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  1. Logan Paul as bizarro Will Ospreay is not something I expected from pro wrestling in 2022.
  2. That is definitely not a flute. For one thing, flutes are held horizontally, not vertically. The orchestral-instrument equivalent to a recorder (which is what this is) would be a clarinet. I hope someone is fired for this blunder.
  3. All of these glowing Tweets about Vince from wrestlers have a real "first hour of the Benoit tribute RAW" feel to them.
  4. The dream: Kevin Dunn leaves, Brock and the Part Time Parade fuck off, HHH steps in to creative and straps a rocket on Montez Ford The reality: Nick Khan releases 40 more people and Omos is champ for 18 months
  5. Main was a mess and it's beyond time for Jericho to go tour with his shitty band again. But on the other hand, Evil Anna Jay.
  6. It looks like Cole got concussed, probably on that first Okada dropkick. He lands hard and looks out of it from that point on.
  7. Commentary seemed to finally settle on it being from the arm-trap head kicks a few seconds earlier.
  8. I'm sure none of the responses to that Tweet deserve a "calm down _____netico" at all.
  9. If you can afford meth, you can afford an Uber.
  10. Establishing an upper-midcard belt and bringing the TNT title more in line with the WCW Television title is the right move for the long run. Gives the glut of upper-carders something to do and establishes a tier system for the too-large roster. Dumb name, though.
  11. If they don't refer to the winner as the AEW Interim World Champion Eliminator Series Interim World Champion, what was it all for?
  12. Gotta throw more condescension in there to really sell it. I wonder if making Rampage a more women-centric show would work. That time slot is going to pull the same number regardless - use it to build out the division and set up some feuds since Dynamite is so packed.
  13. Oh, he's absolutely athletic. I'm narrowing the definition of "athleticism" in this case to "doesn't look like he's going to trip over his own feet on the way to the next spot."
  14. I've always thought of Punk in the same way as Cena: great at putting matches together, great at selling, great physical charisma, not an ounce of in-ring athleticism.
  15. Tanahashi vs. Punk is going to be....fine, I guess.
  16. Forget it, HarryArchieGus, it's Anti-Meltzerhysteriatown.
  17. I think Lee Moriarty is our White Lightning Tim Horner.
  18. Goddamn do I love me some Black Bart. Now who is AEW's Sam Houston?
  19. I'll say this: if I had a loaded roster, was about to put my world title on CM Punk, and had a heel who sometimes gets a little too cool and smarky and has gone public with his unhappiness about a contract he's still got two years on.... I might think it was a good idea to run an angle that makes him look like a total douchebag, run a match where he gets booed mercilessly and squashed in a star-making performance for his opponent, have him disappear from television for a couple of months, then bring him back as a surprise opponent for the guy he has a history with and commence The Summer of Max.
  20. But would you have ever truly lived?
  21. Yeah, O'Reilly is the best wrestler of the three and has a goofy "weirdest kid on the football team" charisma that I'll take over the guy spamming a catchphrase and taunt all day. He's a fine TNT champ somewhere down the line.
  22. Multiple guys getting in this kind of shape is a great argument against the house show/constant touring model. When guys aren't constantly working through nagging injuries or schlepping to the next town six days a week, they can actually take care of their bodies and get into routines that will prolong their careers. Good on Hobbs (and Jericho and Andy Williams) for taking advantage of a better system.
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