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  1. Adding "drunk" makes this waaaay creepy.
  2. Two British rounds matches from the end of 2018 - both very different, both worth your time.
  3. Anyone who's a fan of the older British style of wrestling will dig this I feel, Mason is a veteran who debuted in the early 90s whilst Breaks is a relative newcomer but, as is obvious by his name and gear, loves the traditional British style. More of this show to come as well.
  4. Hype for Timothy Thatcher vs Jerry Bakewell in a British Rounds match on 16th December in East London.
  5. Progress yesterday had Pete Dunne vs Jack Gallagher for the WWE UK Title.
  6. Big Rob


    Shockingly acted, not surprising.
  7. Big Rob


    I actually thought this was easily the best episode so far, the matches seemed to get a bit more time to breathe and I don't mind the soap opera angle although Foxy's meltdown was shocking.
  8. DVDs are a thing, and the UK also had World of Sport on TV for a few years on the Wrestling Channel in the mid 00s.
  9. Pretty damn good Smackdown in all, good matches and the appearance of Boo Dallas was great. It might not mean anything, but to me the most interesting thing was Team BAD coming out and leaving to Sasha's music rather than Naomi's. She looked, at least for this show, to be positioned as the leader.
  10. Assuming this is where the gimmick is inspired from, I really want Elias Sampson to bring a cat to the ring with him.
  11. You have no idea why WWE are using a popular actor who loves wrestling on one of their biggest shows of the year?
  12. Is it still up, I cant find it anywhere?
  13. His house show matches are, by most accounts, way longer though.
  14. I remember a lot of hating on it at the time, so it was funny to hear that Vicky Guerreros favourite WWE moment was when Rock sung Wonderful Tonight to her.
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