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  1. I will state the GMonsoon was no joke in the ring, to spur to more intrepid DVDVRers to dig up some Manchurian gold. - master manipulator, RAF
  2. Dolfan, I rally am digging these and you are doing a great job but I fear for your sanity in the near future, my friend. The 45 minute chunks is a fresh way to do it. I love reading people's show reviews (live or taped) where they talk about their reactions to the card and matches, and put it in context, rather than a play by play or smark flexing. Here's a WM story: (about 12 years ago) New owners at a club I used to asst. manage, and and upon being introduced to the new boss (younger than me) he's giving me the chest puffery, friendly but ???, a very -ummm- "guido"/paizan kinda thing. No preamble, he gets right up and says "I've been to the past 8 WrestleManias, I own every one on DVD and I get tickets for every RAW, SmackDown and PPV in the region. (...more markish braggadocio here...) How many WrestleManias have you been to?" younger RAF, thinking that this turkeyneck just cut a promo on me but I need this job and aware of all the folks watching us now :"Aaaw, man, I've just went to one WrestleMania... (...long pause, less is more...) --- THE FIRST ONE." We got on great after that. true story, RAF
  3. All three of those kids are. The Stronghearts are amazing babyfaces and great workers. Machine, machine, machine... - RAF
  4. Sweet Dusty, I did the same thing and I am so glad I am not the only one. - RAF
  5. Dear Don - Congratulations on the win. Those trunks really make your ass look fat. friend to friend, RAF
  6. These two tweets made me laugh out loud. The supermarket brawl is great but that hospital gimmick is legit one of my top ten angles, top five skits and that bed pan shot never fails to make be a giddy as a schoolgirl. It has to be one of my favorite "shots" in rasslin'. Some more: Big Bubba no selling Dusty's chairshot that merely knocks his hat askew, Captain Lou wrapping the chair around Afa's head leading to the breakup/turn, Dreamer's cane shot on a helpless Raven... memories, RAF p.s. = how could I forget the #1 shot? Piper's coconut strike on Snuka!
  7. Welcome to my mind, gentlemen. Please wipe your feet on the ring apron before entering the cerebellum. Flash photography is encouraged, cash or trade only at thee gift shoppe. - RAF
  8. Ms. K is a lady who can have it all, do it all. She can bring the same savagery to her toddler's science project, a boardroom meeting, and her famous coq au vin as she does when she's coolly brutalizing her opponents in the ring. She is a modern woman, damn it. sisters doing it for themselves, RAF
  9. And it breaks my carny heart to realize after watching that VICE doc S2E1a, that no money mark, however moneyed or marky, will ever be able to promote Malenko v. Guerrero 30 Years Later. That was/still is my "shit", as the kids say, and those matches, those two great workers and yes, even Mr. Paul Heyman, were able to open a lot of people's eyes as to thee possibilities of what pro wrestling could be. It was some real machining there, lads... on thee sentimental tip, RAF
  10. The Fantastics are so brilliant, but if you cannot appreciate the sheer clubberin' savagery of the mighty Kiwi Sheepherders, then you might have been brought up wrong, son. They essentially fight with a collection of dirty sticks and string. Singlets and fatigues and boots = strong proto-FMW style consciousness, too. This makes my heart ache it is so good. - RAF
  11. 04/27/14 at thee 2300 Arena I escorted my young daughter to see a Masked Mania lucha show, and boy howdy was it muy bueno. She brought flowers for Cassandro, I paid like a mark for a pic with Sabu and her (when she hit the "pointing to Allah" pose he cracked up), the minis!, and heel Cassidy - so good. The match that blew me away was Negro Navarro v. Solarr. I recalled it now due to Dean's postings above of the match archetype I never knew I loved before: Grizzled Wrestling Machine against Grizzled Wrestling Machine. Lierally, the kind of match where you realize that those two raw-boned codgers gave FORGOTTEN more about rassling than all the rest of the greenhorns on the card might ever know. 1 Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda Hallowicked & Frightmare Tag Team match 2 Amasis & Ophidian & Green Ant Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Papadon Trios match 3 Negro Navarro Solar FLLM Masters Championship match 4 Mini Mariachi Pierrothito PWR World Mini's Championship Match 5 Christina Von Eerie Sumie Sakai PWR World Women's Championship Match 6 Cassandro Matt Cross Challenge Match 7 Damian 666, Bestia 666 & Sabu BLK Jeez & Ruckus & Homicide Lucha Hardcore Match 8 Dr. Wagner Jr. LA Park IWL Heavyweight Championship Match Found it: las niñas siempre necesitan más lucha libre, RAF
  12. We forget how much that we, as a viewer, bring to the pro wrestling experience. Suspension of disbelief is very necessary to enjoy a match/card/worker and slick production makes it easier to watch and hides a stableful of sins.. People are quick to assume that if like a wrestler, then s/he is a good worker. and therefore good at every aspect of it. The lighting, production, camerawork, crowd noise, announcing, spectacle, resolution, arenas themselves, all contribute to our experience. Truly great workers can turn it out under most circumstances but that is rare. One rightfully alters one's mindset when viewing a second gen VHS indy tape, as compared to a major recent PPV - if the bells and whistles that you are used to getting with a particular show are not there, it can be jarring, and we have to contribute more to get more. This is why a match like the Lawler/Funk Empty Arena match is rightfully revered: not every worker could have pulled that off (and Lance Russel was a necessary component). If you start to eliminate some factors or elements (entrance ramp, ring ropes, a hot crowd, in ring cameras, workers that you have an emotional attachment to, et al), folks gonna get exposed. - RAF
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