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  1. Looks like someone's been drinking a little bit of the bubbly.
  2. Based on the results of this draft it seems to me that the same people that run the Knicks run USA.
  3. Her name is Karen and she would like to speak to your manager.
  4. So which year of WWE2K was Bayley’s new create-a-wrestler entrance theme from?
  5. Is this company secretly run by Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter?
  6. My sister in law was listening in on the call and I have no desire to become Overly Creepy Uncle.
  7. He was also murdered at the end of the show, so maybe he’s selling?
  8. This morning my eight year nephew who owns all the WWE merchandise he can get his hands on, only wears WWE shirts and attends every show whenever they show up in town with my brother and sister in law called me to tell me The Fiend vs Rollins is the coolest match he’s ever seen. Seems to me that WWE got the exact reaction they wanted.
  9. On the plus side, Sasha and Bayley lost.
  10. I was at the show last night and two things are very clear to me: 1. They need to put the title on Roman eventually because he Is the biggest non-MMA star full time wrestler on the show. 2. No one has any idea when to shout “BURN IT DOWN!!!” during Seth’s entrance.
  11. Do I believe Dolph is too dumb to know how to spell Megadeth and is also such a huge dork that he thinks that’s the actual way to spell it? Yes.
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