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  1. Whenever NWA Power resumes its normal taping schedule, I would be more than okay with them ditching the faux throwback commercials and just showing the real ones from the Houston Wrestling library.
  2. Just to clarify, the feud proper didnt start on TV until a few weeks after Mania IV. But yes, one of the most disappointing matches ever. I am guessing both guys got told the 15-minute draw finish and basically realized neither one of them were getting over that night so they dogged the shit out of it.
  3. Until Archer destroys him which is what is going to happen. I am hopeful for a Darby/Archer final like a few other people have said. Tease that Cody vs Archer will be the final, but have Darby play spoiler and finally get his victory over Cody, and then have Archer win the championship and put over that while Archer did win gold so quickly in AEW, he still has a chip on his shoulder because he hasnt gotten his match with Cody yet.
  4. Fuck Tiger King, I want Netflix to do a 7-part series on that Fujita/Shiozaki match. If you asked me which promotions are going to try something that there is no way they could get away with in front of a live crowd, I would not have guessed Pro Wrestling NOAH, even factoring in new ownership.
  5. The Zona 23 stuff that Ciclope and Extremo Miedo are involved with is fascinating in that aspect. For reckless, possibly self-trained deathmatch lucha, their cards are fairly traditional in their layout. Opening matches are usually 8-10 minutes tops and end with a pin usually on the third or fourth attempt, the level of insanity in each match will build throughout the show, and even the main events will have plenty of stunts but not much in the way of "fighting spirit" kickouts.
  6. IWTV recently streamed a GCW show from Chicago that took place in May 2018. A deathmatch-heavy show, featuring Janela in one of his last death matches, a pretty insane encounter with modern lucha deathmatch wrestler Ciclope (NOT the WCW luchador, in case that was the source of the "wait, what" comment).
  7. I was fine with Gethard as a host, my issue was more with the panel being Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero, and random comedian. Like if you are going to do a post-show for this, the panel should just be wrestlers and wrestling-adjacent personalities. Maybe bring the comedian on for the Herb Abrams episode, but most of these stories really don't have room for too much in the way of "hilarity ensues" laughter built into them.
  8. I checked out the post-show and did anyone else think it felt gross that someone on the production side said "you know what the post-show panel for this really heavy story about a guy that killed his wife, his child, and then himself needs...A COMEDIAN WITH NO ATTACHMENT TO ANY OF THIS!"
  9. My all-time fave is Maxx Payne coming out to bean Jerry Saggs with the guitar after the Broad Street Fight at Slamboree 94. The Nasty Boys vs Cactus and Sullivan was already an insane chaotic match, and then AFTER the bell rings and the crowd is already going nuts, Payne comes out to save Cactus from a beatdown and absolutely wallops Saggs in the head with a guitar and the pop for that is one of my favorite WCW crowd pops of all time.
  10. There is one scheduled for the first weekend of May if this coronavirus thing levels off by then. Which of course if obviously, a VERY BIG IF.
  11. They added the complete Dethklok today as well.
  12. I really wish they would pad out these upcoming Raws and Smackdowns with an hour of Steve Austin watching and reacting to his favorite matches.
  13. I am a huge Jungle Boy fan and recognize this sort of miscommunication can happen, but I couldn't help but laugh my ass off watching Jake Roberts in the background holding his head down and covering his face to avoid being shown corpsing at that botch.
  14. I approve of whatever photographer's favorite movie is Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion using his - or her - power for the greater good with that Iconics photo.
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