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  1. I mean generally speaking you don't take a job to rescue a princess on the the most dangerous Imperial vessel known just to make ends meet. Even with owing Jabba it realistically wouldn't have been worth it for most. It also isn't remotely on the same level as murdering a security guard who is begging for his life. Morally bankrupt Han has never really existed the way some fans want him to. The guy was always intended to be a somewhat reluctant hero.
  2. JD vs. Rey/AJ was nice as a match/segment. Feels like Dom is embracing his character more and more each week. I kind of love how much the crowd hates him right now. Lashley/Ali was so so good. Ali came out looking fantastic even in losing. The post match attack b Seth wa neat. As was the Seth/Riddle segment though it would have been even better had Cormier not been announced as the ref this past weekend. Dug what i caught of Otis/Gargano. Also liked how it led into Braun/Gable which itself was fun and gave Gable way more shine than expected. Dawkins/Solo was solid-good. Solo is so good as the wilder and rougher element of the Bloodline. The Sami/Jey feud continues to be fun and played into this decently as well. What I caught of Candice/Dakota was solid. Dug the Bayley/Bianca contract signing and how it led to the main event between Io/Alexa which was kind of good. Alexa gave a solid fired up performance, and Io was awesome as always making everythign look good be that delivering or eating offense.
  3. The problem with this take and the whole Han shot first fans is that its kind of bullshit. Take out that moment like Lucas did, and its literally the only sign we ever have of Han being so ruthless in the original trilogy. People keep wanting a Han Solo that has never really existed.
  4. With the final night I'm mostly happy
  5. Wish they went a more interesting direction or were at least holding the title match sooner but these are probably the most sensible choice. I still wish the final was a different match despite the history between the participants. Should have given someone else the shine despite the loss.
  6. Kind of confirms the rumors on Tanahashi and Nakamura holding a bit of a grudge towards Shibata when he came back. Can't blame them. Despite Nakamura's push Shibata was the one who felt like he would truly break through first between the three. It took Tanahashi and Nakamura years to really build up that respect and aura among fans.
  7. I'd kind of love this as a story. Play with rumors and expectations like what happened with Juice supposedly leaving NJPW and wrestling in general.
  8. Seriously, top 10? That is just sad to know.
  9. Still need to watch Okada/Ospreay, but right now Bandido/Jericho is leading in my head. Plenty of good shit from WWE this week but nothing great. Deeb/Toni & Willow/Hayter are among the most enjoyable women's matches I've caught from AEW, but neither were anything special. Juice/Mox was a good brawl and possibly the most I've enjoyed a Moxley match this year, but Jericho/Bandido was one of those star making matches with the show Bandido put on. It was also the most I have enjoyed a Jericho match this year. I don't think Jericho was great, but he did his job bumping around and making sure everything Bandido did looked good while also having a few nice heel moments, especially with the finish. I thought he brought more to the table here than he did against the BCC.
  10. Sami/Solo vs. Ricochet/Moss was good stuff. Its kind of amazing how good Solo has gotten. Ronda/Nattie was short but fun. As was the post match brawl between Ronda and Liv. Bayley/Shotzi was solid and a nice showcase for Shotzi though I'm kind of surprised she lost clean. The post match with Bianca and Bayley fighting was ok. Theory/AA vs. Owens/Gargano/Drew was a good spurt with the finish being chaotic fun. Kind of torn on Dupri on his way back to LA Knight already. MMM have been a fun kind of stupid, but Knight was a solid character on his own. The Sheamus/Imperium segment was good. Everyone came out looking great with Imperium being such bastards beating down Sheamus and Sheamus not giving in.
  11. Was never a fan, but its still sad to see considering what he meant to Japanese wrestling and beyond.
  12. Absolutely loved the DS9 episode of Lower Decks. Gave a nice bit of respect to DS9 with some fun moments and easter eggs while still focusing on and developing the Lover Decks crew. It was great hearing Visitor and Shimmerman's voices again.
  13. Wonder who replaces him. I know people here hated him, but I always thought he did a solid job.
  14. Decent personality as heel but better in the ring as a face. Was never especially good in either category, just average-solid. Kind of always thought people rated her highly more because she was a second gen female wrestler coming up from the indies. People tended to rate indy women higher than WWE divas regardless of how good or bad they were back then. Nattie got similar love initially only for people to eventually realize she was kind of mediocre though she has been generally solid the past few years. Saraya never overstayed her welcome like Nattie due to injury so she was less exposed when the NXT horsewomen and Asuka came up.
