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  1. Finished up Ozark. Getting caught up on Atlanta. Anybody else catch a Chat Hayes glimpse?
  2. Shiiiittttttttttttttt, that's more Florida than Bubba the Love Sponge.
  3. I was 15 and went with the people I was living with.
  4. The first wrestling card I ever went to. WWF @ South Bend, IN - Joyce Athletic & Convocation Center - October 27, 1985 Tony Atlas defeated Rene Goulet Cpl. Kirchner defeated Barry O B. Brian Blair defeated Les Thornton George Steele defeated the Spoiler WWF Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake defeated Mike Rotundo & Mr. Wrestling II (sub. for Barry Windham)
  5. Back to my old job tomorrow. They were good enough to take me back but asked that I be less boisterous and tone down the vulgarity. I've got a mouth that would make a sailor blush. Between going to Chicago every day, the amount of stuff on the truck, my age(very early 50s) and dealing with cigarettes(from some reason they are a popular target for theft) I decided to call it a day and leave after a week. The guy I was riding with was understanding and agreed that it's not for everybody.
  6. I'll have to check that out.
  7. If anybody here uses Tubi, let it be known that there are three volumes of Portland Wrestling ready to stream under the title of Barry Owen Presents.
  8. Nah, Johnny, Aaron Mahnke isn't speeding anything up.
  9. First week of new job done. Even though I'd had previous experience running into Chicago(twice a week from '04-'13), this was different as we were all over the city and its suburbs. The highlights was finding out exactly what Go Puffs is and going underground at Union Station. The lowlights were damn near 60 hours for the week and the traffic. Oh, the traffic.
  10. Did he work in a "BERWYN!" line?
  11. Ernie Ladd vs Terry Gordy, 1975, Gordy was 14!
  12. Too bad he never showed that depth in his promos.
  13. Watching a few episodes of SAPW and NAWA has given me a new appreciation for both Jones and Fuller. Too bad nothing ever became of that Vince Torelli kid.
  14. Molson XXX wants you to think that it's as good as porn, but it's as good as the most meh porn you can think of. So mission accomplished,
  15. After nearly eight years I decided to part ways with my job, but I made sure I had a new job lined up before hand. A few weeks ago I filled out an app for a company that is adjacent to the one I was working for. Amazingly two days later I got a call back to schedule a phone interview. That went well and then I got a call to schedule a physical and drug screen. Those both came off well, but I kept getting calls from an outside company trying to verify my past work history. They said they couldn't reach the previous employers(even though all are still in business) with the contact information I had provided. The next time I heard from my perspective employer I mentioned this to them and they said "Oh we get that a lot!" So I finished up with my last employer this past Monday when I got home and reached out to the other company via email. Ten minutes later they called me asking if I could be in Cleveland this past Thursday. I told them I could and they said "COOL!" The very next call I made was to my then current job. The main boss was gone and my boss was busy unloading a truck so they gave me to the boss' uncle(who is the de facto dispatcher) and I got to break the news to him. It wasn't about money. It was about benefits and having weekends off. When he asked if there were any underlying issues I told him I was being diplomatic and that it was just time to move on. Did orientation on Thurs and Fri, aced my road test, drove 250 miles back home to await beginning with them on Monday. All is good.
  16. I watched the Celtics episode last night and as soon as I say Larry Bird walking down the hall spitting his chew into an empty Budweiser can I figured a little creative license had been taken. The thing that throws me off a bit is the graininess of some scenes.
  17. Six of one, half dozen of the other?
  18. Righteous Gemstones Barry Doom Patrol and Peacemaker
  19. I'm just wondering which one of them(if either) took the position of "THE LOOK".
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