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  1. You were a strange and genius eight year old, I am sure you are still carving your own path through life. When I get my time machine I will pay you a visit and ,with your grandparents, I will take us all to a house show with my futurepast money and foresight.
  2. I kinda liked this match. Heels dominate, then the big babyface comeback to the finish: simple and clean. It reminded me of a better match from '90s IWA-MS - sloppy but effective, with thee primitive indy psychology. Also, lotsa festive late '90s-2Ks luchadores are around here, including a despues de presidiario Charly Manson. The previous trios was fun too, I dug the Candy Yeti vs. Wasteland Warrior sequences -- y'know, for the niƱos.
  3. This is why you are smarter than me, Mr. P. I have just been watching Fridays this week on Tubi (for the musical guests, I swear (Devo 3x)(and the Mexican DJ sketches) (and The Pharmacist) (and Andy Kaufman bits)) and I didn't think of this connection. Boy, those shows always have been gutted and censored, so many missing episodes, sketches and musical acts (still no Sir Douglas Quintet or The Jam or Split Enz, but we get Al Jarreau twice?). Anyway, yeah, as others pointed out, this was a work but is it really a work if the principle parties never acknowledged that, or more importantly, if others involved didn't know it was a work? If money was involved, then it would be classified as a con. AK was one-of-a-kind, despite his imitators and vast influence. Another Johnny Legend cultural touchstone, by the way. We certainly were talking about this in school the next day (the sketch, not JLegend we were not that cool). Kaufman's next season sweaty coked hangover was the best.
  4. https://external-preview.redd.it/iLrDzegkFvszH3j49lmlERNQo3qFze9NFUuTDPQ4PvM.jpg?auto=webp&s=9667dc1490fa443793026773d4c6b0b22a0fce36 See?!?? SEE??!!!!! Ima go handle some snakes now...
  5. The page forward gimmick worked again for a bit then it didn't. Sometimes I can leave a "like" and sometimes not. I haven't tried imbedding a pic or that thingy with @ and someone's handle and everything runs way slow. Written from my rachet ChromeBook with 500+ tabs open (metaphor for my life). DEAN, fix my 'puter. Please.
  6. Thank you, PS, for this delicious throwback indy match. These two guys know how to do the modern pro wrestling of that time for sure. Road Dogg could have cruised here, he sorta does, but his most basic gear is super-solid and so sound so it doesn't matter. Punk has been around for a bit by this point, but he and his work are still green (as goose shit). Nevertheless, he has IT, that is apparent here. Even in the lockerrooms of that time, he could be surrounded by better indy workers but his potential (that he filled out) was world's above anybody else and he commanded attention because of it. (My interjection here: CM Punk: Close Personal Friend of thee Reverend Axl Future, Sexy Ace Steele: CPFotRAF, Dave Prazak: CPFotRAF, Ian Rotten: CPFotRAF, shoutout to Capt. Lou, & Capt. Lou: CPFotRAF. Oy, do I have stories.) I really really dig the transfer quality here - perfectly watchable, everything has a golden overexposure that adds charm. Prazak doing too much and the 15yo ref both contribute to ultra-indyness of this. The fans only look a bit mutated, making me think this is IN instead of KY. Punk here hasn't worked anywhere but local promotions (in a wide mostly Midwestern swath, to be sure), but is starting to wrestle the vets and various WWF/WCW cast-offs that were circulating. Stomping the mat whilst punching is so much better/cooler/zen than slapping one's thigh while kicking. I approve. --Super basic match. --It got over. --Historical value. What's not to like? Thanks again to the noble Glistening Porcine One, and to thee Mighty Matt D. "This was fun and I learned a lot."
  7. I approve this post, since I strangely have lived in all three areas (2nd Ave & 2nd St, around the corner from The Lemon Ice King of Corona, Jane St). I'll be the weirdo cheering both guys...
  8. You all owe it to yourselves, especially if you have been a good boy and/or girl in these trying times, to watch at least thee first 15 minutes of this here video treasure. Here is my listicle of some highlights from those 900 seconds --- -the pilfered theme songs. -the lack of music or indeed any showmanship or effects for the wrestler's entrances. - the referee is Thee Japanese Danny Devito. - Abbie is quick, The Destroyer is aggro. - Abbie has an old school plaster on his shoulder. - Mr. Butcher also emits schnauzer-like yelps when he is selling on occasion. This amuses the crowd, who are very vocal (relatively). "The Shriekin' Abbie" will be a signature cocktail for my rassling themed Polynesian Tiki bar & grill. Lots of grenadine in that one, comes decorated with pineapple chunks speared on a fork. - See other participants as ringside spectators as well as dojo boys that will become future stars themselves. - Mr. Beyer totally tittatgooseganderturnstables his foe and it's great. - Any screencap from the last 3 minutes could be a cover for a Stanley Weston mag with the title "THE VAMPIRES ARE TAKING OVER WRESTLING!!!". - Are those not straight up rolls of TP being thrown into the ring? **BONUS** If you stay for thee final match, you get to see Bruiser Brody manhandle cranky cobwebbed Lou Thesz.
