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  1. Since I didn't see it mentioned in last week's thread, during Saturday's game, Kentucky's DeAndre Square for intentionally shoving his own equipment manager on the sideline. Square was jogging after running a guy out of bounds and came face-to-face with "Tink", the equipment guy. Instead of trying to stop or ... anything else ... he gave Tink a hard shove, knocking him flying. The two have talked it out and there's no issue between them but this is pretty terrible behavior IMHO:
  2. He does have quite the body of work to support that notion.
  3. Kelly doing a favor to his old school in their pursuit of a playoff spot? Works for me.
  4. Yeah, Game Sack mentioned it's apparently an extremely easy fix for the Unity camera. Still...it's incredible that it got released with that issue. I will say that I don't think the graphics are anywhere near as bad as the critics are saying. I don't think they're perfect but I think they look fine - or better. The scrolling is a problem, of course. The tower defense and intrusive hints are more problematic to me. I think I would have preferred a 1:1 remake of the original with better graphics and soundtrack.
  5. Am I the only person who thinks Nagy sabotaged Fields yesterday because he thinks Fields isn't ready and designed a gameplan to prove it?
  6. I completely agree. The WHOLE game all that was talked about was San Francisco playing man defense. Then, in the last 30 seconds, they play zone. And not just zone but GIGANTIC zones where they're not covering anybody. While also not getting any pressure. What's so hard about rushing 4, putting a guy on Adams and then using zone everywhere else? Or even doubling Adams and using the other 5 guys to cover the other 4 receivers? Why the heck do you let Rodgers sit back there while letting his receivers run around with nobody on them?
  7. That's a loaded lineup. Makes me glad I didn't buy PGA from Humble Bundle.
  8. It's worth noting that Novak had not actually seen the play when he made the comment. FYI, Baltimore snapped 1.8 seconds after 0.0. That's ridiculous. Baltimore also may have false started on the kick.
  9. Go take a look at the year Juan Gonzalez had with Cleveland...
  10. Apparently, Actraiser Renaissance scrolls at less than 60 fps and repeats frames. Game Sack has an in-depth, not particularly positive, review: https://youtu.be/iA9ZWiFISyk
  11. Georgia State's coach flat out said Auburn got some home cooking on that call.
  12. That's not going to help PJ's resume when applying at USC.
  13. That......... seems highly unlikely.
  14. You've got my vote. This is a platform I can get behind.
  15. I turned on the TV and saw the jerseys and then, right after, Boston let a popup land right next to the mound. Well deserved for wearing for those garbage jerseys.
  16. I liked the development of Rebecca. She gradually becomes more gangster and it's great. Incidentally, IMDB has decided the show's name is "Banshee Origins" now.
  17. Yeah, the gratuitous stuff is pretty much the show's raison d'etre. And it all works.
  18. That backs up what we as football fans already knew to be true - that Chicago has been clueless on offense for 3 generations of Playstations or more. But, if they're leading in drives AND field position, that tells me they have great defenses more than great special teams (though Hester was obviously really good in this era).
  19. Mixed reviews on Steam already. Vsync issues and criticism of the graphics (and price). It sounds great but...
  20. Let's take that rookie season where they went to the Super Bowl. Yep, he scored 5 TDs that year. That's awesome, no doubt. But "consistently shorter fields"? No, not really. He averaged 4 yards a return more than the guy ranked 20th in the league for punts. And 4 yards more than the guy ranked 24th for kick returns. That's.......nothing. In fact, if you take away Hester's TDs his rookie year, he averaged way under 20 yards (18.78) a return on kickoffs, which is horrible. To be fair, those 2 TDs were in one game and were the difference for the Bears in beating St. Louis. End of the day, Hester was really good at his job, I just don't think it's Hall-worthy.
  21. It's not an "extremely" valuable skill. The league leaders every year average 2-3 punt returns a game. Nobody that touches the ball that infrequently is "extremely" valuable. And kick returns aren't that much more common. And, let's be honest, the real valuable skill when it comes to punt returns is not muffing them and not returning ones you shouldn't be returning.
  22. Yeah, that seems like a fair solution. To be honest, I'm not sure there's any bad guys here. I don't blame Eichel for wanting the surgery he wants and I don't blame the Sabres for wanting him to get the one their insurance recommends.
  23. The first movie is great in a cheesy way. So many hilarious one-liners.
  24. I don't know if any other returner can say that or not but he definitely was the best weapon on that Bears team. That said, let's be brutally honest - guys are kick returners because they aren't good enough to play full-time elsewhere. In Hester's case, his KR numbers are nothing special (he's basically Mel Gray with 125 fewer returns). He had a couple amazing PR years, no disagreement there. So we're basically putting him in as a PR? Ehhh. I get the "it's a real position and the best deserve to be recognized" argument but...
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