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  1. Sri Curt McGirt, I gots a hot one for ye - https://youtu.be/QB1ne62O1nw The Fantastics vs D C "Mad Dog" Drake & Damien Kane, 1988(?) It's a cliche to state that The Fantastics are criminally overlooked, but it's true. RAF will proselytize for DC Drake all day long. Reinforcing the proto-TSWA/ECW connection is his manager/cohort Damien Kane and a skinny lil' Paul E. Dangerly. Classic tag team fairground fun. I noticed that my picks thus far have skewed in a "sleazy characters" manner, so I will roll with that from here on out. Note: the "sleazy" may only refer to one's gimmick, and not necessarily towards the worker's lifestyle or moral compass, and at any rate the "sleaziness" may only exist in RAF's eyes alone. Let's hear it for the scum!
  2. Gotcha. I knew/know many workers who like the joshi, but I could not give you a percentage. it probably skews towards the younger folk who watch older wresting. I have met lady workers who are not up on it at all, however.
  3. I have never met a Western joshi fan who wasn't a guy.
  4. SirSmellingtonofCascadia and RAF both suffer from the horrible disease of Chrome/DVDVR Incompatibility so this review is sans yer fancy hyperlinks and such, which is the way our pioneer/immigrant forefathers intended. I am gifted Dean Malenko (c) vs. Syxx from SuperBrawll VII 02/23/97, thee PPV opening match that Hulk Hogan's odious presence could not taint (except for maybe the finish). Lordy, that is a crappy T shirt design for this event. Malenko is one of my favorites, and Waltman is often great and one of the few workers with whom I don't mind his use of kickpads. Malenko is relatively hot, as Syxx has stolen the Cruiserweight belt. Nice tree of woe into a dropkick to the knee spot that looks nice, and SW sells it the rest of the match. hee Iceman is experienced and driven, and Syxx is looking for his chance to turn it around by means fair or foul. As they battle outside the ring, we get a great reaction shot of a sparkly granny and a goth granddaughter in the front row. Where are they now? There's a really fun Syxx spinkick that gets caught and trapped by Malenko that is reversed with a "savate toesies to the jaw" (thank you, Mr. Rhodes). I did not like Syxx going to the sleeper three times - unless it directly plays into the finish, why would you go back to it after it failed twice already? Also, the finish was lame, clearly moving the belt to the NWO camp w/o putting them or Syxx over as a threat. It did set up Malenko vs. Guerrero and for that I will be eternally grateful. I distinctly remember this era of WCW and how good the few (often opening, cruiserweight and/or lucha) good matches were, usually buried under the unctuous dross of sludgy shite from Bischoff & crew. i would bow out soon enough, even from free viewings at bars and such. Thank you, SSofC, you know what I like.
  5. Here I goes, SirSmellington, let's blame Santa that bloated goyim for my tardiness surewhynot - again, I give what I have been randomly desiring & seeking on the youTubes. My love for thee Prince of Darkness Kevin Sullivan is known throughout the globe, but I also get all wobbly for Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, and the two together both in the same ring is just nirvana. Yeah yeah, he was apparently an execrable example of human flotsam, but for me he may be the most authentic real intimidating rassler I have ever seen. Everything he does looks devastating, so what better showcase than a TV squash match? The timeframe of WCW from 1984 to 1990 is so great and contains multitudes, and notably the deep cut of Sullivan's Slaughterhouse. "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." - WBlake. https://youtu.be/mOabqAiqqUM Kevin Sullivan & Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer vs. Robbie Idol & Zan Panzer, early 1990 I think I have this match on tape somewhere. The very definition of a "sinking feeling in one's gut" must be looking at the booking sheet and seeing your name across from MDBS&KS. Damn, now I must go find my "History of thee J-Texp Corporation" VHS.
  6. Please tell me that this dispenses green/red/black Crazy Foam. http://crazyfoam.com/images/history/history_2.jpg
  7. WHAT THEE FUDGE, A CHRIS COLT ESTATE SALE?!?!?!?!?!? I would have bought so much. Not for nothing, didn't he die destitute 25+ years ago?
