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  1. lol imagine if someone went into one of the AEW threads and dropped a “WWE did it better.” without any further comment.
  2. The Demon losing to an “act of god” is the sort of “creative” writing I have come to expect from Vince and company. “THAT’S GOOD SHIT PAL”
  3. Enraged? No. Just confirmed how correct my opinion that they stink is.
  4. Things I literally don’t give af about: The ratings. For RAW. For Smackdown. For the Monday night wars. Now and forever. I just care whether or not something was entertaining to watch. That being said, this was a good show. Roman is definitely at god mode and undoubtedly the biggest star in the company. It kinda sucks Big E couldn’t win any matches a week after he won the title, but count me in for more matches between big meaty men slapping meat.
  5. It sure is nice to see Adam Cole got away from feuding with announcers on NXT so he can feud with announcers in AEW.
  6. Orton vs Big E was a great match. Bobby Lashley falling to Big E due to his e-wrestling weakness of being weakened from kicking too much ass was perfect. I just wished they played up the fact Lashley had it coming to him for his attacks on the New Day in the last few months.
  7. Peak wrestling bubble has to be people who think losing a “demo battle”(if that even is a thing) to a show it’s not even going head to head against has WWE more concerned than the fact Thursday night football just had 20 million viewers and MNF will undoubtedly have the same or more.
  8. Good thing one of his strengths is being able to ignore pain and fight through injuries!
  9. Dont forget, he also might kick so much ass sometimes, that it might result in a disqualification.
  10. Weird name change and making him a full time manager aside… on paper, an Adam Cole/Keith Lee tag team doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
  11. Cutting Kaze ni Nare makes this the worst episode of wrestling that has ever aired.
  12. Sheamus and Drew had another banger. Those guys couldn’t have a bad match together if they tried. Drew had some turning heel vibes with that post match attack.
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