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  1. WCW/TBS did a random switcheroo of WCW Main Event and WCW Pro's time slots in Summer 1996 and that was how it remained until both programs ended in 1998, so any memories of either show being a Saturday morning or Sunday evening program are BOTH correct.
  2. LMFAO at Zona 23 being a reference point for a "WCW, everybody!" joke. Reminds me of when WWE debuted RAW Underground and now terrible and badly produced that looked, and then a week later ICW No Holds Barred ended up having to move a scheduled outdoor show into a barn with no ring because of a rainstorm and that came off as a billion times more edgier and sleazier than WWE's effort that had about 500 times the budget. I couldn't find Meltzer's exact review of the match, but I did find the following on a BitChute posting of the match, this seems to be maybe from a recap of his Eyada show that night or the day after? "Then, the Junkyard Battle Royal. Which was apparently for the newly created WCW Hardcore title, which you wouldn't have known before because WCW never even bothered to announce that they were creating a hardcore title until the match began. Filmed at a junkyard, outside in the dark, with no professional lighting. Had to climb the fence and escape the junkyard to win, which should have led to a bunch of dramatic near escapes (you know, like a cage match) but didn't because that would have made too much sense. There was a helicopter filming from above and you couldn't even make out half the people in the match. Silver King ended up cutting his shoulder badly and needed 60 stitches to close it. Hak was hospitalized after with a separated shoulder and neck injury. Hugh Morrus needed stitches in his hand. Mikey Whipwreck got a concussion. Dave says it might as well have been Brawl-For-All given the risk/reward ratio of the match. Dave doesn't even want to rate the match, saying it's not fair to the guys who worked hard but it was filmed so poorly that it was just unwatchable."
  3. Not disputing how stupid the Junkyard Invitational was (and plenty others got injured enough to warrant its status as a debacle), but Finlay's injury happened on a house show shortly afterwards. I believe the story has always been it was a table spot during a hardcore match with Brian Knobbs where instead of being the pre-fab table that would become the norm in WWE and later elsewhere, it was just a formica table they had grabbed from somewhere in the building that night, and definitely was NOT designed with the idea of having anyone driven through it.
  4. I thought the Disco timeline was that he got asked to put over Jackie, refused, got fired, worked indies for a few months, attempted to squeeze his way into the WWF (no idea how close this was to actually happening but the big RUMORZ from folks like SCOOPS was that he was going to be the protégé brought into WWF by Honky Tonk Man that ended up being Billy Gunn in the "RockaBILLY" gimmick), and then ended up crawling back to WCW who gave him the ultimatum of fulfilling the original request of jobbing to Jackie when he came back.
  5. Yeah, I do give him credit for having one of the most refreshing takes on leaving the business. I think SLAM Wrestling or another old-school wrestling website posted an interview with him a few years back and he straight up said the first week that he worked a non-wrestling job and was home in his bed at a reasonable hour every night and had a weekend to himself he knew he was never going back.
  6. Kelly had the candidate for worst promo ever in Mid-Atlantic that I believe started the "how not to cut a promo" thread which I genuinely can't tell if that makes him worse than Nick because he cut that promo or better than Nick because it was so bad that its more memorable than anything Nick did. And now I am bummed that I can't seem to locate that promo anywhere at the moment.
  7. My favorite variant of this tried-and-true joke was Paul E. in WCW 1991 during a WCW Patriots match: "Mr. and Mrs. Chip had nine months and the best they came up with was FIREBREAKER?"
  8. Didn't TNA have an Eric Young/Orlando Jordan tag team where part of the gimmick was that EY was oblivious to Orlando Jordan's sexual persuasion? TNA threw a lot at the wall during that time frame so I am not ruling out that this was entirely a fever dream that I imagined as well.
  9. No one else from the family must have been in the building because the most shocking part of that is that the Parks went into business for themselves on a Samoan and didn't end up in the hospital themselves.
  10. What made me laugh almost as hard was when the original WWE Hall of Fame package announcing Harlem Heat as inductees aired, they included this in the clips reel but cut if off before THAT part: Booker T: "Hulk Hogan, I'm coming for you..." (IMMEDIATE JUMP CUT to VOICEOVER ANNOUNCER) Voiceover announcer: "Harlem Heat were 10-time WCW Tag Team Champions..."
  11. I know many of us have our Holy Grails and other lists of footage they wished existed, arena cards 1970s single-city territories that were basically the pro wrestling version of "All Star Games" on a monthly basis are the peak of my "dammit I am bummed that I will never see these matches/cards. We got a little taste of that from the "pre-Mid South exclusive" Houston footage that got out there through NWA On Demand a few years back, but those post-Sheik Toronto cards, Muchnick's St. Louis cards from the peak of the NWA, and 1970s Hawaii shows that had all tons of American talent stopping over on the way to and from Japan, some of those cards (especially the Hawaii card) are absolutely mind-blowing in terms of stacked talent in interesting matchups that didn't play out on a loop anywhere else.
