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  1. Finishing up Electra Glide In Blue on Prime. This looks so beautiful. That is something that can't be said for some titles on Prime. Robert Blake is so GREAT here. My first memories of him were as Baretta in the mid-70s. First thing I remember is him talking to that fucking bird. As I got older I realized he was Mickey in some Our Gang shorts. Then that thing in the early otts happened. Then I forgot about him. Then I heard him on The Johnny Carson Channel on Sirius(from 1974 or so) where he talked about "smacking a broad around" "if she needed it". DUDE. RLY? SRYSLY? FUCK YOU. Still a great movie(no matter your opinion on the people involved). When I looked at the Wiki and saw who the shooter was the first thing that crossed my mind was "Does ANYBODY Care What Time It Is?" Great fucking movie BUT you have to dismiss the off-screen actions of the Scum Lapping Shitbags(Emil Muzz, is that you?) to justify it's greatness.
  2. Now I need to go and watch Lavender Hill Mob.
  3. Watching Clean and having to buy Adrien Brody in a noir role(which he co-wrote) is like trying to accept Sean Astin in an action movie,
  4. That reminded me of the scene in Body Double when a character was talking about the different sizes of video tape.
  5. Once you get past the first episode and trying to figure out where they are in Michigan(it seems like Kingstown is a stand-in for Saginaw(or somewhere else on the Lake Huron side)) it is pretty good, but some of the dialogue is really bad and Jeremy Renner is Jeremy Renner, so...YMMV. Don't feel bad about being behind on Moon Knight. I'm finally giving it some priority.
  6. If you want some really bad dialogue check out Mayor of Kingstown.
  7. After seeing Small Engine Repair being discussed here and recommended on Hulu I finally took the dive. Great cast, interesting premise and one hell of a left turn at the end.
  8. Watched the first two episodes of The Old Man. If that traffic stop wasn't intense I don't know what was.
  9. Finishing up Coyote on Paramount+. Michael Chiklis as a retiring Border Patrol agent. Not too bad of a show. He's definitely not Vic Mackey here.
  10. All thanks goes to @odessastepsfor mentioning Armstrong Alley on his podcast. AA has been putting up some really obscure stuff and it's amazing.
  11. Murder Most 'Orrid on Freevee(formerly IMDBTV). Basically it's Dawn French in an anthology series. Can't go wrong, innit, mate, innit.
  12. Ms. Joachim taught at Muessel School in South Bend from the dawn of time(or end of her baseball career) until 1982. I remember her as being tall, slim, dressed in sweats and quite crusty. Pretty sure her last year was the year I graduated 6th grade('82).
  13. I watched Northman the other night. I'm still trying to figure out what I watched.
  14. My gym teacher in elementary school was a former player for the South Bend Blue Sox named Betsy Joachim. As a matter of fact she was my mom and uncle's gym teacher as well. She is still alive and had to be 100.
  15. Armstrong Alley posted this episode of Intl Pro Wrestling from 1990 in Arkansas. As a matter of fact it's touted as "Arkansas' Own". Guessing it's from somewhere that was once a Mid-South town. Alley has also posted some episodes of Chicago Championship Wrestling from '87. I caught a few episodes of that promotion on Sportsvision Chicago in that era.
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