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  1. Bret’s got to have at least one Canadian in the list, had a hand in his development/signing and seeing that potential turn into Edge being a top guy for a few years probably = a fave. It’s understandable.
  2. Is there anything to the theory that 1. buying a Bucks shirt was a tangible affirmative expression towards the desire for a wrestling alternative as part of the Grassroots Indy Movement (c) and, like taking down the lawn sign after an election, the t-shirt demand subsided as they got the alternative they wanted 2. The t-shirt sale was reciprocal for the overall Bucks experience which included the Elite chanting on the way in, the match itself, the super kick party show-close, and the personal interaction, and in the absence of all the other stuff, there’s not the same compulsion to g
  3. A real shame as Fenix/Omega was the match I was most anticipating. Not to say that Penta will be a downgrade. But yeah Fenix could tone down to like 85% and still be spectacular without risking another Hiromu situation (I assume, as a non-wrestler).
  4. That was a fantastic show all over. No FF material, tournament matches were all very different from each other, Lucha Bros finally in featured in high-profile singles competition (salivating for Fenix/Omega), women's match was worthy of its spot, great promos/musical numbers (!) from the best talkers in wrestling (throwing honourable mentions to Taz and Starks). Years ago (too many) when the Buffy episode 'Once More with Feeling' came out my friends used to joke about what a Musical version of Raw would look like and who would get most over. Lo and behold, Jericho breaks the mould again a
  5. Not quite the same thing, but I know she’s a competitive poker player so presumably she has some televised trash talking somewhere.
  6. So much for watching live on chat, parental obligations got in the way. A satisfying enough finish to a great tournament which was a welcome distraction to dive into for the past few weeks. Final was at a pretty methodical pace but I was getting really sucked in by the near-falls by the end. Out of the two I'm happy the winner won but wouldn't have minded a fresh face or fresh circumstance (like Naito winning and calling his shot). I'll give Mister O Khan a minute before shitting on him like Wato but Ospreay's group does feel pretty low-rent British indy for the moment. The 3-man English
  7. Re: Eagles and Australia, there is talk again of a pacific bubble with Japan although early days still and you never know what tomorrow will bring. I said my piece about Ospreay but I do concede if it is a catalyst for freshening up the factions then I wouldn’t be averse to that depending on how it all shakes out. Yesterday was the better block final for me, KENTA and Naito never seemed to get to that higher gear with any urgency and then a flat finish, a fairly dull Yano match by his standards and Juice/Goto no better or worse than expected. The main was entertaining enough, it would ha
  8. Wow that Ibushi/Taichi match was something, with Ibushi’s love of pushing the artistic boundaries of wrestling I can see him coming up to the Holy Emperor and saying ‘what if we just kick each other in the hamstring for 20 minutes until we can’t stand...then fall over and do it some more?’ Cody likes to talk about wrestlers playing their own music, that was like a Steve Reich piece with the trance-like repetitive percussion and the minimalism. I have enjoyed Taichi a hell of a lot more than usual during this G1, his match has become one to look forward to (Juice, YOSHI-HASHI and Yujiro
  9. One could even say...undeniable. He’s still the poster boy for the WWE Alternative Movement (the All In ‘no entity owns pro-wrestling’ promo being emblematic), I think people are underestimating the goodwill still left in the tank for Cody to indulge himself in his high-profile programs, leaving aside any heel turn foreshadowing etc. The Jarrett and HHH comparisons feel hyperbolic to me (for example, the crazy long streak where HHH was either champion or challenger for World Title match on PPV feels far beyond Cody’s actual or potential antics at this point). Or perhaps I’m underse
  10. Agreed, what a medley of awesome matches. Was into Cobb the most I’ve been so far in the tournament, I guess that’s Ishii’s magic G1 dust. I get what you mean about the ending of the main event, but the journey there, plus the Osaka crowd reaction, and loving all things Shingo took this one to the top for me. And evil Suzuki giving and taking the ever increasing brutality was fantastic. And Yuya with the big W in a great match to start, the show had everything. Puerile chuckle of the night goes to the Japanese announcer call of ‘Cheekee Nandos Kiku!!!’, I don’t know why it tickles me s
  11. Night 5 had been plenty of spectacle between the battle of the ‘no-sellers’ and the battle of the former juniors and that was even before Jay ruined Okada’s night. Shingo might have my favourite in-match facial expressions, that face he pulled just before he ducked the hidden blade was priceless and there was quite a range of others in this one too.
  12. I get the wonky logic of the heel dictating the revenge stipulation and all, but this was so good I don’t think it matters. Brodie had that Mick Foley quality where you totally believe in the moment and in the imminent danger. I expected Harper to bring the snowflakes and the work rate, not to be in contention (and with tippy top promo guys like Jericho and Kingston) for most entertaining non-wrestling stuff between BTE, the Colt interactions and this.
  13. Eddie: throws up handsign Santana: throws up handsign, badass expression Ortiz: does his best (THE BEST) gurning face for the camera Love it.
  14. And Jay White being the ultimate bastard is trying to goad the fans into breaking the rules and mocking the faces for the lack of cheering. I think it’s Milano on commentary doing his disapproving hums to express himself in a compliant way too. Suzuki, Ishii, Taichi matches all worth a look plus Naito/ZSJ though I’m a sucker for the extended submission stuff so your mileage may vary.
  15. Taichi on a tear and Cobb looking more explosive and less sluggish than he did last year based on the two matches so far. Yujiro is such a channel changer though I spend most of my time skipping hammering the arrow key skipping forward even in an Okada match. Ospreay's ragdoll crumple on the Ishii forearm was the highlight of that match. Lastly, world-class dickhead Jay has been sorely missed.
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