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  1. As far as signings, Tommy End to Aleister Black, Donovan Dijak to that but with more syllables, and now Punishment Martinez to Damien Priest. This is the first callup in a while to come with a full name change, though - they've just shortened/edited for a while now.
  2. The two new World champions teaming up to face an established heel team would have been a fine main event if they had just set it up ahead of time. Same set-up, tease the match, then have The Bar interrupt the segment to challenge them instead. Then you don't have people anticipating a bigger surprise all night, and you haven't spent the whole show pretending that you're running an impromptu title unification match the night after WM.
  3. There's a sweet spot with Riddle as an Angle/RVD hybrid that could work really well on the main roster. Ridiculously athletic, legit mat background, goofy stoner (but one, unlike RVD, who can project menace and seems invested in winning rather than just showing off). I'm not convinced either Riddle or Creative can fully pull it off, but the pieces are all there.
  4. I can see all of the reasons people loved the main. But I think that's the reason it didn't do much for me: I could SEE all of the seams and transitions. Nothing felt organic. Cole, especially, has a bad habit of kind of shuffling his way into position for the next spot, and there were so many little moments that stood out in a bad way, like Johnny conspicuously looking over his shoulder for the UE run-in right before they appear. It felt like two guys running through a stage play. The Ciampa moment at the end - even though I still liked seeing the emotion of it - reinforced that feeling. On the other hand, I loved the shit out of the tag match, and it was super choreographed and convoluted as well. So what do I know.
  5. I'm mostly indifferent to the length of Kofi's reign now that the feel-good moment has been had, but I would KILL for a Joe/Kofi World Title match coming out of this.
  6. That German suplex spot is...well, it's not good.
  7. A 3-way at Fastlane leading to Kofi getting a 1-on-1 at Mania isn't the worst idea. It sets up KO for either of them post-Mania and lets this Kofi thing build for a while longer. Running roughly the same angle for Becky and Kofi isn't ideal, but at least it's a decent angle.
  8. Maybe he could do Squirrel Girl instead.
  9. I approve of filming two finishes to keep an element of surprise when the episode comes around, if that's what happened. Unless they acknowledge a finish on social media prior to the episode airing, I assume that's what's going on. As for Bugenhagan, he's a former amateur wrestler and powerlifter, so "party-boy comedy act" is a weird route to take.
  10. I like Ervin hitting the moonsault more like an SSP with the tuck. He's going to be fun to watch.
  11. Thorne's got the better look and mannerisms, but I still don't see much more than a 205 Live run in his WWE future.
  12. Becky's in the Daniel Bryan slot this ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA: they're going to try to put her in a throwaway match, but the crowd is going to openly shit on whoever's being pushed above her until they have to change course in some way.
  13. (James) Bronson was an FCW holdover. Definitely the kind of dude who would have lost a competitive match to Barry Darsow on WCW Saturday Night.
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