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  1. Rey was about Punk’s age when he had that seemingly miraculous fountain-of-youth resurgence in the Royal Rumble, right? I guess stem cells only do the job when you were born with preternatural hops (coincidentally the name of my hipster IPA). I love the guy, he’s nearly all there physically (relative to peak) but the main thing I notice nowadays is by the end of a match he has that half-dead look like he’s just finished back-to-back triathlons. Happy to have him around and as champ though. Can’t deny the passion of the MJF promo and it was hard not to get swept up in the emotion, felt far more Flair than Punk in the cadence and the body language though fewer elbow drops onto inanimate objects. The only jarring shoot comments were the ‘reckless head-drop’ insults, for which you could reach a convoluted kayfabe explanation but felt like a strain. The implications of the face reaction may be a bit overblown - to me there was plenty of antipathy for a lot of it, and the loudest positive pops were around anti-WWE sentiments, and no doubt the West Coast homers, popping their AEW Live Event cherry so to speak, were keen to show their love. As for the wrestling, great tight follow-up to that huge beast of a show at the weekend, with the back-and-forth beating in the women’s tag match being my favourite. And for the non-MJF promos, I will gladly take whatever Miro and Daddy Magic are giving me. Amazing to have God’s once-favourite champ back on the show. Guest commentary for the main was good fun and Regals use of Cockney rhyming slang always gets a pop from me (‘syrup’=‘syrup of figs’=‘wig’ for the uninitiated)
  2. Best baby/wrestler interaction since the Boogeyman classic:
  3. Oh yeah, enjoyed this shit. I've been a bit on the outs with ProWres as MMA has been scratching my itch, but in the absence of a big card this week I dipped back in and what do you know, it was fun as shit (sans Cole doing the stolen belt crap). I don't trust Coach Tony K to two-hat ROH but give the devil his due, he's giving an old college try. Happy to see Toni get some flowers, but don't necessarily see a long term spot at the tippy-top for her. But, as an adoptive Aussie who's visited Surfer's Paradise multiple times, was certainly cool to hear 'from Gold Coast, Australia~!!!'
  4. Booker T (36:30ish and 59:30ish) asking Rob Whittaker and Izzy questions at the post-fight press conference. When worlds collide! Tai was usual humble self. Like I said in the other thread, I'm an Izzy fanboy due to his beautiful striking so am biased but Rob couldn't hold him down for any appreciable period of time or do any appreciable amount of damage, unlike how Izzy carved up his leg, plus the knockdown in R1. Savvy champions' performance but definitely a good showing on both sides.
  5. Has to change for the co-main you’d think. But watch it turn into a lay-and-pray snooze fest to surprise us all.
  6. I’ll let the experts give more detailed analysis, but Mike Mathetha is known as Blood Diamond and trains under Eugene Bareman at City Kickboxing alongside Adesanya. He has some kickboxing KO highlights out there but is making his UFC debut and is apparently very unorthodox in his MMA approach. Another CKB guy on the card is Carlos Ulberg who I think was a TUF guy and has had one fight (loss) so far. Hernandez is a lightweight who’s had some Performance of the Night KOs (including beating Dariush) and was pretty disgruntled about not being on the main card. That’s all I got.
  7. Great show. I’ve been out of the loop for a wee while, checking in sporadically, but what a good night to get back on the wagon. Loads of fun moments throughout, but the kick I got from a Doomsday Device by Jon Moxley and CM f’n Punk in 2022 was one of those ‘the wrestling gods have really smiled on us the last year’ times. Also, my Dad joke muscles were twitching when I realised they weren’t in Memphis but Isiah got at least 10 feet off of that Biel…
  8. So jealous! Have a great time. I only realised in the first Embedded video that, not only is Bobby Knuckles an avid Soulsborne fan too (he mentioned in a recent interview), but he lives about 20km from me. We probably unwittingly passed each other at the local Penrith Plaza shopping mall. Even with all that, I’m still an unapologetic Izzy fanboy, but can’t deny it’ll be a bigger challenge this time around.
  9. Check out his post history, he’s talked a bit about his feelings at the time etc elsewhere on the board (if that meets your threshold for proof in this crazy online world in which we inhabit )
  10. @just drew did your in-person experience lead you to reshuffle any of your opinions for the awards?
  11. Thanks for sharing. Moral of the story: a 5-day LSD bender is just the ticket to provide oneself with clarity in future career aspirations. But seriously, great to see a bit more of his background. I had watched the short documentary showing him in GCW but he had come across as a ‘doth protest too much’ indy 4 life, totally-not-bitter guy before, which was probably an unfair presumption on my part.
  12. BOO-yaka this man! /s I agree on @SirSmellingtonofCascadia’s point regarding stale just-a-guy status of Rey in WWE. If he’d have just had that one phenomenal Rumble appearance where he’d somehow found the Fountain of Knee Rejuvenation and then carried on as an international touring attraction, presented with the bona fide legend status he has earned, with short stints at all the non-wwe players (excepting COVID), that might even enough to raise his perceived status further towards his rightful position as all-timer. Heart says Rey but head says Liger.
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