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  1. I mean it's totally misplaced in this instance, yeah, not necessarily because of when she was born. History still affected her family and it's not unreasonable to carry that resentment. But making some kind of connection to Weili Zhang being Chinese, China being communist, communism affecting Lithuania negatively is... I mean that's a long unnecessary road for motivation that doesn't even make sense, and it makes me a little concerned for her chances in this fight.
  2. I think it's cool that folks want to stand up against racism towards Asians, and that people are trying to be more aware. As an asian american, I really do appreciate the support. But I ask that if you want to be an ally, please don't try to banish people from existence on our behalf. Get these people on our side. Reach out, be kind. Rose Namajunas has a family history and life experiences that have lead her to say this ignorant statement, one that I don't even think is racist or necessarily against Chinese people in general. I mean if she wants to shit on communism I don't think my Chine
  3. I think the situation in Lithuania leading up and during World War 2 was a little more complicated than "they were Nazi's".
  4. Vettori at the weigh ins was like a geeked out villain in an 80's movie. NERRRRRRDS
  5. I think I read 22 or 23 are on the lawsuit...but his defense was like we got 18 who said he was cool. But I'm like that's 40 different massage therapists regardless, which seems.... excessive.
  6. I'm certainly MORE than interested in seeing what Jones plans to do at heavyweight. He might change things up at heavyweight. With Jones vs. Stipe I feel like Miocic lets find Jones find his rhythm which is scary. And again I feel bad because I feel like I'm shortchanging one of the best heavyweight champes ever. With Francis.....there's the eraser and that's exciting....but I don't put anything past Jon Jones. That fight is massive. Francis not having to wildly wing it and land a KO to win is wild.
  7. The scariest moment of the fight was Francis defending the takedown and then popping Stipe in the face for even trying. As soon as it happened I thought, If that's "a thing" going forward, everyone just forget it.
  8. Man, Ngannou just sounds like the sweetest, kindest soul who also happens to have nuclear fucking weapons for arms.
  9. Hate that it happened, but I love these guys. So happy for Francis. Ideally Francis knocks Jon Jones into a different universe and we get the trilogy.
  10. I don't know who the guy is because I'm too casual but the long dreadlock dude putting on pads and eating Ngannou's strikes on the regular is the real champion.
  11. Goddamn. I was kind of hoping Tyron would start something here. He tried to keep it together and still landed a shot while clearly drunk on Queer Street.
  12. Thomas Almeida coming out to music by Sasha Bank's cousin. You may know him as a judge alongside AEW's Cody Rhodes on Go-Big Show. #FullMeltzer
  13. I can't tell if Maverick's Corner man repeating "That was it" 10 times followed by "Everything straight" four times is a good thing or not.
  14. I think they used that tweet on the UFC twitter graphic. Wrestling bubble is real and vast.
  15. This is the kind of main event that makes me nervous. I dig both guys and hate the idea of either guys losing. I hate that Stipe could lose and not get an immediate rematch for the trilogy.
  16. That was fun to watch Abubakar use his striking to gradually force Gooden's to put his hands up in order to open up take downs.
  17. I think some of these players will need an asterisk next to their ring. should they win one of course....of course.
  18. It's definitely an irresistible force vs. immovable object moment where one person wants to micromanage the image and another person is overly concerned with their own self image. I don't think either was totally "right." I just know that if a director told me to wear a hat I'd wear the hat. If I didn't like the hat hopefully we could collaborate on some solutions. But at the end of the day, I'm getting paid to play a character. Conflating my real life with the character's life is silly. But I'm also generally frustrated that audiences seem to have real difficulty in recognizing what an actor
  19. For sure, it's totally a dick move. But it's also...
  20. The actor in me says David Fincher is right. But the sports fan in me is with Ben Affleck. I mean if I was told I had to put on an Aaron Rodgers jersey for a part, there'd be some soul searching.
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