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  1. I remember the Hi-V vs Zandig's Army being good as well as the Blkout vs Chris Ca$h team, that one had Jack Evan's nearly killing himself
  2. Konami, which owns the rights to Hudson, announced a TurboGrafx/PC Engine mini. Only like 5 games announced so far but I think I'm in for this one
  3. Not me but I'm tempted to buy a Switch for this. I don't wanna pay the prices that it's going for on ebay
  4. From my recollection, it was a reaction to WCW's deal with AAA with then moved to another promotion that Konnan was the head of. Similar to the All-Japan/NOAH split formation. Like someone mentioned it was the older stars of AAA that were left outside of Hector Garza JR, who for a time the WWE was high on, but not for long as he ended up showing up in WCW towards the end. And had that cool corkscrew plancha
  5. I agree with your rankings. The best are so far and away better than the rest. I didn't watch the Moolah one as the subject matter didn't really interest me.
  6. Saw this on Bleeding Cool. Someone from the NC Film Group said this. Basically blaming WB “The production team for Swamp Thing knew before production began that North Carolina would offer up to $4.9M in rebates for their pilot episode and $12M for the remainder of season one. They accepted said offer and even signed a contract with the state with those figures. Per state legislation, the NC Film and Entertainment grant can only award up to $12M per season for a series. Per the program’s guidelines, pilot episodes are counted as their own series. In total, the program only receives $31M annually.”
  7. I'm sorry I thought it was a Netflix movie that was also going to be shown in theaters
  8. Anthony Henry vs Fred Yehi from Action Wrestling
  9. The last 30 or so seconds of this one was so funny
  10. I agree. I highly enjoyed it. You're right in that it wasn't as graphically as violent but there were still some things that I thought pushed the Limit. Didnt bother me, but it was just unexpected. Like you, I didnt read the books but this was exactly what I expected from this movie and I'm really happy. I hope they do a sequel.
  11. Robert Pattinson cast as Batman for The Batman
  12. Supposedly they're covering Dino Bravo in the next season. I saw parts of the Moolah one. I want to finish but yeah from what I saw it's not as good as the previous 3 before it and could see how it may be the worst of the lot.
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