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  1. Photo

    What match is that bloody Andre photo from? Is that Baba or Inoki or someone else?
  2. Photo

    8 years ago today....
  3. You also gotta love at around the 10 minute mark, you can hear Buzz tell Duggan "Grab my pants"....and Duggan exposes Buzz's ass cheeks...LOL
  4. Geezus this is a freakin major bloodbath.... Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, November 11, 1985 (Mid-South, New Orleans)
  5. I watched this for the first time today. It is not complete, about 13 minutes are clipped. But jeezus, this was pretty damn great.... AWA World Heavyweight title defense in Hawaii. Nick Bockwinkel vs Jumbo Tsuruta, February 14, 1979
  6. Looks like NWA On Demand has actually decreased in price from $8.99 to $5.99 per month! Woohoo!!!
  7. NWA On Demand has decreased its price from $8.99 to $5.99 a month.
  8. Very unusual find, not on the AWA set. Nick Bockwinkel title defense against Jim Brunzell. July 16, 1981 Winnipeg
  9. Maybe he meant Derrick King, not Lawler, who was born in November
  10. Lashley and Cobb faced each other at the Highspots Wrestlecon Supershow in Orlando, 3/31/17
  11. And....Thirty Years Ago Today
  12. Thirty six years ago today....
  13. I've got Buddy Rogers vs Killer Kowalski from Chicago 2/22/63. Very short match for three falls....