  8. OK, Mr. D - if my match choice perplexed you, well then brudda, I am totally flummoxed with this one, more questions than answers yaknowwhutImeanVerne? Matt Borne is thee very definition of a solid raw-boned worker, every inch a PNW stud and one of my faves BUT I ain't never heard of this Danie Voges. I had to do me some googling and wikipediaing and cagematching on this one (not too much, RAF digs a mystery) and the results were... spotty. Apparently MB did a South African tour in '95, but even given the cultural lag of US fashion influences, this has gotta be late '80s. CLUES: y'see the camera frequently cuts to 2 Boer betties in their best Hill's Angels mall nu wave outfits, as well as the video quality and very light degree of grizzle and world-weariness in TAFKA Doink's dark visage. Therefore, we are in some Lethal Weapon-era Sun City kinda shite here, I hope the tears on those Krugerrands nae keep you up at night, laddie. Ah, well. As for Danie "The Hulk" (oy veh) Voges, he was active from 1982 to 1999, but here he is GREEN. I mean, grass can't describe it, goose shit neither - he is greener than Swamp Thing cuddling a leprechaun in a puddle of Mountain Dew slushie in field of kale in Emerald City. Borne audibly and visibly doesn't just call the match: he tells Voges what to do step by step. MB is patient, it must have been some payday, feeding and protecting this hapless Jo'burg baby. Old Afrikaaners serve drinks on trays, most of the men in the crowd look like Auric Goldfinger or a windburned farmer in an Ozploitation movie to my dull Amerikan eyes and the ring girl is so skinny,quoting the great Bo Diddley "she had to tie some knots in her legs to make some knees". The colors are white and ruddy and varicose. We got a UK style rounds system in play, and if you were not trained in that, it can be hard to keep your heat or tell a story. It hardly matters, as a fully competent 2nd gen Borne has to keep thing reeaal simple for the local hero here, who -to be honest- is over like heck. He makes Big Daddy look like a actual worker and Jack Veneno seem like Mitsuharu Misawa. Voges would later team with his half-brother Danie Brits as the Fighting Springboks in Puerto Rico for a short stay. In SA, he wrestled colorfully named opponents like The Mexican Mongol and Gypsy Roulette as well as US vets like Ox Baker, Black Bart, Bill Irwin and even a young Mark Calloway. DV placed #334 in the 1994 PWI 500. He appeared in the movie Prisoners Of The Lost Universe starring John Saxon (which is now on my Tubi queue). Thank you interWeb for the previous facts because there really wasn't much to talk about in this match. Nevertheless, I can still distill knowledge and learning from it. We can all learn the tolerance of a young Matt Bourne; if this was some late era bitter Reborne Again Tony, Voges would have gotten a mouthful of post-McMahon hydrocodone-fueled potatoes for his oafishness. Just when you think you got a handle on this rasslin' history thing, some wisenheimer like Matt D comes along and throws you a humbling curveball. Bive this thing a watch. It just as much a part of the wrestling mosiac as a ***** NJPW main event. Thank you, sir.
  9. @Matt D, you are thee coolest. I wanted to watch some Buxx Belmar, so I am giving some BB to you. You're welcome, he is a gift from thee gutter that keeps on giving. https://youtu.be/4i-NAJpsPcU Buxx Belmar vs. 'Speedball' Mike Bailey - Scarred 4 Life 2017, IWS Hardcore, FrenchyCanuck flavor (As with @SirSmellingtonofCascadia, I too suffer from the lack of features on this board mit der Chromes. Hey, SSoC, you can cut'n'paste those @ gimmicks) This what RAF dislikes about this match: the dreary indy commentary, the lame-o crowd and the unimaginative match structure. The history and rivalry is there, but it never plays into the story or psychology, mes gars. There is also much to get me all a-flutter, however. Both of these fellows really work their gimmicks, not just for spots, moves and shenanigans, but also in body language, expressions - zut alors, each man's moves and way of moving is unique to them. Buxx Belmar is le nouveau Chris Colt here, a crustypunk Moondog, and his stylized ringwork is so very distinctive, comparable to The Great Muta or Kamala or PCO - they all move, attack and sell in a manner that befits their gimmicks. I dig that. Speedball makes his 12yearold's countenance work for him, and his strikes have become quite believable. I will also point out how much the poor ref has to crouch when next to SBMB, and that the lack of hugging (another RAF fave, I am a people person) is made up for by a couple rare shrimping spots. Thanks for doing this (again), Mr. D. I will watch your match maƱana.
  10. Jeff Jarrett in WWF and TripleHHH on top are both major players in my "Sweet Jeebus I watched it once I don't think I should have to watch it ever again in any incarnation" category, but I maintain respect for JJ because he talked his way into a push and those paydays, and Helmsley booked himself to cosplay his heroes and made us listen to all... that... talking...
  11. "TOO MUCH ROD" is doubleplus brilliant genius. This is thee shite that fueled my youth. Much respect for many of my fellow posters, but I would rather watch Piper promos that Bret Hart matches, much more educational and inspirational.
  12. This is excellent discipline for focus, articulation and getting some writing done, as well as viewing some different grappling. I'm in, thanks [circle a]Matt D (yeah, it's hard to embed and such still with the Chrome, this is gonna cause much cussin' around the rectory here). AND I get to see some rasslin'. Pick for me stuff THAT YOU LIKE, on some freebie platform like the YouTubes or DMotion. I am swingin' back into a wrestling groove thanks to olde CWF Satanic Sullivan footage so vintage is good but if you dig something "new" and think it will rouse the loins of this old mule, feel free. You ain't gotta impress me - a tickling of the whimsy will do just fine. LET THE DOGS OF OVER_ANALYSIS LOOSE.
  13. 60 minutes? Shite, I'm blown up just from watching that. Brisco's death flop selling is thee ginchiest.
  14. Oh my. To quote thee DVDVR Godfathers of Yore: "a million, billion stars".
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