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  1. Preach! ZSJ/Bryan (or Garcia, anyone really)is what I’ve been salivating for since the forbidden door was ‘BLASTED OPEN~‘. Good to see the women drawing big, though it wasn’t the smoothest of matches. And TK gets to make it up to the diehards and will probably play the whole bloody song when Suzuki enters just to make sure he gives the people what they want. Yes it was an overfilled show, they’re probably being a bit dogmatic over the hometown hero being so heavily featured at the expense of a better holistic storytelling approach. But fuck it, everyone’s just been stuck at home for a year, starved of live wrestling, I don’t begrudge them for wanting to bring a party to wherever they go on this comeback tour. Im happy to see some new and different views here, but find it very hard to nitpick as much when it’s such a thrill ride and a happy place to come into each week, with all the positive intent in the world.
  2. It’s true, the way TK frames it all your favourite guys will likely be used sparingly over the years, absence making the heart fonder, in precious few top-shelf matches relative to WWE. The only place you’ll get to see every delicious permutation played out…the video game. With a roster to rival the all-time greats like HCTP, limitless possibilities with reskins/legacy stars, if they get the engine right and time it to ride the crest of this wave they could have gold on their hands. It’s one of the aspects of AEW I’m personally most stoked about.
  3. I’ve said before, Kip Sabian is the quintessential example of this, whatever this new box shit is. The ones on shakiest ground are the folks who would be a bigger fish in a smaller pond where you used to have to ‘make do’ and make them seem as much of a big deal as you can (say Jimmy Havoc if he was still with them, Big Swole, Joey Janela, Lance Archer as much as I like him), or the touted hot young prospect who has proven to be underwhelming for an extended period and been leapfrogged by the Dark ‘grinders’ i.e. Sabian. You’re better off being a ham-and-egger who knows their spot, with bags of charisma (2.0) or bizarre habits/friends in high places (Chaos Project).
  4. Those, and the opening of Punk/Allin to the effect of ‘have you ever heard a sweeter sound than that opening bell’ was just the right level of melodrama. Credit where it’s due.
  5. 2/3: Bryan's hand walks up Justin's back to the nape of his neck. 3/3: Justin turns purple, gagging sounds. That rascal, he can't help himself - he came to kick some fucking heads in, like he told TK at the media scrum.
  6. Well yes and no. She seemed ready for some Darby/Punk shipping (if you can read the tiny writing).
  7. I see it differently, albeit born out of tragedy, this is one of those precious rare instances where being ‘good people’ for its own sake, in a snake pit of a business, pays dividends that no amount of dollars and zeroes could.
  8. You don’t go one on one with Da Undertaker without learning a few tricks, playa!
  9. Between the Punk return and this show, I can’t think of a 1-2 punch over the space of a couple of weeks that warms the cockles of a hardcore fan like this any time in recent memory. Just buzzing right now, scanning the social media and taking in the amazing reception across the board, the scrum and everything. Equal parts euphoria over an all-time great show and tingling in anticipation of what’s to come.
  10. 52 and rich as fuck, the VKM work and sleep patterns are not doing him any favours, why not kick back, retire and enjoy this show with the rest of us marks?
  11. Between her Judo and BJJ credentials, the makings of a mixed shooter team. Let's go with AEW's mixed match challenge.
  12. The Discord channel was worried for your well-being if/when DBry came out. Good to see you didn't have an aneurysm.
  13. Visual representation of tonight's show (NSFW):
  14. Eh, between Kingston, Miro, Moxley they have the BAMF brawler column pretty well covered.
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