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  1. Seen the original Amityville quite a few times pver the years. The scene where the bag pipes played freaked me out when I was 12 or so. Between watching that scene and sitting next to an open window late at night and hearing a weird sound outside can fuck with a young mind. Burnt Offerings was another movie that messed with my head as an 8 yr old. The ending of that movie and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry rank right up there on my favorite endings of all time.
  2. I went to school with Big Hat Ray Ray who did the theme for Meteor Man.
  3. Watched Little Monsters yesterday. I was laughing so hard within the first five minutes I was crying. Great movie.
  4. Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury on Netflix. If you like either Simpson, anime or both you should enjoy this.
  5. Saw Joker this morning and dug the dog shit out of it.
  6. Starting Goliath season 3. HOLY SHIT!
  7. The Gentleman Directed by Guy Ritchie Starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Grant, Henry Golding, Colin Farrell. Looks really good.
  8. Geo C Scott's version of A Christmas Carol.
  9. Thought it was a Sleestack crossed with Kermit and vampire teeth.
  10. That looks really good, but Michael Bay, so...
  11. The Poison Rose is on Prime if anyone is interested.
  12. That's one hell of a cast, plus you get Jim Norton as Don Rickles. Can't wait.
  13. 1 is still my favorite of them all. Between it and Night Hawks he was on a roll.
  14. My biggest complaint about Last Blood is that Stallone looks bored. Also I've never seen Pts. 2 & 3.
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