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  1. But 'non-sanctioned' matches dont count on the w/l record, as they put over a bunch on commentary during the Omega/Janela match.
  2. I still think the on-screen promoting of wins/losses are going to eventually go away once they realize how genuinely cumbersome of a device it is to use in the context of a weekly wrestling show. As mentioned earlier, EVOLVE abandoned it after a while back when they were still only running 1-2 shows a month. That said, once Cody gave the explanation that it's like college football rankings, that made how they are handling things make a little more sense, if only because I am numb to college football rankings outside of the Top 4 at the end of the season seeming incredibly random and arbitrary on who drops how many spots each week after a loss.
  3. I am more curious how long it's going to be until they book a show in Sacramento. And yes, Kylie Rae is working an Impact show but it's also in her home base.I am wondering if she still wants to wrestle but whatever happened with AEW caused her to be spooked by going on the road and working shows where she is not surrounded folks she knows really well and feels safe around.
  4. I havent seen anyone blaming Vince and WWE, if anything the few COMPLETE SPECULATION THAT IS NOT CONFIRMED posts I have seen have been jokingly mentioning ROH and Bubba Ray Dudley. Either way, if the phone call cancellation is the real story, how the fuck does the ambulance company not double check their listed venue contacts to confirm the cancellation? I work for a print media company and if someone wants to cancel their advertising we dont accept those calls from anyone that's not listed on the contacts that company or business has given us. I said this elsewhere, but this whole WWE vs AEW prime time television war is on the verge of looking like a benign slapfight compared to what else has gone on so far this weekend.
  5. I was okay with the flipping destroyer thing in Lee vs Dijak because (a) it was followed up by Dijak hitting the insane moonsault for what he thought in his mind would be the final shot and (b) the next thing after that was basically Keith Lee saying "you're going to have to kill me motherfucker" then hitting his finish for the dominant big man win. If they wrestled for another ten minutes after that I might be a bit more sour but the final stretch was essentially "whoever beats Keith Lee down the road is gonna have to run him over with a bus" to get the job done. I was more annoyed by the commercial break transition of Riddle getting barreled through a fucking wall - cut to commercial - back from commercial - Riddle is now standing tall and putting Dain through a table like he DIDN'T get barreled through a fucking wall before the commercial.
  6. And the answer is...SUPERCLASH IV! Major notes of interest: 1. Larry Zbyskzo regaining the AWA World Title from Mr. Saito. 2. Pre-Yokozuna Kokina vs pre-Berzerker John Nord. 3. A cage match between Paul Diamond/The Trooper vs Destruction Crew that I could see being a low-key sleeper of a discovery. 4. Let's see what Tully Blanchard can drag out of TOMMY JAMMER.
  7. The entire card from the Meadowlands that night got added to Hidden Gems recently.
  8. I like that because its AWA there are dozens of things this could be: -is Hulk Hogan's face turn floating around out there? I just realized that I dont think I have ever seen that. -maybe that final Superclash where WCW loaned out Ric Flair vs Brian Pillman to fill out the show? -did the Turkey Battle Royal from Team Challenge Series ever air in full? -i remember reading about a cage match where Greg Gagne beat Curt Hennig for the AWA World Title and it later got overturned but I dont recall if that ever aired in full. -Maybe an AWA World Title change from the 60s or 70s that never aired in full? -that aforementioned Bunkhouse Battle Royal?
  9. Doesnt the "Owen Hart ribbed Harley Race by spiking his chili with dangerous amounts of hot sauce" story literally end with Harley zapping Owen with a stun gun the next time he saw him?
  10. And if you are absolutely in need of a fix on Thursday night and have an IndependentWrestling.TV subscription, Beyond Wrestling returns with their Uncharted Territory weekly series the night between AEW's debut and Smackdown's FOX debut.
  11. It looked like that they were MAYBE booked for a double-pin to build to Superclash but Madusa either (a) intentionally tried to double-cross Wendi or (b) got worried that Wendi was going to double cross her and she got cold feet. Either way, just a helluva breakdown. I know the Network presentation is pieced together from the night of the taping and those matches aired across several episodes of AWA TV but I am genuinely curious if this made any of the final air tapes back then.
  12. The "Nacho Libre" thing aside, there was a genuinely awesome plug during the USC game on FS1, as during a replay where they were discussing whether a tackle was actually an illegal slam, that announcer spontaneously transitioned with "and to find out what IS a legal slam, tune into WWE Smackdown on FOX, debuting Friday night October 4th!" It was delivered in a way where even his fellow announcer afterwards said "wow, that was good."
  13. Jesus, the finishing stretch of the women's tag match on the AWA Road to Superclash III...if that happened in WCW or TNA instead of nearing-the-deathbed AWA it would be an all-time great botched finish.
  14. I truly believe that the key to winning the new wrestling war will be if WWE or AEW is the first to hire the hairdressers for Pro Wrestling NOAH's talent.
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