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  1. 6/1/16 Go-home for Takeover, which is subtitled The End... Dash and Dawson come out to start the show with a promo about challenging American Alpha for the belts at Takeover. Gargano and Ciampa interrupt and the two teams have a pretty embarrassing back and forth. Of the four of them, only Dawson seems to be any good on the mic really. We end up with a match being made between these teams for tonight. Tye Dillinger Vs Buddy Murphy: Pretty decent little match here to give Dillinger a win. Tye is in such a weird spot, in that he seems to exist outside of NXT storylines. Like, he can be face or heel depending on who they put him against, he mostly loses but even when he wins he doesn't seem to move up the card at all. He does't have any angles ever. But he's always over. Corey Graves conducts a sit-down with Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. I was laughing to myself about how, in wrestling, just putting the words 'sit-down' in front of 'interview' suggests something completely different. This isn't just an interview- it's a sit-down interview. Let's throw some chairs into the equation and see where this goes. Anyway, I wasn't really a fan of this. I was expecting more out of Joe, who you'd think would be great in this kind of setting, but the back and forth between the two was terribly stilted. Austin Aries Vs Elias Samson: Elias on his regular jobber duty. Aries finishes this time with the Last Chancery. I think he's used a different move to end each of his matches so far. He cuts a promo about how he's going to beat Nakamura at Takeover and put the spotlight back where it belongs. This is the match I'm most looking forward to, for sure. The Andrade vignette airs again, ending with the Takeover logo appearing, so I guess he's debuting next week. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs The Revival: Really good bit of booking here, by my estimation, to have Gargano and Ciampa go over here after a fun little match. You'd normally want your number one contenders winning before they get their title shot, but the Revival already have a tonne of cred, and now this stamps Gargano and Ciampa as a big deal and potential future number one contenders. The only thing I didn't like so much was the execution of the finish, which had Dawson superplexing Gargano off the top, but Gargano kinda no-selling it to cradle Dawson for the three count. The Revival beat down Ciampa after the match, and were going for the leg-breaker on him (like what they did to Big Cass) before American Alpha made the save. Those two teams then brawled with AA coming out on top, and The Revival retreating. Good stuff all around here. Finally, we have a contract signing between Asuka and Nia Jax. This is officially the end of NXT's good run of contract signings. This is a typical WWE blah-blah-blah-violence contract signing. Asuka goes for a kick on Nia, but Nia catches her and powerbombs her, leaving her lying. Decent enough go-home show, highlighted by the tag division. I'm looking forward to Takeover. Episode MVP: Austin Aries.
  2. 5/25/16 We kick off with William Regal in the back telling us that he was going to make Asuka Vs Bayley for Takeover, but that Bayley is not medically cleared to compete, so instead he's made Nia Jax Vs Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss for the number one contendership tonight. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs TM-61: This is TM-61 making their debut. I've heard the name before, but don't know anything about them. Corey is talking them up as one of the best teams in the world. They do a little insert promo. I guess the TM stands for 'The Mighty', but I can't find out where the 61 comes from. Can anyone clue me in on this? Anyway, these guys look really good in this match. It seems like Nick Miller is the goofy one, whereas Shane Thorne is more of a no-nonsense guy. They both look like good workers, and this is a good match. Gargano and Ciampa pick up the win, but there's a show of respect between all four after the match. I hope TM-61 are sticking around. Bayley cuts a promo in the back about being injured. Jax comes in to say that she broke Bayley, then Carmella comes in to stick up for her friend. Finally, Alexa comes in and there's a little argument before Nia walks away and says they aren't worth her time. Austin Aries comes out to cut a promo. He talks about his time in NXT so far and how he seems to have been overlooked. 'Nakamura' chants from the crowd, and Aries gives a knowing little nod. Then Nakamura himself comes out and the two have a face-off. Regal comes out and makes a match between the two for Takeover. Yes, I'm so down for this. I was hoping that would be the outcome. No Way Jose Vs Johnny Vandal: Squash match for Jose. The crowd playing along with this gimmick actually does make it enjoyable, I have to admit. Afterwards Jose goes to the commentary table and gets Phillips and even Graves to dance with him. Graves is so goddamn douchey. But this is fun. Nia Jax Vs Carmella Vs Alexa Bliss: This was a typical WWE-style three-way, in all the worse ways that implies. Jax, of course, won, which was a foregone conclusion and really she should have just been announced as the number one contender after beating Bayley. Asuka came out and the two had a staredown. I'm interested to see this match, just to see what Asuka can get out of Jax. This show also had a hype video for Andrade. Looking forward to him coming in, for sure. Episode MVP: I liked that opening tag a lot, so it has to be someone from that. I'm gonna go with Thorne. 3 star match: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa Vs TM-61.
