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  1. Here he is on Graham Norton with his native accent on full display.
  2. Hilarious thing is he's a Brit.
  3. I caught Billy The Kid Versus Dracula when it aired on TBS in the early 90s. Definitely one of a kind.
  4. I don't get the reference. TBH I enjoyed the shit out of Hubie.
  5. Hubie is great for what it is, perfectly mindless entertainment.
  6. Or it could ignore that last season(kind of like that entire season of Dallas without Bobby).
  7. I finally finished it last night. If you liked it there are other shows in the same vein: HOOPS, Big Mouth & Disenchantment.
  8. Something Brickleberry and Paradise PD have in common is creator Roger Black, aka Yucko the Clown(which explains a lot). One reason Brickleberry seems tamer is because it was a Comedy Central show.
  9. One of Ned Beatty's rapists(Bill McKinney) was the insane Rabbit Man in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.
  10. Great. Now Vin has time to drop some more sick beats.
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