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  1. Except not once has Rowan actually genuinely projected being a MONSTER other than being tall and standing in a corner. Is Rowan a serviceable big guy that is perfectly fine during short spurts in tag matches? Sure. But the way Harper moves around and carries himself in the ring has always stood out as scarier and more intense than Rowan. Is Harper seven feet tall like Rowan? Nope. Is he still taller than the majority of the current roster, and does he present everything he does with bruising intent that would put him over as a danger with the right presentation - which happened when he was with the Wyatts? Most definitely. Even in terms of "which guy looks more like the member of an eco terrorist cult", Harper's look is better for that gimmick as well while still being plenty tall enough to tower over Daniel Bryan in the side by side camera shots. I am not going to jump on the "Luke Harper should have been WWE Champion" bandwagon, but a guy with his look and talent is someone that should be a no-brainer to program in some sort of "heavyweight gatekeeper" role.
  2. Seriously, how the hell could anyone in power look at Rowan, and look at Harper, and say that ROWAN is the one we will feature on TV every week?
  3. The Viking Experience sounds like an off-menu scenario that you have to specifically ask for at "The Dungeon" because one time a guy died while trying it. I am looking forward though to the inevitable AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins one-on-one match.
  4. This sounds like the name of someone who saw last weekend's Blackcraft Wrestling show and thought it was genuinely good.
  5. This seems dangerously on the edge of the next source about this story saying something that ends with "and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me."
  6. I just saw the update on DDT's Twitter page, they are not adding the Coming to America show to Universe until May 1st
  7. I hadn't heard that version of the story but I freely admit that my memory is shit too. The version I heard was that the Clash of the Champions six-man tag team title match had been promoted as Road Warriors/Tenryu vs Sting/Junkyard Dog/Michael Hayes, and then they did the angle during the show where The Varsity Club chained closed the face locker room gate so they couldn't go to the ring and took their place, and THAT was what offended AJPW. Either way, the headline comes down to "WCW did something stupid and pissed off Giant Baba." Yep. Was there live and stood there for the first 30 seconds going "Holy Shit, Enzo and Cass really are that stupid" and then at about sixty seconds said to myself "Security isn't breaking this up...holy shit, Ring of Honor are really that stupid". Everyone in my section noticed that too, a pretty important detail given that damn near everyone within the 30 minutes prior had watched the footage of security coming to stop the Bret Hall Hall of Fame situation when all of their phones blew up. And that Briscoes response to Tama Tonga is shockingly weak.
  8. Jesus. If that is true that is some "WCW not telling AJPW about the Clash of the Champions six-man tag with Tenryu" idiocy, and equally worthy of cutting ties. Seriously, when you present a match that was as awesome as Naito/Ibushi was, and give Okada another checkmark in the "greatest of all time" achievement list, but all anyone can talk about a week later is how much Ring of Honor shit the bed, it's time to get another dance partner.
  9. Planning to spend this weekend catching up on shows I didn't see live last weekend. I already have the IW.TV and Highspots subs so I am covered on those shows. And I have zero issue plunking down the cash for Spring Break Night One and Two (I was at Part Two but more than happy to relive the nuttiness again with Ron Funches on commentary). I did want to ask though if the DDT Coming to America show was on either DDT Universe or the ClubWWN gimmicks. The FITETV replay is $15. If that's the only option right now I will swing it, but if it's on one of the other services I would much rather just subscribe for a month and check out some other stuff as well.
  10. Back home from Wrestlemania weekend and recovering on the couch this weekend. Any must-see matches from the CC so far?
  11. I feel like those are so bad that even Frank Goodman would tell them to try again before letting them enter the USA Pro Ticket Sellers Battle Royale and share a ring with The New Dynamite Kid and The Trekkie.
  12. Fuck that, I say to post on this board you had to have read multiple 2,000-word OMEGA (Carolina, not Kenny) reviews on this site during the green board days. But seriously, if Sasha wants out and WWE is willing to grant it, now is the time to try and do something somewhere else. Or even try to do something that isn't wrestling at all.
  13. Whether the reason Sasha had for canceling was legitimate or not, you know WWE still has to be upset because if the Wendy Williams folks are mad about it, they are very likely not to take calls from WWE about booking anyone else any time soon. As much as I am NOT in the target demo for Wendy's show, that would have been another good score in the "WWE is mainstream entertainment" department. If something deeper mentally - or God forbid, physically - is going on with Sasha I really hope she gets the help she needs.
  14. Goddamn being in NY/NJ for the weekend and leaving MSG early and missing the finish to Okada vs Jay White but not giving a fuck because as I walked into White Eagle Hall, Rich Paladino was giving the "30 seconds until we are live on FITE TV!" and seeing The Rock N Roll Express - childhood heroes that I had somehow never seen wrestle live - tear it up, L.A. Park and Masato Tanaka lay waste to each other, and the sheer joy and nuttiness of the Greatest Clusterfuck did a lot to wash the bad taste out of my mouth from Ring of Honor ruining what should have been a triumphant night for New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  15. A few minutes of the WMIII press conference was included in the Coliseum Video release. If you have never seen it, the interactions between Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene are incredible.
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