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  1. I thought Gandolfini was great in 8mm.
  2. Plus she's got a hell of a love story of her own in real life with Patton Oswalt. That could make one hell of a Hallmark movie.
  3. Yup. Yup. Yup. So. Totally. There.
  4. Enjoying the ever living shit out of Letterkenny. Reminds me a bit of Trailer Park Boys and Bay Ridge Boys.
  5. Love Death + Robots on Netflix is so wonderful.
  6. A few years back there were complete episodes of almost every season, including some of the Canuckian only episodes, up on Youtube.
  7. I second the love for Zombie Dust. I love IPAs. My go to's are either Dogfishead 60 Minute or Founder's All Day IPA.
  8. I DON'T KNOW! /cue slime First episodes that I saw were '82/'83 ish. Moose and Lisa were the ones that caught my attention.
  9. Definitely getting a Wicker Man vibe from that.
  10. Watched Greta and Neil Jordan's best movie since High Spirits. Isabelle Huppert has pretty much assured herself an Oscar nomination for her performance.
  11. Movies 6 opened in 93 or so and replaced/augmented the theater across the way at UP Mall. Then March '95 Movies 14 opened and the game changed. First movie I saw at Movies 6 was Pulp Fiction. Last movie I saw at UP Mall was Beavis and Butthead. After it became a dollar theater I saw Final Fantasy, Deuces Wild and the Croc Hunter movie. I made great use of that theater and the dollar shows at Scottsdale. AMC bought the theater in Elkhart from Carmike and doesn't seem to have made any improvements at all. Last time I was there in October it smelled like a wet dog.
  12. Jack Black will play Hootie's "bestest buddy" Bubba The Love Sponge.
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