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  1. Wow, inadvertently outing The Assassin as "Jody" and then catching what he did and then referring to "the man in the mask." Also, I have trouble watching Johnny Weaver interviews in 2017 because he looks and talks like a John C. Reilly character.
  2. It actually is the Steiners/Harts match where he's dropping those lines. "He really let himself go!" Though it's been ages since I watched Rumble 92 so I don't necessarily remember, but wouldn't be surprised if that was a recurring gag.
  3. And as of the Steiners vs Harts match wasn't awesome enough bell to bell, you have Gorilla Monsoon on commentary busting Pat Patterson's balls during the post match pull apart.
  4. Woah, shout out from Bill Watts on commentary during the February 5th, 1983 episode to an outstanding collegiate wrestler at LSU by the name of...John Tenta.
  5. Unfortunately the back of that shirt means that anyone wearing this shirt will NOT be exercising that right.
  6. Not sure if hes actively trying for a career, but he did post a pic of himself standing inside the WWE ring before a house show in Edmonton last night, so he's not distancing himself from wrestling.
  7. Bummers about the match listings for Unseen Matches: 1. We're never seeing Bret Hart vs Tom Magee at this point. 2. The only remnants of Randy Savage vs Undertaker still remains a ten-second clip in a random WWE Youtube video comp of obscure Undertaker matches. 3. While the Toxic Turtles is a fun surprise, I was kind of hoping we'd get the random match where they on-the-fly booked Duane Gill and Barry Hardy to win a match late in a WWF marathon taping because the crowd responses cheering them on were getting louder throughout the night in their earlier job matches. I'm still stoked. My expectations are set to zero, but if this just ends up being 3 discs of breezy late '80s/early '90s WWF I'm down with that. Also, Sean Mooney interstitials on a home video release in 2017.
  8. I am sure I am missing something very obvious that probably deserves it more, but would I be out of line if I think that "Dave Meltzer gives Omega vs Okada six stars" should be in the running at the end of the year for WON's "Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic" award?
  9. Kal Rudman trying to continue his human interest interview and asking The Moondogs "Do you like girls?" while they are grabbing him by his tie and growling legit made me do a spittake the first time I saw it.
  10. Judging by the reaction to the booking on Twitter and Reddit, I am genuinely looking forward to Billy Gunn getting Roman Reigns-level heat when he takes the ring for the Tanahashi match.
  11. double post.
  12. My favorite Ric Flair in TNA moment was when he was cutting a promo on an opponent I can't remember, and he started bragging about the members of Immortal that have his back to beat down his opponent. He started listing off members and got to "...and Gunner...(Flair forgets Murphy's name)...and HIS PAL!"
  13. Also, had Suzuki vs Liger ever happened? Because if not, after their brief exchange tonight, i would much rather see that for the NEVER title next than a Yoshi-Hashi match. Also, I think the Jr Tag Title match may be my personal favorite match ever involving all four wrestlers. I thought it showed that when they want to, the Young Bucks can put on a great old-school style tag team formula match as heels cutting off their opponents and grinding them down.
  14. If someone wanted to give six stars to THIS Okada vs Omega match, I wouldn't argue. I absolutely loved the fact that Okada's dropkick was what kept him in the match as a desperation move when on the ropes. The rope break on Omega's finisher may be one of the greatest rope breaks ever, I had fully bought into that being the finish. I loved that Cody coming down to the ring with the towel ended up being a false fuck finish, I had bought that the distraction of that would be enough time for Omega to get it together to score the victory. I also loved that for both men, there were multiple opportunities to grab the 3-count but the hubris of wanting to hit a signature finisher backfired. This was everything pro wrestling can be in 2017. The modern athleticism was there, but this time the pro wrestling drama of a high-end championship match was ramped up to match the athleticism.
  15. THIS. I get why the Ricochet vs Will Ospreay matches got so much attention. I don't get why this series doesn't get ever more than that. It's basically the hate-filled version of the Ricochet/Ospreay matches, where every ridiculous move and counter is in the name of straight-up killing your opponent instead of just popping the crowd.