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  1. Yeah that felt like Gamrot stole the last three rounds, but man that was the kind of fight where the result doesn't really hurt either guy. It's clear both dudes are not a good matchup for anyone ahead of them. Tsurukyan is only 25 and that's what he can do now, so hopefully he mentally bounces back from this and keeps crushing it. That pace was incredible and exhausting. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  2. Big fan of every fight I've seen of Rakhkmonov. Magny definitely made him work for it but he still looked damn impressive. Rakhmonov vs. Khamzat is gonna be a fun fight one day.
  3. Who is on the list of players that did it on their own? I don't think any players think about this, at least not in that way. Some may want to be "The Busdriver" as Charles Barkley put it, but I don't think anyone gives a shit if their supporting casts are all-stars/HoF'ers or not.
  4. He's really the only draw for me. From the trailer, there's not much mystery to me as to how that movie is going to play out, and I'm already not super into ghost movies.
  5. Haha no. But I totally see the resemblance now that you mention it.. Reggie from Phantasm's real name is Reggie Bannister and he's like 17 years older than Dean Norris who plays Hank.
  6. New leaner Kevin Holland that doesn't get held down is way better. But who knows if he can sustain that in this division. Everyone in the top 5 has a high level wrestling background except Leon Edwards.
  7. Yep. I don't know what Buckley's ceiling is, but I hope it's high. Never boring.
  8. Getting in line to buy a ticket for the Natália Silva hype train. She looked great.
  9. Agreed. Some of the more celebrated works I think are just okay stories, but Tim Sale turned them into classics. He so strongly imbued each page with so much mood and flavor - just a brilliant artist. Very sad to see him go. Back in the 90's Gambit was the edgy hot X-Man, and I kinda dug how Tim Sale made him a little more rat like. He still retained some lovable rapscallion qualities, but that troubled part of Gambit's life was present in his appearance and it made him more tragic and sympathetic. I don't think anyone has ever managed to repeat that when drawing Remy.
  10. That second round was a weird one. Because even though Santos has some ground control, ref stood them up which means feels like it negates what she was doing. Shevchenko was also really busy from underneath with strikes and threatening two different subs. I wouldn't have been surprised if it went either way.
  11. Woah. Legendary fighter. Sad to see her go out in a ko like that, but man for a shining period she was an absolute terror.
  12. Prelims and main card have been solid to great so far. Jake Fuckin' Matthews was in no rush despite all the blood in the water and it was beautiful to watch.
  13. Joe Bob had a fun lineup last night. Hellbender was solid weirdness. I think some people pegged it as a nobudget A24 style film - but it's feeling was more akin to the naval gaze/ mumble core movement of the mid 2000s. Like Kelly Reichardt's Old Joy but with a mom and daughter vomiting blood on each other. Definitely recommend. Also got to rewatch The Monster Club. Which is incredibly weird, but it's immensely likeable because it seems completely unaware of any trends or the audience that they're targeting. It's like it exists in a world where Alien, Exorcist, and Halloween didn't just come out prior. Just in here doing its own thing, Like watching Night Gallery the movie, but with jokes about Stake Proof Vests and this song.
  14. Is that also part of the joke? Asking for a father with a bed time.
  15. I think all of this is to set up another MJF false entrance music entrance.
  16. Man my kids just want to see Wardlow fight MJF and Bryan Danielson do some shit. If I pay for this and Max no shows we're gonna be pissssssssed. Also... for months now my kids call Wardlow "Wardlow The Wizard." Because Wardlow sounds like some kind of great mage from Dungeons & Dragons. So if I slip and type that here - that's why.
  17. Veira's coach had it 3-1 Holly going into the 5th. Two judges said the opposite.
  18. Not a fan of that decision. Best case scenario was that 2-2 going into the 5th. And I don't think anyone thought Veira won that fifth.
  19. I don't think it makes sense from a Box Office perspective but Masvidal vs. Michel Pereira sounds fun as hell.
  20. Chase Hooper looked much better tonight. Njokuani gave a naaaaaaaaaaaasty elbow out of the clinch to put away Todorovic. Didn't look totally lost defending the wrestling either. Hoping this Ponzinibbio/Pereira is as awesome as it could be.
  21. Sadly Tarik Cohen was released back in March. He hasn't played a game of football since September 2020. Tore an ACL, MCL, and a tibial fracture. There was a lot of questions about his health, as people saw him visibly limping late in the last season(at a time when people were expecting him to hopefully return). I imagine this work out was to get some hype going for a new team. Feel awful for the guy. Really fun player, and brought energy to the field. Rooting for him to get on the field somewhere somehow.
  22. Pat Beverly vs. JJ Reddick is the best shit on TV. They should be a package for all sports shows.
  23. Felt bad for him. He really turned it around in the second. Then he got dead legged.
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