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  1. Instead of watching the debate last night, I took that time to watch the 1967 Lee Marvin starring vehicle, Point Blank. I am satisfied with my choice last night, and the movie actually lifted my spirits in that it gave me thought to pause that whenever I think i am not aging gracefully, this is what 43 years old looked like in 1967.
  2. I know objectively you guys are writing other movie titles in your posts but ever since I saw this announcement the other day everything just reads "BLAH BLAH BLAH" to me
  3. The whole show as released through ECW Home Video. For some reason it was missing Dory Funk Jr. vs. RVD was missing from the commercial release but it aired on Japanese TV.
  4. Eh, as long as it scans as Finn Balor on the UPC and the royalty check, I would say who cares if it's Cena in the box?
  5. If Skip Bayless is being genuine when he makes controversial comments, he's a jackass. If Skip Bayless is working a gimmick or says stupid shit purposefully because he thinks it's draws ratings, he's a jackass. Richard Deitsch was my favorite Twitter account to follow a few years back was when there was big hype around Skip debuting his FS1 show, that whenever Skip would say something really stupid or self-congratulatory, he would isolate the comment and then post it with the comparison ratings of very benign programs that drew higher viewerships that Skip's show.
  6. And this was why I ended up playing with AWA Remco figures more than WWF LJN figures as a kid, as the AWA Remcos were same scale as my MOTU figures so I could throw them all together in matches, battle royals, dream tag teams, etc.
  7. You can probably get a good read just by going off of what they put onto the MSG/Spectrum/Meadowlands/Boston Garden shows.
  8. Yup. Its on the Attitude Era: Unreleased DVD Set that came out a few years back.
  9. Hey now, his full legal name is "Ogre, You Asshole."
  10. It does say something about the level of respect that Brisco warranted to receive that call from Vince himself instead of Paul or whatever corporate executive of talent relations toadie is in charge of making those calls. And while he is always incredibly sycophantic as a talking head in WWE-produced documentaries, he does seem like one of the more fun and more positive "old man wrestler" Twitter follows.
  11. Man, I had seen all the promo pics but seeing how big it is in a photo where it's scale is represented on a coffee table and desk chair really puts it in perspective. I wish you the best of luck in finding a spot that is both big enough to hold it and positioned enough for a well-done display. Also, your additional window dressing for this photo has inspired me to ask if any promotion has ever done a PPV or entrance where the wrestlers come to the ring entering from the mouth of a skull? If not, someone needs to lift that for a Halloween Havoc type PPV!
  12. Eh, I'd wager the reaction from the most of "the boys" sadly is more admiration for Matt Hardy being "a tough son of a bitch" instead of taking any safety measures into account.
  13. That's an all-timer for matches I wish were on tape, just for the curiosity of how Harley Race worked his NWA World Champion formula against the rising juggernaut that was post-Rocky III but not-yet-in-final-form Hulk Hogan.
  14. I am relieved to hear that ESPN is not shuffling Lee Corso off to college campuses this season for College Gameday. I would be pissed if he died of COVID instead of fulfilling his dream of dying in a freak accident while wearing a wacky mascot hat or mask on live television.
  15. I'll never forget getting a tape from a tape-trader but what I ordered didn't fill out a full tape so they tacked this on the end to fill it out and remember everyone in my dorm hearing me shout WHAT THE FUCK? when THAT spot happened. All I really knew was it was another Misawa/Kawada match and I knew that Kawada broke his arm, but I hadn't heard about THAT so I was not prepared for it.
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