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  1. Yeah, the song that plays when you are making the final run through to the heart on each dungeon (I think it’s ‘life will change’) is great too and really gets your blood pumping. I never had a PS3 so Uncharted Collection was top of my list when I got the PS4 (after Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne which sold me on the console) a couple of years back to see what all the fuss was about. Playing them all back to back you could see the evolution in gameplay and mechanics, like AxB said, the stuff that worked and what they thought better of in later instalments. For a while I had Uncharted and Just Cause on the go at the same time. When I got bored of the open world mayhem I went to the more scripted story and then back again.
  2. To be fair, a straight transliteration from the Japanese katakana would be something like ‘Raigaa’ so the R is somewhat forgivable if the translator is being very literal and has never heard of a half lion/half tiger before.
  3. Arguably their most significant cruiserweight ever, a man who broke down barriers and shattered conventions everywhere he travelled in his storied career, is a man who’s still going too strong as an active wrestler to just be a name on a tournament... Yes, the nZo Classic is going to have to wait a few years...
  4. This may be old news now being a week later, but definitely get stuck into The Outer Worlds. The first 10 hours or so is some of the best gaming experiences I had last year. The criticism of it being front loaded are valid but overblown, I had a blast until the very end. Parvati’s story arc in particular is such a poignant and deftly written journey. Witcher 3 is a singular experience but I got the most out of it because I was itching to play that kind of game. Also, the Gwent music is etched indelibly into my brain. I never even knew what a Hurdy Gurdy sounded like before and now it plays in my head at random moments. Ive been out of the wrestling bubble somewhat the past few weeks (barring Wrestle Kingdom and Dynamite) as I have a new obsession involving sharing intimate feelings with school kids and exploring corrupted desires... it’s Persona 5 you perverts! I know I’m late to the party but everything about the game from the music to the art and character design is top notch. It’s also the only game in my post-uni life that I am prepared to grind/farm, and actually enjoy doing it!
  5. In honour of Sammy Guevara's latest antics:
  6. The boys done good, this has to surpass almost everyone's expectations and the concern trolling (elsewhere, not you lovely people) may be a bit more subdued, thank God. It also hopefully means they'll be less inclined to look over their shoulder in paranoia and counter-program every minute of NXT, but rather will let their creative vision play out at their own pace. Surely UK and Oz tours in the works now they have some stability? And where's that AKI inspired video game??? Sort it out, Omega.
  7. MVP was pushing 30 when he started too.
  8. Well that was a thoroughly entertaining few nights of wrestling. I decided to take it in manageable chunks and think it was better for it, I feel that maybe some people's perception of night 2 was coloured by fatigue/time zone woes as I found it held up against night 1 favourably. The flow and variety was great between the junior dashes, strong style, technical wizardry (yes I would have got my money's worth watching Zack and SANADA exchange holds for the whole card), the veterans, the brawling and the epic thrill of championship victory. I echo the compliments for the four-man booth, working seamlessly together, filling in the stories and demonstrating the right level of indignation towards the heels (Rocky at the end of the main event, Chris Charlton barely able to spit out his words at ELP's unnecessary backflip back-rake spot). They have a delightful collection of prick heels to play off too (White, ELP, ZSJ, THAT DAMN KENTA to name a few). Jericho/Tana was a pleasant surprise, I guess you can never underestimate what two ring generals can pull off together. Favourite match is a toss-up between White/Naito for the drama and tip-off that it was Naito's time, White/Ibushi (Gedo getting murdered perfectly) or Ospreay/Hiromu for seeing the crazy man back to 100. I sympathise on the travel slog @matt925, I spent 10 years travelling as an auditor in various international companies, the last 3 years of that was 3 weeks home, 3 weeks away, with two toddlers at home. Thankfully I'm settled and office-based since emigrating to Oz.
  9. Another great episode seemed over in no time. They have quite the show lined up for next week too, can't wait to see Jungle Jack in the limelight. Anyone who watched UK Gladiators in the 90s will recognise who I thought of when I saw Swole's pink two piece outfit. I'm no expert in US socioeconomics, but isn't Florida considered more of a dump than Texas? Surely MJF's argument of not disclosing the stipulations in front of 'swine' lost his steam when he said he would announce in Jacksonville instead. The Moxley squash was a highlight, and that stretch right through to the MJF segment. The crowd really elevated it too. Rick Knox dies two weeks in a row, good old Aubrey running into the line of fire. No one part of that street fight seemed particularly extreme but it just had a relentless, chaotic pace to it. I like the presentation of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, they both looked good in the match too. Spears is such a nothing even compared to Sabian and Page. And Janela is the next in a long line of AEW wrestlers to harness the lights-out trick. They need to give it a break for a few months.
  10. How in the blue hell does anyone think there is any equity in that abomination. I know it’s just WWE’s carpet bomb approach to IP hoarding, but why would you even bother? To do another ‘Canadian rules’ match or call back to when your biggest star walked out of a match in a ‘shoot bro’?
  11. AEW referees. Nailed Aubrey’s ‘ring the bell’ pose.
  12. Kris Statlander and Big Swole are officially All Elite.
  13. Harper tearing it up in Japan would be very welcome, provided that his body is up to the task. Otherwise there is a prime slot in AEW for him to fill. Agree that NWA is the best place for Ascension. Just please don’t have them be yet ANOTHER dark and spooky act on AEW. Hunico is now free to hook up with his buddy Camacho again in New Japan.
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