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  1. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Sacrifice. Read Countdown to Infinite Crisis before Sacrifice. But I enjoyed Countdown, such a sad story

    sorry for the stupid question but I'm thinking of getting a New Nintendo 2DS (can't afford a Switch right now) can i get games from the VC on my computer and download it to an SD card later as soon as i get the 2DS?
  3. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 13

    i don't know man, Alabama's one loss is to an Auburn team playing in the SEC title game. Ohio St. has 2 losses, one of them to a an 7-5 Iowa team. I think the committee will look at that as well.

    I'm pretty certain it was posted by Rippa last month. I do remember seeing it here, but hey I'll watch it again.
  5. The UpUpDownDown thread

    The Ojo Projector looks cool and all but I'm not keen on crowdfunding after the Jeff Katz fiasco, and I'm not keen on its $269 price tag
  6. It won't be the first time, IIRC, AJ Styles appeared at a show or two as NWA Champion
  7. The UpUpDownDown thread

    From the comments thread Pinned by UpUpDownDown UpUpDownDown Hey Everybody, This match was recorded before the other SD Semi-Final; so any mention of an opponent was pure speculation. The Kofi v Luke matchup will be released next Sunday 11/26. Hope y’all are enjoying the tournament. Who do you think will rise up and become the NEW UUDD Madden Champ???
  8. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    people are coming out and saying the Chip Kelly to Florida deal is done. But no big sources yet
  9. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 12

    Rumours going around that Jim Mora has been let go by UCLA. Guess we'll never hear him talk about the playoffs.

    There was talk all over wrestling twitter about the Club possibly leaving, any official word on that is that just Rumours?
  11. I like Shane as well, sad he isn't doing much outside of working for Paul Lee's promotion (for those that don't know he's the guy who does the Ric Flair tribute gimmick)
  12. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 9

    Guess UT is going to let Butch Jones ride out the rest of the season, figured he'd get fired after Saturday's game
  13. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    just a heads up WWE Shop has a bunch of items at $5. Mainly accessories, but some good ones that I'd like to get
  14. The Gadgetry Thread

    Microsoft announced a few days ago that outside of software and security updates, they're ending support of the Windows Phone. Sad, because it is a good platform, just didn't have the app support that Android and iOS has. Which is my one complaint as companies come out with their apps for Android and iOS, made me jealous I couldn't get then and take advantage of say their rewards program. My Lumia 950 XL has been great for me and I'll going to stick with it as long as possible, extremely fast charging and stable system, but I'll have to start looking at replacement soon too. More than likely going Android, iPhone just too expensive for my tastes. Off topic, anyone got any good recommendations for a pico projector?
  15. DC TV Thread

    Is that who it was? I thought it was Metron at first