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  1. They discontinued it and aren't really supporting it. They're supposedly releasing a new version this year - but it's subscription-based.
  2. Can we just get a new version of Rocksmith? Thanks.
  3. No. Good God no. There is absolutely no chance of this being even passable.
  4. Perfectly appropriate, if not a little light. Can't have coaches hitting players.
  5. Have fun with that. He was awful at Michigan.
  6. Man, this idea needs to be fired into the sun.
  7. And that thread doesn't even really capture it. It ignores the long line of horrible drafts. But, man, it was painful reading that.
  8. Hey, let's hear it for Dak saying "credit to them" when told fans were throwing trash at the refs after the game. Screw you, Dak.
  9. I loved this season. I definitely was surprised by the outcomes of the tournaments. And the fights were well-choreographed. Like Greggulator said, this should be taught in classes. Perfect example of a show that has its universe, takes it seriously, and doesn't go outside of that. It just works so well.
  10. If you're mad at the refs because you didn't have time left after running a quarterback draw with no timeouts...
  11. Yeah, Ferentz totally decided to dissolve the committee in November and not after the chair called for him to retire. I completely believe that. For sure. Without a doubt. Uh huh.
  12. So freaking typical. So many supervisors have no idea how to manage people they aren't physically in contact with. They're terrified at having to judge people just based on performance. My company was very much against people working from home more than occasionally - and we're an IT company that can literally do everything remotely! - until the pandemic. Then everyone got sent home, productivity went up, and they've gotten rid of most of our office space and we can work from home permanently. But I guarantee 90% of the supervisors hate it.
  13. 4-13 while running Tyrod Taylor and a 3rd round rookie out there at QB seems pretty decent to me. What else is Culley supposed to do? And Mills actually played pretty decent the last 5 weeks.
  14. He was sitting on 17 TDs and 3 INTs after 9 weeks. Elite performance. Since then...
  15. He's looking for somebody to assist with gambling and travel tips.
  16. Raiden on Switch? I may have to get my own Switch then...
  17. Edmonton appears to be interested in signing quality citizen Evander Kane. Ken Holland is a glorious gift that keeps on giving - now that he's thousands of miles away from Detroit
  18. They've been injecting stuff since the 1800s. The only reason this is an issue with 90s players and not Ruth, Williams, Cobb or Mantle is that they hadn't figured things out yet. It's certainly not because of moral superiority. Once it got figured out, players started using. Including multiple guys in the Hall. Let em all in.
  19. My favorite Jon Lester moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L6GNX632lg
  20. In case you missed it, the Lions fired Offensive Coordinator Anthony Lynn yesterday. That's even less surprising than most of the head coaching changes. Lynn was relieved of playcalling duties when the Lions were 0-8. Head coach Dan Campbell, who had never called plays anywhere other than his backyard before, took over and the Lions went 3-5-1 after with Jared Goff showing considerable improvement. Rookie Amon-Ra St. Brown also emerged, becoming the first rookie to have 8+ receptions in 5 straight games (a streak he extended to 6). Under Lynn, the Lions scored 20+ points just once. Under Campbell, they scored 29+ four times and beat Green Bay and Arizona. So, yeah, no surprise that Lynn got canned.
  21. Michele Tafoya is leaving NFL coverage after the Super Bowl: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/nbc-reporter-michele-tafoya-s-final-broadcast-on-sunday-night-football-will-be-super-bowl-56/ar-AASFLQK?li=BB15ms5q
  22. Any coach willing to take an HC opening while the GM job is still open is exactly the guy you DON'T want as your HC.
  23. We'll know when diversity has truly arrived when Art Shell 2.0 gets 18 years as a head coach.
  24. The thing about that is that they HAVE confirmed he failed a test. As has Ortiz. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2016/10/02/rob-manfred-david-ortiz-drug-test-hall-of-fame/91442256/ https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/david-ortiz-says-his-failed-ped-test-leaked-because-too-many-yankees-tested-positive/ Rob Manfred said it's possible that Ortiz was a false positive, thus confirming he did, in fact, test positive. But, hey, he gave a profane feel-good speech so we'll just pretend he didn't actually fail a test and that Barry did.
  25. At least he's not one of the many hypocrites who are voting for Ortiz but not Bonds, ARod, Manny or Sosa.
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