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  1. I remember watching that Windham/Murdoch match on TV and, boy howdy, does it stand up to the test of time. Whindham - plucky, strong, spirited, and Murdoch - dastardly, experienced, tenacious, are two of my all time favorites. This is a classroom on the different ways to throw and sell punches. No wonder my standards are high. - RAF
  2. Poorly executed wrestling signs are one of the delights of a house show. Not the lame, predictable or boring ones, but the ones executed and held aloft with verve and passion. I will have to dig out my photos (and the are photographs) some time soon. A personal fave: "Ivan Koloff Is A Russian Retart". So much moxie... - RAF
  3. I thought about this today and it still is making me laugh AND it is so true. Good fortune to you, wise man. - RAF
  4. Ahem. Mr. OSJ, I know you are on a righteous tear today but please rethink your stance, sirrah. Also, Jimmy Valiant, Velveteen Dream and Jerry Lawler might want to have words with you as well. Wearing one's likeness, merch and/or gimmick is a right handed down from Gilgamesh, Palaestra, Antaeus and Jacob to all workers, and one of my favorite things!! hmuph, RAF
  5. For the sake of discussion, if WWE's in-ring work and writing overall on the shows really really improved (NJPW grade ringwork, Eddie Graham level finishes, ECW style long term feuds, and so on), which would not cost the company that much more money, would their bottom line ($$$$) go up any worthwhile amount? I could see arguing for side. - RAF
  6. I am sorry you had heart surgery but I am so happy that you are applying yourself to tasks that make me, thee Rev. A. Future, so happy like posting monstrously festive rasslin' matches from the interWebs. You know what else is very therapeutic? Drawing them humorous cartoons. Creativity is good for the ticker, my son, and those things always make me laugh and laugh. My well-being matters too, y'know... get all better soon Mr. Dean, RAF
  7. I don't know what I dread more: further parsing of Cornette's latest "gaffe" or another multi-page discussion of every office worker's fast food regimen. I think Shayna Baszler is the most effective heel champ in a really long time. - RAF
  8. Whenever I am down and feeling blue, this gem cheers me right up: Mr. Wonderful was over like few else in the WWF '83-'84. I remember MSG rumbling with thee "Paula!" chant and the wonderful anger & stall it caused before the match. This, the videos for the North/South Connection, Dr. D and the wacko stuff on TNT did a lot to establish incoming workers. - RAF
  9. I dunno, but I like to think that there is a whole Stunt Granny casting agency, with files full of senior ladies ready to be outraged at the heel and his antics, ready to swing their humble foreign object at that villain and give him a piece of their mind. - dreamin', RAF
  10. But all those DDP motivational speaker promo videos make me happy inside. There are so many good ones. I dig a happy rassler. - RAF
  11. "The Noh-bodies" is right there. I will be debuting my two new indy teams soon: the Bunraku Bunnies (c) for SHIMMER, Shine, Chikara, et al - family friendly, they work a little stiff, don't mind the people in black, and thee Butoh Express (c) - strictly hardcore feds, confrontational, NSFW. T shirts available soon. - RAF
  12. Was there ever a prime Beefcake? BB is on my shortlist of "Slowly I Turned..." Least Favorite Wrestlers Ever, Give me a weakest-aspects-of-puro SRollins marathon over any character of Mr. Leslie anytime. The man is a stone cold drag as a worker. - RAF
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