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  1. That still doesn't quite top my own personal favorite Mid-South fan reaction, from when the Rock N Roll Express is demonstrating how a straight jacket works for an upcoming match where Jim Cornette is going to be restrained in one to prevent interference, and a teenage girl in the front row very visibly and angrily shouts "Awwwww SHIT!" as the Midnight Express interrupts the demo because she knows that Ricky and Robert are about to get destroyed in front of her very eyes.
  2. Your reminder that God made the Devil just for fun, but when he wanted the real thing, he made Aja Kong.
  3. Iron Mike Sharpe vs Johnny Rodz actually ended up being a shockingly fun match though. Rodz ends up being defacto face being the native New Yorker, and they have quite the "late 90's WCW Worldwide"-style hidden gem match.
  4. Does anyone know which '70s territory this version of the "NWA World Tag Team Championship" is representing?
  5. I love that Kal Rudman was a radio-industry guru that rubbed shoulders with folks like Bruce Springsteen and Clive Davis, but once a month he would use his Saturday night instead to go have himself a wonderful time at the WWF show when it came to Philadelphia, commentate the matches with Dick Graham, and interview the wonderfully over-the-top characters of the WWF as if they were actual people.
  6. According to Amazon, this came out on DVD during the month of November, because who doesn't remember the Extremely Legendary run that Ric Flair had in 3PW?
  7. The initial reveal of Vince showing off the egg was one of the most unintentionally hilarious bits of WWE television all year, as it was obvious that no one smartened up the pre-game panel to the movie tie-in and they all seemed as confused as the audience as to the egg gimmick. And that honestly right there is one of the bigger signs to me that WWE has lost its fastball at nearly every level possible. Even in times when the in-ring product was in shambles, they would always make sure to hammer home the dumb promotional tie-in gimmicks and angles.
  8. Just imagining how much of a train wreck the promos would have gotten if a pilled-up Shawn that doesn't give a flying fuck was placed in the ring opposite peak-incomprehensible 1998 Roddy Piper makes me wonder if Bischoff would have ordered production to just cut to commercial sometime during.
  9. I am still of the belief that Shawn going to WCW would have been even more disastrous than Bret going to WCW, as combined with him being in a company where his outside-the-ring issues would be more unchecked, he would still run into the brick wall that was Hulk Hogan's creative control clause, which also likely in that time period lead to even more exacerbation of his issues. I always got the feeling that Hulk at least respected Bret as a worker even if he didn't see him as a "star" on his level. I just see Shawn getting told "that doesn't work for me, brother" whenever ANY idea of him in 1998/1999 interacting with Hulk got pitched. Shawn MIGHT have a shot if he hung around long enough for Russo to make it to WCW, but even then, I can't imagine Goldberg having much patience for dealing with a pilled-up Shawn Michaels, and if they were put in the ring it's possible that Shawn's career would have ended too but in a more malevolent manner.
  10. And then there was THIS tonight! Video from the crowd with better audio of the in-arena reaction.
  11. One of the great pop-culture developments of the last decade was a responsible adult informing John Carpenter that he can make money performing his film scores live. I've only seen him once but he looked like he was having a great time doing these concerts, and one of my favorite live music experiences of that year was watching him put the sunglasses on before performing his theme from They Live
  12. Roger Kent's call of the match is certainly a guy talking into a microphone while large dudes wrestle.
  13. Uh, this seems like it may be leading to something a bit more than a hiatus... EDIT: obviously while not as important as the livelihoods of a few dozen wrestlers, I do hope that if Sinclair begins fielding phone calls regarding the tape library, they pick up Tony's call before they take Vince's call.
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