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  1. WCW shamelessly jocking DMX's "Party Up" for Elix Skipper's entrance theme is easily my favorite "wrestling theme that is a shameless knockoff of an actual song" and nothing else comes close.
  2. Starting a year-long build to a WrestleMania 38 main event against the Grand Galactic Inquisitor is a bit out-of-the-blue but it can't be any worse than anything involving The Fiend this past year.
  3. Huh, when did NXT UK start booking dudes without facial hair that aren't WALTER?
  4. Leg slaps on kicks are to 2021 wrestling what stomping your foot on punches were to 1980's wrestling and prior. The greats are really good at making you not notice it too much, but a lot of people that are really bad at it.
  5. That doesn't seem right. WWF stopped sending talent over to work NJPW tours as far back as 1985, five years before the Tokyo Dome Wrestling Summit and subsequent formation of Super World Sports. The final NJPW talent showing up in WWF was the December 1984 MSG show with the famous Cobra vs Black Tiger match, and Inoki vs Dr. D David Schultz. Hogan's last NJPW match in that era was in June 1985 against Inoki. Andre kept going over to Japan into 1986, but that might have been separate from the overall talent trade agreement.
  6. I saw this at a Halloween movie party a few years back and the entire room roared with bemused laughter for damn near the whole thing. Well worth the sit-down and the "Canada" is VERY Canadian.
  7. The Destruction Crew squash at the beginning of this is super head-droppy and reinforces how much of a shame it is they never got a real chance at being a top-level team on a bigger stage.
  8. I am still shocked that (to the best of my knowledge) no one in wrestling has ripped this off for a t-shirt concept.
  9. Once we're (hopefully) out the other side of this past year, I would love to see this as a G1 Climax semi-final.
  10. The Savage match was in 87 when he was still very much an active member of the Hart Foundation. The initial singles run in '88 him and Anvil were still a team, but the singles emphasis was started with him and Bad News Brown being the last two competitors in the Wrestlemania IV battle royale, and after shaking hands and agreeing to split the prize money, Bad News turned on him to eliminate him and win the match. So that catalyzed into "he's still teaming with Anvil, but has a personal score to settle with Bad News".
  11. I think this Cage also would have been acceptable.
  12. This is something that is getting overlooked by detractors trying to pull the "TNA got 1.1 millions viewers every week and were considered a joke" argument. Even not taking into account that the television landscape has changed considerably in the last ten years, AEW has done a MUCH better job converting their weekly television viewers into spending $50 on PPV four times a year. And the fact they're even getting 100,000 buys in the 2021 world of monthly subs is fucking remarkable.
  13. Never underestimate the Venn diagram circle crossover of people that say "if he's so famous, why have I never heard of him?" and wrestling fans that don't realize that there is no one currently active in WWE or AEW that one might call "mainstream famous".
  14. Shingo on one show, Minoru Suzuki for Bloodsport, and I have in my head Janela was booking him in some tag team match for Spring Break involving Mutoh that never got formally announced. He was totally all set for the breakout star of the weekend spot that Orange Cassidy had in 2019 and PCO had in 2018. I can't speak for why he's not in WWE or AEW now, but I do know that 5 or 6 years ago he was the center of one of the first social media dust-ups over intergender wrestling after a rather brutal powerbomb spot involving him and Kimber Lee went viral, and he has acknowledged that stalled out
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