  3. 5/18/16 Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Blake and Murphy: So, Nakamura is Aries's mystery partner. Good bit of booking here, as Nakamura is clearly the guy who has stolen all Aries's thunder, and this sets up a bit of intrigue. Pretty quick match which sees Nakamura pin Murphy with the kinshasa. Aries wanted to tag back in to finish things off, but Nak ignored him. On the other side of things, Murphy worked the whole match for his team, and in fact Blake avoided being tagged in. After the match, Alexa Bliss walked out on her boys, and then Blake followed leaving Murphy alone. That's been a long time coming. One more note on this match: I hate Corey's call of the kinshasa. He clearly thinks this is his signature call, but it's just awful. Cathy Kelly interviews No Way Jose in the back. He says he that he likes to smile and likes to dance, but above all else he's here to fight. Carmella Vs Peyton Royce: Carmella has a promo saying that she's proud of what Big Cass is doing on Raw, and that Enzo will be back soon (I guess this is shortly after his injury against the Vaudevillains). She says that her goal remains becoming NXT women's champion. Peyton is still doing the flower thing. She looks pretty good in this match. Mella gets the win. We see footage from a live show of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe brawling all over the arena. Then we're in William Regal's office to sign the contract for their Takeover match, which we learn will be a steel cage match. I was just thinking how they haven't done a cage match yet on NXT. Alexa tells Blake and Murphy that she's had enough of them embarrassing her, and now she's focusing all her energy on becoming women's champion. Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa Vs Danny Burch and Rob Ryzin: Ciampa is such a bore. Gargano comes out interacting with the crowd and Ciampa just marches past him all intense. Because he's a serious wrestler, you know? Burch is back and rocking trunks, which looks weird. This is basically a squash win for Gargano and Ciampa. Nia Jax Vs Bayley: This is much better than the weak match they had at Takeover. I was quite surprised by Jax getting the win here, especially with a simple legdrop. Bayley was selling a leg injury leading into the finish. I thought that Bayley was getting a rematch with Asuka at Takeover, but now it looks like they're running Asuka/Nia instead. Episode MVP: Shinsuke Nakamura.