  12. I do find it curious that after multiple apologies and years of being incident-free and working matches with gay wrestlers, that the Briscoes are apparently blackballed by unnamed executives but the current TNT Champion allegedly had a WWE offer pulled after some similarly cringe tweets during the same time period that were most decidedly NOT gay-friendly. And if all three of them have honestly changed or at the very least, recognize why what they said was hurtful, then good on them.
  13. Thats definitely a fair assessment when you take some of the things CYN is trying to do at face venue. Personally, I think in 2022 if you are trying to be anything more than just another indie, doing ANYTHING to stand out and/or not pull a TNA circa 2010 and become "WWE on a budget" is at least worth trying.
  14. Miz, Tarver, and Daniel Bryan all with proper reactions to someone running down the CYN "rules". Now that I see him in this pic, how has Ryback not gotten wrapped up in the CYN thing yet? At the very least, if they really want to stand out in a "no type suicidas and no Canadian destroyers" way, booking Ryback vs Braun as a big man main event battle seems like a way to do so. Or is - and this is a scary thought - is CYN too galaxy brain even for Ryback? (Or vice versa?) Though also given that Ryback (a) hasn't wrestled since 2018 and (b) seems to have tried a few non-wrestling related business endeavors the last few years, I could also see him viewing photos from that live show they did a few weeks back and rightfully recognizing that this is going to be money-losing waste of everyone's time.
  15. Was scrolling through the thread and chomping at the bit that no one had mentioned the Boogie Woogie Man yet. The absolute biggest smiles I have had while watching wrestling from any era the last five years has been throwing on a random episode of 1980s World Championship Wrestling and a Boogie Woogie Man squash comes on. Cheeseburger getting pops from the Tokyo Dome crowd those couple of years that he was booked for the New Japan Rumble gave me much joy as well. In terms of the absolute giddiness I have experienced at a live wrestling show, being a kid that grew up on 80s JCP and finally seeing the Rock N Roll Express live in 2019 at Joey Janela's Spring Break, and them tearing it up with LAX was the absolute most elation I think I have ever experienced when being in the room. And in terms of a wrestling moment that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face no matter how bad my day was, throwing on the night that The Mulkeys finally won a match is the all-time mood-upper for me.
  16. And...its gone because the English commentator for NOAH'S Wrestle Universe streams pitched a fit about it being an unlicensed shirt on Twitter. I know the overwhelming majority of the limited-run "fan service" shirts aren't clearing any likeness rights but I can't imagine anyone is making enough money selling these things to make it worth being such a dustup. I can't imagine anyone is making a full-time living selling fan art shirts featuring the favorite wrestlers of 1990s AJPW tape traders.
  17. Stupid AEW, all they doing is poaching NXT's castaways...
  18. My favorite all-time hometown introduction is still the tag team of Sting and Eddie Gilbert: Sting - from "Every Man's Nightmare" Eddie Gilbert - from "Every Woman's Dream"
  19. Jesus, in one single Tweet Tony Khan managed to: 1. Vehemently deny a rumor. 2. Put over one of his announcers. 3. Took a jab at his top heel. 4. Flexed his wrestling nerd muscles. The dude accomplished more in a single Tweet than any 10+ minute opening segment of Raw in the last seven years.
  20. I am more than okay with piling on the booker who was gifted the MSG debuts of Jushin Liger and Great Muta and decided "you know who needs to go over here? KENNY KING" As someone who was in the building that night, the ROH side of that show save for maybe the TV Title 3-way and the NJPW vs ROH tag title match up until the Enzo/Cass angle just kept draining the crowd energy that night. I genuinely can't imagine anyone who walked out of that building saying "that was a great night for ROH" and the general "evening of" consensus was that they blew their side of the biggest non-WWE show that NYC had seen in decades.
  21. That still doesn't quite top my own personal favorite Mid-South fan reaction, from when the Rock N Roll Express is demonstrating how a straight jacket works for an upcoming match where Jim Cornette is going to be restrained in one to prevent interference, and a teenage girl in the front row very visibly and angrily shouts "Awwwww SHIT!" as the Midnight Express interrupts the demo because she knows that Ricky and Robert are about to get destroyed in front of her very eyes.
  22. Your reminder that God made the Devil just for fun, but when he wanted the real thing, he made Aja Kong.
  23. Iron Mike Sharpe vs Johnny Rodz actually ended up being a shockingly fun match though. Rodz ends up being defacto face being the native New Yorker, and they have quite the "late 90's WCW Worldwide"-style hidden gem match.
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