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  1. The rest of the league. Pkusxwouldnt that be a tacit admission by kd that he can never do it on his own?
  2. We can be sure hes not afraid of needles. .
  3. What fool wouldnt opt in for that much dough?
  4. When did the Lakers sign Rincewind and Granny Wetherwax?
  5. But subok has been established as a character for over 30 years. The only surprise is that they decided to more with him.
  6. The only way reva finding that message from bail makes sense is if Vader blasts the place to smithereens, with her in it, just to be a dick.
  7. Only Dave would think that is a good look. "See how busy I am?"
  8. On the one hand, its cute that they think there will be a 2023 draft and season. On the other, "oh boy I get to shift through the shit pile that literally no other league wants, and pick 1st!"
  9. The loser gets the as right?
  10. I dont care what anyone says, dominoes was NEVER good. . .I
  11. I was a substitute teacher, and your not kidding. I cant remember most of them, but .
  12. I dont get the criticisms at all. I love the show, but I've only seen one season of mandalorian, and it was poorly paced boredom for the most part. To each their own, but more obi wan and Vader is never a bad thing. This is far above the sequels and most of the prequels for me. . .
  13. I hope the Browns have to eat every fucking dime of the contract, at least cap wise. Doesn't mean watson has to get it. That has to be the worst contract ever right?
  14. Fuck the rockets right back.
  15. I love that Watson's defense is that he was indicted, therefore all of his behavior is legal. What a piece of shit.
  16. George? Pretty sure it was sam Kirk.. .
  17. Now I have a crossbow. . . .ho, ho,ho.
  18. Watsons defense sounds like something Dennis would use on always sunny. . .
  19. That makes more sense. I thought they could transfer every year if they wanted to.
  20. What reasonable franchise(and I realize that's a loaded term) would give a big $$$ long term contract to that headcase?
  21. First thing i though about too. Though I doubt they will be dumb enough to play on sand. . . .
  22. Good to know. I thought there might be a lack of space, but I wasn't sure.
  23. I know nothing of DC geography, so is there a reason(other than the usual racist bullshit) they dont build a stadium in DC proper?
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