  9. Three different hombres literally mopped the ring after that IWRG match. Festive.
  10. My Chromephone seems to work OK on here, but I am an old codger with bad eyes and sausage fingers and am loathe to use the interWebs on my wee pocket computer. My Chromebook however experiences all the glitches of the above users. How I am supposed to "like" DEAN's posts now? Maybe he will stop thinking about how much I luv him?!? What about my psyche?
  11. @porksweats my non-kosher glistening boychick, here is for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2Ee1CRWzMc&ab_channel=RobD (sorry, DVDVR is really wonky for me lately, links won't post and the page foward/back often don't work, anyone else plagued with this?) At any rate, I was thinking about Killer Tim Brooks today, as I tend to do as he is a favorite in thee RAF fiefdom. He is in thee Top Three Most Intimidating Pro Wrestlers That I Have Ever Met, even though when I encountered him at a Cauliflower Alley Club meeting he looked like a grizzled rabbi. When the handsomest man in the ring is Al Madril you know you are in Rasslintown. When old coots complain that today's clean'n'pretty indie lightweights don't look like the "real men" workers that they grew up fearing, Mr. KTB is front & center. i like variety myself. This match is a hoot. Thanks again to @Matt D (see, no fancy link alert thang) for TCB, nice work.
  12. So here we all are in this Secret Santo booze party, and most of us have brought some hipper-than-thou cloudy natural wine or some elitist small batch microbrew summer IPA mishegoss or fancy-pants pre-mixed fresh negronis from the faux dive bar, and we are all standing around sipping and log-rolling and patting our fine selves on the back, getting a mild buzz on because dontcha know we are all responsible "smart" Capital A-dults all up in here, and the door slams open and in swaggers @SirSmellingtonofCascadia with a fuggin' handle of Jack Daniels and we thought we outgrew that but WRONG! our young selves were realer and knew the score, 'cause that is what this match is: straight US hooch the way it was meant to be, room temp and sweet and making the room and soul all hazy but clearer than everYEAH! How good are these four men? How good are these two teams? RAF even did some research: from 1983 through 1992 (inclusive), at least one of these workers placed in the #1 spot of a positive WON Year End Award. We could go '80 thru '95 if we went for a "in the top 5" award placement. Although we are in the twilight of these teams' careers, perhaps, nevertheless this match-up is dynamite, baby. It's is your Clash o'Champions NWA Tag Team Tourney, and this clip opens with that sorta racist bible thumper Uncle Bill Watts, booking sage, yakking with Tony SchivanTOE because there too much background factz for just the commentary team to handle, and that is the way I like my pro wrestling. Williams & Gordy's theme, drowned by the crowd noise, sounds like "Lust For Life" and I am going to pretend it is for that is cool. I also manlove Jesse The Body, he is really good as always. The amateur feeling out opening chapter works so well because of who is in there, and we know that the violence can and will erupt but not until the match gives us a reason for it to do so. The eventual break from wrestling to rasslin' to brawling is the psychology of the match, and the back story is the puissance of these men and the story told in the ring is "who can/will go the farthest to get the win in this match?', and everything supplements each other and gives us the emotional frisson and payout. The fact that we know in our heart (if not brain) how this will play out (but not necessarily end) is immaterial to our enjoyment. Bring the audience up and bring them down again, that's thee rollercoaster. I really would have liked this match to have had another 15 minutes for some more of those ups and downs, they could have done more, I remember this whole card being very rushed abd crowded. The match was good. Steve Williams' monstrous torso is both eerily fascinating and beautifully repellent to me. Afterwards, we get the wrap-up, new standings and why we need to watch the GAB '92 as told by the control room experts Tony T., Magnum TA and his magnificent hairstyle in front of the leaderboard, a real one -not a graphic- with the magnetic team names on little plaques, I also miss that. Thank, you my noble gentry brother from Cascadia for this choice, I had a good time and learned a lot.
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