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  1. I saw all these tapes under the blue tarp behind the table of rusty tools at the Mexican flea market. If Uncle Dave wants, I'll gladly pick them up for him on Sunday - $5 each, 3 for $10. - RAF
  2. Bob Sweetan was the lowest of the low, and mostly despised by his fellow workers. He did have a good moniker and a fine finisher, but I feel dirty for even giving a like to that gif above. He looked every inch the heel he was (mostly) in the ring (and apparently out of it as well). His face runs rang really hollow for me (Southwest Championship Wrestling, I recall, over the title "Mr. Piledriver" vs. Blanchard? Jaggers? Help me out...) Anyway: http://slam.canoe.com/Slam/Wrestling/2017/02/23/22706175.html ---sordidness. - RAF
  3. I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I wanted to. Damn. Wrestling must always (appear) to go forward, to remain au courant. You can appeal to nostalgia, even benefit from it, but should never indulge in it. If you present it as "classic", "traditional" , "retro" or "throwback", you lose some of the sports presentation that is necessary to actualize the believabilty of pro wrestling. Creating a niche product to market it to a niche crowd of consumers is a losing proposition and makes you seem small time. No matter how good a cosplayer you are, you will not be seen a true creator - just a consumer, fan, amateur. Things I Liked: - small ring - studio audience and setting - real interviews Thing I Did Not Like: - no good heels - the audience was too happy. Where were the (por ejemplo) jeering Girl Scout troops of the old TBS studios, that the heels had to work to get a real reaction from? - the workers were too much the same, with no flair. They all wanted to appear tough but no one was larger than life. - Aldiss is generic as heck, and his valet appeared to be catatonic - Tim Storm: yuck. So sincere as to be maudlin and business exposing as well. He shows every year of his age in the ring. He refers to himself as a "performer" - by thee great ghost of Blassie, that is some infuriating shiazit. That said, I will watch again to how (if?) this evolves. my free opinion, RAF
  4. "Harvey Davidson" - Please, dearest Shiva, let that be his shoot name. thank you, RAF p.s. - the "etc. etc. etc." at the end is great too, the poster equivalent of a hand wave or this:
  5. Dean R- Chikara and Dusty Rhodes promos were very instrumental in developing my young'un's Weltanschauung. Your offspring are probably ready for advanced Japanese Independent Federation instruction. - RAF
  6. I took my kid to see "My Name Is Dolemite" on Friday (best dad? worst dad? Keep your labels: she loves cursing) Not being facetious, but it is the feel good movie of the year that uses the word motherf*cker every 40 seconds. Very well made and fun, and as usual my man Wesley Snipes steals the show. Highly recommended. - RAF
  7. Good video, but the tune's been covered by a true rock'n'wrestling connection: Big shout out to thee mighty Cocknoose who do a steaming version as well. - RAF
  8. It depends on your definition of cool. It depends if you think there is only one kind of cool. It depends if you accept other's definitions of 'cool' as your own. It depends if you can recognize cool without it being presented to you as such. It depends on if you think 'real world cool' is cool. - RAF
  9. SPOILER ALERT: ( ...that's part of the story... ) -RAF
  10. (aahh, quoting oneself, powerful messageboard heeling) Just to update, since I have been thinking on this more, This is not a definition of pro wreslting, just as succinct a list as I can think of of the essential elements needed. I thought about adding a "realtime" qualifier in (C) - I guess it's needed. Is an audience necessary? I don't want to exclude the (admittedly rare but beloved by myself) empty arena/island matches. please ponder amongst yourselves, RAF
  11. That is a great bump (off of a middling strike, but that's another story). - RAF
  12. Did he just block a fireball with a chair? That's some good rassling right there. - RAF
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