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  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait for Darkside of the Ring: Baron Corbin.
  2. I guess Miz taking the fall was his punishment for showing up to WM sick?
  3. Ludvig Borga completely dominated that match and didn't even have to hit Tatanka with a chair to win. Really weird booking there.
  4. Don't forget Kairi's fancy pirate outfit.
  5. He’s probably immuno-compromised because of his diverticulitis so he cut it short and is now going away for a long long time.
  6. This is likely because Bryan and Sami have both wrestled on cards with even less people than were there for Mania.
  7. I for one hope they continue to play to the non-existent fans in the crowd while doing complete entrances and making weird pauses in their promos like they’re reacting to overwhelming “What?” chants.
  8. We needed HHH holding a framed picture of Vince Sr and going “LETS GET BIZZAY!”
  9. Government official: "Mr. MacMahon, why on Earth would you still hold WrestleMania in the middle of a global pandemic when everything else has been cancelled?" Vince: "Because I have RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!!!"
  10. I thought this was a pretty good show until that god awful main event. I thought the Elimination Chamber with Lashley winning the ECW title would never be topped for awfulness and yet...here we are.
  11. Moxley wrestling thirty minutes with a fake eyepatch compromising his vision and getting everyone to hit him there anyway is like wrestling’s version of “own the libs”. I can imagine him coming up with this plan in Kayfabe and ranting and raving to Renee Young about it and when she points out the logical fallacies, he’s just like “Of course a WOMAN wouldn’t understand the brilliance of my plan!” Also...very shrewd of Cody to make himself completely unmarketable with that shitty neck tattoo so other wrestlers on the roster can rise up and become The Guy instead.
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