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  1. $45 in Uber fees to get home tonight because all the buses were rerouted due to riots. Hey rioters, which one of you ass clowns wants to reimburse me all the money I lost today that I couldn't afford to?
  2. Seriously dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? I really needed those three hours of work.
  3. I was three hours late to work today because George Floyd protesters were blocking all traffic and making the buses super late.
  4. Depends on how big a fan of 80's schlock you are. Chopping Mall features some nice nude scenes from Suzee Slater and the chick from Re-Animator, a fun cameo from Dick Miller, and, bizarrely, the leads from Eating Raoul. EDIT: For some reason, I always confuse Barbara Crampton with the girl from Basket Case.
  5. Yeah, but that name: "The Widowmaker." That was the first time I was like "why the fuck can't he just be 'Barry Windham?'" And, of course, within a month of his debut he was simply "The Widowmaker" and no mention was made of Barry Windham.
  6. Anyone know the date of the match where Hawk throws Duane Gill to the arena floor:
  7. One of my best friends from college, whose wedding I attended 18 years ago, recently dumped her husband and has fully embraced the cougar lifestyle. Ironically, I found this out when I emailed her over my own angst at briefly dating a much younger woman. I expected/hoped she would talk me out of it, but instead she told me how "fun" a mid-life crisis can be. Needless to say, I was upset at the marriage failing, and this was not the advice I had been hoping for.
  8. Oh, there'll be fans, maybe 15,000-20,000 instead of 65,000, but I'm fairly confident we'll have fans in the stands. The 49ers, Rams, and Raiders will all probably have to play their home games at neutral sites unless the lawsuits against Gavin Newsom's lockdown orders succeed I think the November/December games, after the "second peak" will have the most demand on the secondary market, as people will be REALLY eager for things to return to normal by that point, lack of vaccine be damned.
  9. Would house show business have improved in 1993 if Lex had won the WWF Title as SummerSlam instead of beating Yokozuna by countout? The two WWF house shows I saw in late 1993 had the smallest crowds ever with Yokozuna on top against Undertaker (first match Yoko pinned Taker after hitting him with a salt bucket, second show was a non-title casket match that Taker won.) WWF fans were always conditioned to long WWF Championship reigns by the superhero babyface, with short reigns by the heels. Yoko held the title for NINE FUCKING MONTHS and shitted the bed every night with his slow, lethargic matches. (Honestly, I think that title reign scarred me, emotionally.) If Lex lad been out there cleanly pinning the heel every night and hoisting the WWF belt, would business have improved at all, even if just by 2-3000 fans?
  10. On today's WOR, when Dave was talking about The Revival's debut, he said "they were booking to the BTE audience" in reference to Being The Elite, but I misheard it as "booking to the BET audience" and thought that the Bucks/Omega/Cody were booking to the viewers of Tyler Perry's The Oval and Being Mary Jane.
  11. Even the referees are biased towards Dusty, that should have been a DQ.
  12. Is there a reason the original Bonk the Caveman isn't in the Turbografx 16 mini? Also, thumbs down for not getting the rights to the PC Engine versions of Afterburner and Chase H.Q. Edit: Bonk is on there as P.C. Genjin.
  13. I wonder which of the super debt heavy teams will be the first to file for bankruptcy. The Dodgers? I could see Rob Manfred letting one team file for Chapter 11 to serve as a warning to the players and force them to cave in and make major concessions.
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