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  1. That was wonderful, and Truth is a treasure.
  2. No idea. I did quite enjoy the GBA remake.
  3. Honestly, I found Morrison's run overrated until Batman and Robin.
  4. Honestly, I suspect the Bayley attack was more of an inside joke than anything malicious. Keep in mind this was in response to people looking at Kylie Rae as a Bayley copy. The Bayley we see today is an NXT creation, not necessarily her actual personality. For instance I recall there were old tweets she deleted showing she had the mouth of a sailor. It was better left unsaid, but I doubt he was trying to be a dick.
  5. Kind of surprised they got it set up so quickly. I'm surprised they are going back to monthly Batman. The sales aren't likely to increase so its odd to give up the extra revenue.
  6. He was just being a jerk. Cody probably isn't a bad guy, but like basically everyone alive he is going to have the occasional asshole moments. He is just normally more careful and diplomatic.
  7. Sounds like the decision was sudden, having only been made last Friday. I hope the part about King being able to finish his story elsewhere is true. That would be a very good way to likely kill sales even worse along with my interest.
  8. That doesn't really interest me at all, but it makes sense.
  9. The trailer was disappointing, not even bad, really. It just did nothing to really excite me for the movie.
  10. Is Zari really gone? No reason we can;t see her again next season. I am curious how her bother will work out.
  11. I did finally catch the S3 finale last night. That was wonderfully insane. Loved all the threads they tied together. Kind of agree it would have made for a solid series finale w/o the last few minutes which were kind of bonkers and have me both curious and afraid of next season.
  12. I just want to see her beat someone with a Western Lariat.
  13. Mansoor/Maluta was neat. Candice/Reina was nice aside from the finish which Candice badly overshot. Loved the post match attack from the Horsewomen and save from Io. Fish/O'Reilly vs. Riddle/Gargano was solid.
  14. Conners/Banks & Dar/Andrews were both solid. Dug the Nina Samuels promo. Walter/Dunne was not as good as Takeover New York, but still good though the finish didn't quite hit home for me. I am glad to see Walter with Aichner & Barthel finally
  15. This is an accurate description. I don't expect a strong season if I'm being honest, but its interesting enough so far.
  16. As I said earlier I've enjoyed the run even if its been a mixed bag. I'm disappointed they are cutting it short. I'm curious as to why. The sales are still good so I wonder if it was whatever big status quo King had planned. Perhaps WB/DC decided they didn't like it. Hopefully he can come up with a good ending. I'm curious on who will replace him. As a fan of Tomasi, and someone who is also enjoying his current run I have to say this is a ridiculous statement. The current run isn't even a dozen issues in, and Tomasi's first arc was a six-issue story that easily could have been completed in 1-2.
  17. Is it weird that I think something like this would actually help Sullivan at this point?
  18. I enjoyed Truth managing to survive a full day with the 24/7 Title. Almas/Ali was good stuff, and it was great to see the crowd really behind Ali. Becky/Bayley vs. Charlotte/Lacey was good fun though I'm digging the hinting towards Bayley vs. Becky. Roman/Elias was pretty decent with a nice crowd as well. The only real disappointing thing on this show was Dolph Ziggler. Why is he still around? Its just so hard to give a shit about him. There are so many more interesting choices to face Kofi, so so many.
  19. I'm not big on the using Leviathan. Its the big villain organization in Morrison's Batman Incorporated. Bendis has only just started to use it for Superman this year. It feels a bit early for them to be using it for the show. I wonder if they end up using Spyral as well.
  20. The next time they are in Japan I'm hoping someone has the 24/7 Title win the Heavymetalweight Title.
  21. I forgot it was nice to see Revival actually get a win over the Usos. The match was unsurprisingly good and makes me wonder why Hawkins and Ryder are still champions when we can have 20 minutes tag title matches between Revival ad Usos with an occasional dash of Viking Raiders.
  22. Brock treating the briefcase like a boombox was wonderful. Tonight's Moment of Bliss was probably the best one yet even if it was mainly carried by Becky. The six-woman tag was decent, and I loved how Alexa was still drinking her coffee throughout the whole thing. I like Alexa and Nikki's dynamic. The 24/7 Title has a terrible centerpiece, but its nice to see the Hardcore Title basically return if only for the lower card guys getting something to do. Hope everyone has fun with it and gets creative. DDT has kind of raised the stakes with the Heavymetalweight Title over the last decade or two. Miz/Drew was pretty solid. Seht/Kofi vs. Corbin/Lashley was actually pretty fun.
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