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  1. @Peck it looks like you’ve been frozen in time with the same expression and all these wrestlers are coming up, wondering what you’re looking at, then Big E is like ‘fuck it let’s go with it’ in his quirky way and just pretends to be a statue too. Jokes aside, very jealous of all your pics with wrestlers that you share on here, lucky man.
  2. Custos

    New Japan Cup 2019

    These are the times when living in Sydney pays off, as I can leisurely watch NJPW events live at a reasonable time. I really enjoyed Naito/Ibushi and didnt think EVIL/ZSJ was bad either. I was never big on him anywhere else he worked, but Kevin Kelly is growing on me as an announcer. I’ve also enjoyed the extended faction retrospectives that he narrates on the official YouTube channel.
  3. Well only for the past couple of generations. Before then it was two bob this and farthing that and half a crown the other. 'Stick a pony in my pocket'? Pretty esoteric to an outsider. Even when I was working in a south London pub a few years ago we'd be talking about cash in terms of scores / tons etc. Anyway, on topic, not a fan of the shooty shooty bullshit but I think a lot of people are underplaying how well and how quickly Ronda has taken to the pro wrestling. If only she would stop firing off the verbose and artificial promos at machine-gun speed.
  4. RIP Keith. Prodigy were a regular on the UK music festival circuit in the 00s so had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times, never a bad show. Also, one of the few bands who brought the ravers and the metal heads together (FWIW I fit very much in the second camp)
  5. That’s exactly what I said in the general discussion thread. Oh well, I’m glad it’s as we thought and good news. It will be very interesting to see how he gets booked over the next few weeks, and also how everything else is booked too. Will all the other promised changes through Dec/Jan, however surface level they were anyway, be rolled back because Vince has his ace back? Will the woman’s angles take a back seat? Will all the NXT guys just shuffle back whence they came?
  6. I got this game a couple of weeks ago on the ps4 in a sale, it was really cheap by Aussie standards. Ive spent most of my time just filling out the rosters with downloaded WWE / AEW / Oldies but creating a wrestler was pretty fun too. Being a Brit I couldn’t resist using ZSJ’s voice samples where he basically just swears at the other guy.
  7. ZSJ looks like such an innocent nice young man there, until he ties you into a pretzel and calls you a wanker while doing it.
  8. Wow Roman looks in fantastic shape in that photo. Obviously looks can be deceiving with cancer but that does not look like a man who has recently (god willing) come out the other side of a serious health scare. Hats off to the man for his dedication. edit to add: I so wish they could have held off the desperation just this once. Imagine Roman coming out to a completely surprised crowd. That would have rivalled any pop this decade, I reckon.
  9. With the Revival winning WWE main roster gold, his work is done to keep the torch of 'real' Southern tag wrestling burning bright and he can retire in peace... /s
  10. Hey, leave Shane and his reproduction organs out of it! That’s his business!
  11. Turning 35 this year, and (as you do) realising it is not as old as I used to think it was at 15, I started thinking about where some of my favourites were at 35 and how beat up and broken down (or not) they were. Not wanting to be a downer, I just find you get a new level of empathy with someone when you reach their age: Mick Foley - had retired at WrestleMania 2000 a couple of months previously, had already sustained that laundry list of injuries on the back cover of his first book, but would still go on to a couple of high profile programmes with Orton/Edge/ whatever that was in TNA Daniel Bryan - had just retired due to concussions, having spent the last decade being considered the best in the world The Rock - already a few years removed from his run at the top, having remained virtually injury free and in his physical prime, still 4 years away from his WM match with Cena Bret Hart - IC champ feuding with Shawn Michaels w/ Sherri, considered a solid worker but a couple of years from being made as a top guy, 4 years from knee scoping etc, almost a decade of active competition ahead of him
  12. In no particular order: 1. Mark Henry air bill 2. Inside a steel Davey Richards 3. Pants Free Punk 4. How’s his missile dropkick 5. Stuffing instead of potatoes 6. Chris Masters is better than x 7. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle are overrated because of X 8. Settle down -netico 9. BEN bunkhouse booking 10. piranesi fashion watch 11. Piranesi dean ambrose alternate hobo reality (I miss these...) 12. Vince hobo army 13. X throws the best punches 14. Who / Jim Neidhart pun Yes I’ve mostly lurked for 13 years, reading DVDVR threads. What have I done with my life... On topic, couldn’t be more hyped for Double or Nothing, PAC/Hangman should be amazing and the rest of the card is rounding out to be pretty solid. How do they continue to sustain the buzz for the next 3 months? Will people start to fatigue with the general ‘we’re doing it different, we’re doing it for you’ and demand more specifics before they’ve even done their first show?
  13. The perfect AEW signing! Same age as Jericho, still active on the Indy scene, can lean into whatever wacky angles they do, would be gold on BTE.
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