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  1. I usually wait until @DEANposts so it doesn't seem so shilly, but here is this weeks article https://www.theringer.com/2022/6/27/23184960/will-ospreay-orange-cassidy-aew-njpw-forbidden-door-best-matches
  2. I did The Ringer post match show Overall I thought this was a great show, with everything but the last two matches really exceeding my expectations. Could do without ever seeing anyone in that four way ever again
  3. Timothy Thatcher and Biff Busick would both work if it isn’t Claudio, maybe Gresham although that would be a let down
  4. He is OK, modern New Japan finishing runs are a cancer on wrestling. Go watch Makabe vs. Henry
  5. Taking a break, working on some things for the Ringer and finishing up the Dustin book, I am trying to line up some big guests for a return
  6. I am going to pass on this round, this is a bunch of 9 seeds
  7. I liked Mox vs. Garcia more, but I have written a lot about gory Mox matches, including last week, and that was about as good as a Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers match was going to get
  8. My first show was 7 days before in Oakland, also with the Wrestling II last minute sub for Barry Windham Adrian Adonis defeats Steve Gatorwolf Singles Match Les Thornton defeats Jose Luis Rivera Singles Match Bob Orton defeats Lanny Poffo WWF World Tag Team Title Match The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine) (c) defeat Mike Rotundo & Mr. Wrestling II Tag Team Match The Hillbillies (Hillbilly Jim & Uncle Elmer) defeat Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik Singles Match Andre The Giant defeats King Kong Bundy by Count Out
  9. Because the thing AEW needs more then anything else is more titles
  10. Lee Moriarity ain't happening, nor should he
  11. @DEAN This would be especially up your alley
  12. I am voting Eddie of course, but Busick has had 15 matches this year with a pretty wide variety of opponents, so I am not sure lack of footage is an issue
  13. Loved Anarchy in the Arena, but the A-Kid vs. Charlie Dempsey was just as good in a completely different way
  14. Because of Memorial Day, the column is going to be published tomorrow, its a big one too!
  15. Folks need to watch Kingston vs. Broner, totally badass fight which smokes Kingston vs. Ishii
  16. So who is Foley's best opponent? I would lean Vader, those matches were harrowing
  17. I can think of ten guys easy who had better matches with Foley then HHH
  18. I imagine I will be writing a lot about it on the Ringer on Monday, but everyone should go watch Jordan Devlin vs. Ilja Dragunov Loser Leaves Town from NXT UK this week. Incredible super violent match. No one is watching but Dragunov might be the best in the world right now.
  19. It had some cool spots, but a lot of moments where they looked out of sync
  20. https://www.theringer.com/2022/5/9/23063572/charlotte-flair-ronda-rousey-angelico-yuya-uemura-anthony-henry-alex-shelley-best-matches Went a little off the beaten path for the AEW this week
  21. Yup same issue, they aired it live, but I haven't found a watchable version. I can't imagine I wouldn't have gone with LA Park vs. V4 anyway, but I couldn't find Lawlor vs. Mox to give it a shot. I think it is supposed to show up on Pluto.TV on demand at some point
  22. I mean my LA Park love affair is longer and more passionate
  23. Two really fun matches this week, and a Punk vs. Rhodes had a classic!! https://www.theringer.com/2022/4/25/23040888/cm-punk-dustin-rhodes-riddle-jey-uso-biff-busick-kevin-ku-best-matches
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