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  1. Finishing up season two of Homecoming. Liking it a lot better than the first.
  2. We got our first VCR around Xmas '85. One of the first things my sister went out and rented was Moving Violations.
  3. That's an understatement. About the same time I saw this, Jekyll and Hyde Together Again, Young Doctors In Love and National Lampoon's Class Reunion were also airing. Pretty sure those fall into that same category as well.
  4. I remember catching They Call Me Bruce on either HBO or Showtime as a teen. Two things I remember are the way people said "Bruce" and a joke about having enough coke for a condo...in MIAMI!
  5. And that a supporting character meets an untimely demise.
  6. First thing I remember Fred from was Real People.
  7. I watched The Wrong Missy last night and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Light, formulaic and if it were anymore fluffier it would meow.
  8. Just by those last two things he deserves to be in some sort of H.O.F.
  9. Finishing up the first season of Dave, and damn am I surprised at how good it is. The first time I ever heard of Lil Dickey was for a Trojan condom commercial where he referred to himself as "Rapper-Actor-Model" Lil Dickey. Got past that though. This show is fucking hilarious.
  10. A person dressed as a Raven waiting in line to get into the market where I work.
  11. My elementary school gym teacher played for the South Bend Blue Sox.
  12. I guess Toots Mondt would've been a great booker for those shows given his name.
  13. If you want a wholesome Canadian coming of age story then look no further than My American Cousin. If you want wholesome Father and Daughter take in a stranger Canadian movie then look no further than Cold Comfort If you want a wholesome Canadian cop buddy movie than look no further than Bon Cop/Bad Cop
  14. It was the first Batman movie I ever saw, so it holds a special place in my heart. Only other one I've seen is Batman, still need to see Returns and Batman & Robin.
  15. A few weeks back I caught an episode of a Sebastian Cabot show called Checkmate. In a scene in a Hobo Jungle here came Harry Dean Stanton strumming a guitar and singing. That is one reason to really enjoy MeTV, Antenna TV and other channels like those.
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