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  1. What the difference a hot crowd makes. As soon as Darby uttered the words 'John Moxley' they went BANANA making Allin look like a massive deal rather than a wannabe punk kid. Echo the thicc love - that's as far as I'm going with that... I thought the flow was great tonight, there was no time to catch your breath, characters making their motivation clearer, big returns and debuts, big statement squashes, Hangman and PAC going on another tear (no-selling notwithstanding). Give me two hours like that every week.
  2. I read somewhere that she learned English from watching nothing but Harry Potter movies. Thankfully not just Hagrid, although a Westcountry/Japanese combo would be something. Not sure what, but it would be something. I think I would pay to be an AEW employee at this point just to have the unique pleasure of travelling with always-in-gimmick MJF and OC. I can’t remember the last time a 3 second clip tickled me that much
  3. A little late, thankfully missed the drama. Not much more can be said about Cody’s promo. It was the perfect retort to a hypocritical self-loving heel which didn’t diminish him or make him a lesser opponent but just showed how much Cody hates his guts and his plans for him on Saturday and in the future too. I’m sure WWE would perform human sacrifice to get a crowd to react that well. That was Attitude era, hanging onto the Rocks every word, level of engagement. Who cares if they are 2/3 full of every crowd is like that. Also, I’m amazed only six weeks into production they can time out all the intricate beats of the ending brawl to a hard finish and nail it so well. That was fantastic.
  4. Maybe not Cena, but had they built her journey to ride the crest of the Evolution / women empowerment wave in the most effective way, they could have made multiple times the money and the star. Though it may have come at the expense of Becky, depending on the exact timing.
  5. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Should be used to being disappointed by wrestlers by now, I forgive him his alien and Sasquatch conspiracy theory quirks but that is too much.
  6. Yeah, Aurora Rose is only thirteen /s To Craig’s point, HHH has mostly done it the right way, he pretty much has all the tools now. His main failings are - still being prone to self-aggrandisement (did anyone see that Network (?) trailer for NXT that was basically HHH and a laundry list of descriptors making him out as the second coming?) - the old man not moving aside at peak time for him - a blind spot either due to his upbringing, social circles or wrestling bubble which allows things like the Jordan Myles t shirt seeing the light of day. This can be mitigated by surrounding himself and listening to a more diverse team.
  7. Remember when Bayley was Cena 2.0 and a licence to print money once she got to the main roster? I thought that was the biggest can’t miss prospect of the last decade. It even played right into WWEs PG character strengths. Oh well, at least she’s doing something somewhat noteworthy now. Gable and Bryan look like grapplers, they wrestle in an accomplished way with credible intensity like they could fuck you up. It’s not about height, and I would suggest anyone who doesn’t see the clear difference between them and Cole are being deliberately obtuse.
  8. Yes, how can he be so sure that he won’t be interrupted this time? Who knows what depths of skullduggery the heels could stoop to in order to derail him? I do agree that the hook for building up a compelling weekly show cannot just be ‘interchangeable tag spotfest’ (there has been a storyline reason for it this far). The progression of the Cody-Jericho feud (in terms of promo, announcements, backstage stuff) should be their model for 2-3 other concurrent feuds. In particular the documentary-styled background pieces on the lesser know talent. Or, to be even more time efficient, crib off NXT and do the concise statements a la Mia Yim.
  9. Being a wrestling fan you become accustomed to the arrogance of conmen spinning you intelligence-insulting BS, convinced that you’ll buy it. But this ‘mechanical fault’ party line, parroted with no context in such a craven and evasive way on Smackdown (what mechanism? Is it travel related? If so, where are they travelling from?) combined with confirmation from Meltzer, Keller and others that it was all about a billionaires’ squabble over money owed, really takes the cake. The fact that the leader, who instigated this blood money deal and got them into this general and specific mess, then leaves his team (and by extension their loved ones) high and dry, without any certainty over what’s to come, without any clear communication of when they will be able to escape the very-much-not free country, just screams that this man’s judgement is completely out of whack and it’s time for Vince to move aside. Never mind the other well trodden stuff. We are used to seeing Vince use his talent contemptibly, like action figures to be abused and thrown away. The disregard for them as human beings has never been so disgustingly apparent. Apologies for the rant, I had but my tongue with the snarky ‘F Saudi Arabia’ comments but the whole thing is just too sickening.
  10. What are these new conflicted emotions I’m feeling right now? Custosnetico says, make this woman the face of AEW.
  11. Well Brock can start on his arms but that would barely be an appetiser. Lesnar will be begging for @AxB’s guns for a proper meal. Btw I can’t talk - in contrast to our esteemed board member, I’m built like Brian Hildebrand if he had been stretched a few inches taller...
  12. Inspiration taken from gratuitous shiny bits in NJPW posters
  13. Was that before or after the Hulk Hogan apology / non-apology 'don't get caught, Brother' that was sufficient in WWE management's eyes to forgive the hateful views he repeatedly expressed, and put him out there again as a beloved legacy star and role model? EDIT TO ADD: Or the Lars Sullivan stuff that was waved away as he was 'going through a bad time'?
  14. Unfortunately, as with most things social media, the substance of the issue and the call for real change gets lost in the drama and dirty laundry and mudslinging, to the point where it is trivial for WWE PR to just bat this issue away into the long grass and continue the status quo. I've not been in ACH's shoes to know if this outburst is warranted and/or understandable, but the sad result is that rather than rallying others behind the cause and using this as a spark to drag and claw this company towards a more progressive and representative organisation, it becomes a lone angry man who from the outside seems to be firing shots indiscriminately. Worse, no incumbent WWE talent can tenably stand in solidarity with someone broadcasting internal emails and burying other talent. But like I said, lord knows the frustration and tongue-biting any wrestler goes through in that place on a given day, let alone a black wrestler.
  15. No they're fantastic. Wow, DVDVR is so full of arcane in-jokes and history, I pity any newcomer wandering in from the barbarian lands of wreddit. Just like I pity any newcomer trying to get his head around the WWE product!!! *nails AEW colours to the mast* In all seriousness, I cannot believe how neurotic folks are getting about ratings and their preferred brand (not around here for the most part, in those other places...) Is it a reflection of increasingly fractured and tribalistic political environment? Or simply young'uns who have never had first-hand experience of competition at the top level of American professional wrestling? Finn's turn was so beautifully executed, as was Cody breaking into the Inner Circle's room with his scarf-wrapped fist, as was Brock brutalising everybody, as was Eddie Kingston's impassioned promos on NWA Powerrrrrrr. Give me all of it, I love wrestling.
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