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  1. I don't know his name but the App State coach has agreed to be the new Missouri coach
  2. You think they'll do that? After the grief they got when Supes did that to Zod?
  3. THANK YOU! I was trying to figure out who that was!
  4. I can't remember the name of his opponent but it was at the IWA deathmatch tournament in 1995
  5. Allegedly Coach Peterson has stepped down from Washington
  6. From following on twitter, it went the exact opposite of what happened at Tennessee, fans were outraged they didnt hire him they got them to hire him back
  7. In other news UK beat Vandy today. Is Coach Mason on the hotseat?
  8. I think we've seen the last of Tua in a Bama uniform
  9. Outside of Flair, I thought most of the guys who went had contacts to New Japan. So it was more on them instead of Bischoff, but I could be wrong
  10. Falcons have released K Matt Bryant months after bringing him back from retirement
  11. Must be from the current Valiant universe because this is different than the Bloodshot I read back in the day. Oh well, I'll still watch it eventually
  12. If that happens watch someone like R-Truth go up to them say, "Look at the little bastard" then loses the 24/7 title as punishment after having hot coffee thrown in his face
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