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  1. I kept expecting Winston to add cocksucker to a few of his lines, especially the "Enjoy your stay at the Continental" line to the Adjudicator.
  2. He's also playing Charlie in the second season of Mindhunter.
  3. Pretty sure Barney Fife was the most haunted, tortured character out there. Just picture Constable Bob with a meth addiction and repressed memories of a horrific childhood. There was a reason he carried only one bullet, and it wasn't because he was incompetent with his weapon, it's because he was always on the verge of eating his service revolver muzzle first.
  4. So we can look forward to MK being part of the Conjuringverse now?
  5. The Poison Rose John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Famke Jansen, Brendan Fraser.
  6. Maybe the best black comedy ever.
  7. I decided to give Ramy a try and I am really enjoying this.
  8. Just as Linda Lavin was having a renaissance with Diet and Brockmire.
  9. The scenes with the translator had me laughing my ass off.
  10. I remember one episode of CHiPs that seemed like a pilot for a show about ninjas.
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