  4. 5/11/16 Finn Balor makes his return to Full Sail after losing the NXT title. His boring promo is interrupted by Elias Samson who come out singing a song for Balor. Balor attacks him and throws him out the ring, and then throws his guitar at him. Elias caught it, which was pretty boss. These two will face off later. American Alpha Vs John Skylar and Corey Hollis: Did Hollis and Skylar ever move up the ranks in NXT? Seems like they've been the jobber tag team for a while now. It would be nice if they could cycle another team into that spot just for variety. As fun as AA are, I have to say it again, they're very formulaic. Lots of chants for Gable, and for Jordan too for maybe the first time. The Revival come out for a closer look at this one. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Alex Riley: Riley's chops look like shit, I noted to myself, but after the match you can see his handprints all over Nakamura's chest. Nakamura obviously won this one pretty quickly. Austin Aries is in William Regal's office. He's telling Regal he needs to do something to make him stand out. Blake and Murphy come in. They're begging for one more title shot (the nerve). You can see where this is going. Aries will find himself a partner to face Blake and Murphy next week. Alexa Bliss vs Rachel Ellering: Another Bliss squash? Hey, I've never seen Rachel Ellering work before. She looks pretty good here. Graves says Bliss's gimmick (he doesn't use that word) can be person who beats up other people's children. You know, because she beat Tessa and now Rachel. Bayley is doing an interview in the back but is interrupted by Nia Jax. They have a war of words about their Takeover match, and they're going to have a rematch next week. Finn Balor Vs Elias Samson: Elias is basically just a jobber now. He's pretty much the new CJ Parker of guy with gimmick who can get heat and lose to incoming guys/stars. Except Parker did eventually seem to become accepted by the NXT crowd, whereas they don't seem to want any part of The Drifter. After the match, Balor cuts another boring promo about being possessed by a demon. Joe marches out talking trash and then Regal comes out and tells them they will have a rematch for the NXT title at the next Takeover show. Joe is pissed because he says he had to jump through hoops to get his shot at the title, whereas Balor is just handed one. Finn dives over the top onto Joe and the show ends with him standing tall. Decent angle. Episode MVP: Nakamura. He just looks a cut above every time out.
  5. 5/4/16 The show starts with Samoa Joe coming out for a promo. This is his first appearance at Full Sail since winning the title. He talks about being a man of his word, and how it was inevitable he was going to win the title. He is interrupted by Eric Young! Big pop for Young. They were really going all out with the debuting wrestlers during this time. I like EY a lot, but he seemed kind of out of place debuting in this manner. First of all, he looks like a survivalist, which is a bit too close to looking like a homeless person. And he just doesn't come across as a star on the level of a Joe. They have a back-and-forth, and Joe ends up walking out and saying Eric doesn't belong in the same ring as him. I love how every guy that debuts with any kind of name recognition has 'wrestled all over the world'. Calm down, he's from TNA. Nia Jax Vs Tessa Blanchard: Hey, Tessa's back, and she gets an entrance this time. And gets totally squashed by Nia. Austin Aries Vs Tye Dillinger: Dillinger is more popular than Aries. Dillinger is more popular than most people in NXT actually, but there's no doubt that Aries hasn't gotten over that great, and I think they have to be considering a heel turn for him now. This is a decent little showcase match for Aries. He wins with a 450 splash. I love that Aries has all these different ways he can finish a guy off, and they all seem credible. The Revival Vs The Hype Bros: This is pretty much a squash match for the Revival, which I approve of. Alex Riley is being interviewed in the back. He has a match with Nakamura next week, and he talks about how much bigger and stronger he is than Nak. He predicts he's going to punch Nak in the face and destroy him. I predict things will go a little differently. No Way Jose Vs Noah Potjes: Potjes is the future Kona Reeves. This is NWJ's first appearance at Full Sail, and the crowd play along with the gimmick. I think NXT is really the only place a gimmick like this could work, because the crowd seem to go to the shows to have a good time, unlike main roster crowds who seem like they'd rather be anywhere else most of the time. Quick win for Jose. Cathy Kelly is interviewing Aries in the back. Kelly should be a special attraction like the Undertaker. Not because she's bad. Quite the opposite. This job just kind of seems below her. Aries says he's kinda flying under the radar right now (ie, not getting over). He debuts the banana as a prop. Samoa Joe Vs Eric Young: I must have missed where they announced this match was happening tonight. Pretty decent match, but again, I feel like Young has been miscast a bit during this show, and don't really buy him at all as being on Joe's level. Joe beats him with the kokina clutch, and then keeps the hold on after the bell. Episode MVP: Samoa Joe.
