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  1. Between Jericho and the Top Flight guy already mentioned and Quen catching his foot on the top rope on way down for the Shooting Star press (which could have ended far worse) it was not a good night for the flippy-do's. I will say though that Darius' tope did look truly suicidal like he was trying to do a number on Hardy, not just give him a slight nudge like Pretty Peter's. And Santana and Ortiz again are just bit players in the background, can't wait for them to have a featured run after the coming-out party of the brawl last year. At least 'Charles' is in a prominent storyline, albeit
  2. I was trying to think who he reminded me of! I caught Dark for the first time in ages, watching in the background between playing games. Sammy and Lucha Bros matches were entertaining for what they were, and the banter throughout did not disappoint. I can't say I'm a fan of Butcher's new baggy trousers, they make his legs look skinnier and less flattering on his gut so he's uncomfortably reminiscent of sweatpants-clad Beyond the Mat era Jake the Snake. Considering his look is arguably his biggest positive, it's a puzzling choice.
  3. Tony S on another level with the facial reactions. Tony K seems to be having shoot with these. Also Tony K never shifting from his knuckles behind the biceps power pose even while mouthing off is hilarious.
  4. Aaaand Bruce has been kicked. Addendum to the article below. And finally the apology comes from Wade. What a stupid hill for Mitchell to die on. Edit: Apologies, just saw this was also posted in the RIP thread.
  5. Pretty much the dictionary definition of mealy mouthed. An explanation, no apology, no acknowledgement of the insensitivity and offensiveness of the whole thrust of the article. Poor.
  6. I've been a Torch subscriber for a couple of years now and have really enjoyed hearing the diverse range of opinions and analysis across their various contributors, even/especially those that are different from my own position. This is not that. This is a callous and hurtful disregard for a community of grieving friends, family and well-wishers of a beloved man. It is also a mind boggling lapse in editorial judgement on the part of Wade Keller to let this see the light of day barely 24 hours removed from the terrible news - I had naively thought him better than that. I'm not big on p
  7. Fucking hell. Completely shocked. His wife sent out a message saying that he sadly succumbed to a non-COVID related lung issue. So sad for his family.
  8. Not sure if this is too random to belong here, but with the news that Russia is forbidden from using their country name, flag and anthem for the next two Olympics, my mind obviously went to wrestling, having all the athletes embrace their ‘otherness’ and insist on being announced ‘...from Parts Unknown......’ with some kickarse alternative flag and entrance music. Just a thought.
  9. Id love Curry Man to get involved but that might be a bit trickier to pull off. But yeah, what the hell else is Austin Aries doing nowadays anyway?
  10. Yeah that was Vince’s carny arrogance on full display, selling the perception of change to investors who don’t know better, papering over it. Just like Heyman and Bischoff coming in. And Raw Underground. And Retribution. And the Thunderdome. And the global NXT expansion. And ‘you are The Authority’. And the draft. And Tyson Fury/Cain Velasquez. And the NXT fresh meat into the Raw grinder. I love some of the WWE talent and the occasional show. I cannot stand its leadership, strategy, and what has been evidenced of its culture. I think the fervour around the historic low numbers is also tho
  11. Meltzer confirmed that Snoop will be doing commentary when he appears on Dynamite.
  12. This week felt like last in that the pacing was high and it was packed but nothing felt stuffed in or cobbled together without thought. Sticking two tag matches back-to-back might have appeared to be a mis-step on the face of it but they were different and (if I recall) we got the Sting hug and Taz reaction in between. Seeing the Varsity Blondes in the mix with FTR was a highlight, those guys have that rookie underdog charm and are starting to get into their groove. TH2 were crazy though Angelico doing his finishing submission on Matt’s injured leg should have either been a quick tap to figh
  13. Shit that is pretty impressive. Also 2nd in demo (18-49) and tied 3rd best all time in the demo. They seem to be steadily onwards and upwards and reaping the dividends for consistent entertainment and intrigue. Btw a highlight of the week is seeing what reaction gif @Andy in Kansaspulls out in response to the ratings.
  14. So glad I waited until evening local time and avoided getting spoiled. I can't believe how many noteworthy things were baked into a two-hour TV show, without it feeling over-rushed or jumbled. Would be nice not to have any 'person X wasn't really eliminated' spots at all, but at least they somewhat subverted it in this Battle Royal. Sammy bumping like a loon for Miro just standing up is on-brand for him, and very much enjoyed seeing Miro and Jungle Boy getting to shine. I bet you could cut glass with Wardlow's nipples with that windchill, but I digress. He was integral in the first f
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