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  1. Hmm...if Mooney is involved maybe it's a late '80s/early '90s version of the "Attitude Era: Unreleased" DVD set from last year? I could go for that. Someone just make sure to put that Randy Savage vs Undertaker match on there if that's the case.
  2. Jesus tapdancing Christ they are doing an "announcer bullying" storyline to leech off the whole JBL/Mauro thing, aren't they? I am glad that outside of the initial Final Deletion, the Tag Team Apocalypto, and some other Broken Hardys stuff on YouTube that I haven't even given this promotion/show/gold scheme even a curiosity watch since the initial Destination America premiere.
  3. join us next week for "Rod Torkelson's Anthem Wrestling Entertainment and Global Force Wrestling presents IMPACT! Wrestling featuring Herman Menderchuck"
  4. I had figured the ring collapsing was going to happen, but the fact that THIS time one of them was badass enough to get back up and be standing strong made it stand out and be awesome this time. I really hope they call an audible and have Braun destroy Roman at Payback, be the one that destroys Brock at Summerslam for the title, and then Roman finally beats Braun at Wrestlemania next year...the crowd will still boo Roman, but I think it would mean so much more than both (a) having Roman win at Payback and (b) Roman beat Brock. I know they have their heart set on having Roman win the battle of the "guys that came out the other side of the streak" but I really feel like having Roman beat "the guy that destroyed Brock and him prior" would be a bigger deal if built right.
  5. I'd rather they just put up all the old house shows like they did with 24/7, which would make the Reynolds/Ventura shows unnecessary/redundant and you would get the matches they saved for Coliseum Video comps instead of airing on Prime Time.
  6. Man, Jack vs TJ was probably my favorite 205 Live singles match in a good while, but it was depressing whenever they cut to the wide shot from ring level and literally half the seats in the shot were empty.
  7. I don't get the hate for Booker T on commentary. You all were probably the same folks that shit on Dusty doing Saturday Night and Worldwide commentary in the 90s. I will take Booker's enthusiasm over Otunga's video game voiceover soundbite commentary any day.
  8. The issue isn't that you're not able to watch the videos. As long as you don't have your settings on "restricted" you can still watch the videos fine. The core issue is that because a lot of the wrestling promotions' Youtube clips are now classified as "restricted" content, ads won't be placed on the videos, which means it doesn't matter how many thousands of views a video gets, the content creator won't get a single penny since there won't be any ad views credited to the video. If you're clicking on videos from your favorite leagues and not seeing either pre-roll ads or the pop-up text ads on a regular basis, you should be worried.
  9. Photo

    Also, helluva find on that Vince/Liger pic. I figure it has to be from the Tokyo Dome 1990 Wrestling Summit show. Looks like Vince was running Gorilla position that night? Have the NJPW matches from that show ever aired? I don't recall coming across them during my tape trading days or during the YouTube era.
  10. Photo

    I get why they photoshop it out for aesthetic reasons but I will never find it not weird to look at WWE photos that have the Titantron in the background but no image on it.
  11. Wasn't able to make that show but flying home this afternoon and looking forward to watching it after hearing literally everyone who was there talk it up. It really sounded like the 10 man Wrestlecon tag, Keith Lee, and the entire Janela show were the show stealers of the weekend.
  12. How much do I have to contribute to the Patreon to get a MR. COREY audio commentary track for an FMW stadium show headlined by Onita in an exploding cage?
  13. By the time of the Arn Anderson match Magee had six months in the Hart Dungeon, six months in the AJPW dojo, and a year of working house show matches against Terry Gibbs, a solid low midcard hand. If that was the best Magee could put together after all of that against Arn Anderson, it was never going to happen for him.
  14. You know random jobber dude was Adam Rose right? I legit wonder if he has a death wish right now taking those insane powerbombs into the hotel ballroom chairs.
  15. Those of you with a Highspots subscription looking for a stunt spectacle to watch before Mania would be well served to check out the ladder match main event from Pancakes and Piledrivers. Was there live and couldnt believe a lot of the spots i saw before my eyes. A bit sloppy at times but goddamn did everyone go all out to kill themselves to try to steal the weekend.