  6. 4/27/16 So the big news here is that Samoa Joe has won the NXT title at a house show. That's some serious bullshit that I don't get to see this title change, although I am a big proponent of sporadic title changes on house shows. Why did it have to be this one though? We'll see highlights of this later. Asuka vs Eva Marie: This is an all-time bad commentary job by Corey Graves here. He pretty much spends the entire match telling Tom Phillips to shut up because you're not allowed to talk when Eva Marie is on or something. It's really, really obnoxious. The Graves/Phillips combo has generally been good too. The other thumbs down for this is that it's just ridiculous seeing Asuka sell for Eva. This goes just over 10 mins, which is probably 10 mins too long. Nia Jax makes her way out during the match, but doesn't get involved. Asuka puts Eva away, and then Jax gets into the ring and they do a little staredown. Next up is the highlights of Joe's title win. He pins Finn with the Muscle Buster and the crowd goes wild. I think it's obvious that it was past time to get the belt on Joe. The Revival Vs Jeff Parker and Matt Lee: Apparently these two jobbers are still signed to NXT, I assume as career enhancement guys. The only thing I remember about this is Lee being really obnoxious on the apron trying to get himself over. I don't know for sure if this legit pissed off The Revival or if they were just extra stiff and ornery to get over their anger at losing the tag titles. The Hype Bros Vs Blake and Murphy: I almost thought for a second that Blake and Murphy were going to get a win here. It would have been nice, but alas, no. The good news is that The Revival came out after the match and beat down The Hype Bros in the aisle. Carmella Vs Aliyah: This is the first time we've seen Aliyah since she debuted in that battle royal several weeks back. It kind of seems like she's doing some sort of genie gimmick, or at least her entrance features genie-like mannerisms. In the ring she's playing an aggressive heel. Carmella beats her with the Code of Silence. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Elias Samson: This was kept short and sweet, which is good because Elias really shouldn't be booked to be competitive with Nakamura at this stage. The opening women's match should have been booked like this too. Nakamura wins with the Kinshasa to keep on rolling. Episode MVP: Dash Wilder. He looked particularly pissy in that squash match, and I approve.
  7. 4/20/16 American Alpha Vs Enzo and Big Cass: For the first time since AA really took off, they have a split crowd for one of their matches. The crowd is very into Enzo in particular. American Alpha are very good, but there's a definite formula to their matches. Gable gets some shine, then he gets worked over, makes the hot tag to Jordan and they go home. This followed that same formula, even though it was a face/face match. Enzo was the one who dropped the fall. I'm certain that has to be Enzo and Cass jobbing on their way out of the territory. What's funny is, despite how popular they were, Enzo and Cass had to have had a terrible win/loss record in NXT. Like, if I went back through these results, I'd bet they lost at least twice as many matches as they won. Sometimes I guess wins and losses don't matter. No Way Jose Vs Alexander Wolfe: Okay, I'm not having this No Way Joe nonsense. Stupid name, stupid gimmick, and the guy doesn't look any great shakes in the ring. He gets the crowd into this though, to be fair. But talk about a limited shelf life and a low ceiling. There's some discussion between William Regal and Elias Samson in the back, which results in Regal booking Elias against Shinsuke Nakamura for next week. Nia Jax Vs Deonna Purrazzo: Basic squash win for Nia. Deonna looks decent in the little amount of time she gets. Samoa Joe Vs Apollo Crews: They go back and forth for about 10 mins before Joe picks up the win. Nothing match really. Episode MVP: Samoa Joe.
  8. I remember that promo Reigns cut about how he had his throat slit from ear to ear in prison being pretty good. Guy came off as legit scary in that instance.
