade Unionist gimmick would have been funny - he was already calling everyone "brother" and still had the hard hat!
  10. I feel that he moves too slowly; it's as if he's practicing/training while running the ropes rather than hitting them at full speed, except that's really his full speed? Does that make any sense?
  11. Santino in drag hides under the ring during the women’s rumble, re-enters ring during men’s rumble 24 hours later, is confused and is immediately eliminated while the announcers attempt to one-up each other with fake laughing.
  12. I'm not much of a Riho fan, but if she started leaning heavily into Hogan-esque cosplay and match structure, Riho-ing Up out of finishers and then crushing opponents' faces with a top-rope leg drop, I wouldn't object!
  13. I just want his entrance music to be something cheesy, like "Hook" by Blues Traveler or the "You're a crook, Captain Hook, Judge won't you throw the book at the pirate" song from Arrested Development.
  14. To continue with the Hulk/Andre analogies, in a few years Riho will need to give interviews where she says that she tore her lat muscles doing this, and that Hayter passed away a few days later, God Bless her.
  15. 12/28/84 Cobra vs. Black Tiger at MSG:
  16. I'm just looking forward to MLB dusting off its infrequently-used Tiebreaker logo.
  17. During the Hennig/Gilbert MSG match in late 1982, Gorilla does say a generic “both of these youngsters come from wrestling families, and both of their fathers are still active wrestlers”. Edit: and then Vince name-drops Larry Hennig a few minutes into it as well:
  18. Polka Dot Dusty guy was walking around the floor the entire night, getting DUS-TY chants from the crowd and miming the bionic elbow.
  19. I can’t wait for this! Watching the first Matrix film in-person way back when was an incredible experience, not only for the quality of the movie itself, but also because the local movie theater was well-known to have lively audiences that talked/shouted out loud during movies. They came absolutely unglued during The Matrix, frantically mimicking the on-screen fights as they occurred, or shouting things like “That’s the shit I’m talking about right there!” - it was like performance art. Greatest movie experience ever. My only ask for this new film is that they somehow show the death of the annoying Kid from the second/third movies, in as excruciating a manner as possible.
  20. Their finisher had better include a bridging pin called the Water Lily.
  21. Please enjoy three solid minutes of Mike Shannon slowly reading a promo drop and contemplating what an NFT is:
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