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  1. Wow, never seen the concept art before. '96 Diesel/Outsiders Nash is the reason I became a wrestling fan as a young'un, and the look was a big part of it. So playing that 'what if', I never would have discovered this great sport or you fine folks.
  2. I was thoroughly sports-entertained by that debate, OC sounded fired up and talked the people figuratively into the building to kick the Demo God's arse. Jericho's facials were amazing as discussed, almost as good as a couple of weeks ago when he asked Santana whether he still smelled like OJ. 'Dammit!' (I couldn't get a decent picture) Cardona did a missile dropkick so automatically goes up in DVDVR Power Rankings right? I agree that Silver was the stand-out. Cody was an early highlight of AEW with consistently dramatic feuds all the way back to All In and great talking but when he's not got that major narrative hook or the crutch of the intrigue that comes with the open challenge, he goes way down to the bottom half of men and women I'm excited to see on a Thursday (Oz time and all). I'm not quite sure why Dax needed a 5-man entourage to the back but apart from that what an opening match. I really hope at 40 Brodie is able to stay healthy and wrestling at a high level, given how big he is and how he throws himself around. The straight tag was a pleasure starting off with nice gentile chain-wrestling from Chuckie T and Santana. I find it hard to get into Darby Allin's matches as I'm always half-cringing at what he's doing to himself but can respect and admire the match in a detached way (my problem, not his) but I'm always up for a good Moxley clubbering. All-around fun couple of hours.
  3. Amen regarding taking care of your mental well-being with your choice of entertainment, especially in 2020. Leave the hate-watching and neurotic second-guessing, love loving stuff you do love. Sorry off-topic, will give my thoughts when I have a chance to watch.
  4. I fear that Cardona will be Shawn Spears mark 2 - a bland and underwhelming ex-WWE guy who doesn't serve a purpose on the roster, especially now it's filled out more than at the start of the promotion when Spears came along. Warhorse feels like what everyone said that Orange Cassidy would be, namely a one-dimensional gimmick that plays great to an intimate indy crowd who's 'in on the joke' but loses the magic on a larger platform. There was nothing offensive to his performance but give me Kingston every day of the week compared to that. Apart from the questionable MJF promo, the talking was one of the more enjoyable parts of the show. Starks is more impressive and has more of a big-time presence than I thought he would after catching him a couple of times on Powerrr. The Colt/Brodie/paper smacking stuff was all fun too. I know Maffew has the dedicated 'inane Tazz commentary' segment on Botchamania but I have a soft spot for him on the announce desk, he and Tony have a good energy together. He's still great when he turns all-business in the middle of the ring too. I reckon Tony/Tazz/Excalibur would be a solid permanent announce desk, with the likes of Jericho and JR for the occasional big-time match. EDIT TO ADD: On Warhorse, I also don't think even with the usually giving AEW crowd in attendance it would have brought up the man or this match.
  5. Haha looks like they started at the elbow then worked up so the Cobra and Pepsi logos on the collarbone. Clearly their arms are too short to box with God.
  6. At the risk of descending into ratings nerd territory, AEW number 1 for male 18-49 for the night. I do think it’s relevant to the discussion, not in the ratings wars sense, but consistent and proven viewership in the right demo and the promise of big bucks for the next TV deal may be the only hope of keeping the lights on through the pandemic for the promotion that has become a favourite for many. Obviously I’m not intimate with their business plan but PPV buys and online merch sales must barely make a dent in the lost ticket and in-person merch revenue.
  7. Not a gimmick, but apparently Ezekiel Jackson was around full-time for a solid 4 years from being TBK's enforcer in mid-2008 to when he got injured mid-2012. I do equate he and Koslov's tenure with the darkest days of WWE so that period is a bit of a blur.
  8. I don't know what I preferred more - the truth spitting and violence of Eddie Kingston in the first match or Jake's raspy audio accompaniment to his charge's path of destruction. Jericho's stooging over his smelly jacket and look of sheer fatherly love at being reunited with his Spanish God was very entertaining too. Looks like I picked the right couple of weeks to get back on the AEW band wagon.
  9. With Orange Cassidy's newfound power to bring forth a downpour of orange juice at will, given the enterprising folks at AEW (especially the Demogod himself), surely it's only a matter of time before OC and Jericho get on the same page, team up and we are introduced to a 'Little Bit of the Freshly Squeezed' pre-mixed mimosa? Then once Cardona debuts, he brings out the some god-awful Long Island Iced Tea, then FTR with a manly beer then Page with a bourbon. They could go from T-Shirt company to beverage company in no time. Anyway, I'm all for Miro coming in and wrecking stuff, however with the record of the previous recently-debuting physically-imposing gentlemen (Cobb, Brodie Lee, Brian Cage) I wouldn't rate his chances challenging Moxley.
  10. Whoops how did I miss that? Sorry mate. The answer to your question is: at least one
  11. Custos

    NJPW 2020 NJ Cup

    My man ZSJ with the superior tekkers and Suzuki-gun with the superior teamwork for the win, earning the Brit’s first native gold. EVIL has a bit of an Awesome Kong vibe going with the new gear but it’s definitely an improvement and I loved the Milano interaction, the delicious super fan heartbreak. And poor lad Hiromu. Rehabs to get back to his boys and he’s the only one properly backing up Naito.
  12. Xavier Woods bot in the hizzouse. The empty arena/COVID situation then the Speaking Out shit had me bummed about all things wrestling for a while but now watching NJPW’s interesting direction on Cup Final and Dominion and getting caught up again with AEW storylines has me hyped to watch this show. Too bad FTR / Lucha Bro’s match seems disappointing, I’ll still enjoy taking it all in.
  13. Well he didn’t survive 2+ decades without being able to wriggle out of a hole or two. But I grant you, worst RAW ratings of all time is a pretty sizeable hole. Wasnt a 1.1 rating the running joke for TNA viewership in the mid-00s? Like no matter what they do and who they debut it will never break 1.1? Or was it 1.1m viewership? Edit to avoid double post being late to the party: I’m pretty sure Power Slam magazine in the UK introduced a section with humorous comments taken from DVDVR on their letters page sometime 2005-6ish and so I went to the source and mostly lurked since then. My memory may be deficient so perhaps another Brit can corroborate. I think it only lasted a couple of months, maybe because a DVDVR poster slagged off the lack of Lucha content in said magazine.
  14. Surely it would be a significantly different from an expenses/structure perspective Lagana-less given he was like a Borash in TNA wearing all the hats (not least the Ten Pounds of Gold mini-docs which is what put them on the map before the studio show). Where would he even start in tiptoeing through the carny minefield? I mean, Pritchard’s not a free agent now so hope is lost in finding a five-tool player with integrity...
  15. Reminds me of The ultimate defensive move against an agile competitor: fall over.
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