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  1. Replace Ellen with Chip Chipperson. Poor Chippa got jobbed out to a 5' magic dragon.
  2. I loved "A Walk Among The Tombstones" and thought that the plow truck movie was an excellent comedy.
  3. What really would've been a bitch slap to Better Call Saul was if Esposito had been nominated for Mandalorian instead of BCS.
  4. I've never seen Interstellar and from what I've read here I don't I will.
  5. I've been mowing my way through Norsemen on Netflix. I wasn't expecting it to be a comedy and a hilarious one at that.
  6. Him and Peter Green on the same day. Sad.
  7. Yeah he definitely wasn't "going for the gusto".
  8. Kevin James isn't very believable as a White Supremacist. I wish Simon Pegg would've taken the role. Nick Frost would've been more convincing. Best part was Lulu Wilson going to town.
  9. Survivor seems like a COVID environment is where it would really thrive.
  10. A group of middle aged men go to Mexico one last time.
  11. They'll probably give more time to his relationship with Koo Stark than anything Epstein related. Hell they'll spend more time on Juan Epstein than they will on Jeffrey.
  12. Both seasons of that kicked ass.
  13. The Tax Collector Shia LeBeouf, Bobby Soto, George Lopez Written & directed by David Ayer.
  14. I'll be happy with The Burning.
  15. I watched Artemis Fowl just for the flock of it and I was now in a fowl mood when it was over. Josh Gad was great in his role as a "Giant Dwarf".
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