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  1. Ivy/KLR was decent. Ivy is coming along nicely. Creed Bros vs. Briggs/Jensen was fun. I want Creeds to take the whole tournament. Legado being out first round sucks though it is nice to see Escobar finally going after the NXT title. Strong/WALTER was good stuff. I hate the unnecessary name change to Gunther. I do kind of hope they at least keep it at that. WALTER with a last would feel odd at this point.
  2. It is a joke account. I imagine the biggest games won't be exclusives, but smaller ones and new series will be.
  3. That was fun. Also caught a vid of Aztec using all of his gunsmith data to try and get a godroll Annual Skate. 50K+ and he found nothing. Its only only at his last 400 or so someone asks him what if they use that for weapon crafting and it hits him he may have just fucked up.
  4. I never cared for the suit and something about the material makes it looks worse to me than it did in the comics.
  5. Even the Brood "bloodbath" Edge did Miz and Maryse avoided using the color red. Want to say all the blood we have seen the last decade or so is hard way or straight up fake. It took them years to even just leave hard way alone as they were usually trying to get people taped up and covered before they let matches continue.
  6. Nope, never got around to it. Will eventually
  7. Interesting choice moving the tournament up and making it obvious the winner will challenge Saya.
  8. The 4-way was fun. I liked the Usos introductions and am looking forward to them vs. Viking Raiders. I prefer seeing actual matches, but that was a nice setup and moment for Aliyah they did with Nattie. While I look forward to another Charlotte/Naomi match they really again should have let Naomi beat Sonya's ass. Why they keep dragging this out I have no idea. The Charlotte/Lita segment was decent. Sheamus/Ricochet was good. What I caught of Roman/Seth didn't really leave me interested in a match between them. Does look liek the crowd will lean towards Roman when the actual match happens which is neat I guess.
  9. So a new vid from Aztec speculates that the orb change might be a hints towards a Weapons 3.0 situation on the horizon. More to the point supposedly the orb tie in to weapons might have taken up too much memory on weapons and is the biggest reason they didn't evolve much perks wise. If true I'm a lot more forgiving about the change though it would have been nice if they had come out and said that up front.
  10. That is odd if its actually for Strange. Maybe its for another roll coming up right after, or he just wants to be fit?
  11. The two probably ran across each other a few times working for Jabba and Vader so there might be some modicum of respect between them.
  12. I have trouble blaming that on Flashpoint seeing that Johns never intended it to lead New 52. 5G was pretty much dead when Dido was fired. Wouldn't be surprised if its another case where Johns changed shit up for what Didio wanted.
  13. Feels weird that Xia Li hasn't had a match since debuting. Wonder if we get Lita vs. Charlotte on the way to the Rumble.
  14. Your stories make me appreciate my brother's company a bit as they actually did ask their employees about thoughts on working home vs. returning to the office instead of deciding everything on their own arbitrarily.
  15. Legends first episode of the year was fun and an interesting choice focusing on the bad guys' POV. Caught the first episode of Peacemaker as well. Thought it was stupid and fun, about what I was expecting.
  16. I ff through nearly all of the BB build to Wrestlemania because I had no idea who he was and didn't really care about a celeb appearing, but that match was so much more fun than I expected. Never listened to the guy's music, but I definitely respected him after that performance even with Miz and Morrison helping him along so much. Miz and Morrison did weirdly ok with the music and videos they did in 2020-2021.
  17. The sad thing is I care less about orb production for super cooldowns and more for health regen and charged with light.
  18. To be fair is it really soon? Might be the second season, but we are dealing with Superman who has been around for probably close to two decades. I'm curious how they handle it with the family element and no fortress to revive him.
  19. Was wondering when we would hear about this. Felt like something had to have been worked out to a degree already when they announced the next Predator movie.
  20. Both of those would be good, but neither are matches I really want to see at WM right now. Was hoping Rhea would win the Rumble so we could maybe get Becky/Rhea. I'd also be good with Becky losing the belt before then and not being in the title match. Was hoping Charlotte would maybe get someone moving up from NXT.
  21. I didn't think the 30th anniversary content was going anywhere anytime soon. In general I'm thinking they want DLC to last at least six months, but beyond that that everything with the 30th anniversary is either something small and curated or tied to an area they probably don't intend to vaulted for a while. The TWAB reveal of Witchqueen info was interesting. Anti-barrier scout riles returning is nice. I forgot anti-barrier bow was ever a thing and want no part of it. Overload auto-rifles and SMGs will supposedly be better this time around. The new glaive will be the super Unstoppable weapon next season. Not fond of orb generation getting moved to armor mods (specifically helmet). Would have rather that been on the legs or just stayed a perk of masterworked weapons. Bungie being slow as fuck to add catalysts for exotics is a bs excuse for making the change, especially when we know they purposely keep holding back exotic catalysts for weapons. We've known about Malfeasance's damn catalyst for two years now and not seen it in game, why exactly? It does explain why the master dungeon's armors come with an extra slow for artefact mods.
  22. I saw a vid on youtube that actually explains why the Hutts likely didn't take over Jabba's territory already. Its likely the Crimson Dawn's fault as actions a Hutt member of their group pissed off Vader enough for him take out the entire Hutt council save Jabba who was off on Tatooine. Infighting for control likely hasn't ceased. I want to say they even referenced fighting in Hutt space as to why Fett didn't expect the Twins to pop up. Not sure any of this gets referenced even if its accurate. I'd be surprised if we see the Crimson Dawn beyond a references. Pretty sure they are dead as a group by this point as the current stuff in the comics pits them as directs enemies of the Empire from what I understand. Only members who are still alive during this time period for sure are the Knights of Ren.
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