  9. 4/13/16 We're still in Dallas. They must have done a set of tapings there. Austin Aries Vs Angelo Dawkins: What is with the stirring motion Dawkins does? Is he stirring the pot? Causing a stir? Shit-stirring? I don't get it. Angelo Dawkins is the master of gimmicks I don't get. Aries wins with the rolling elbow in a nice showcase match for him. Samoa Joe is interviewed in the back. He said he's still going after the NXT title, and he'll start with his match against Apollo Crews next week. Finn Balor had cut basically the same promo after Dallas that he did after the last Takeover, saying that he didn't beat Joe, he just survived him. Commentary is running with that point. It makes no sense to me. Why wouldn't Finn just be like 'I've beat him twice, it's time to give someone else a chance'? Alexa Bliss Vs Tessa Blanchard: I kind of groaned seeing Bliss come out for another squash, but then they showed her opponent was Tessa motherfucking Blanchard, and I got all excited. I love Tessa. The crowd is into her too. Sad seeing her get squashed by someone as limited as Bliss, but oh well. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano Vs The Vaudevillains: Ciampa and Gargano back as a team. Decent little match. I think the Vaudevillains are already on the main roster at this point. Where they really got screwed over. Simon Gotch taps to Ciampa's armbreaker. Baron Corbin Vs Tucker Knight: I guess Baron isn't done with NXT just yet. He beats Knight, who gets his own entrance here (and has some pretty terrible gear). American Alpha are in the empty arena where they won the tag titles, talking about what it meant to them. Enzo and Cass come in and congratulate them, and then challenge them to a match. That will be next week. Bayley Vs Liv Morgan: They're really leaning into this 'representing New Jersey' gimmick for Liv. Not sure that's a good one for a babyface. She's awfully green in the ring too, but Bayley is solid as ever and makes this respectable. Bayley wins and then cuts a promo telling the fans not to feel sorry for her because she will be NXT women's champion again. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Tye Dillinger: I wonder what it did to Austin Aries's ego to have Nakamura come in right after him and steal all the spotlight and 'new guy' buzz? Honestly, Nakamura, more than anyone else I've seen, just comes across way too big of a star for this studio setting. It's really jarring. It's like if Joaquin Phoenix showed up to your local community theatre group. The crowd love him, and are chanting '11' at him as a counter to Tye's 10 chant. If anything, Dillinger gets a little too much offence in here, but Nakamura looks great again. Episode MVP: Nakamura.
  10. 4/6/16 This is mostly a Takeover recap show, showing lengthy video packages with Takeover highlights, with some post-match promos sprinkled in. The lovely Cathy Kelly hosted the show from WWE headquarters. The pick of the promos was American Alpha's. Jason Jordan was still crying like a baby, which was very endearing actually. Then Chad Gable put Jordan over huge, saying he's been in NXT since day one and nobody has worked harder or deserves his success more than him. Really cool stuff from these two. Why did they split them up again? Apollo Crews Vs Elias Samson: This was the one match on the show, taped, I assume, before Takeover. Pretty boring stuff really from two pretty boring guys. I guess if you put Apollo's in-ring ability with Elias's character work you might have something. Crews picked up the win. Episode MVP: Jason Jordan.
