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  1. And Javier Bardem as Ricky. That is one amazing cast.
  2. Finished up Midnight Mass. Such subtlety.
  3. I started Midnight Mass yesterday and I am enjoying the hell out of this.
  4. Here we get Iron Mike Sharpe as a baby face and defending a title(my only memories of him are as a jobber in mid-80s WWF), Hacksaw Duggan and Ted Dibiase against a young Arn Anderson, JYD and Mr Olympia(guessing it's Jerry Stubbs) against The Grapplers, Dibiase and Duggan cutting a promo on JYD/OLY and Bob Roop looking disinterested AF on commerntary.
  5. I love CTT. It can be a bit dry sometimes, but the nerdiness of the S.P.O.T. ratings really appeals to me. I find the off shoots that Al Getz has done very intriguing.
  6. Somewhere/out there is RnR vs Nightmares/Fabs/Dibiase/Doc.
  7. Really good? The content was AMAZING AF. Out of the three podcasts I've found because of these boards GWC was the only one I found unlistenable. Way Of The Blade is a new favorite.
  8. I listened to the Grappling with Canada about The Mongolian Stomper. I LOVED what I heard, BUT the host's volume being 10-100x louder than the guest's turned me off like a MF. Since it all coalesced into what I'd been hearing about Southeastern(via the Studcast) and the Stomper, I tapped pretty quickly.
  9. Dan Soder(Mafee) does one hell of a Macho Man.
  10. On the latest episode of Wrestling @ Random(UWF Power Pro Wrestling 6/21/86) the DVDVR gets mentioned during the conversation about a Buzz Sawyer-Terry Taylor match.
  11. The newest 6:05 Super Pod is up and Brian Last details what happened with John Arezzi and Ron Fuller.
  12. I enjoyed Many Saints. It's not something I would've seen in a theater, but it was right at home on HBO Max.
  13. 8mm(I know it's not horror but it has the sleazy part down).
  14. If it didn't cost money then it would either cost your soul or your dignity. YMMV.
  15. I love Abby and my only knowledge of Putski is from a few mid 80s WWF shows on USA(mainly Putski and Tony Atlas vs The Hart Foundation). Here Abby is pretty svelte(for Abby) and Putski is referred to as "The Powerful Polack" and "The Popular Polack". Abby sells like his life depends on it. The ref looks like a jacked Christopher Meloni with a cop 'stache. Also keep an eye out for the lady photographer dressed all in pink trying to avoid some out of the ring action. Good stuff.
  16. Just wait until the episode with NOT Jason Statham and the semi. Or maybe that's different episodes, either way it/they are worth the watch.
  17. Wasn't the Moose head always part of his gimmick?
  18. I have fleeting memories of seeing Moose Cholak on Channel 44 out of Chicago in the mid 70s. Downloaded the episode and I'll give it a listen tomorrow. WOTB is the second podcast I've learned about here, the first was The Winter Palace.
  19. I was half joking just because of the credit card.
  20. I'll have to check it out. Never seen anything TMNT related, other than knowing they're heroes on the half shell and that Vanilla Ice was the star of the second movie.
  21. The Octagon was the very first Chuck Norris movie I ever saw. I got to see it in the theater when I was 10.
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