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  1. Admins, please ban my account. Thank you.
  2. Did five comedy sets in two weeks to start September, including hosting the open-mic at my area Funny Bone for the first time. Have had some good times at the rasslin shows. Shook hands with D-Lo Brown last night. Saw a Rock 'N' Express match in 2019. Good times.
  3. I've gotten to where I keep it to DMs with friends for the most part. I do appreciate this board for insight on less-familiar products (Japan, Lucha).
  4. Honestly, given my less than civil interactions with you on here in the past, I owe you an apology for my attitude. I am truly trying to let things be nowadays (though, no, I'm not always successful). I took down the comment referenced.
  5. Meanwhile the guy who was actually accused of the original incident is just starting to get booked again in my area.
  6. Also gets some fresh blood into the tag title picture which has eternally been "Briscoes and whoever they're fighting".
  7. I had to recognize that I had a similar mindset for a long time, admittedly. Working on keeping more of an open mind.
  8. Part of why I don't go to WWE shows much any more besides NXT. I remember hearing a story from a friend about assholes bothering his kid for cheering Roman. That's way over the line.
  9. Saw Josh Bishop at Glory Pro last night and described his look as "if Corbin got a dye job instead of a haircut".
  10. Legit, STL fans were thinking we were done mid-season and we'd have to rest on our hockey laurels. Weak division and getting hot at the right time were a nice combo.
  11. Still beats Wrestling Twitter and the constant barrage of "Heathens will bow before their gods Vince and Hunter or burn in the fiery pits of hell! (or AEW lol cuz they're worse)."
  12. Considering my original post was "their fans are colossal douches", I had to tone it down.
  13. Sad thing is that now WWE is not only "their show doesn't do much for me" but also "their fans aren't people I want to be around".
  14. Oh wow, I just remembered why I hate pretty much everyone and everything.
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