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  1. My memory of the ESPN timelines is that AWA ran from Fall 1985 through its closure at the end of 1991. And then World Class Championship Wrestling joined the lineup alongside AWA in July 1986, at least thats how I remember it, joining in after Kerry already had his motorcycle accident. I have in my head that at the time the ESPN show was a one-week delayed airing of the already-existing nationally syndicated show. And World Class evolved into USWA over time, while also picking up daily ESPN slots for old footage through the "Legends of World Class" series. The main USWA series o
  2. It looks like maybe Horace Boulder/Hogan? He had a brief house show run during Hulk's '93 return, worked under a mask as The Predator but never made TV.
  3. I watched this a couple of months back and marveled at how Foley even brought his A-game to his shots in Ozark Mountain Wrestling, an attempt by Bert Prentice to keep Jonesboro, Arkansas going as a wrestling town after the USWA had dialed back their spot shows in the mid-90s. Some truly great stuff that not only fleshes out Foley's years between WCW and WWE, but is a genuinely compelling watch on its own.
  4. I have in my head that Superstars was meant for Saturday airing, with Challenge meant for Sunday airing, though obviously the nature of syndication meant there were probably some stations here and there that played loosey-goosey with that. As someone that did a run-through of 87/88 Superstars a few years back and interspersed some Challenge episodes in there, there were definitely some Superstars episodes promoting "and this week on Saturday Night's Main Event, check your local listings" for SNME airings with the same episode date as Superstars, and if Challenge aired or recapped an angle
  5. Superstars was very much the A-show, I feel like shortly into 87 WWF Challenge was already 99% squash matches and maybe 1 or 2 midcard angles would start on Challenge here and there. But as someone that somehow grew up in a market that had a station airing Wrestling Challenge but no stations airing Superstars, I have to say that if a major angle or match happened on Superstars, there was usually a recap that same week on Wrestling Challenge, sometimes through Mean Gene's "WWF Update" segment or a simple voiceover with Gorilla talking about "this week on Superstars", I never felt lost or f
  6. Obviously no house show and PPV bonuses suck, but has there been any insight also into how much money much of the roster is saving by not having road expenses. I've always found it wild that while the plane ticket is paid for, once you're in say Minneapolis for the start of a weekend house show run ending with TV, you're responsible with paying for your lodging and ground transportation from there.
  7. Ric Flair working the high school gym show with the World Heavyweight Championship in tow. I would love to know what bumfuck town in the Carolinas, Texas, Southeastern or Central States area this was.
  8. There's also the fact that FMW's money mark killed himself shortly after the dissolution of the promotion so his life insurance policy could pay off a chunk of Yakuza debt that he owed.
  9. Thankful that the word out of Japan was that Ben-K suffered a concussion and the injury wasn't worse than it was, but also worried as while digging for more info, the dude seems to have a history of multiple concussions. And that first unprotected knee to the stomach looked as gross as the clothesline that knocked him out.
  10. The funniest part is that they went through all this effort with the projection screens but the finish was Randy Orton hits the RKO for the pin like it was a straightforward house show match or Smackdown main event and NOT a Wrestlemania match with extra production touches.
  11. Yeah, that's something I can smile about as an adult, as that comment meant that my Dad watched Bobo Brazil vs The Sheik in Detroit, which isn't exactly the epitome of "working snug" or a match that fits into other narratives of "the preliminary matches are a show, but the main events and championship matches, THOSE are real!"
  12. Hard to narrow down on my end, but here's an attempt at five, with a few stories I've told a few times here but here goes again: 1. My First-Ever Wrestling Show Estimating around July/August 1987. I was a few months away from my ninth birthday, living in a small Northern Michigan town called Oscoda. On Saturdays I was glued to the TV watching WWF Wrestling Challenge, NWA Worldwide, World Championship Wrestling on TBS, and so on. But our town was a couple of hours drive minimum from the closest place the big leagues were touring. When my father wanted to talk to
  13. I also think just having that year doing Japan and indies helped AJ Styles wash away some of the "TNA stink" as if he went straight from TNA to WWE I am not entirely sure the buzz for his debut is there as much, or WWE may have felt compelled to send him to NXT first for rebuilding.
  14. That Sinister Minister botch is hilarious (looks like the tube accidentally hit his shoulder when he swung) but I am thankful that with that much glass shattering in his hand it didn't end up being a repeat of when the fireball blew up in his hand during his ECW days.
  15. Now that I think of it, I dont think I have ever been clear on how exactly Fritz Von Erich transitioned from "evil German Nazi heel" to "beloved son of Texas that loves Jesus Christ, Texas, and his kids." Does anyone know the Cliff's Notes on that?
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