  15. I kind of hate you just a little right now and congrats you lucky bastard. Kind of regretting I never saved/used my stimulus money on a PS5. There are still only one or two games I would get for it, but I know it was supposed to be be so much better for online games like D2 in terms of how well it ran.
  16. Voted for Axiom/Frazer. Only other match I was really considering was Usos/Brutes.
  17. Finally was able to catch this Sunday on D+ with my family. Its definitely a step down from Ragnarok and feels more along the lines of the first movie where its a bit of a mess even with a generally solid story in there. The first third in particular felt off and a bit rushed though sometime in the second things start to really shape up and turn into a nice film by the end. Taika would have been better off leaving the Guardians out or asking for a bit of help because they definitely felt off. Funnily enough the original scene running around with them asking for Thor's help felt like a better combination of Thor and GOTG's style. It was good seeing Portman back as Foster. You could tell she was enjoying herself far more this time around be that because she didn't have to play as the straight woman to the wackiness of everyone else or actually getting in on the action. Crowe was a tremendous asshole as Zeus, and I so hope we see his return in another film. This version of Gorr is not on the level of what we got in the comics, but it's decent and Bale doesn't a good job with the role. Still a part of me can't help but think what Bale could have done with a proper mini series and a less redemptive, darker version of Gorr. Right now I have it and the first movie around the same level. Ragnarok is still the best in terms of storytelling and pacing.
  18. Still an episode behind, but I was able to mostly catch up this past weekend after my father returned from the hospital. So far the show is still pretty fun for us if nothing amazing. Everyone is generally good at their roles and nothing is taken too seriously at the moment. I think the handling of the courtroom drama is fine as its within a far more ridiculous and fantastical world than our own. Its been nice seeing more Wong, and I love Maslany as Jen.
  19. It ticks boxes, but it also wasn't remotely on the level say Deep Space Nine or TNG. Considering other spin-off shows are on there then it kind of is ridiculous for TOS to be the only Star Trek there let alone ranked above other series in the franchise. It got things started, but other shows took things way further. Your argument is like saying you can't put ESB above ANH for Star Wars.
  20. I mostly just do Trials the first few weeks for pinnacles or getting the new weapons at least once. I may never use them, but I do have a collector's mentality towards this stuff sometimes. That said, I do like the roll I got for the bow. I waited till yesterday to collect rewards and reset since I didn't like the rolls from last week. I think my patience paid off. Agreed on the Masterwork Armor quest. That one always annoys me since it makes me either masterwork a piece of crap or wait weeks until it pops up.
  21. I can never tell if its a headbutt or european uppercut. I'll just go with headbutt since Biff/Oney does such an awesome running uppercut that no one really compares to.
  22. My computer just might, might serve as potential distraction when I'm playing D2. Without being able to access it due to power issues in my room the past few days I had my legit best run of Trials ever. I managed to get a reset in and won most of matches. Like I may have been able to go flawless at least once had I reset my card, but I didn't have enough confidence to test that theory and focused on resetting instead. It was nice and weird.
  23. Dug most of the Raw matches. Mandy/Fallon was solid-good and probably Fallon's best match in NXT so far. Mandy has improved so much the last year in NXT. I really do want to see her get another shot on main roaster once she drops the belt. Loved the video for Pretty Deadly. So damn perfect for their characters. Ruca/Miller was interesting. It was almost painfully obvious how much Miller was leading Ruca with Miller going about third speed tp make sure nothing was majorly screwed up. Ruca is athletic, but she clearly isn't ready. Felt sorry for Miller with that being her return match. She isn't great or quite the athlete Ruca is, but she is still pretty darn athletic in her own right and was the one who deserved some shine. Grimes/Gacy was short but good. Dug Lyons/Carter. They played to their strengths well while giving a bit of personality. Dug how even Carter managed to keep things with her speed and that best I can recall Lyons looking in finishing off an opponent. What I caught of Ilja/Quin was solid though I'm still confused by whatever the hell Ilja's finish is supped to be. Brutus/Kemp started off awesome then went into a headlock sequence that went to long for a match that was going to end the way it did. Still dug the chair attack and am so looking forward to Julius/Kemp. Kind of hoping they get the Fight Pit. Briggs/Jensen vs. Gallus was a fun plunder match. Curious to see where things go with Gallus. I'm kind of digging how out of control they are.
  24. Isn't it more a combo of this and what happened to Ohtani? I'm reminded that at one point he wanted to wrestle until he died in the ring until it happened to Misawa.
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