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  1. Imagine 10-15 years from now we're going to be watching a bunch of fighters who grew up wanting to be like Max Holloway.
  2. Like this is the same card where Jalin Turner thought he knocked out Moicano and lost. The same show where Jiri walked through punches to get wild on Rakic. Do Bronx losing to Arman feels like a million years ago at this point.
  3. Imagine having the two rounds that Yan Xionan had to start this fight, and then have that round three. Crazy fight.
  4. It might be because he's my favorite fighter of all time - but that was one of the greatest moments I've ever witnessed in the history fighting.
  5. Jeez, Calvin was underwater from the opening bell. Ortega vs. Sterling as a possible title eliminator would be cool.
  6. Raally interested in this Sterling/Kattar fight. Calvin might be the guy Max beat up, but he's also the guy who came back from that to beat the brakes off of Giga Chikadze. Not an easy matchup for Aljo at all.
  7. Woof. I know it's a 42 year old Holly, but is Raquel Pennington or Julia Pena capable of handling that shit? Kayla Harrison is fucking huge.
  8. People cheered for Bobby Green saying he went from no house to four houses, and that's after he beat a guy everyone wanted to see win.
  9. Moicano is out of his goddamn mind. "I'm starting a podcast...My first guest will be JOE ROGAN AND YOU CANNOT REFUSE."
  10. Tough win for Andrade. Difference was the grit to go in knowing she'll get tagged and get dirty with it.
  11. Bobby was always going to be too fast for him, was hoping Jim had a little magic left in them hands. Don't think he's washed though, as he still manages to beat younger, less experienced guys. We'll probably be watching him on UFC 400.
  12. All the Bantams ahead of Figgy in the rankings would be an awesome fight. I think Yan injured himself last fight, but Holy shit let's get those two together.
  13. I haven't watched much of any Kayla Harrison, so I feel very unqualified for any opinion on the fight. But everyone I've heard talk about her, describes someone whose fighting style is practically made for Holly Holm to beat on points over 3 rounds. 42 years of age or not. Pair that with a pretty big weight cut, and it just sounds like a terrible combination for her debut.
  14. Don't forget, Max and Justin got Dana to change the fight bonuses to $300,000. So we might see some wild shit tonight with that much on the line. I might actually pay for this show.
  15. The answer to the Frankie Lancaster question will be someone you can't remember right now. You won't know who the Frankie Lancaster is until the next time you watch the show and go "Oh shit that guy's been here a while, why didn't I think of him?"
  16. Turns out I have the last year of every AEW show recorded on my Hulu account. So I just watched this. Great time. Thanks. Sonjay pouncing Buddy Matthews off the stage was probably the last thing I expected out of this match.
  17. Are Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett still working together!? It's amazing how much I miss out on and how much stays the same. Like I remember when Danielson and Jericho were fighting over the soul of Daniel Garcia. Loved it. I miss one month of shows, come back, and Daniel Garcia is still with Jericho and now he dances. I have no idea how it happened. It just is. On the other hand, I miss six months and Jay Lethal and Double J still have TV time devoted to their act. Tremendous.
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