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  1. A Steiner is gonna Steiner until they can't Steiner no more, then they take a breath and start Steinering again.
  2. I've been trying to download a few of Kast Media's podcasts over the Google Podcast app and every time it ends in an error. So I switched to Stitcher and no issues with any downloads. Fucking weird.
  3. I use my Xbox for streaming and the app had been stable for quite a while, but over the past three days it's gotten to where it loses the stream and you get the ellipses at the bottom of the screen that means it's buffering. No biggie, I just quit the app and restart it. On the second restart it performed like I'd expect it to(i.e. not crashing). I definitely enjoyed the movie. Keep up the great work with the podcast.
  4. I'm enjoying it. The HBO Max app has only crashed twice. This is the first Truffaut movie that I've seen. The lead looks like a very bored Peter Sellers.
  5. Watching Shoot The Piano Player for the first time. I heard somebody mention it on their podcast. @OdessaSteps thanks!
  6. Trailer 1: Binoche is just a lady driver who's seen some shit, put up with shit, taken shit and is tired of all the shit and has decided not to put up with anymore shit. Trailer 2: This reminds me of The Lover where the French family all had the whiniest ass English accents ever.
  7. Love the show. Marc Maron turning up randomly was awesome.
  8. Finished up Ted Lasso and started Bad Sisters.
  9. I watched the Mid-South episode with Flair, DiBiase and Murdoch the other day. The most amazing thing outside of the main angle are two women sitting ringside. One sits there for the entire match with her hands over her mouth and at the opposite end of the row a mother with a look of complete horror on her face holds and comforts her crying daughter while chaos ensues in the ring.
  10. Those both look really good, especially Saloum.
  11. I still haven't seen the first movie in one sitting and have only seen the trailer for the second one, but during my sophomore year of high school I did read the Fletch book that the first movie was based on, but don't really seem to remember Vatsyayana or Fletch's 16 year old heroin addict girl friend making it into the movie.
  12. I watched Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul Friday night. It was good, I thought it would be more "LOL" funny.
  13. FINALLY finishing up the Sheik book, three months after starting it. Considering it was my "Throne Room Read" I guess that is so be expected. Probably the most in-depth wrestler biography I have read. An excellent read. My next throne room read will be The Iron Jawed Lady(that I saw mentioned in this thread). It's still in the Amazon envelope.
  14. That looks sufficiently fucked up enough to give it a look.
  15. Don't forget Hellraiser meets Deliverance.
  16. I've had the app for a year or so, but had never had a paid subscription and on Monday I got an email for the offer. There were two offer codes(oneyear) was the one I went with. Since I'm on the shelf until Monday I wanted to watch Ted Lasso but have never had an Apple+ subscription, so I'm trying them for a week and the regular monthly price is doable.
  17. I picked up a year of Peacock for $24.99.
  18. There is a clip on Youtube of Howard Stern on Letterman circa '84 wearing a Hawaiian shirt and leather pants looking like Weird Al.
  19. Started watching Sprung. Non-violent offenders get released early because of COVID and end up moving in with Martha Plimpton and hijinks ensue.
  20. I never knew it was in theaters, figured it was one of those early straight to video titles.
  21. The best description of Argyle is heard is "human Jar Jar Binks". I had a customer greet me with "I got this, my dude" this week. I SO wanted to reply with "Relax, Argyle", but I didn't.
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