  11. NXT Takover: Dallas American Alpha Vs The Revival: No Triple H promo to welcome us to the show/bask in the fans' adulation this time. Straight to action with the tag titles on the line. The crowd is super hot, as is always the case with Takeovers. Very pro-AA, of course. This is a very good tag match. Off the top of my head, maybe the best tag match in NXT history to this point. I feel like they have even more in the locker though. This did feature one of the best 'denying the hot tag' spots I've ever seen though. Gable delivers a double DDT to the Revival and crawls over to Jordan for the tag. But Dash Wilder rolls to the outside and crawls under the ring to pull Jordan off the apron. Quality stuff. Some good nearfalls towards the end of this, and then AA finally snag the win and the belts with the assisted-German on Dawson. Crowd goes wild. Jordan is actually sobbing. We see Kota Ibushi in the crowd. We must be coming up on the cruiserweight classic. Austin Aries Vs Baron Corbin: This is a solid David Vs Goliath-type battle. Aries shows off some of his offence, but is mostly selling for Corbin and fighting from underneath. Corbin goes for the End of Days but Aries counters into a roll-up for the pin. Since Corbin wins the Andre battle royal the following night, I'm hoping that's it for him in NXT. His run has been fine, and I don't hate him or anything, but there's nothing more for him to do now. I'm looking forward to seeing what Aries will do though. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Sami Zayn: Okay, yeah, this is awesome. Worth mentioning first of all how good Nakamura's music is. I haven't heard that old jam in forever. Really fits his character. Crowd is super into this from the get-go and it has a real big fight/event feel. It's a happening, as Gorilla would say. They get about 20 mins, and the match just keeps getting better and better and the fans get hotter and hotter. The 'fight forever' chant is deserved in this instance. There's some awesome striking in this. It's definitely more of a Nakamura match that a Zayn match, but Zayn goes toe-to-toe with Nak, and actually busts him open hardway. This is just super stiff and physical all the way. Nakamura finally puts Zayn away with the kinshasa. They shook hands and embraced after the match, and an emotional Zayn took in the applause from the crowd in what looks to be his NXT swansong. What a way to go out, and what a way for Nakamura to come in. Asuka Vs Bayley: This is so scrappy and awkward, and I say that as a compliment. Their styles didn't mesh in such a perfect way. Crowd is very pro-Bayley for this one, but Asuka is too respected by the crowd to be booed. Lots of struggling for the advantage, struggling to lock in submissions, and Bayley just fighting for survival. This is kind of a version of what the Bayley/Nia match tried and failed to be, with the underdog champ struggling to hang in against the dominant challenger. Asuka finally locks in the Asuka Lock and Bayley passes out, bringing to an end her title reign. The crowd responds with shock. They obviously weren't ready for Bayley's run to come to an end. And what a run it was. I don't know if it's the best women's title reign in NXT, but it's definitely up there, and made more impressive by what she had to work with. The likes of Alexa, Eva Marie and Nia is a big step down from Sasha getting to work with the other horsewomen. Bobby Roode is shown in the crowd and gets a nuclear pop and chants. Took me by surprised how over he was here. Finn Balor Vs Samoa Joe: I'll come right out and say it; Balor winning this was bullshit, and was the only thing I'd point to on this whole show as being a definite flaw. Balor finding new ways to look like an idiot with his entrance, this time coming out with a chainsaw. What a prat. Match is good though. The story of the match is Joe getting busted open hardway after a clash of heads in the first few seconds. He looks such a badass with blood streaming down his face, pushing away the referee who is trying to treat the wound. That got him over as a big-time babyface with this crowd too, who didn't outright turn on Balor but were definitely more behind Joe. It turns out that the most relentless force in NXT is the medical team though, because they just wouldn't stop lurking around like Repo Man and jumping in at any opportunity to check on Joe. That definitely took some of the momentum out of the match. But Joe is good enough to roll with the punches and make the most of the situation. As I said, he definitely should have taken the belt here. He's just better in every way than Balor. They did the Bret/Piper finish with Balor kicking back off the turnbuckle while in the kokina clutch to get the win. It was kind of presented as a stroke of luck, but that's twice now that Finn has beaten Joe clean, and I wonder how they're going to get Joe back in the title scene. Show rating: So, this is probably my favourite Takeover to date. Hell, this is one of my favourite wrestling shows period. I was happy with every match and I was happy with most of the finishes. We got a match of the year contender and lots of other good stuff. Crowd was great. Not much in the way of angle advancement/setting up future angles, but it did have a sense of being a show that was ending one chapter and setting things up for the start of a new chapter. I'm definitely excited about where we go from here. 4 1/2 stars. Show MVP: Shinsuke Nakamura. Stepped up to the plate in a big way in his debut. 4 1/4 star match: Sami Zayn Vs Shinsuke Nakamura. 3 1/2 star match: American Alpha Vs The Revival. 3 1/4 star matches: Bayley Vs Asuka; Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor.
