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  1. 12/28/84 Cobra vs. Black Tiger at MSG:
  2. I'm just looking forward to MLB dusting off its infrequently-used Tiebreaker logo.
  3. During the Hennig/Gilbert MSG match in late 1982, Gorilla does say a generic “both of these youngsters come from wrestling families, and both of their fathers are still active wrestlers”. Edit: and then Vince name-drops Larry Hennig a few minutes into it as well:
  4. Polka Dot Dusty guy was walking around the floor the entire night, getting DUS-TY chants from the crowd and miming the bionic elbow.
  5. I can’t wait for this! Watching the first Matrix film in-person way back when was an incredible experience, not only for the quality of the movie itself, but also because the local movie theater was well-known to have lively audiences that talked/shouted out loud during movies. They came absolutely unglued during The Matrix, frantically mimicking the on-screen fights as they occurred, or shouting things like “That’s the shit I’m talking about right there!” - it was like performance art. Greatest movie experience ever. My only ask for this new film is that they somehow show the death of the annoying Kid from the second/third movies, in as excruciating a manner as possible.
  6. Their finisher had better include a bridging pin called the Water Lily.
  7. Please enjoy three solid minutes of Mike Shannon slowly reading a promo drop and contemplating what an NFT is:
  8. They don’t look the same; Newark is a through-running station with high platforms, Hoboken is a terminal (which is why Ruby can just walk past multiple tracks/gates) with unique middle-height platforms.
  9. Rey modifying the 619’s through-the-ropes-legs-rotato into a spinning mandible claw would be something.
  10. This home run is worth a 10 on the Canseco scale for own-goals: Higher-res with replays: https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-07/30/ab80f644-4cc65d03-27b90f9b-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4
  11. Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown or we riot.
  12. Yep, they have World Championship Wrestling episodes up from 11/2/85 (couple of weeks after the Dusty leg break) - 7/8/89 (after Flair regained the title). What's missing: the first 7 months (the first Crockett WCW episode after buying the slot from Vince was 4/6/85) mid-1989 through early 1992 (it gets renamed to Saturday Night in April 1992, which they have up through end of 1993)
  13. Yeah - the last episode put up on the Network was May 17, 1986, which I think was the effective end of MACW being called that name.
  14. The White Sox have extended Lance Lynn for another two years and $38 million, with a club option year for 2024.
  15. Kevan Smith had a classic start to his MLB career in 2016, and by “classic start”, I mean “hurt himself during pre-game stretching and go immediately on the injured list.”
  16. Counterpoint: as the current Mets ownership is neither financially-constrained by nor responsible for said contract, they should absolutely turn it into a lighthearted farce.
  17. That very same DiBiase bump for Savage’s great “jump over the top rope neck-snap” was the best:
  18. Yasmani Grandal is having one of those bizarro-stat seasons; through 46 games played, he has: batting average of .157 BAbip of .143 (130 points below his career norm) OBP of .398 with a 28.8% walk rate more walks than hits more HRs than singles 1.5 WAR 129 OPS+, the highest of his career
  19. The fancy site for those is at whitesox.com/southside
  20. The story is listed on the MLB.com homepage as "Bumgarner throws 7-inning no-hitter", there's inclusion in the "no-hitters that went fewer than 9 innings" evergreen article on same, the video is listed as "Bumgarner finishes 7 no-hit frames", etc...
  21. They are, yes.
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