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  1. And he already has as many B1G titles as Jim Harbaugh.
  2. I've been binging on Gordon Ramsay shows on YouTube and I'm watching 24 Hours to Hell and Back and there's crossover between that and Hell's Kitchen, we have his sous chef James helping and a cameo from previous contestant Clemenza. Just found it interesting. It's a big budget version of Restaurant Impossible.
  3. It's ok I guess. There's a cheesy scene in a bar with Dirty Dusty Rhodes
  4. Question. What's the deal with Joe? Is he suspended or injured or both? I reading different accounts on it.
  5. I would think after Hobbs and Shaw because
  6. The positive reaction it's getting is pretty cool. Seems like it may help drawing in new fans.
  7. Run This Town Ben Platt, Nina Dobrev, Damien Lewis Directed by: Ricky Tollman
  8. I like these Mcfarlane toys. I hope they get to do more than the usual character and go deep like Mattel's DCU Classics line, just with better distribution
  9. To add, others, like Priscilla Kelly and Isla Dawn have been adding their stories about Tessa being a bully to them
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