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  1. So...I saw Glenn Danzig's VEROTIKA tonight. Yes, it is as bad and inept and insane as the early word out of Cinepocalypse promised. Yes, there are LOTS of scenes and dialogue where you can tell Glenn was being super-serious but the audience laughed heartily instead. The Room and Birdemic are still the high bar for “so bad they're fucking incredible” movies, but there are plenty of individual moments here that come damn close to hitting that bar. There is ONE actor that knows exactly what movie he is in. That guy rules. Sean Waltman has a couple of lines in it too. If you're a horror fan that likes blood-and-guts, there's some fun blood splatter during the third act. There are also 6 or 7 attempts at blood and gore that are pitiful and laughable. There are lots of strange artistic choices, and plenty of camera shots that just LINGER (RIP Dolores) and/or were shot and framed by someone who has never seen movies before. If you think JJ Abrams is a master of lens flare, wait until you see what Glenn does with it! I really hope that all of the porn actresses in this movie – and there were a lot of them – got paid above their normal rates to make this instead of the perfectly good pornography they would otherwise have been shooting that day. There was one scene that during the post-movie Q&A that Glenn said “the laughing in the audience stopped and everyone went silent.” That was NOT the case. If you like your movies to have satisfying payoffs, there are none to be found here. If you are willing to settle for unsatisfying payoffs, there really aren't much of those either. But at the end of the day, I'll still take Glenn's earnest effort over coldly calculated “isn't it funny that this movie is so bad?” schlock like Sharknado. WE DON'T DESERVE GLENN DANZIG. I tried to keep this spoiler-free, but I can't resist sharing this one. So, SPOILER ALERT....
  2. I say this non-sarcastically, but is Seth okay? Like within 48 hours this went from him being a company man trying to defend the locker room to just outright picking fights with Dave and Wade. Like I am genuinely concerned he is having some sort of mental and emotional breakdown from the pressure of being the main event during the current time. Either that, or he has decided to live the "Burn It Down" gimmick. Man, if only Bob Geigel was still alive so he could strip him for "conduct unbecoming a champion."
  3. Remember that few weeks in (I believe) 08-09 when they would play ominous/serious sounding music in the background during in-ring promos?
  4. Watching Crockett Cup 86 this past week and then WWE Stomping Grounds tonight, it finally dawned on me and I put two-and-two together. Baron Corbin is to 2019 WWE what Black Bart is to 1986 JCP. He is a perfectly fine heel wrestler to have floating around the lower edges of the midcard and be a JTTS. But holy shit, no one wants to pay money to see him in the main event, even if his purpose is just to get beat up and lose. Baron Corbin being in the main event scene despite the most stacked talent roster in terms of in-ring work would be like if Magnum TA didn't have the car wreck, won the NWA World Title at Starrcade 86, and his first challenger instead of Flair, Tully, Arn, or Nikita, was fucking Black Bart.
  5. If we're playing by those rules, then it's a shame that this has to be edited out of PWG's DVD's because just hearing this music live gets me pumped for Bandido when he comes out:
  6. I will forever love that on one of the first indie dates he did after he got let go the first time from WWE - for IWA Mid-South - that when he came out to "Assman" and circled around the ring greeting everyone, whoever was doing commentary with Dave Prazak just started busting up laughing and remarking "I'm sorry, I have never actually heard the entire song before!"
  7. Yep, like odessasteps said, there was a 2pm afternoon show that consisted of the first round matches and two second round matches, and then I believe a 7pm evening show. On the Network stream the switch from afternoon to evening is when Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone do the introductions/anthem and everything switches to a multi-cam edit instead of single ringside camera.
  8. P.S. Someone pointed out that pro-edit clips of the missing first-round matches did show up on the JCP commercial tape, so I'm guessing that there either has to be an issue with the master tape for the afternoon session, or the ringside camera feed of the matches we do have is all they have found in the library.
  9. I am okay with no commentary on raw footage uploads, but part of me was a bit wistful that we didnt get an opportunity to hear what likely would have been a very vocal orgasm from David Crockett as Dr. Death Steve Williams and Nikita Koloff stared down for the first time, and once more so on that incredible dropkick Dr. Death threw. And 100 percent agreed on the Fantastics' performance. Much had been made of that Sheepherders match thanks to Meltzer's live review but I enjoyed the match against Tully and Arn just as much. Two very different but both equally excellent and compelling matches. Did Ron Garvin and Rick Steiner ever have any one-on-one matches in 87/88 JCP? Because the limited exchanges they had here consisting of hard chops and stuff strikes were absolutely magnificent. Lots of fun moments throughout and lived up to what I think we were hoping an entire show upload would be, missing first round matches aside, even if the finals were a bit heatless due to being face vs face and the crowd being tired by that point.
  10. I would honestly rather watch Seth Rollins defend against Doug Dillinger this Sunday instead of Baron Corbin.
  11. I love Orange Cassidy myself. As far as the gimmick goes, I am okay with it because he fully immerses and loses himself and 100 percent commits to it. There are definitely moments every match where standard wrestling tropes and moves are poked fun at, but it never seems like the guy behind the character is winking and nodding at the audience while he is doing it, which is where a lot of that stuff falls apart for me. There are definitely some standardized spots he is doing from match to match but I find he has been a lot less lazy than other comedy wrestlers about trying to do 1 or 2 things differently in each match and trying to adapt to his opponent now that his profile is getting higher. It also helps that when things get serious, he is actually very athletic and a damn fine wrestler. I would say if you genuinely are curious about what is considered the gimmick at it's best, whenever Beyond posts anything for free on their YouTube channel, as I think his matches there the last six months have been the right mix of the gimmick and finally breaking down to get serious moments.
  12. I am not sure if you have seen it yet, but one of the Heart Breakers/Heart Throbs is having a career revival in Beyond Wrestling. Thomas Santell has gotten insanely over with his current gimmick of basically being nerdy George McFly (both in look, clumsiness as entering the ring to his entrance theme of "Earth Angel", and promo) but then once the bell rings he becomes a badass Timothy Thatcher-type technical wrestler. Worth checking out the development on the weekly Uncharted Territory series that Beyond has on IWTV. Week one the fans were derisively chanting "NERD" when he first came out and by the end of the match were triumphantly chanting the word like the end of "Revenge of the Nerds."
  13. I would have been genuinely shocked if I experienced that with anyone in wrestling EXCEPT Paul Heyman. When I realized what was happening my response was basically "yeah, I can totally see Paul Heyman buying bot farms to support his Internet media ventures."
  14. All of this just reminding me of six weeks ago when I posted something tagging Paul Heyman's Twitter handle and then it got liked by over 100 bot accounts with feeds that just were retweeting and liking the same Paul Heyman related posts and tweets from elsewhere. And then I called it out publicly in another post and the likes stopped IMMEDIATELY.
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