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  1. clintthecrippler

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Oh yeah, no way in hell is Tye Dillinger a "lost main eventer" or someone that should be brought in at the upper half of the card. But he is just credible enough where he would be valuable as a gatekeeper/first feud for newer talent they are trying to establish.
  2. clintthecrippler

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Oh yeah, no way in hell is Tye Dillinger a "lost main eventer" or someone that should be brought in at the upper half of the card. But he is just credible enough where he would be valuable as a gatekeeper/first feud for newer talent they are trying to establish.
  3. clintthecrippler


    In hindsight, Enzo probably should have just been put on the chopping block after he had a bad match with frigging CESARO, answering the question of "how shitty does someone have to be to have a bad match with Cesaro?" Cesaro was even able to drag ZZ to a watchable 4 minutes.
  4. clintthecrippler


    I am firmly convinced that the folks that lightly toss the word "co-opted" at Meltzer over how the AEW stuff has been reported so far literally do not interact with any other types of media at all. Sports media, music journalism, video game media, film/TV press...Meltzer isnt even close to the level of "co-opted" multiple tastemakers in those worlds are.
  5. clintthecrippler

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    I like the occasional big monthly WWE show that ends early, which makes the Lacey Evans thing even more confusing. They don't even have the "cut for time" reason on this one.
  6. clintthecrippler


    Yep, this was damn fun. Definitely not a pretty match, but I was still shocked to see Scott Steiner take as much as he did, and the finish being awkward as fuck was the icing on the cake.
  7. clintthecrippler


    The CM Punk/Jun Kasai photo was taken in Atlantic City yesterday. Game Changer Wrestling brought Kasai over for a show tonight, and Punk is in the city this weekend also to do UFC Fight Pass commentary for Cage Fury 72, which I believe is also tonight.
  8. clintthecrippler


    At first I was trying to figure out which Wrestling Observer WCW Nitro review this line came from but then I remembered that Jeff Hardy was never in WCW.
  9. clintthecrippler


    Please tell me one of the teams competing tonight is "Tommasso Ciampa and The NXT Championship".
  10. clintthecrippler


    Surely I cant be the only person who saw this immediately after the Hana photo and thought the top looked like a caricature of boobs before realizing its supposed to be Bret's sunglasses? I know I know...settle down Crippler-netico.
  11. clintthecrippler


    That Virgil one is a grossly inaccurate depiction. He asks for the $20 AFTER you say yes to being his Valentine.
  12. clintthecrippler


    30 years ago at 1:30AM local time after the wrestling show, Ric Flair was either closing the bar or buying enough drinks to keep the bar open past hours. In 2019, Charlotte Flair is up at 1:30AM local time wasting time on Twitter throwing lazy barbs at online dirtsheet writers. That right there may be the best evidence yet that wrestling was better 30 years ago. P.S. I am ten years older than Charlotte and even I am shaking my head going, "Really, a fucking Carnac reference?"
  13. Haha, I remember the one time I went to one of the Livonia Mall shows. I remember wandering around the mall figuring it was in a closed storefront or in a center atrium and not being able to find it. We track down a security guard, who points us towards a sketchy emergency exit and tells us to walk outside around the back of the mall, where we see a windowless door with a piece of notebook paper taped to it with the word "WRESTLING" scribbled in black sharpie. I also went to the one of the XPW reboot shows at a gay nightclub. And not a super high-end hipster West Hollywood gay club, but a grungy spot that seemed like something from a homophobic scare film, like Cruising. The vibe of the club was fucking awesome. The show, not so much. I have been to one of the no-ring "bar fight" style shows over the last year, at a Los Angeles rock club whose space is so narrow width-wise that there is no way a ring could fit in there anyway. Getting caught in the crush as guys like Darby Allin and Brody King are brawling through the crowd in a place that small was intense, it felt like being in a mosh pit at times. I also got to experience studio wrestling during the early 2000's when Captain Ed George got TV in Michigan on the local ABC affiliate. A hot as fuck Saturday morning, but awesome to see Sabu, Kevin Sullivan, and Jerry Lynn wrestle in that environment as an adult after growing up watching JCP in the Techwood studio. I always wished someone could get some sort of wrestling show on TV where every week it takes place from a non-traditional venue. Like if Adult Swim greenlit a wrestling show where one week it took place at a rooftop pool party and the next week it took place at a cracker factory. I have become a fan lately of Zona 23 on Highspots. It is some of the sketchfest, scuzziest, barely trained deathmatch wrestling in the entire world. If the shows were in regular armories or VFW halls I would hate it. But because their shows are daytime outdoors in Mexican junkyards and guys are doing moves off the top of broken down trucks and rolling around in dirt, it's a compelling watch for me.
  14. clintthecrippler

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    I think the series Pedro had in the early 80s with Magnificent Muraco over the IC Title made for some damn fun matches, even if it is primarily because Muraco bumps big like a pinball for him. The little I have seen out there of his World Title run seems passable, but the primary problem with doing an assessment of Pedro through available footage is that theres not much from his glory days WWWF run, and he spent the rest of the 70s elsewhere, and once the Muraco series is over he breaks down pretty quickly and his JTTS run in 85/86 is fairly atrocious. EDIT: I also second doing a watch of the Mulligan title defense, though admittedly Pedro plays third banana next to the performance of Mulligan and the rabid, almost riotous MSG crowd.
  15. clintthecrippler


    I've always thought that right there was a big endorsement of their talent level. A big gulf in talent level from Roop/Garvin/Orton down to Eddy Mansfield/Jim Wilson.