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  1. This thread is like a world tour: we started in the USA, went to japan, stayed in Mexico and ended up in Puerto Rico! Excellent. - RAF
  2. Porkchop Cash, easily one of my fave territorial guys, and one of the best wrestling names ever (noun + noun, very strong), and look at that amazing heel ring gear. Lang & Somers deserve to be tag champs anywhere any time. Romero & Youngblood were over, and great babyface workers. Great episode, could have been plucked from 1966 - 1972 - 1978 - ... - RAF
  3. Steve Blackman: - one of the least divisive wrestlers, popularity-wise - all dig SB - most universally popular across the board (workers and marks) - decently pushed (but never a top guy) (minimal merch, tho') - good run during a peak era Wotta guy. - RAF (big fan, too)
  4. I saw Gordy v. Khan and Rose/Somers v. Midnight Rockers on TV whilst I was living in Chicago, and when soon I moved to NYC it hurt my heart that I didn't have access to this level of color-full brutality as WWF was kneed eep in the Kiddy Circus Hogan Era. Sometimes I could catch something on the telly at a bar, or my pal Arthur in TX would describe Southwest Championship Wrestling episodes to me. Apter mags helped. No pics in the WON, and tape trading was in it's infancy. I should have started a support group. "Hi, my name will eventually be thee Reverend Axl Future and this is my first BSFA meeting --" "HI, SOON TO BE THEE REVEREND AXL FUTURE" "--and I am a krovvy angle addict, and I can't wait for the invention of ECW". Anyway, seeing those two matches in a short time made me appreciate the territories --- and then Mr. McMahon got rolling. - RAF, 35 year chipper
  5. How about a wacky TV show with Blackman, Schultz and New Jack, where they run run their own bail bonds/skip tracing/birthday party entertainment company, and hilarity ensues. Can these three mismatched hotheads survive this wacky business --- or each other? Answer: they can - through the magiks of friendship and comedy. This is the programming we need to heal our fractured souls. - book it, RAF
  6. If I chose to wrestle thusly, I would cover myself in honey and roll around in that poison glass and become the Ultimate Garbage Weapon Hedgehog, whilst maintaining social distancing, of course. This looks like a high budget South Jersey indy show. Nice repurposing of that already scary giant baby mask into some more personal AND more terrifying. I dig it all. oh Japan, never change, RAF
  7. Let it be noted that my "like" for the Kabuki v. RRogers match above is 100% for Kabuki. Has Rip Rogers ever sold a ticket? I know he headlined but was he anything but a reliable hand in the ring? He was good enough to go to Japan but RAF has groaned audibly upon seeing his name on the program. And his Thom McAn Jox version of Exotic Adrian Street as PUMA Clyde is strictly from hunger... - RAF, who doesn't normally like to disparage a worker
  8. Watching thee above match made my stenosis ache, but it was worth it. The constant screeching shrieking & grunting is the soundtrack for these times. - RAF
  9. This was great. All the heels were yelling and scary and the babyfaces might live in their cars. Don Carson is super underrated, - RAF
  10. But when the Superstar was really the Superstar, he burned so brightly and greatly. He was a very very influential worker, looks and interview-wise and especially the muscles and "cool heel" archetype. I do dig the crazy Florida stuff with Kevin Sullivan and BJHaynes as well, but its campy as heck. - RAF
  11. My kid, with Uncle Shlak, CZW ToD 2017 - And Mad Man Pondo , CPF of tRAF questionable parenting --- or the best? Time will tell, RAF
  12. I think we all need to add a little chaos into our cards/lives. Plans can be overrated. Let the rest of the matches/day on the card/week go as planned. The one that goes south can make everything else better. - cf. Norman Spinrad, RAF
  13. And not for nothin', this thread filled up quickly, like you sickies had these wonderful matches right in your red red hands all along. Nice... hello my name is thee Reverend Axl Future and I am---- A BLOOD SUCKING FREAK and this ain't my first VA meeting, RAF
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