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  1. I'm not sure I can think of any though...
  2. That was actually a pretty good brawl at these things go. It never ceases to amaze me, though, that MLB is completely unwilling to do what it would take to end throwing at guys and brawls. They could do it overnight but refuse.
  3. Tabe


    I'm highly irritated that I missed this and have to wait a day for a rerun. I love that one game and that rivalry. That game was so violent and still full of outstanding hockey. Loaded rosters on both sides and tons of hatred. I love it!
  4. Of course not. But we'll give you a ration of grief anyway
  5. RIP Tony Siragusa: https://www.tmz.com/2022/06/22/nfl-legend-tony-siragusa-dead-at-55/
  6. You put it as a reply to the post Cobra Commander made saying the same thing 23 hours earlier
  7. Tabe


    I think Makar was the right choice but no way should Josi have been left off entirely. That's indefensible.
  8. Tabe


    This man is 24. 24. That is a remarkably recessed hairline for a dude who's 24.
  9. You're gonna need to do better than this when you do your lawyer reaction youtube channel.
  10. Kyle definitely 100% all-natural.
  11. Tabe


    Seider wins Calder as ROY and Matthews wins Hart as MVP. Makar wins Norris. Right call on all three, I think. Seider was Detroit's best defenseman before his first game was even over.
  12. If I'm ever in Austin, I'll definitely try it.
  13. That is rough. Perhaps you can take a final lesson (is that the right word? Seems harsh in a way I don't mean) out of this in the form of more understanding relationships with your own kids and grandkids (when they come, if you don't already have any). So, if your is being a strident, obnoxiously confident college student, take it in stride and wait for the eventual mellowing. I got 43 years with my dad though I lived a couple thousand miles away for the last 20 of those years. I miss him all the time. What a nice compliment your mom gave you. High-five and a hug, brother.
  14. Hahaha, my wife had the exact same thing. She got a bottle of crafting glue that exploded all over the box. They asked me to ship it back. I told them I would not do that. They refunded me anyway without making me ship it back.
  15. The last 40 went the exact same way.
  16. It wasn't even that close. Seriously.
  17. Apparently the rape scene is very graphic.
  18. That is a crazy number. Gotta be better.
  19. 1 year suspension? So.........exactly the amount that both Cleveland and Watson assumed he'd get when they wrote his new contract. Brilliant plan, NFL.
  20. I'm so shocked that ownership would just pocket the money and not spend it. I just cannot fathom an ownership doing that. No way. You're lying to me.
  21. I got a new job (by choice). After 16 years at my old company, through multiple company name changes and a whole bunch of different roles at the company, I've got a new job. I applied for positions all over the country, got calls from a bunch of recruiters from all over the place and............ended up in the same building as my current company. I start the new job on the 27th and I'm pretty excited.
  22. IGN put up a review earlier today and loved it. It's apparently quite the love letter to the two TMNT arcade games that are so freaking good.
  23. Good lord, no. Those jerseys were hideous.
  24. Man, those are great. Never really seen Brolin interviews or anything before this. I've missed out.
  25. I mean, yeah, if you're making the dough yourself, and so on, you're looking at multiple hours. I was thinking more along the lines of baking a pre-made (but quality) pizza from somewhere.
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