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  1. Danielson vs. MJF with a satellite feud of Lee Moriarty vs. YUTA and at least one extended Stoke/Regal promo battle sounds like the best possible way to end the year.
  2. You know, string theory says there's a world where we're talking about how it was the right move to keep the belt on Mox and how fun BCC vs. MJF and Stoke's Army could be.
  3. Obviously Dom Guerrero is gonna be the one to dethrone Roman.
  4. That Hanger promo sure felt like the setup to a heel turn.
  5. Logan Paul as bizarro Will Ospreay is not something I expected from pro wrestling in 2022.
  6. That is definitely not a flute. For one thing, flutes are held horizontally, not vertically. The orchestral-instrument equivalent to a recorder (which is what this is) would be a clarinet. I hope someone is fired for this blunder.
  7. All of these glowing Tweets about Vince from wrestlers have a real "first hour of the Benoit tribute RAW" feel to them.
  8. The dream: Kevin Dunn leaves, Brock and the Part Time Parade fuck off, HHH steps in to creative and straps a rocket on Montez Ford The reality: Nick Khan releases 40 more people and Omos is champ for 18 months
  9. Main was a mess and it's beyond time for Jericho to go tour with his shitty band again. But on the other hand, Evil Anna Jay.
  10. It looks like Cole got concussed, probably on that first Okada dropkick. He lands hard and looks out of it from that point on.
  11. Commentary seemed to finally settle on it being from the arm-trap head kicks a few seconds earlier.
  12. I'm sure none of the responses to that Tweet deserve a "calm down _____netico" at all.
  13. If you can afford meth, you can afford an Uber.
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