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  1. Nice, it does feel good when you beat a regular team.
  2. I used it for the Shattered Realm to at least hit up the various ascendant anchors and chests.
  3. None announced so far though I assume that changes next week. Its weird since a couple these seemed like obvious matches for stips to happen based off of the build and/or promos.
  4. That feels ever so slightly harsh.
  5. I surprisingly managed to finish the the pinnacles for Trials in one day. I didn't do great, but it felt like a better experience than last week though I did have two teammates suicide on me in one game when it became obvious we weren't going to win. That last game was close with us winning the first two rounds, losing the next four, and coming back to win the match. It was one of the better games I've had in Trials
  6. That is an interesting question. While I imagine he gives a good among of input I doubt he is super hands on since he doesn't have an official position at DC anymore. It is nice to see him and Robinson doing some writing for the show. Its amazing to me because this is the first time Eclipso really comes off as threat they push him as usually. They have done such a wonderful job making him so menacing. He is too big for the team as they are, but I'm guessing Jade will come back to make the save. Maybe we get others well. We are supposed to see Jay at some point.
  7. Enjoyed Usos vs. E/Balor, the backstage attack, and Heyman getting caught by E and Kayla again. New Day vs. Blood Lines happening on Raw feels off, but I don't really give a fuck because its going to be good. Liv/Carmella getting an Extreme Rules spot is weird. Enjoyed Naomi confronting Sonya the way she did backstage. Curious if leads to Sonya in the ring again. Final segment between Becky and Bianca was fine if nothing special. It is good to see Bianca loved so much. Sadly her match was pretty short.
  8. I dug the episode, buy it didn't quite hit me the way some of the others did.
  9. It continues to please me to see the quality Stargirl has hit and maintained. I was really worried what would happen with them being under CW, but they haven't compromised anything yet in terms of their writing or action.
  10. Its less a case of you being punished purposely and more like someone screwed up the respawn point in some of the Shattered Realm.
  11. Want to say Alexa did that even back in NXT once or twice.
  12. I get what you are saying, but seeing as he wasn't using the Regal name before, there is a chance he maybe doesn't want to use it.
  13. To be fair its not like he was going by Regal in the first place. And that is actually a normal sounding name.
  14. I've been reading via Dawn. So far I'm mostly liked what I've read. Its just that most of the books don't stand strong on their own. Hellions is only a few issues in at vol. 16, but its easily in the top 3. Personally, I think they tried to do too many books. They should have kept it down to 4-5 with everything else just being a mini or one shot.
  15. Had a similar incident happen to me two weeks ago. Wherever I fell was technically ground, but also completely out of bounds so I would die immediately.
  16. I'm kind of pissed they didn't use the infinitely better Rex Steiner name for Bron Breakker. Dug the match with Knight. It was nice, simple, and Steiner looked good. The Carmelo Hayes segment was weird. He feels like he will be better as a heel, but his promo game is not there and turning via beating on an established heel in Hudson was just a dumb choice. Trick looked more comfortable on the mic. B-Fab did not look good at all in her debut. Hopefully she isn't wrestling too much or just happened to be nervous here. She is a good talker so I was hoping for something more. Imperium vs. Briggs/Jensen was fun while it lasted. Kacy/Kaden vs. Dolin/Jayne turning into a six women tag with Mandy and Sarray added was a bit more main roster than I like, but the match itself was pretty solid. I like Mandy going brunette to fit in better with Dolin and Jayne. Looking forward to seeing how their team continues to evolve. The Creed Brothers had another wonderful squash and its nice to see Diamond Mine growing with a female member added. The 4-way was nice while it lasted though it felt a bit quick for an NXT Title match. The new guy wasn't bad though I have no idea why he was added. He didn't have a strong showing character or charisma wise. He also didn't really make sense being added simply for helping Kyle. Steiner/Breakker would have made a lot more sense seeing that he beat Knight earlier on the show. Ciampa winning was a nice surprise. Thought for sure it would be Dunne. The InDex wedding and the segments leading up to it were perfect. I loved every bit with Dexter never breaking character, the axe threat, Beth coming in for the rescue, etc. They could not have done that any better than they did. I could do without the Dunn cuts though I think I have sadly gotten used to them from years of watching the main show. I'm still not fond of the new logo. Also not sure on the coloring used for the lights. At the same time I think the arena looks so much better with the brightness turned up like it was. Its good actually seeing the audience, and it feels like they reconfigured the arena to fit more people as well. That said, in general I thought this was a solid show as a reset of the brand. The newer, less experienced talent have good potential for the most part and should go far with the older talent still around to teach them.
  17. Spent the afternoon/evening going after Ager's Scepter. Aztec put it best, mentioning how its the best exotic for feeding into a specific subclass. May only be so-so for high level content, but its pretty good otherwise. Curious to see what the catalyst brings to the table next week. The lore bits about Crow, Uldren, and Mara were nice. Also enjoyed Mara and Ikora commiserating on the respectable and absolutely annoying sides of Crow/Uldren.
  18. 3 episodes into Y. Its decent so far though I'm not sure I'm interested in seeing them dig into modern politics so much. Not fond of the changes they made to the sister. Feels weird and unnecessary to make her a bigger mess than Yorick before the disaster hit.
  19. And now I'm going to be sad when this doesn't happen.
  20. Charlotte/Shayna was disappointing with it feeling off at times, but I surprisingly liked what I saw of the post match segment between Charlotte and Alexa. Enjoyed Hardy/Priest a decent bit more than I expected to. Nattie/Rhea was pretty solid. Its nice to see Rhea actually win with that submission of hers. The 8-man tag match was fun. Orton/Lashley was pretty good. Dug the match, and I love the immediate aftermath from Lashley's post match attack, his injury sell, and E cashing in. So happy to see Big E with a world title finally. I'm a little disappointed we won't get E teasing Heyman with the briefcase anymore, but this was a welcome site.
  21. Its nice to see how far things have come. Really enjoyed how Eclipso has worked out so far. He feels more menacingly than in the few stories I have read with him. Are any of them horribly egregious? I wonder if I will even notice with it being more than five years since I read Y.
  22. The Hawkeye trailer looks fun. I feel its almost a certainty it becomes at a real thing once this series airs.
  23. Oh I get it can be tricky, I'm talking more about moments where tis common sense and the best way not to die. Like RIPPA I had someone doing their best to kill one enemy instead of revive them when I was literally right behind them. They could have easily done this w/o getting killed, but instead got themselves dead chasing the last enemy. This was also the guy who had no kills on the team so I was a little miffed that he didn't revive me or the other dude who could actually do something. Following can be fine, but when people can pincer you so easily it helps to spread out a little. Telesto breaking again in the season where they empowered fusion rifles seems on point.
  24. I thought his injury was knee related.
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