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  1. I cannot fucking believe this!!!
  2. Thanksgiving Night, Dallas Texas. November 24, 1983 Steel Cage Loser Leaves Texas -- Kerry Von Erich vs Michael Hayes
  3. Wait...who is the man in the blue tights? Is it Busick?
  4. Who is the large man in the photo with the person in blue shorts?
  5. This GCW show confused the hell out of me. Barely any ring intros announced. I can't really tell you what the finishes are of the last 3 matches. The Roadies match is listed on several sites as a double DQ, but it sure doesn't appear that way to me. One website says that Ted DiBiase is a substitute for NWA Champ Harley Race. The ring announcer says at the end of the show that Tommy Race is the winner, but I don't know why. Is there a special referee during the match? Not identified. Can anyone tell me who are the first guys that run in during the main? I thought one was clearly Michael Hayes, but he was not in the territory at the time, he faced Kerry Von Erich in Amarillo on this date. Who is the guy in the white sweater with long blond hair? Who is the guy in the brown plaid shirt with the mustache? Why does it take about 2 minutes and 10 guys running in before the ref rings the final bell?? So many questions. Was this a good show? Any great matches with horrible finishes? I'm really not sure right now. And how much was that little boy in the front row traumatized by Abby & Buzz brawling and bleeding all over the place? (Just kidding, I think...)
  6. Go Pro Wrestling, Wayne NJ, September 28, 2019
  7. This took place the day after the Flair/ Martel "Unification Match" in Japan on 10/21/85
  8. This is the extended ending to AEW #4. The show was not supposed to end immediately after the finish.
  9. AJPW Triple Crown Match, October 24, 2019 Kento Miyahara vs Jake Lee
  10. OX BAKER CLEVELAND RIOT, January 31, 1974. Two versions of the same footage. The match is Ernie Ladd vs Johnny Powers, when Ox runs in
  11. Did anyone go to Evolve 138 in Concord NC? Can't find results anywhere online
  12. USA All Star Wrestling VHS Tape 1985 Dusty Rhodes, Dick Slater & Ricky Steamboat vs Black Bart, Ron Bass & Tully Blanchard (Bunkhouse Match) 12/25/84, Charlotte NC Manny Fernandez & Buzz Tyler vs Dory Funk Jr & Black Bart 2/14/85 Sumter SC Ric Flair vs Kurt Von Hess (non title) 8/13/84 Greenville SC Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda vs Gary Royal & Paul Kelly 9/12/84, unknown Greg Valentine vs Steve Muslin 8/31/83 Greenwood SC NWA World Tag Team Title--- Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle (c) vs Mark & Jay Youngblood (NO DQ) 8/22/84 Winston-Salem, NC
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