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  1. Working my way through [i]Ratched[/i]. The story is ok, but it is glorious to look at.
  2. My nephew's funeral was this past Wednesday. It was an emotional affair to say the least. At the end of the service a crown was placed in the casket before the lid was closed for the last time. RIP RJ.
  3. Sorry. Vampire Spaghetti Western. It can't be that bad, can it?
  4. Isn't he doing a western next?
  5. I thought both seasons were really well done. Ditto on Stingray needing to go.
  6. Where I work we used to deliver to all of the Chili's, Applebee's and Friday's in northern Indiana. We lost Chili's, Friday's closed and Applebee's is still our jam. I am very partial to AB's for their Bourbon St Chicken and Shrimp. If I want a steak I go to either Longhorn or Texas Road House and I get the same thing at both places(ground sirloin covered with onions, mushrooms and cheese. TRH calls it "The Roadkill" and I forget what Longhorn call theirs. We also deliver to the local Golden Corral. The amount of food that they go through is astounding. I've eaten there once and it was good, b
  7. My stepmom died last Sunday at the age of 78. She had pretty much been confined to a wheel chair for the past few years and spent three years in a rehabilitation facility learning how to walk again. She and my dad were married thirty seven years. If that weren't enough of a gut punch, my nephew took his own life late Thursday night after being chased by police. He was 20. My dad, step sister and niece have had a rough week.
  8. Going all in on The Tax Collector. Yeah, it's not Training Day, End Of Watch or Fury, but it's still a good watch.
  9. They introduce an older daughter that was given up for adoption when Janney's character got pregnant as a teen?
  10. Ketchup? But I'm not behind! I won't even allow it in my house, let alone put it on my food. Keep your hands off the red hots, those are mine, ALL MINE! Pretty sure my "Chicago card" started in '75 the first time I watched wrestling from the International Amphitheater on CH. 44. Dick the Bruiser was the first wrestler I knew by name. That's what happens when your dad is also a wrasslin' fan. It's been 40 yrs, so excuse the fur par on the phone number. Now that I see the actual number I have that jingle playing in my head. Thanks, Pete. Thanks a lot! Heh.
  11. And it's still Rich Koz doing it. He has to be at least 70. Loved CH. 32 back then. The other thing that has been stuck in my mind since then were the commercials for Empire Carpet. "1-800-EMPIRE!"
  12. That was a staple of 70's "Son of Svenghoulie" shows. "Gamera is headed towards BERWYN! Oh wait, no one ever heads there!"
  13. I've heard Rappaport interviewed a lot over the years. He definitely comes across as abrasive. Heard him interviewed today and he used the word "dope" so many times that it was bordering on parody. Considering his age he should go all in on trying to bring back "DEF!" Best performance I've ever seen him have was his brief role in the [i[Kiss Of Death[/i] remake where he uttered something along the lines of "Why're you guys dressed up like the Gorton's fisherman?"
  14. Night Hawks is such a great movie.
  15. Got an email from Cinemark today promoting The New Mutants and it's Aug. 28 premiere. As much as I love going to the movies, I'm going to wait a little bit before I try and rekindle that love affair.
  16. That promo pic for 9 to 5 is amazing. Been watching Teenage Bounty Hunters. Funny show and easily bingeable. Nice to see Kadeem Hardison again.
  17. No that will star Josh Brolin and Peter Dinkalge. Ellen and Hart will co-star in a remake of Basic Instict.
  18. Deniro's paycheck doesn't look that bad. At least it will be better than the paycheck he made with Zac Efron.
  19. Replace Ellen with Chip Chipperson. Poor Chippa got jobbed out to a 5' magic dragon.
  20. I loved "A Walk Among The Tombstones" and thought that the plow truck movie was an excellent comedy.
  21. What really would've been a bitch slap to Better Call Saul was if Esposito had been nominated for Mandalorian instead of BCS.
  22. I've never seen Interstellar and from what I've read here I don't I will.
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