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  1. The novel(Nothing Lasts Forever) Die Hard was based on was a sequel to The Detective(which was a movie starring Frank Sinatra). Sinatra declined the role, Joe Leland became John McClane and the rest is history of one sort or another.
  2. I made it about 2/3 way through before tapping for the night. An amazing movie and engaged me right from the beginning.
  3. Went and got it x-rayed after work. It was diagnosed as "calcific tendonitis". In other words I have a calcium deposit on a tendon in my shoulder. Prescribed treatment is an ice pack and Aleve. Once I talk to my doctor I'll know what my long term options are.
  4. Something buggered my shoulder about a week ago. It feels like a drill is going from the front to the back. I have degenerative disk disease in my neck, so I don't know if it's related to that or my job. I deliver produce for a living and use my left side(which is my dominant side) more often than the right, so it could be job related. I reported it to work yesterday, so they sent me out with a helper today(which means all I was supposed to do was drive and do paperwork and talk with customers), but old habits die hard like a mofo, so I found myself helping the helper. Between Salon Pas pain patches and Aleve the pain is manageable, but since it's a holiday weekend I can't get in to see someone until Monday. I hate being hurt, but more than that I hate looking helpless, which is probably why I gave the helper a hand. Ugh.
  5. Saw it yesterday afternoon and LOVED it. Toni Collette really nailed her role.
  6. That finale would've messed with me if I weren't so dead inside.
  7. Funny how MTV forgot to list Tony Thompson as the second drummer for that Zep set. It's not like he wasn't relevant in '85 considering he was the drummer for Power Station and just a few years removed from Chic.
  8. I am really enjoying this. I'm finally getting around to watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the very first time.
  9. I saw Last Action Hero around the time it came out on VHS. Don't remember much about it other than Arnold and the cat.
  10. I caught The Good Liar this morning. It's the first thing I've seen Ian McKellen in that wasn't an X-Men movie. He and Helen Mirren are really good here.
  11. That King's Man move is not a good thing or is it?
  12. In for a penny, in for a pound. Good for a year just on the strength of The Mandalorian.
  13. I don't remember any specific reason being given, but I can imagine it was something pretty rancid.
  14. Noelle Ann Kendrick and Bill Hader. Now only if Hader's character was actually Barry.
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