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  1. Mark Twitchell loved rewatching Dexter over and over and over as well.
  2. Those Continental additions would've definitely added some spice. Probably would've been Doc/Dibiase too. Now that would've been one hell of a card.
  3. Damn those plot devices.
  4. What if The Freebirds had been in Crockett Cup '86?
  5. And Javier Bardem as Ricky. That is one amazing cast.
  6. Finished up Midnight Mass. Such subtlety.
  7. I started Midnight Mass yesterday and I am enjoying the hell out of this.
  8. Here we get Iron Mike Sharpe as a baby face and defending a title(my only memories of him are as a jobber in mid-80s WWF), Hacksaw Duggan and Ted Dibiase against a young Arn Anderson, JYD and Mr Olympia(guessing it's Jerry Stubbs) against The Grapplers, Dibiase and Duggan cutting a promo on JYD/OLY and Bob Roop looking disinterested AF on commerntary.
  9. I love CTT. It can be a bit dry sometimes, but the nerdiness of the S.P.O.T. ratings really appeals to me. I find the off shoots that Al Getz has done very intriguing.
  10. Somewhere/out there is RnR vs Nightmares/Fabs/Dibiase/Doc.
  11. Really good? The content was AMAZING AF. Out of the three podcasts I've found because of these boards GWC was the only one I found unlistenable. Way Of The Blade is a new favorite.
  12. I listened to the Grappling with Canada about The Mongolian Stomper. I LOVED what I heard, BUT the host's volume being 10-100x louder than the guest's turned me off like a MF. Since it all coalesced into what I'd been hearing about Southeastern(via the Studcast) and the Stomper, I tapped pretty quickly.
  13. Dan Soder(Mafee) does one hell of a Macho Man.
  14. On the latest episode of Wrestling @ Random(UWF Power Pro Wrestling 6/21/86) the DVDVR gets mentioned during the conversation about a Buzz Sawyer-Terry Taylor match.
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