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  1. Well he did at least one memorable thing anyway. The nail in the coffin of the burial https://Www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtpeMSjjxXk
  2. I used to do the Convict Conditioning calisthenics exercises when I was holed up in the hotel room in the middle of nowhere for work. Minor weirdness in the grand scheme of all the disruption, but it was my first day at my new job yesterday, and I spent the first half shadowing the CFO in an emergency exec meeting on how to manage through the crisis, then the second half getting my laptop and gear ready to work from home indefinitely. And I was all psyched to be working in North Sydney with all the pubs and cafes rather than a grimy industrial estate in the West. And it's looking increasingly likely that those Iron Maiden tickets for May aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Oh well, first world problems and all that
  3. Sheesh, tell us how you really feel about him Ive always had a soft spot for Havoc, maybe from growing up a few months apart and within a few miles of me, and being on the skinny side and both somewhat of the goth persuasion, he’s that alternate timeline version of me had I pursued in-ring what I was fanatical about watching. As it happens, one Jim Sterling also fits that description (sans the skinniness) and he’s a semi-regular in the ring now too. But I agree with such a plentiful and varied roster it’s difficult to see what great value the likes of Havoc bring beyond the occasional garbage ode to Tony’s beloved ECW.
  4. Beware the Ides of March, Cody. Ive only seen the Jake appearance so far but that was fantastic.
  5. Whoops I missed that, I should have had a look in the locked thread first.
  6. Let's not forget St David's Day in March too (in reference to the St Patrick's Day posts in the gif thread)
  7. Another classic moment from the match, when Ortiz sold Aubrey's 'you'rrrrrrrre outta here!' like he'd been run over by Stan Hansen. I don't know if the still pic does it justice.
  8. Can't have St Paddy's Day without an authentic leprechaun, shillelagh and all
  9. There has been some inane rubbish spouted in these PPV introductory voice-overs through the years but 'your physical matter and energy are about to take you on a journey of a lifetime' might take the cake. The other thing I caught on the re-watch, apart from enjoying the three previously stated matches all the more on the second viewing, was JR's unfortunate 'Hangman Page's DNA is dripping down Matt Jackson's face'. Now I knew what was coming, it was great to listen to JR and Tony come around to Orange Cassidy through the length of the match. I give the man credit, he has clearly honed and perfected the whole act. That pose after he gets up from the dropkick is obviously well-practised in its nonchalance and potentially every bit as iconic as Orton or Rock's corner poses. The image of a downtrodden but defiant generation.
  10. Regarding the forced kiss spot, I think this is an area where all the learned folks backstage with decades steeped in the core ingredients of what draws heat and money took a can’t-miss spot from the past and didn’t apply a modern lens to it. Yes, there are some universals in wrestling but then there are other elements that are very ‘of their time’. Either that or Tony was reverting to his predilection for the ECW edge a la the much discussed face-in-arse spot from the other thread. Either way, it was so tonally off compared to their presentation of gender it was jarring. Why was the wife suddenly shoehorned into the angle anyway? Why did they book the finish to get heat for a low blow when Dustin just gave a blatant one himself half a minute before? I was scratching my head at a lot of that match. Edit to add: I don’t want to be a downer, the show as a whole was sublime and I cannot wait to get off work today so I can go home and watch it again, particularly to soak in the tag, OC/PAC and Allin/Guevara.
  11. It’s a good thing Cody had so much goodwill with the fans going in as the hat-trick of crap theme, controversial tattoo and shafting by the dastardly heel would be enough to cool off a lesser face. I watched the interview with Tony at the Bojangles (?) arena earlier when I was getting in the mood for the show. The man is pretty magic on the mic. Also, I was fearing for Kris Stadlander on that avalanche powerbomb. I think someone mentioned Nyla had enough trouble getting Riho up for the finish before. Kris did all the work to get up into a safe position and even then it looked a bit dicey.
  12. Well AEW does say they have something for every fan. That includes the foot-fetish sadomasochist too. Another thought on the show - the production and stage were top notch. I don't think the Young Bucks have felt like a bigger deal than walking out there with that tron and ramp and the hundreds of bracelets flashing
  13. Well that was a hell of a show. The right length, great storytelling throughout and everyone delivered (with the exception of maybe Downstait). I think MOTN has to go to the tag for the psychology with Matt ramping up the aggression, then pulling back, the dynamics between the individuals and the crowd going BANANA as Kenny shrugged off the Golden Trigger.
  14. Joining the chorus of excitement. The show does feel a steal at $30 AUD on Fite. I see any of the tag, Mox/Jericho or Cody/MJF stealing the show, with Darby and Sammy determined to make their mark somehow too. (I love the Flair's Shadow conspiracy theory above. So far he has been accused of being Fat Spanish Waiter and Tony Khan now. What if Tony = Shadow = FSW???)
  15. AKI inspired video game confirmed. That, and all but confirming the UK PPV this year (pandemic permitting) are big milestones. Even more than that, they are really hitting their stride in building to a PPV with high stakes and multiple storylines that matter and could go in all sorts of intriguing ways. Previous big shows had 1-2 hooks and then basically 'Matches 3-8: Great Wrestling' as the hook for the rest. Between this factor and the consistently great Dynamites they have found their groove.
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