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  1. “There they laugh: they do not understand me; I am not the mouth for these ears.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra "Whooooo mercy baby, my mama was a Gibson, my daddy was a Fender, you know Handsome Jimmy gonna be your mindbender! Lancer my brain has been gone, it’s been gone 5 or 6 weeks, it’s back it flew in special delivery, my brain and my body is back, Jack" — Handsome Jimmy Valiant you will learn (daddy), RAF
  2. Please --- let's work together to stop the camo on camo violence. - RAF
  3. Relatively sane babyface Terry Funk is delightful - I like to imagine I can see all the seething craziness a-burbulin' under the surface. A match like this is so full of great moves, sells, spots, mannerisms, stories, psychology and spots to learn from and/or swipe. In my imaginary virtual COVID-era on-line school of wrestling, this is part of the curriculum. Just watching this takes me back to going to Gem Spa (NYC corner candy/magazine/egg cream bodega) to look for The Monster Times and be entranced by the bloody rasslin magazine covers... - RAF
  4. Andre not wanting to put Hogan over makes for a better story, and the possibility that he would not & get shooty has been repeated by the Original Orange Worker/Liar many many times, but I cannot believe that Mr. The Giant would hold VKM up for more $$$ or go back on his word AT ALL. Now, Orndorff may have been needed as a reserve in case the state athletic commission's doctor would not let Andre (man, what was hip BP really?) into the ring is far more realistic, albeit a sadder and more mundane tale. Time: the Ultimate Heel, RAF
  5. This is a Got Dang fast moving face v, heel match, just textbook. Love it. The interview inserts look like something out of Ultima IX: Acension, facial-animation-wise, due to the ancient video quality (which I dig as well). - RAF
  6. That's the Hawaiian Hammer (one of Muraco's finishers)! - RAF
  7. Both, with increasing ferocity and conversely less selling as the match progresses, to the point of exhaustion and spent passion climax (and then a cigarette). I always noticed that Hansen, and Brody and Abdullah and Vader and TJSingh and Sheik and even Wiiliams/Gordy and Sapp, were revered by the Japanese for exactly what Matt D described - these gaijin are a force of nature, unstoppable and chaotic, and must be dealt with in sccordance to the warrior smarts of whoever is fated to face them, and thus were feared and respected. This gimmick was in the eyes of the audience, not necessarily adopted by the worker but the smart ones used this perception - making this either m,ore worked or slightly shooty, depending on how you look at it. I am a big Flair mark but with the big pic you can see his faults. That's true for everybody; he is #1, or at least the one to beat for that spot. He both suffers AND benefits from having so much footage of him available. Part of the context in this debate is one's age - who did you grow up with as champ, and/or who were you "smartened up" to a "real" champion? The kind of wreslting you emotionally and/or intellectually bond with affects your opinion evermore. The older guys suffer from lack of footage - do the newer one suffer from overexposure (or extant embarrassing backyard/indy botches)? I like how the CLUBBERIN Thread has temporarily become the intellectual analysis pulpit... - RAF
  8. If Goto was presented as the real father of Beulah's child (one of my fave in-ring angles) instead of Dreamer, I would have truly lost my shit. - RAF
  9. This is my favorite post of the year. Eleven words, THEE TRUTH IS ENORMOUS. Rat Pack > R.A,T, Patrol, BTW. - thank you, RAF
  10. IVP is good people with good service, product and price. that is all the people need to know, RAF
  11. I would propose the whole early Mikey Whipwreck run to fit this scenario, especially that first E(astern)CW TV title vs. The Pitbull. I liked Mikey. I looked and I found it: Mind the odd volume swings. - RAF
  12. Yes? Yes?!?! YES????!!!!! "Overall..." --- Aplomb? Grace? Fire? Style? Workman-like stoicism? Civic pride? Panache? We gotta know, don't leave us hangin', Mr. F! - RAF
  13. A young RevAF was at this card. My memories of it are hazy and general, as in I remember the crappier matches overwhelming the fewer but far better ones. I do remember that angle, tho' - Piper was beloved of thee MSG punters, but by the loamy scent of Rabbie Burns' ghillie brogues, the man got major heat (also thanks to a classic Albano bump). Cards with Japanese stars and belts featured on them often had seemingly random matches; the ringside regulars knew these were being filmed for TV over there, Therefore, very very few in attendance recognized Cobra or Black Tiger, but we knew their talent, RIP. MRR. - RAF, auld
  14. "Making love with his ego, Rollins sucked up into his mind. Like a goober messiah - When the booking killed the man I had to stop watching RAW..." (RIP Mr. Bowie) - RAF
  15. Three falls, double juice - (he started the "judo chop"?!?). Now they are brothers. - RAF
  16. Two souls/one mind and the territory burns up. See: cosmic cookie. - RAF
  17. Jigging or gigging (or both)? - RAF (.gif or .jif)
  18. Gil Hayes - I gotta find more Gil Hayes. Check out his tag match in the Blood Sucking Freaks thread. This guy has got it, baby. - RAF
  19. ...and Jumpin' Jehosephat, that wan't a wrestling match, that was a mugging. Amazing facials and body language from top heel Gil Hayes, as well a nice cartwheel from Quinn. - RAF p.s. - now I luv Mr. Gil Hayes, and posted a promo from him in thee CAFPromo101R thread. This is my covid19 find. To the interWeb!
  20. Would Hulk Hogan have been more popular/over if he had better/more hair for his whole career? This is a serious question. My answer would be that he was the pinnacle of success in pro wrestling and there was no higher level to attain, but his outside ventures, if not celebrity, would have been bigger had his Crowning Glory not been all skint. - RAF
  21. Bulldog B showed a lot of personality and heelishness against the allegedly Mighty Igor, and wore his workin' boots, which were a requirement when facing TAMI. I certainly booed Ivan Paduski (cf Jesse The Body Ventura) aplenty, and he swiped Igor's gimmick, kielbasa and all. They both still irk me but at least Igor (w/Kamilkoff) were there first, and have the sheen of nostalgia. - RAF (now contemplating a list of my least fav workers)
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