  12. 3/30/16 American Alpha Vs John Skyler and Corey Hollis: Standard AA squash match. Skyler and Hollis do get a bit of offence in. The Revival are watching in the back. Finn has a sit down interview in the back. Finn's promos are a cure for insomnia. Baron Corbin Vs Mike Cuellari: Cuellari is QT Marshall, who is now jobbing in AEW. Quick squash win for Corbin. The Revival Vs Steve Cutler and Tucker Knight: The Revival get a squash of their own as AA watch from the back. Bull Dempsey has a promo in the back. He's facing Samoa Joe tonight. He calls himself the last of a dying breed, indicating that he's going back to his pre-Bull Fit roots tonight. But then he says that 'fit happens', which is a terrible catchphrase. Apollo Crews Vs Alex Riley: Man, Crews squashes Riley in under 2 minutes, while Graves bags on his (Riley's) look on commentary. The dude is toast. Elias Samson comes out singing a song, but backs away when Crews invites him into the ring. Sami Zayn gives his thoughts in the back on his match with Sinsuke Nakamura. As always, Sami comes off very naturalistic and intelligent, and says the things you'd expect a real person in his situation to say. He talks about this being Nak's only chance to make a good first impression, and brings up his own debut in 2013 when he beat Cesaro (not actually his debut match, but his first night in NXT). He says people call him the heart and soul of NXT, which he appreciates, and says he won't let Nak make a name off his back. Samoa Joe Vs Bull Dempsey: Dempsey gets an early flurry in, but then gets squashed by Joe. Joe refuses to break the kokina clutch, and we get a good example of why WWE speak is so terrible as a couple of NXT jobbers come out to help and get referred to by Tom Phillips as NXT superstars. The jobbers (I can't even remember who it was) get destroyed by Joe, and finally Balor comes out for the save. Joe and Balor have a decent pull-apart to end the show and send us to Dallas. On paper, the card for Takeover looks awesome, and I can't wait for it, but the build has been kinda weird. You have AA Vs Revival, in which neither of those teams have interacted with one another or even cut promos about one another (they really should have had the Revival attack AA tonight or something). Zayn Vs Nakamura is just a 'dream match', and Nak has never even appeared in Full Sail. Aries and Corbin at least have a beef, but Aries has only appeared in Full Sail once. Bayley and Asuka have barely interacted. Balor and Joe is really the only match you could really say has any legit heat behind it. Just weird that it worked out this way. Episode MVP: This show was super light on actual wrestling, and I'm struggling to remember anything anyone did to really stand out. I guess Zayn gets this for his talking segment.
  13. 3/23/16 Johnny Gargano Vs Elias Samson: The Full Sail crowd are not fans of The Drifter, giving him 'drift away' chants. Surprisingly, Gargano gets the win here with a roll up. Elias attacks him after the match and is relentless, until Apollo Crews makes the save. Where was Ciampa? I guess they've dropped those two as a team for now, but you'd still think he would save his buddy. They have established the Gargano/Crews relationship before though, so that makes sense. I was fine with this. Gargano and Samson are both guys who had nothing really going on except losing and winning matches respectively, so it's nice that they got a little angle. Finn Balor Vs Rich Swann: This is a nice little match; a real good showcase for Swann, who looks great here and gets over, and a solid win for Balor leading into Takeover. I was always ambivalent on Swann, but I think I like him now. Balor kind of plays de facto heel a little bit here and even gets some heat. Emma and Dana get interviewed in the back. Emma is facing Asuka again tonight. Dana says she's been injured since her match with Asuka two Takeovers ago. Is that right? Has she really not competed since then? She's better as a second really anyway. We get a little video on Sinsuke Nakamura. The only footage they have of him is competing for some British indie. It looks like Killian Dain is his opponent. Alexa Bliss Vs Sarah Dobson: As was pointed out to me before, Dobson is Sarah Logan. She looks a lot different to me. I'm not sure about giving Bliss