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  1. Maybe the strangest thing I saw on PBS was in '86 when Left of Center had a segment about pro wrestling and the film maker was Curt Henning's manager(The Professor) for one match.
  2. Considering how CH. 11 was PBS the choice is pretty much a "YES!" Either that, Motor Week or This Olde Yankee Workshop.
  3. 6, 24, & 2 stuck out the most. I hit Fremont, Sandusky, Curtice & Archbold before hitting my one stop in Indiana at a deer processor with no signs outside. It's one of those time you have to trust Google Maps(take that with a grain of salt, if you will).
  4. I listened today and really want to give Dusty some stink eye for the run up to SC '87. A good listen while driving through northwest Ohio(including Toledo) on mostly non-Interstate highways.
  5. He'll be the cell block sommelier being able to pair Chateau Les Big House with a Duchess Honey Bun like no other.
  6. I watched Smile over the weekend and while I thought it was good, it's just that. 1899 I am really enjoying. When they played Child In Time at the end of episode 2 I marked out.
  7. The Avalara commercial that airs during damn near every podcast. The part that kills me the most? They elongated AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH when they say Avalara.
  8. I had to Google him to see what he looks like and all I could think when I saw his pic is "I didn't know Ron Perlman and Marky Mark had a baby". Turns out he's also responsible for "Mayor of Kingstown", which is pretty hit and miss at first but picks up a bit towards the end. Looks like he enjoys cosplaying as a cowboy quite a bit.
  9. Rippa, I watched the pilot of Yellowstone and found it too long and very boring. I watched 1883 and really enjoyed it because Tim McGraw trumps Kevin Costner. Also watched the first episode of Tulsa King and it's very promising. That being said, Taylor who?
  10. JWIV-Seasons In The Sun REPRE-FREAKIN'-SENT! Half Baked Part Deux-Too bad Jim Breuer's gone off the deep end.
  11. I actually enjoyed Cops and Robbersons.
  12. Finally getting around to watching UHF for the very first time. Wish I'd seen it sooner, because it's pretty damned good.
  13. That's called "FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", brother!
  14. YOUR suffering? What about OUR suffering? SUFFERIN' SUCCOTASH!
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