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  1. If only astronomy was advanced enough to accurately predict when the sun will set! A pox upon those charlatans who study the solar system and it's arcane workings. - RAF
  2. Tom Lawlor grew on me, because he looks like a typical no sense of humor MMA meathead but he has a great sense of humor and is quite unselfish in the ring. He really gets it, an is quite versatile. - RAF
  3. Rusev is a slightly earlier example of my "how can you not make money with..." frustration. Yeah, I know how and maybe even the why the WWE/VKM/HHH did not, but it amazes and saddens me still. Last time I brought this up with some younger and/or newer examples, and I felt that I was (re)stating the obvious, folks seem to explain away this mystery with apologies for the WWE. Rusev played ball, was good on promotion and social media, sold merch, worked on his ring abilities, was very believable, successfully integrated his less bankable lady into the gimmick... and appeared to get the cold shoul
  4. Very true. Drawing power, putting asses in seats and making $$$ - taken together- is just one consideration. A fed with just "top guys" would be unbookable; you need all kinds of hands in a roster. AA and UDragon are great examples of HoF workers - how about Steven/William Regal? A HoF that spans decades has to take into consideration the guys that could be champ in a territory but just strong (but useful and necessary and draws) mid-carders in a big federation but they made everyone look credible and filled their spot. Shit, I would put in Mike Jackson or Tinker Todd or Dean Malenko or in my
  5. The importance of drawing power is a good subject for debate. Wrestling may be an Art but it is also a business. There are no real wrestling critics like there is a vocation/industry of art critics, movie critics, theater critics, etc. The ticket buyers are one of the deciders for the greatness of a worker. Wrestlers are not created, produced or promoted like a (money-making) movie is, nor like a singular artwork (painting, sculpture, so on), nor like a mass produced book or long-running play. The promoter decides to give a wrestler a push, under the creativity of a booker - does this wrestler
  6. SP is totally channeling thee Great One, Jackie Gleason, Here - "and awaaay we go!". No wonder I mark out for him. - RAF, doing the Hucklebuck
  7. The Frankenstein's Monster-inspired mocking of The Giant always made me laugh, and was the last thing Scott Hall did that I enjoyed. It was enough. Kerry Von Erich not debilitated by his vices is a great big "what if", but if you can imagine that, and that he could have a love for the biz and an elation to be out from his pappy's control, I think I could see him becoming even better (when he in reality he cruised on Fritz's booking mandates and was a natural but coasted) and was charismatic and handsome enough to get a WWF push to the top. I only saw bits and pieces of DavidVE's wor
  8. Ah, the ol' Volcano of Blood match - tape trading gold, back in thee day (of tapes, and trading, and mail, and 3td gen+ VHS, and human interactions), To the best of my knowledge, NOT a shoot just a brilliant dedicated work. - RAF, who has at least three tapes with this match on it in the basement
  9. Like for Tua- hang on little buddy! - RAF, but we all know that hawk was all #MeToo on the part of the AC, TT-RIP
  10. Thanks. Is it the Euro servers again? - USA!USA!USA!, RAF
  11. Is it way slow for anyone else, or is it the 1,000+ tabs I have open? - RAF
  12. I have been at wrestling cards in at least 11 states and 3 countries. In my experience, "mutant" is an apt descriptor for Philly crowds. They are vicious, ugly (inside & out) and unrelenting. That said, they are passionate, loyal and genuine. I love going to shows in thee Hostile City. - RAF p.s. - off the top of my bean, Florida crowds were quite racist, NY's are demanding (discerning and privileged), Wisconsin=drunk.
  13. Mr. Nieblas and Shocker were two of my early fave luchadors. This is like looking at footage from the 1970s when you think how much lucha (and these workers) would change over the next couple of years. Just glacial changes - Pena, Konan, ECW were all factors - chingada, none of these guys look juiced out, even. what a world, RAF
  14. I have hardly ever listened to podcasts but I am all a-fluster on the idea of Mr. McMahon running a lizardfolk-Bohemian Grove-Mothman-Vril-ancient astronauts-morphogenic fields type call-in show, whether it be sincere or in gimmick. I would buy whatever energy drink/male potency supplement sponsored him. One Man Gang could be his co-host. - RAF
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