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  1. And Kane has been suspended for 21 games
  2. Yup, and I will say that the original novel version of Battle Royale is even worse. Starting My Name, which Netflix recommended to me after I finished Squid Game. It apparently dropped Friday and is getting very good reviews.
  3. Well, Washington's offense isn't helping when it only scores 7 points off 3 turnovers. (And people are going to start to wonder if it'll be Kyle Allen's turn at QB soon)
  4. They're the streaming arm of Sentai Filmworks, so yeah
  5. Terry McLaurin looks up to Marvin Harrison...hopefully not post-football...
  6. Almost seems like neither team wants to win.
  7. Tampa Bay Miami Cincinnati Kansas City Carolina Indianapolis LA Rams Baltimore Green Bay Cleveland Denver Dallas Pittsburgh Buffalo Tiebreaker #1: 120 Tiebreaker #2: 80 Tiebreaker #3: 5
  8. And of course last year was also supposed to be a "learning" year...until it was obvious the rest of the division was bad.
  9. Nope, Audacy (the former Radio.com) owns 980 now.
  10. Shh...Russian Machine Never Breaks...yeah, that's the ticket... (Seriously, looking at WFT's upcoming schedule, there's a damn good chance they'll end up 2-14 and really should be 0-16)
  11. I should just stop paying attention to DC sports for a few years until Ovechkin gets close to Gretzky's record.
  12. And there goes the Heinicke bandwagon
  13. I should just go back to playing Metroid Dread rather than watching. Almost wonder if it was better if WFT was 0-4 than 2-2.
  14. I want whatever the Saints/WFT color guy is smoking, because there's no way in hell Hopkins could make a 53 yard FG
  15. Well, remember that Bruce Allen was the Raiders' GM during Gruden's first stint as head coach, so they obviously get along well. As for why would they talk about Dee Smith? Only thing I can think of is that it's related to when WFT got fined for restructuring contracts to take advantage of that uncapped year.
  16. This could probably go into the WFT thread too: Report: Jon Gruden used racist comment in referring to NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith in 2011 email
  17. LA Rams NY Jets Washington Cincinnati Minnesota Denver Tennessee Carolina Tampa Bay New England LA Chargers Las Vegas Arizona Dallas Buffalo Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: 62 Tiebreaker #2: 108 Tiebreaker #3: 340
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