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  1. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    So the Dreaming City has updated again. Petra has moved to the fast travel point. The Hive have replaced the Scorn in the area as well. No idea if its all over the place yet. A second mission has popped up that is seemingly a follow up to the first post Last Wish mission.
  2. Eivion

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    Has the NXT UK Women's Title tournament aired?
  3. Eivion

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    This is pretty much what I was insinuating before with the barely passable during the diva era comment. I actually like Maryse, but she was never more than passable in the ring despite having a lot of the character stuff down so well. I mean we complain about Alexa sometimes, but Maryse was never half as good as her. I remember Brie getting praised when she started doing Bryan's moves and a nice second rope dropkick, but she has just never had the athleticism to really keep up. She was a step below the other women even then. She is so much more behind now with so many indy talents and great athletes having been brought in. And that is on top of the lacking fundamentals you mentioned that has been brought upon by ring rust.
  4. Eivion

    The Action Cartoons Thread

    5 episodes into Dragon Prince, and its pretty solid.
  5. Eivion

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Outside of a few nice moves both Brie and Maryse were barely passable even during the diva era. I'm not sure why they put them into these matches knowing they have years of ring rust on top of the general mediocrity.
  6. Eivion

    Raw is Advanced Brockomonics - 9/17/2018

    I agree to an extent, but to be fair the Bellas actually have been fighting the RS and befriending Rousey for weeks even before the SSD announcement. It makes sense that they would save Rousey. They still should have waited to announce the SSD match until after tat segment.
  7. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    The Hive haven't been too bad for me, but I don't think I've run into a Shrieker yet. Should have known they would have those damn things though since the Cabal have the damn turrets. I got a second Seed of Light after doing Blind Well for an hour or so. I was mostly doing it to finish up the Weekly bounties before the reset, but it is nice to have. I suppose I will start working on another subclass soon since I have it.
  8. Eivion

    Raw is Advanced Brockomonics - 9/17/2018

    The Lio segment with Lashley, Owens, & Elias was awesome. Its nice to have Nia back. She looked good with the hot tag. Bayley/Dana was a nice little match. I dug the whole Rousey/Riott Squad segment. It was a nice setup for Super Show-Down. I hope Ruby gets the win and title shot against Ronda at Evolution. Drew/Dean was ood. Roman/Corbin seemed decent from I paid attention to.
  9. Eivion

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Wasn't said a while ago they would actually be allowed to wrestle on this this time?
  10. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Finally added another Gambit kill to the Ace of Spades quest. I definitely got fucked out of a third somehow. Not sure what is up with that since I'm almost positive I was even the person to finish said invader off with the Crimson like I did the one before them. Also got kicked out Gambit for the first time which annoyed the shit out of me since it was towards the end of the third round. It was the first time I had hit the Dreaming City. Ended up gettign thrown into a third round in the Tangled Shore which was the first time I dealt with the Scorn in gambit. They are fucking terrible and possibly the worst group to run into. On the other hand Cabal using fucking turrets is damn near as bad. That was also another first time (the turrets, not the Cabal). That just sucked so much.
  11. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Finally did the Ascendant challenge this morning with two randoms from reddit. Its actually not too bad once you know what you are doing. I can see that being something I could potentially solo if they don't up the recommended power level later.
  12. Eivion

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    It was easily the best since Charlotte/Asuka. The main roster has been hampered by the Alexa and Carmella focus. With both of them out of the way hopefully the quality on both shows will go up.
  13. Eivion


    UE and maybe Lars. They seem like the type with zero morals and standards.
  14. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Like I said earlier, after watching Datto's team clear last Wish, raids scare me. Theirs took just under 24 hours. I want to try one, but fucking hell is there no way I'm going that length of time to finish. Also the Vex were in Gambit before the new map. You just somehow managed to avoid them. I'm not sure how and honestly it annoys me a bit that you did since those fuckers are harder than the Fallen and Cabal.
  15. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    I really should be working towards my second seed of Light, but I actually like the Nightstalker wraith a decent bit despite the knives being hard to control. The seeing through wall bits when invisible is actually quite useful.
  16. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    I haven't really pulled any of the weekly bounties save for the 8 dailies one, but I also suck compared to other players. Really I just need to find some people to do an ascendant challenge with along with some Blind Well.
  17. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    I usually don;t have trouble getting heavy ammo in Gambit, but my teammates have a habit of ignoring it when it loads up or is dropped. I usually pump everything into the Prime Evil. Your current level is fine for the Dreaming City. It will only become a problem if you are trying to do the Heroic Blind Well or Last Wish Raid.
  18. Eivion

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    New Day vs. Rusev was good. Jeff/Orton was decent with some nice hate filled moments and that absolutely disgusting moment with the screwdriver and ear. Finish didn't fully work for me, but not bad. Charlotte/Becky was really good with a nice surprise finish. Really wasn't expecting Becky to win here. Charlotte. That ending feels like a missed opportunity for a Charlotte heel turn. Shield/Pack was fucking great and easily MOTN. I absolutely loved that finish with Drew countering Seth never pinning falcon's arrow combo. I felt sorry for Joe/AJ going on right after the tag titles match. The crowd was just not ready for them. Match seemed solid enough. I liked the finish fine. Bryan/Brie vs. Miz/Maryse was fun outside of the slightly botched finish. Ronda/Alexa over-delivered quite a bit and ended up a solid little match. Ronda did a great job selling the ribs, and this match played perfectly to Alexa's strength as a character. Its not either's best match yet its one of the best performances probably from either woman. Roman/Braun was good before the crazy overbooking. I'll be honest and say the Seth/Dean vs. Drew/Ziggler felt off to me and probably took away from it. Brock coming down is what saved this and made for something interesting. I don't want Brock back, but that was a good surprise. Good show overall.
  19. Eivion

    DC Comics omnibus thread

    That was the one everyone seemed to predict.
  20. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Due to lack of funds I rarely ever have PS+ so I have never done a raid in Destiny 1 or 2. I wanted to try one out until I saw Datto's team clearing Last Wish. Now I'm even more afraid to try.
  21. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    The Waking Vigil is nice, but I will probably be using it more for occasional quick draw fun and the hand cannon parts of the Ace of Spades quest. Otherwise using my Sunshot or a bow seem like the smarter options. I wish it was a kinetic weapon. Then I could use it with the Sunshot.
  22. Eivion

    Destiny 2

    Finally got some exotics that heavy weapons that aren't the Edge Transit. Found JT's beloved Play of the Game, and the newest Dreaming City mission gave me a Forsaken sword called Abide the Return. I also found a neat energy hand cannon called Waking Vigil which fires pretty damn fast hip or aiming and reloads super fast as well. Did the new Dreaming City strike as well. I dug it a decent bit though having to watch out for giant floating rocks isn't the most fun. I did mine either yesterday or the day before. Gambit is actually the last of those I need a full armor set to complete. I'm missing the leg and chest armors.
  23. Eivion

    Your All Purpose Anime Thread

    I am perfectly ok with this idea.
  24. Eivion

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I mostly watch Stardom though I have started to catch some NJPW via AXS.
  25. Eivion

    Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    Apparently King's Vision never sold well in the first place which brings up a good question of why they ever asked for a sequel even with the critical success.