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  1. Say what you will about the tenets of COBRA...at least it's an ethos.
  2. I've seen people pointing out that Alison Brie implied in an interview after GLOW Season 1 that one of the pro wrestlers involved made them uncomfortable. Season 2, Carlito was back, but Tyrus had disappeared. So there's probably a pattern of behavior there.
  3. I wonder what prompted the return to name changes for established indie guys. They had backed off of that for the most part for a while, minus a Tommy End here and there.
  4. Also from New Jersey? Joey Janela. SHOTS FIRED AEW.
  5. Frank Grimes. Ol' Grimey, as he liked to be called.
  6. Ridge Holland is...not good, but having the guy not be named after period blood is nice. Bugez is confusing, as it could be "Boogs," "Bugs," or "Boo-jes."
  7. The Panama Sunrise is just the absolute worst. Asking me to buy into the internal logic of a Canadian Destroyer is one thing; asking me to THEN believe that hopping down from the middle rope first makes it more devastating is beyond the pale. Glad to see Street Profits finally win the tag belts though.
  8. Well, AOC retweeted Cody's diversity answer today with praise. This is starting to feel more and more like a huge deal.
  9. Dolph is pretty much the Platonic ideal of "old guy blocking new guys." There's absolutely no reason he still has an upper card spot when we could name a dozen younger workers that could be elevated at this point. And running Kofi/Dolph reinforces the idea of the World title as a mid-card belt. Kofi can work as either "underutilized talent finally getting to prove himself against main eventers" or "veteran who gets taken to the limit by young workers but uses his experience and athleticism to eke out a win." The former gets a few fresh match-ups and establishes Kofi as legit. The latter eventually elevates a new guy. Kofi/Dolph gets you a failed stand-up comic with a jacket full of JC Penney "metal" patches who got clowned by Amy Schumer for being bad in bed.
  10. Maybe it's a belt/division for the folks they bring up from NXT but have no plan for. The Quad-A title?
  11. Adding a hardcore belt after Ambrose is gone would be a hilarious bit of unintentional trolling.
  12. I'm assuming Stokely is responsible for his new name being a Bell Biv Devoe reference.
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