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  1. People are debating viewpoints that are not mutually exclusive. Harper (more experience, yes?) is for sure a better worker than Rowan but they both have presence and are a natural fit together, and you can prefer either one anyway without devaluing the other. Rowan makes a great monster back-up for a smaller heel. Both haven't been utilized to the best of their potential, and you can argue whether they are "top" guys or not. We are all in the same gang, DVDVRers! I am usually not this conciliatory, sorry. the interWebs!, RAF
  2. So simple, so good. "I don't like you, here's why: [heel reasons] and I am going to hurt you." BAM! Tickets sold. Damn, Dr, D was great. - RAF
  3. I almost read that as "Killian Dane looked like a superstar in that video" and I got ascared for you, me and us all. - still a little ascared, RAF
  4. Dammit, D. Z., I thought of this today and was waiting to post it. WWE still has a week to get them coordinated acid green and black lycra Viking bodywear, tweak their names to Exciting Erik and Irresistible Ivar, give them a wimpy manager with a rich (via her fjords full of longships) mama's boy manager (Jofur?) who carries a monogrammed battleaxe to the ring, and get Gorgio Moroder to write a synth'n'war-drums entrance theme. book it, RAF
  5. Go watch that whole clip. There is not one second, one facet, one bump, that isn't 1,000x better* that the dreary slog that was Batista/TripleHHH at WM35, and this is from a low point of WWF in-ring quality (admittedly from two of it's better workers at the time). - RAF *bump-wise, story-wise, entertainment-wise, production-wise, genius-wise, et al
  6. The Ultimate Manifestation of this effect: Balls Mahoney. Holy Hans Moleman, the man's head looked like one of those shrunken apple head gimmicks by the end. - RIP Xanta Klaus, RAF
  7. Huss, my good sir, just... huss. - RAF
  8. In my eyes, BBelair is far from ready for the amount of push she is receiving. She looks over-rehearsed, often awkward and occasionally lost. She is certainly an athletic specimen (as the announcers mention ever so frequently) and has undeniable charisma but she uses "cool heel" mannerisms to get over but tries to come off as a face, both in the ring and on interviews. I believe she (and the audience) would be better served by picking a side, getting good at it and then turning and learning. She is green and overexposed, and I would hate to not see her develop more slowly. Maybe she is too good at the training part but the subtleties need to be worked on. - RAF p.s. - I don't like the hair gimmick and can't wait for someone to tie that Kimo-tail to a rope, turnbuckle or ringpost. That's what Piper or Blassie would do.
  9. I envy you the many happy hours learning the storied and colorful history of the "professional wrestling". Oh my sweet Abuddadein: go watch the Piper's Pit episode that aired on 06/24/84 Mr. second appearance on thee PP. mercy, RAF p.s. - my guess is that is a rare WWF heel fan on camera, post-Piper's Pit, as I don't recall anyone calling "Pineapple Head" before thee Rowdy One did.
  10. I believe that WWE Booking has been sneaking in announcements for future matches that might displease the more hardcore/vocal/interWebby fans, and they have a ready-made "Plan B" set up in the chute to surprise/please/swerve these marks. The use of Twitter and more specialized media keeps most of these changes off the TV (which the "casual" fans watch and the mainstream sources get their storylines from). Case in point: I will be shocked if Angle doesn't put away Corbin in a minute, and immediately Cena comes out saying that he could not stay away and how much the WWE Universe admires Angle so let's do this. Corbin does not need the rub - he's already pushed (not as a threat necessarily but as a presence), so a distant second choice might be for Gable to come out "to give Kurt the match he deserves". Mainly, I can't see them giving any KA match more than 10 minutes 'cause of how busted he is, but there certainly will be a lengthy aftermath of tearful waves, standing o's, stilted chants and manly hugs. - RAF
  11. Way to kill the gimmick, JG...and my dreams. - RAF
  12. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/pygod/no+violence+no+homophobia+no+sexism+no+racism+freedom+peace+love+daniel+bryan+t-shirt-A110724268 Gawd bless Amerika. - RAF
  13. Gresham is great. I remember seeing him at a CZW Best of the Best (2015?) and he worked three times, and did a different match each time AND blew the squiddy inks. He worked the crowd in an olde tyme stalling way countered with super high spots. One of my fave rave indie dudes... - RAF
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