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  1. w. josh

    WRESTLEMANIA XXXV - 4/7/2019

    Maybe he could do Squirrel Girl instead.
  2. I approve of filming two finishes to keep an element of surprise when the episode comes around, if that's what happened. Unless they acknowledge a finish on social media prior to the episode airing, I assume that's what's going on. As for Bugenhagan, he's a former amateur wrestler and powerlifter, so "party-boy comedy act" is a weird route to take.
  3. I like Ervin hitting the moonsault more like an SSP with the tuck. He's going to be fun to watch.
  4. Thorne's got the better look and mannerisms, but I still don't see much more than a 205 Live run in his WWE future.
  5. w. josh

    Raw is The Soulless Lunatic - 10/29/2018

    Becky's in the Daniel Bryan slot this ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA: they're going to try to put her in a throwaway match, but the crowd is going to openly shit on whoever's being pushed above her until they have to change course in some way.
  6. w. josh

    My NXT project

    (James) Bronson was an FCW holdover. Definitely the kind of dude who would have lost a competitive match to Barry Darsow on WCW Saturday Night.
  7. w. josh

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    September is probably a soft month for regular touring groups with weekly/monthly events, sure. For a special event with a built in audience known for travelling long distances, it's not particularly relevant.
  8. "@amymek" being the "anonymous" handle for a woman named Amy Mekelberg is some Superman-putting-on-glasses shit.
  9. That Ricochet deadlift vertical on Dijak was impressive as hell, too. I think Dijak came out of it looking good due to the length and pace of the match. I hope they either update his look or lean way into the 90's thing, because right now he looks like a WCW Saturday Night jobber. Give him a jacked Devon Sawa gimmick or ditch the frosted tips and spastic tights. ECIII has looked like a c-level guy so far; the finisher's not great, the entrance music is terrible, and his "yell my catchphrase twenty times a match" schtick is My First Gimmick 101 (see also: Kona Reeves). Getting his match interrupted by the Gargano/Ciampa angle didn't help any. I'm sure they've got plans for him, and I know he's got great character work in him, but I'm not seeing much at all so far.
  10. Only had to see a minute of Kona Reeves though, so that seems like a wash.
  11. w. josh


    That move is the "hold my beer" response to the Canadian Destroyer.
  12. w. josh


    In World Class he was the Dingo Warrior, which makes it...a bit more explicit, I guess, if you squint.
  13. Yeah, the "Stop the damn match!" guy was a douchenozzle.
  14. Dain's certainly a better wrestler, but his gimmick - pseudo-anarchist but also pseudo-Viking but also bagpipes - mutes the hossitude a little. Lars is just a weird ugly guy in plain tights tossing people around and grimacing. Perfect.