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  1. I doubt the 2% who voted no have any unified ideological or political affiliation. It's much more probable they've got gambling debt or a coke bill due.
  2. I've been dabbling. My youngest wanted it for his birthday for whatever reason and we've been getting ourselves hyped over it the last couple of months. I haven't had time to dig into the various modes, but it plays well. Ran through the Aracade story with Cammy. Watched my son play some of the World Tour and it looks really fun. The whole vibe of the game feels right to me. I mean, it is "just" a fighting game, and a fun one, but the vibe of it just makes me feel excited to hunker down and get good at it.
  3. This is what I was hoping this series would look like.
  4. Shin Kamen Rider was a mixed bag for me. I wanted to love it so much, especially after the opening sequence - but it consistently made some baffling decisions that drove me bonkers. Nearly everyone was a little to stone cold for me. By the time Hayato showed up I was like "this guy should've been in the movie the whole time." But the highs of this movie were really high. Me and my older son saw it together and we had a great time talking about it and all the weird choices. Some of them were obviously homage to the original series, which I greatly appreciated. They were a little lost on my son, who's Rider references are Kuuga and Zero-1, but he had a good time too. It's just one of those movies that even with its failings it still felt like an experience worth having. Even with my complaints I think I'll end up buying it when it hits disc. There was a guy near us who said "I can't tell if people loved this or hated it." We chatted a little and he echoed the sentiment @GojiColin stated about it being better than Shin Ultraman.
  5. ... are you saying they should.... finish the story?
  6. Hope you enjoyed it. We did. What I found fascinating was that they kind of cleaned slate for the present day girls, with no big active mystery driving us into next season. It sounds like it'll be about whether what happened in the woods will actually make things better for them. I'm assuming this will concern Van more than anyone, and if that happens we'll see if miracles make believers. Instead the show decides to leave the big question to the past with the last scene. It seems like the obvious culprit would be a red herring. But even that mystery doesn't feel very important. Even though I think this season was a bit of a mixed bag, I think they managed to do something really smart. "The Puzzle" no longer feels important. Instead I'm more interested in just the characters and how they interact with one another. Shauna and Callie's relationship going forward. How does Taisa fix her fucking life. Misty and Elijah Wood's relationship. And even in the past I'm interested in Natalie and Shauna's weird tension with one another. It may have felt like a bit of a drop off from season 1, but I think it was necessary to get the focus off of The Puzzles, and on to the People. A little disappointment now, to potentially avoid one big deflating disappointment later.
  7. I would've been fine with Boston vs. Denver in the finals this year. What I'm not fine with is Boston possibly being the first team to come back from 3-0. That city is not allowed to have that bit of history too.
  8. Oooooo apparently I got 20 bucks worth of rewards points. Gonna get that VS 4k Showgirls for next to nothing.
  9. I didn't watch the show. But I did watch Sabu come out. Taz reacting to "suicidal..." popped me. I wish he'd been a little more adversarial with his reaction after that. A little more "This fucking guy..." would've been cool. Really wish he wasn't in this Jericho/Cole deal, and instead was a "hazard feature" in the Anarchy in the Arena match. Like everyone is fighting but Sabu goes from station to station chucking chairs at anyone and everyone. I got to meet Sabu at a Dragon Gate USA show where he teemed with AR Fox, and they were great together. That was 12 years ago. So little idea what he's like now. Here's a match from 3 years ago... he might be good for some wild spots in front of the big crowd.
  10. Lost aired its first episode 20 years ago next year. So one could say this is scratching an itch that hasn't been scratched in a while. But to further illustrate your point - I make Lost references to my wife just about every episode we watch of Yellowjackets. In fact during this last episode I yelled "This is their Hatch!" - which you obviously won't get, but some other person who has seen Lost and is watching Yellowjackets will get it. I've got a few minor quibbles about this season, only because I felt like it felt there was some wheel spinning for the modern day characters. But that was more so they'd all end up where they are now, I suppose. Elijah Wood is great and a welcome addition. I love every moment we learn more about his character - and he and Ricci are awesome together. Also, this whole cast is crazy good. All the young actresses could probably carry the show on their own at this point.
  11. I hope that's her moving forward because the division got even more interesting.
  12. Good gravy, Mackenzie Dern was a monster in there.
  13. First round of Dern/Hill was more exciting than I thought possible. Dern is not fucking around. She wants a finish.
  14. Natalia Silva just busted Leonardo's face and was absolutely ADORABLE trying to speak english without the translator. .... Interesting to see if Chase Hooper fares better at lightweight. Apparently he was still growing into his body, and still trying to make 145 when it didn't make sense. He said his last fight he was drinking only protein shakes and honey 1-2 weeks before fight week. Was trying to cut down from 185. Fucking madness.
  15. I haven't been keeping up with the news since like Monday... a lot has happened this week. All I really wanted to know was if AEW ppvs would be on HBO Max. Instead I have to read 12 pages of Punk vs. Alvarez vs. Bixenspan. Sometimes this company is hard to get into.
  16. The good news for the Celtics is that if they get swept they'll already be where they want to be for vacation anyway.
  17. That third quarter from the Heat was pretty incredible. Even Kevin Love was out there maximizing his time. Final five minutes Reggie and SVG were both calling for Tatum to get the ball. It's clutch time, give it to Tatum! The next three possessions he got were some of the most egregious brain farts you'll see from a superstar player in the playoffs.
  18. Is anyone enjoying this book? Like there have to be fans of this right? I haven't dipped in, only read a few bits online, and the sentiment is really negative, and I personally don't like the direction at all. But I can't tell if that's just a vocal minority or not. There's this weird space where fans think their voices are representative of all fans, that runs alongside this equally bizarre mentality where creators think that if online critics hate their book they must be doing something right. Like it's their duty to piss those people off, because they think what they're doing is super important. But there's gotta be someone who's like "This is how I like my Spider-Man." - right? It can't just be miserable fans reading a miserable book by people who are more than happy to get paid making them miserable, right?
  19. I kinda want to see if Jokic can get more rebounds than any one Laker can score points.
  20. I don't have a ton of energy to defend Doc Rivers, and I know the historical narrative is cute to run with every time his teams choke, but I don't know what he's expected to do. He coaches teams to winning records and gets them to the playoffs. Like Fowler pointed out, James Harden was 3-11. Joel Embiid was 5-18. Both guys have MVP trophies. Doc Rivers can't put the ball in the hoop for them. I'm sure when Doc Rivers is drawing up plays, he's not saying "And James, here's where you flail about during your shot hoping that a foul is called rather than actually trying to put the ball in the basket." The guy is only responsible for so much.
  21. I haven't watched much Sixers this season, but I've watched just about everything in the Playoffs, and they've been the most frustrating team to watch play offense in the postseason. Sometimes it looks so easy, and sometimes it's like they all just met each other.
  22. It is so weird watching Golden State missing so many shots after years of them being like a video game.
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