squash matches. I half expected Dobson to win actually. Bull Dempsey Vs Danny Burch: Match doesn't happen. Joe attacks Bull as he's making his way out and puts him in the kokina clutch. He then hits the ring and lays Burch out for good measure, before yelling into the camera that he's coming for Balor and the NXT title. Good stuff here. A really good video package on American Alpha airs next. They both talk about their amateur accomplishments, but state that they both ultimately fell short of their goals (Gable in the Olympics, Jordan in the NCAAs). They also talk about how becoming a team changed their perspective on wrestling from seeing it as an individual sport to being something where they can lean on each other. Really good way to provide some background on these guys and give them some character and motivation. A vignette for No Way Jose. I think I'm going to hate this gimmick (but I've thought that before about NXT gimmicks and been wrong, so we'll see). Asuka Vs Emma: This is awesome. Up there with the Takeover match. Dana is running interference early on, which is what I wanted out of the Takeover match. Emma somehow turned into the best squash match worker in NXT, and brings that newfound aggression into this match, which is right up Asuka's alley. They unleash some bombs, and Asuka finally makes Emma tap to the Asuka lock. This might be my favourite current in-ring rivalry in NXT. I hope Emma gets a shot at the belt once Asuka wins it. Episode MVP: Some pretty good stuff on this episode. I'm gonna give it to Emma. 3 1/4 star match: Asuka Vs Emma.
  14. 3/16/16 The results for this show have Billie Kay being seconded by Sylvester Lefort in a dark match. I hope that pairing makes it to TV. The show starts with Sami Zayn cutting a promo about the 2/3 falls match, saying it could have gone either way and he's still predicting big things for himself in NXT. William Regal comes out and agrees, and says he's found him a huge opponent for Takeover. A video plays on the big screen showing Shinsuke Nakamura telling Sami he'll see him in Dallas. The crowd pops big and Regal makes the match official. I've heard really good things about this match, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. The Hype Bros Vs Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford: Oh shit, it's the Street Profits teaming for the first time on TV. Wasn't expecting that. Remember when Sawyer Fulton walked out on Dawkins? The Hype Bros pick up the win. Emma Vs Deonna Purrazzo: The two had a backstage altercation with Emma and Dana making fun of Purrazzo for her losing efforts against Asuka. Purrazzo said she was going to end the Emmalution. She doesn't. Emma pretty much squashed her, and looked good doing it. Tommaso Ciampa Vs Jesse Sorenson: I'm bored with Ciampa now. He had a great performance against Joe and looked good following up on it, but now I've had enough of his super-intense serious wrestler persona. Sorenson looks to have bulked up a lot. Ciampa gets the win with the armbar. Bayley and Asuka Vs Nia Jax and Eva Marie: This is much better than the Bayley/Carmella tag from a couple of weeks back. Probably because it was shorter, with less Jax and Eva on offense. Bayley pinned Eva with the Bayley-to-Belly. Afterwards, Regal came out and announced that Asuka is the new number one contender to the womens title, and made the match for Takeover. This Takeover card is looking stacked. Austin Aries cut a promo from his home I think it was, and basically said that Corbin should be asking for his advice, since he's been a champion everywhere he's gone. He's still using the 'Greatest Man That Ever Lived' gimmick. Standard stuff. American Alpha Vs The Vaudevillains: This is for a shot at The Revival's tag team titles. Good match. Started off pretty basic (not that there's anything wrong with that) and was looking like the typical formula AA match (Gable gets shine, then plays babyface-in-peil, hot tag to Jordan, go home), but they put together an exciting finishing stretch with a couple of good nearfalls, before the assisted German sealed the deal. I'm really looking forward to AA Vs The Revival, maybe more than any other match at Takeover. Episode MVP: Chad Gable. 3 star match: American Alpha Vs The Vaudevillains.
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