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  1. Honestly, it felt like it was trying to overwrite the prequels somewhat. Like Lucas realized some of what he fucked up and worked with Filoni to try and fix it with Clone Wars.
  2. The Dusty Classic tags were as good as expected. Dug the post stuff with Gibson, Dunne, and Riddle. Toni/Io was nice while it lasted. Dug Shotzi/Shayna a good deal. Not sure who the heel to dethrone Rhea will be, but Shotzi should totally be the face to eventually dethrone said heel when the time comes. Lee/Strong was good. Dug the brawl between Imperium and UE. That chop on Cole was beautiful.
  3. I mean my family is middle class w/o the struggle and Roseanne had a bigger house than ours.
  4. The Green Arrow and Canaries pilot was decent enough, but I still have little interest in it as a series. I'm not into the lead actress. Not sure if its the Mia character herself or how the actress is playing her, but I just don't like her as the lead. Beyond that I really would rather they leave space for a different DC show if possible. Legends came back and was wonderfully crazy as usual.
  5. To a degree though there is so much material there with plenty being referenced later on including material from weaker episodes that served better ones later. Try to catch the clone focused episodes, the Mandalore episodes, Nightsisters episodes, Opress episodes, the Father/Son/Daughter arc, and the episodes with Bariss Offee from the first three seasons. You actually want to most,seasons 4-6 save a few minor arcs.
  6. Reading through those last posts just makes it even more dumb that they didn't put out a different exotic as the reward for the Corridors quest. That would have been the best option instead of giving out a weapon everyone was already getting.
  7. I'm assuming Imperium and UE screw each other over so we can get Grizzled Young Vets vs. Broserweights for the final at Worlds Collide. Both matches from tonight should be good regardless. Hopefully GYV take the lead as heels for their match against UE. Io vs. Toni happening on a random NXT episode feels wrong, but it should be good at the very least.
  8. Always felt the 2013 match was their best. I thought it was the one where punk brought the most to the table which is surprising seeing that he wasn't feeling well then. MITB is good but overrated due to how many saw it as Punk's biggest moment in WWE. i thought most of the matches they had after were better.
  9. Black Lightning surprisingly ended mostly where it left off. I do like that at least one of other persona side from Jeff is aware of Crisis. So far there haven't been any hiccups like we had in Supergirl and Batwoman though they kind of hinted there will be at some point.
  10. It was always pretty mediocre for me. The firing was too slow. I was too far away to get decent damage half the time. And the perk never really activated when I needed it. I used Infinite Paths 8 for a short period of time while finishing up the catalyst and found it more useful. Want to say I had a better time with Bad Juju as well the few time I used it for Crucible. Haven't started the actual Bastion quest, but I ran all of the Corridors last night. I did not enjoy that at all. That was just tedious as hell and I curse whoever came up with it. I know there is some annoyance among the fans about Bastion being the reward that quest.People were hoping for a secret exotic weapon. I would say people over hyped themselves, but they kind of have a point. It was rather shitty to design such a quest only to dish out an exotic we were already getting in two weeks.
  11. So is this a good deal? I'm curious since I recall how Cody mentioned WWE always had a terrible tv deal for the UK.
  12. Roman is in an actual sustained feud that is pushed as important on his show.
  13. Mayu vs. Sareee doe the red belt is set for the 2/8 Korakuen along with Bea vs. Arisa for the white belt.
  14. I like the idea of Mojo not takign any shit or running away as 24/7 champ. Ricochet's segment with Brock was ok. Ricochet is someone I just have trouble buying into whenever he is on the mic. Orton/Drew was enjoyable enough. Rey/Andrade was good though I will never not cringe at some of the spots guys and gals do in these ladder matches. Becky/Kairi was solid little match. Dug Asuka wrecking Becky right after. Rollins/Murphy vs. Raiders was pretty good though I'm kind of annoyed it wasn't AOP taking the titles off of the Raiders.
  15. So should she just not give a shit how she is used as long as she has a high spot on the card?
  16. Whether or not she is better off than most of the roster doesn't really change that her booking is shitty.
  17. We aren't talking about her entire WWE career, just this past year. And no, the quick reigns to get closer to Ric's record aren't good booking. If it was just a one off every other year or so it might have be fine, but the three from last year and the ones from her feud with Sasha have already made the idea of that joke and not something people will likely give a damn about when the time comes. I get it. She is still a top star so you really don't give a damn if she has a problem with her booking. The reality is though she has little to no momentum despite being a top star, and this past year of booking is a big reason as to why.
  18. I'm not sure how piss poor and half assed written feuds along with random short title wins/reigns don't qualify as bad booking.
  19. Interesting to see the aftermath of Crisis will be affecting everything. I wonder how many more doubles are running around. I hope a few Wells beyond Nash/Paragon managed to survive.
  20. Most women would kill for it because it means they are on tv. More often than not it still hasn't been good booking. She won a belt three times last year for the sole purpose of quickly losing it to another woman. In the first case she took blame for what was dumbass decision on WWE's part so they could have Becky win two titles. That was bad for Charlotte and for Asuka. The second time she held the belt for all of a few minutes so Bayley could win via MITB. Then she won the belt just lose it again a week or two later so Bayley could fully cement her character change. Charlotte never even had a proper face turn which has made things semi awkward for her audience reactions. She didn't get much in the way of actual feuds for a lot of this as well since most of it was rather halfassed outside of the WM feud. She has been kind of aimless since joining Raw outside of the Kabuki Warriors feud where they took Nattie out as her partner and replaced her with Becky who Charlotte really needs to be far away from for a good long while after their long feud.
  21. She is. Taking a look at her cagematch, she loses probably 80-90% of house shows and dark matches. Tv wise she is probably about where someone at her status should be.
  22. Emi Sakura & Meiko Satomura are at 4. Aja Kong, Mayumi Ozaki, KAORU, Kaoru Ito, & Kyoko Inoue are at 5. Jaguar Yokota is at 6.
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