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  1. Digging this trip you are taking here @ben.. Necro Butcher vs Green Phantom is one of the all-time great beatings. When I first saw it, seeing how soaked Green Phantom's mask was with blood pooling up from the inside was as gross to me as the Sexxy Eddy artery slice. And it tells you how many other fucked up things have happened to Nick Gage over the years that no one really talks about the TOD where he was SET ON FIRE. I seem to recall that he ended up getting diagnosed with some nasty body burns from that spot.
  2. So what you're saying is that if AEW wanted to really get the upper-hand and sustained momentum in the Wednesday Night Wrestling Wars, they should have had Chris Jericho do a pull-apart with Guy Fieri instead of Mike Tyson
  3. Really hoping he can squeeze more seasons in somewhere in between the new Beavis and Butt-head deal. Apparently before Season 2 aired on TV he did a preview screening of a few S2 episodes here in L.A. and stated that he would like to do at least two additional seasons at some point, one on stand-up comedy and one on gangsta rap.
  4. While not quite the same concept, I still think that General Manager Mike Adamle being too stupid to be afraid of Kane is an underrated highlight from that era.
  5. Lucked into free premium channels for a little while so finally doing a proper watch of Mike Judge's Tales From The Tour Bus, and man, I really wish this show was on a channel that had an actual following and wasn't only seen by people during "free preview weekends" or "free with subscription to more popular channel".
  6. David Crockett just calmly stating that "the nightmare came true" is easily his finest moment as a wrestling commentator.
  7. Man, that brief time period that Lance Russell was on Twitter before his death was beautiful. This was probably the most controversial tweet he (or the younger relative that was managing it for him) ever posted, and that account was a brief ray of positivity and love in a sea of shit and hate.
  8. Someone needs to tell him that when you are speaking in a tearful voice and contorting your face to look you are crying, your attempt to look sincere will be helped by figuring out how to generate at least ONE tear from your eye. This video did more to convince me that Mike Quackenbush is a sociopath than anything else prior to this moment. While I wouldn't be surprised if there are some things he genuinely regrets and feels remorse for, the majority of this would have come off so much better as a written statement, or at the very least, dropping the "Mike Quackenbush" persona and speaking like an actual person would have helped. I still couldn't help but cringe at him explaining how the student's injury occurred because he concluded that she did not have the necessary upper body strength to safely perform moves, before immediately denying accusations of gaslighting. I guess on the bright side, at least he had the small amount of self-awareness to not shoot this in front of the blue Chikara banner.
  9. That's what intrigues me the most about these emails. They read like a combination of what I imagine a WWE agent's notes to Vince would look like, combined with Internet message board talk from that era. It really doesn't read at all as something that's coming from the head trainer and owner of the promotion.
  10. I can't speak for what happened in SF, but from what I have read about LA is that there was a chain reaction of things outside of the promotion's control that occurred throughout the second half of the '70s, and then complacency kind of set in to do the rest of the job. The biggest issue that affected LA from what I've read was a chain of events that resulted in the loss of their English-language television affiliate in the city. My understanding - and someone can correct me if I am wrong - is that the FCC had gotten a complaint from someone that didn't like the wrestling show. The complaint had presented the idea that technically the weekly televised wrestling show was just a one-hour commercial for arena shows, and somehow the FCC advised the station of the complaint and gave a warning, so the station told the promotion that they could remain on their station, but they could not plug or promote other live events during the show. I believe I read that the wrestling promotion would given commercial time during other programs to keep promoting their live shows in some way to that station's audience, but during a post-match promo one of the wrestlers slipped up and said something along the lines of how he couldn't wait to get one more shot at the Americas Championship "this Friday night", and the station booted them off after that incident. The Los Angeles promotion still had Spanish-language television (in fact, it was syndicated nationally through the Spanish International Network, including NYC), but the loss of the higher-profile broadcasting spot resulted in an attendance drop that they never recovered from. I've also read that as the decade changed over to the 1980s, the LeBell family simply lost interest in aggressively promoting and began pinching pennies to the point where the pay days just weren't there for guys that had other options, and by the time it finally closed up shop in 1982, the roster primarily consisted of Lucha imports like Mil Mascaras and El Canek, aging homesteaders that were winding down their careers like Black Gordman and Victor Rivera, and rookies breaking into the business like Tom Prichard and Chris Adams. The WWF then swooped in fairly quickly and made the city one of their first priorities in their national expansion, running their first show in the city in March 1983.
  11. My memory is that it - along with the Saturday morning show simply titled "Championship Wrestling" was mostly original content with maybe some recap of main show angles, but literally every match was a jobber squash. I know the few times I have checked out some episodes, the promos were more interesting in terms of the true under-the-radar gems instead of any matches themselves.
  12. I have joked on here for years now that kayfabe died for me when I found out that Maneukea Mossman was just some dude and not a gimmick wrestler based on the He-Man character, and over the last page, I thank those of you that have made me feel the most "not alone" I have ever felt on this board. That, and kayfabe also died for me when ICP's Fat Fuck Barrel Boy took the barrel off before wrestling his match.
  13. Yeah, from the moment it happened I always wrote that off as a purposeful stooge-spot on commentary from Heenan.
  14. I can't remember which match it was exactly, but on the DVDVR Portland '80s set, there was a several-match run of guys challenging each other to loser-leaves-town matches, and Don Owen eventually breaks down and goes on an amazing old-man rant about how he hates running loser-leaves-town matches because every time someone loses, he has to try to fly a new wrestler from another part of the country to fill that spot on the show. The rant was incredibly detailed to the point where he complained about how "the last time we ran a loser-leaves-town match it cost me $600 to fly in new talent to come wrestle for all of you" and how "if every match was a loser-leaves-town match you'd be stuck here next week looking at me and the referee standing alone in an empty ring for two hours."
  15. That New Jack photo seems like the appropriate response to the post above it.
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