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  1. Oy, Konnan looks rough. Savio Vega (same age) looks great. Can't wait for the restart - I hope it is done as safely as possible. - RAF
  2. Piledriver? Powerbomb? Both are good choices, BUT YOU GOTTA PICK ONE. - RAF
  3. Those Patterson rumbles are some of the most elegant, subtle, lyrical and sophisticated pieces of booking ever - and those are words not normally associated with rassling. They are also damn effective and entertaining, getting over gimmicks, characters, moves and storylines (old & new) at a swift pace. Like a movie that is so engrossing that you don't "see" the acting, special effects or camerawork, those big matches that Patterson had a hand in are some of the ones that get talked about frequently on this board because they emotionally resonated with us - as the best wrestling does.
  4. I know a great wind-up for a head butt when I see one. - RAF
  5. Plus Pat Patterson was there, to lay out the matches and finishes for the big angles to keep things flowing and logical. He took care of these details and helped with the big picture. Patterson was a master of this. PP > a whole room full of writers who never have been in the ring (secondary) and who have never absorbed the knowledge of booking savants past (Shire, Owen, Graham). - RAF
  6. If we get into a "casting wrestlers in the Seinfelds", you and I will be in a heap of trouble. - RAF p.s. - Harley Race as Alton Benes
  7. Sweet Jeebus, Mr. USA Tony Atlas was such a good babyface. He was one of the few we born-corrupted youths would cheer, come to think of it. That post match promo (love the wisp of a plaster on his brow) is fiery greatness, sellin' tix for that cage match. He never pronounces "Mongolian" the same way twice, and why should he the Stomper doesn't deserve it. He vs. Jesse Ventura (one of my guilty pleasures (SHUT UP!)) was always fun. - "you caint beat Texas", RAF
  8. This is possibly the most secret arcane rassling shirt I have ever seen, If the model did not have tattoos I would have thought it was 30 years old. - nicely done, RAF
  9. I remember these facts with amazement: Kurt Angle (ESPN interview) said he was taking 65 extra strength Vicodin (as well as a medley of other pills AND booze (4 DUIs during his TNA stay)) a day. I stand in awe of how much doctor shopping, pharmacy driving, $$$ and just plain swallowing that entails. He went eventually (allegedly) holed up at home and kicked over 10 days. His f'n liver must look like a piece of buffalo jerky. may The Great Spirit watch over him, RAF
  10. Love those SW tag belts very much, but the Texas heat seems to have melted the camera lens and everybody has a hobbit version of Greg Valentine body. The post match promo is golden. - RAF
  11. (Sorry, this fascinates me, I am sure there was color at least once on this card) Was it this van? Also, poor Chick Don(ovan). Eddie Hogan = Ed Leslie. I really want to see Robley vs. NAustin, and RIP Bob Armstrong. - RAF
  12. The Mongolian Stomper looks like a low polygon henchman from 90s video game. He was carved from a big granite block of Brutishness with an obsidian adze. What a presence - born to a wrestler by looks alone and always looked menacing in a photo. Don Carson - what a head of hair, & vastly overlooked. Where is Stomper's furry vest now? And when was he called The Midnight Stallion? Was that a masked gimmick? Wait, I found this: $15,000 vs. Van? That must have some sweet ride. - RAF
  13. This almost makes me regret not going to this. stupid COVIDs, RAF
  14. No, I believe he said that this Main Event match should be a main event match. and it should, RAF
  15. Bobby Shane was great, and he suffers from a lack of video evidence. He is often praised for his heel work by his contemporaries, and was an obvious inspiration for Ric Flair. Shane would have improved and excelled and might have had a big influence in the biz into the early 80s had he not been taken from us much too early. Just look at him in the ring (above) - he even walks like a heel! hail the true king of Wrestling, RAF
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