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  1. On the subject of craziness, this is the insane moonsault by ELP from the Junior Tag match in NJPW the other day. I couldn't believe it in the moment. You can see where the barrier is for reference, I don't think that bloke in the black T shirt expected to be in the line of fire.
  2. Sabu craziness, inspired by his recently released autobiography.
  3. More denim shorts To counter the Custosnetico comments:
  4. The Junior Tag Title match was bonkers. I've never seen a top-rope springboard moonsault quite like the one by ELP into the middle of the crowd. Robbie's a perfect Ricky Morton, he's so sympathetic getting his scrawny arse beaten up by the bad guys. All four men brought it. I also thought that was the best KENTA has looked so far in New Japan. I think it's also the first time he's successfully executed a proper springboard move too, rather than that sad CM Punk-level 'high flying' of the diving clothesline. I was very entertained despite all the shenanigans, which I guess are par for the course now.
  5. Watching the latest Road to TNT it finally clicked why Nyla's getting pushed so hard by the Zelda fanboy EVP
  6. I’m not sure what her inspiration / derivation was for the Io name but, if it was western, in Greek mythology Io was ‘courted’ by Zeus (he of the legendary lechery) and turned into a cow as revenge by Zeus’ wife Hera. So it’s a curious choice. Of course like most Greek/Roman deities there is a heavenly body named after Io (one of Jupiters moons, not Dr Tom’s less sleazy tag partner) so she may heard it and thought it sounded cool. Yes, that Classics degree definitely paid off...
  7. Well you can tell Tony is angling for that lead play-by-play role by the fact he is getting progressively more business formal in his dress over time (Road to All Out, Road to TNT 1 then 2) He'll be wearing a tux by next week.
  8. Wholesome father/son rasslin'. At least Maxell's working light, Wolfgang is laying his shit in.
  9. Now that’s a title match! Riho and Nyla Rose looks pretty weak sauce in comparison. Especially on the very first TV show.
  10. I was going to make an off colour sarcastic comment about their choice for Kofi’s skin tone but instead on a more positive note, I think this picture does a nice job of showing the diversity of representation among the IC champs.
  11. The AEW belt has been nicked. Many jokes being had in the AEW thread. I particularly liked @Raziel’s number one suspect.
  12. That’s certainly how I interpreted it, as a push back against the narrative rewritten and reframed by the victors, revolving around the one family and underplaying the others. And it’s certainly been borne out so far in the use of Hart, Tully, Arn, Magnum etc. Its just too sad that there are so few Harts and Hart adopted family still with us and still active wrestlers. Imagine Bulldog with his son, Pilman with his son, Bret, Neidhart and Nattie, Kidd, all affiliated with this upstart alternative.
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