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  1. All I know is that if anyone broke MY Nintendo Switch, they'd get these hands.
  2. Because then they immediately realize that Zack Ryder is a waste of time.
  3. Upon further reflection Goldberg vs Taker is my current match of the year because holy shit, I can’t take my eyes off it.
  4. I should actually point out that the crowd's reaction with kids crying and everyone going wild to Mansoor's win in the battle royal was an amazing moment and would probably be awesome to see a country backing one of their own like that...if that country wasn't Saudi Arabia.
  5. I will convey my feelings on this show in the form of a picture:
  6. Murphy and Bliss have been splitsville for awhile now. You might not want to pair them up.
  7. God help me, I’m hyped for Goldberg vs Taker.
  8. Bobby Eaton being a very average looking dude with a mullet, beer gut and spaghetti arms is exactly why he was physically imposing.
  9. Cole/Gargano looked and felt very artificial and fake to me. At no point did I believe these two were not two actors who were very self-aware that they were trying to put on a seven star match that Dave Meltzer would like, as opposed to two guys who hate each other and want to win a legitimate fight. It was full of bad acting, forced drama, incredibly dumb kickouts and I just thought the whole thing was lousy. And I say this as someone who is usually a fan of the overproduced WWE epic. This thing was bullshit. And may god have mercy on their souls if they have a rubber match.
  10. This was the worst Takeover I've ever seen. Cole vs Gargano was a classic in that it invented ways a wrestling match could be terrible in ways I didn't even know existed. You can't even blame Vince for this. If this is what the WWE is going to look like when HHH takes over, I hope Vince lives until he's 120.
  11. I tuned out when they started doing the guest GM RAWs. Those were putrid. I came back as a way to bond with my niece and nephew, who became really big fans of WWE without giving a damn about backstage politics or how dumb the writing is. They just simply like to watch wrestling and take everything at face value. It's really refreshing to just watch the show through the eyes of little kids who actually do see Cena and Rey Mysterio as these big heroes and boo guys like Joe and Drew Mcintyre because they're bad guys without caring about anything else. They also think Dolph Ziggler is lame, so I've taught them well. Muahahahaha
  12. You people are overthinking this. Corey will pretend someone farted and then blame Renee.
  13. I own a Roman “Unleash the Big Dog” T-shirt so I’d like to think I’m also in the running for biggest Roman stan around these parts.
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