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  1. Yeah, anyone who helps the homeless shouldn’t be trusted.
  2. Sorry pal, but Punk’s job is to make Roman look strong.
  3. Big deal. I will sacrifice Punk, Omega, the Bucks, Hangman, Britt Baker, Adam Cole, Daniel Garcia, Jon Moxley, The Ass Boys, Miro, Kip Sabian, Jungle Jack Perry, Eddie Kingston, Swerve in our Glory and Chris Jericho if it means we get to keep Anna Jay in wrestling.
  4. What an awful show. The wrestling was good and competent on the whole, but some of these booking decisions… yeesh.
  5. ??? He won the title at Wrestlemania in 2014 and then almost immediately had to vacate the title due to injury. Missed the rest of the year, returned in 2015… won the IC title… and then just as quickly retired for the first time. I don’t see how money was left on the table in this instance.
  6. I loved how Bobby Lashley made a throwaway line about how no one from “any promotion” could beat him and the crowd gasped like he was dropping some sort of pipebomb.
  7. You should go back and watch it. It was a shockingly good match. I went to the show and had a blast. One of the best cards I’ve ever attended live. The crowd was hot all night and not in that obnoxious “make shitty chants to get yourself over” sort of way either. We were all living and dying with every near fall in Usos vs The Street Profits. So much fun.
  8. Stardom is a strange Joshi fed where everyone seemingly hates or dislikes each other even within their own factions and that ain’t for me, brotha.
  9. “Meh” Suruga isn’t having a better year than Masha Slamovich, much less Ibuki Hoshi.
  10. Couldn’t vote for Eddie in good conscience. For a self-described All Japan mark, he did a really bad Stretch Plum on Jericho. May he suffer quickly but harshly from my brutal criticism.
  11. I’m gonna ignore all the worked shoot bullshit that happened last night and just say this… CM Punk doesn’t need to botch on purpose in order to botch. He does not need to “pretend” that he is a mediocre athlete. He IS a mediocre athlete. (push Kris Statlander)
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