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  1. Yeah, O'Reilly is the best wrestler of the three and has a goofy "weirdest kid on the football team" charisma that I'll take over the guy spamming a catchphrase and taunt all day. He's a fine TNT champ somewhere down the line.
  2. Multiple guys getting in this kind of shape is a great argument against the house show/constant touring model. When guys aren't constantly working through nagging injuries or schlepping to the next town six days a week, they can actually take care of their bodies and get into routines that will prolong their careers. Good on Hobbs (and Jericho and Andy Williams) for taking advantage of a better system.
  3. Windham Rotunda has started setting up convention appearances in the last few days and looks to have dropped some weight, but I honestly have no idea whether TK has (or should have) any interest whatsoever.
  4. Uh oh, someone got into TK's stash.
  5. It's a good thing Brock is young, healthy, and not prone to fucking off into the woods when he gets bored. Perfect guy to feed literally every other performer in your promotion to.
  6. https://twitter.com/Malcolmvelli/status/1494719908076163073?t=x11X7WAdIaQvQ1sCUlDNJg&s=19
  7. Bron was using the powerslam thing first, then added in the Recliner after a couple of weeks. And when WWE runs an OnlyFans gimmick in 2029, I'm sure it will be tasteful.
  8. Somehow Fenix managed to not break his arm there, just a dislocation. I assume JE are transitional champs to get to FTR (or Black/King).
  9. Pretty sure it was a top rope version of Pete Dunne's X-Plex.
  10. If there's one guy in professional wrestling who does not have to worry about a loss hurting his credibility, it's Bryan Danielson. Miro should absolutely beat him. Punk, on the other hand, is always going to need booking to prop up his "Best In The World" claim. And his first loss should be to one of the new pillars, not a guy with as many miles on him as King.
  11. Lio as Youtube stock tip grifter is different enough from a "silver spoon" gimmick that I think it will work.
  12. In general, I would like more wrestlers with full names and nicknames in WWE. The Hulk Hogan area was filled with that, but ever since they've been shortening names or exclusively referring to wrestlers by a nickname. Give me a guy with a normal sounding name and a nickname that gives him a gimmick (or is just weird as hell, like Dogfaced Gremlin). Makes them feel more like fighters/pro athletes as opposed to Disney characters. That said, we all know Lee is going to lose his name and just be The Bearcat in a couple of weeks. If he's lucky they don't put him in a furry singlet.
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