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  1. I'm convinced they just used the digital de-aging process on a photo of Robert Forster.
  2. Of all the ways to deal with the Rollins/Wyatt stuff, I have to admit I hadn't considered "just ignore it" as a likely option. As a guy with a barely passing interest in MMA and boxing, I'm really not enjoying having two major angles run with MMA/boxing guys (especially if it's in service to Saudi Arabia). It really is shocking how much this is starting to resemble late-era WCW, with a few hot undercard acts having to carry the weight of weekly shows and a bunch of part-timers and "celebrities" on top.
  3. Putting the decision on the ref is pretty much the only way out of this storyline-wise. If you trust him to cut a promo, have him come out, say he got too personally invested in Seth's soul or whatever and overstepped his bounds. If not, farm it out to one of the authority figures. Fine him, fire him, assign him exclusively to Mojo Rawley matches for the next year. Even then, though, Seth is going to get booed out of the building for at least the next month. The SECOND that crowd thought he was going to win with 19 stomps, they started jeering. Not a vocal minority - the entire crowd. He's in Reigns territory now, without the natural charisma that Reigns at least had to ride the storm. I have no idea what you do with him now, other than turn him and make him Wyatt's new lackey. I buy Rollins way more as Flock Kidman than Shawn Michaels anyway.
  4. I really liked the show ending early. It made the brawl feel more chaotic, in a way that "authority figure storms out and sets up next week's match at 9:59" would not have. Obviously they can't play around with time like that on USA, so going short (and maybe long next week) while they still have the Network slot is another way to make the show feel different.
  5. I mean, Reigns/Rowan/Harper would be a pretty great stable.
  6. The metal shirts are completely lost on me. I need someone to start rocking 90s indie rock shirts. They should have kept Simon Gotch around and thrown him in Archers of Loaf and Yo La Tengo shirts every week.
  7. There's a part of me that wonders if a quiet, brooding Seth could work somehow. Give him the Crow Sting gimmick, more or less. His voice, cadence, and cartoonish facial expressions have been his big detriments as a face and a heel; he's TOO obnoxious as a heel and gets go-away heat instead of boo-this-man heat, and he's just a dork with abs as a face. So maybe put him in a leather jacket and make him shut the hell up and see what happens.
  8. I really, really hate the corny Rob Zombie horror presentation and Hot Topic mask, but they have to commit to SOMEONE other than Reigns and Rollins going forward, and Bray is a rare case of a guy that had cooled off completely suddenly becoming the hottest act in the company. Put the belt on him, build Balor or Black up as the vaguely supernatural face equivalent for Wrestlemania, and let Rollins go develop a personality for a year or so if he's gonna be a top guy going forward.
  9. Owens getting fired and heading to NXT would be a pretty hot storyline for the USA debut, honestly.
  10. On one hand, the King of the Ring should pretty much always be a heel, so that they can be obnoxious and sniveling and mistreat underlings. On the other hand, Baron Corbin is as exciting as watching a receding hairline and bad tattoos dry. King Joe would have been great, and Joe vs. Gable (or Ricochet vs. Gable if they wanted to go with a face) could have been potentially classic matches. But they seem to have this pathological need to troll the audience at this point. Gable is fantastic, and they could easily sell him as the second coming of Kurt Angle between the Olympic credentials and the great comedy timing. Instead, they're harping on his biggest perceived weakness (his height) and have dropped everything about him that made him stand out. He looks like a Create-A-Wrestler now, and every other sentence on commentary is a short joke. That works if he 's proving everyone wrong (or at least popping Corey in the mouth in an opening segment next week), but if/when he loses to Corbin, or wins and immediately fades back to the lower midcard...
  11. The current one-hour, three-match formula doesn't really lend itself to Stokely greatness. When they've got more time to play with, I imagine he'll get a chance to be the best personality in wrestling for a while until Vince, who has absolutely no say in NXT ever never and you're stupid for asking, gently reminds everyone that managers are too rasslin', pal.
  12. It really is going to be fascinating how they handle the "third brand" aspect. Worst case scenario, they go the ECW Champion Big Show route, shuffling over fading veterans to give it "credibility" and throwing NXT title matches on B-level PPVs and Big 4 pre-shows. They're really going to need a storyline reason for the brand to be whatever it is if it's not a developmental territory/stepping stone to the main roster. Luckily, WWE storytelling is immaculate in its logic and masterful in its execution.
  13. Again, though, the main roster is filled with guys with recognizable names who can promo at least as well as Cass and have either size or athleticism, AND don't have the stink of being associated with a garbage person. I'd rather see Apollo Crews do his robot/gymnast act against a fresh set of talent, or No Way Jose eat up time with goofy party segments, or AoP squash local dudes.
  14. Even if I was a fan of Big Cass and Enzo (I am very, very not), there are so many people who get no time on the main roster that could slot in to the upper card in NXT. There's absolutely no reason to go out and sign shitty wrestlers with negative buzz at this point.
  15. The only conversation I remember seeing re: the Street Profits and Evolve was some optimism that working with guys not in the NXT/PC system might help round them out as performers and get them to the next level, which is of course a completely reasonable, measured thing to think. I would need to see literally any evidence of anyone saying "STREET PROFITS WERE EVOLVE CHAMPS THEY MUST BE PUSHED NOW!!!!" to not dismiss it as a ridiculous reach from someone who drew a conclusion and is working backwards from it.
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