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  1. Quarter Final Match of the 2007 NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament
  2. Two days ago was the 39th Anniversary of this match, which Jim Cornette calls "The First Five Star Match" Two versions....Poor quality but has the intros and opening segment Cleaned up version, missing the first 2 1/2 minutes
  3. Never before seen dark match from Evolve 107, June 24, 2018 WWE NXT North American Title Match Adam Cole (c) vs WALTER
  4. For those of us who cannot read Japanese, can you tell us what it is, Dean?
  5. This is the match that the Wrestling Observer was calling one of the greatest tag team matches of all time. Chattanooga, TN. Taped April 26, 1988. (Aired on Worldwide Wrestling 5/14/88) The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) defend the NWA United States tag team titles against the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers..
  6. B Brian Blair @Killerbee1B Rip Oliver went to be with the Lord today at 4 p.m.. May the good Lord comfort his widow and 3 children, family & close friends. Rip is no longer suffering but we are deeply saddened by this news. @CACReunion
  7. The CRASH, Tijuana, February 22, 2020 --- Non Title Match (Lethal & Gresham are ROH champs) Bandido & Dragon Lee vs Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal
  8. ECW Tag Wars 1994 (Compilation) Public Enemy vs Bruise Brothers Public Enemy vs Bad Breed (Baseball Bat Match) Pitbulls vs Bad Breed Pitbulls vs Bad Breed (Double Dog Collar Match) Sabu & Taz vs Malenko Brothers Sabu & Taz run in during a Public Enemy match
  9. That's not the first ever episode of Worldwide....
  10. Please identify the people in the above photo. Ernest Miller?
  11. That's fine. It's a great match and more people should see it
  12. Is Randy Orton approaching Big Show numbers in his amount of heel /face turns? Someone needs to look into this please!!!
  13. Combat Zone Wrestling, March 9, 2002 Justice Pain vs Jerry Lynn CZW World Title vs CZW Iron Man Title Fatal Four Way Justice Pain vs Nick Mondo vs Messiah vs Adam Flash CZW High Stakes, May 11, 2002
  14. Meltzer said on WOR that Justice Pain jumped off the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia. He is survived by two children
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