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  1. Did anyone go to Evolve 138 in Concord NC? Can't find results anywhere online
  2. USA All Star Wrestling VHS Tape 1985 Dusty Rhodes, Dick Slater & Ricky Steamboat vs Black Bart, Ron Bass & Tully Blanchard (Bunkhouse Match) 12/25/84, Charlotte NC Manny Fernandez & Buzz Tyler vs Dory Funk Jr & Black Bart 2/14/85 Sumter SC Ric Flair vs Kurt Von Hess (non title) 8/13/84 Greenville SC Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda vs Gary Royal & Paul Kelly 9/12/84, unknown Greg Valentine vs Steve Muslin 8/31/83 Greenwood SC NWA World Tag Team Title--- Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle (c) vs Mark & Jay Youngblood (NO DQ) 8/22/84 Winston-Salem, NC
  3. NWA World Tag Team Title Match, September 7, 2019 Villain Enterprises (Brody King & PCO) (c) vs Tom Latimer (Bram) & Royce Isaacs
  4. AJPW Triple Crown Title Match, Tuesday September 3, 2019 Kento Miyahara vs Naoya Nomura
  5. Big Japan, Saturday August 24, 2019 Daisuke Sekimoto vs Michael Elgin
  6. The follow up from Saturday's tag match. This is a six man with Bestia del Ring & Mistico added
  7. So....does anyone want to talk about Crockett Cup 1986??? Fantastics vs Sheepherders, complete match!!!
  8. That's not Caristico.....he wrestled for The Crash on Friday night
  9. April 18, 2019, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Merseyside Liverpool England PAC vs Pentagon Jr
  10. March 9, 2019 Limitless Wrestling, Westbrook Maine. Teddy Hart vs Darby Allin
  11. RVD was in WCW from January to June of 1993, not 91
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