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  1. Watching Khali made me feel sad the same way that I feel sad when I see a stray dog on the street. I don't want to feel sad watching wrestling.
  2. Americans can get all the 'questionable content' they want by turning on the news instead.
  3. How did we get to page 6 without anyone mentioning the one and a half Superfly? For shame, DVDVRMB. The all-time worst has to be the Miz-ard of Oz. What the the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
  4. Happy birthday, Natural. Genuinely, and I think everyone here would agree (unless Hulk Hogan lurks here), the nicest guy on the board.
  5. Raw has really changed a lot since I last watched.
  6. I agree with this. I imagine I'm probably at least as big a Bret fan as anybody on this board, and I'd go as far as to say that Neidhart was more important to getting the Hart Foundation established as an act than Bret was.
  7. Thanks, my friend. I'm doing okay. Hope you are too. I really wish Sasha had left WWE during that time. I'm pretty much at the point where I selfishly want all my favourites to leave that company, because I just can't watch them anymore. What really annoyed me is that me quitting WWE seemed to coincide pretty perfectly with Sasha becoming one of the most heavily-featured wrestlers in the company. So, you know, that's about how my luck goes.
  8. Nobody tell Vince that Sasha said her dream was to work Japan, not in the WWE, but that WWE 'called her first'.
  9. From reading her wiki, someone should have changed the finish.
  10. I went to that game. Not a Utd fan, but my dad wanted to take me and my sister to see a big team play, and there were none bigger than them. He picked a memorable one for us.
  11. I was gonna bring that up. Note how her instinct is to make sure she lands on her feet, not giving a fuck about what happens to Sasha. I don't know enough about it to know for sure, but it seems like she has terrible instincts.
  12. This is me. I'm not giving up my Premier League. I just don't get how these fuckers continue to make so much money.
  13. I continued watching for many years after I stopped enjoying it, and even then it was only really the shitty business practices/moral bankruptcy of the company that got me to stop. What kept me doing it for so long was primarily habit, the fact that the WWF was the promotion that got me into wrestling so it always felt like my 'home' promotion, the hope that it would get better, wanting to support the wrestlers I like/d (of which there are still many) and the fact that my real life wrestling fan friends watched so it was something for us to connect over. Oh, and because I hate myself. Can't fo
  14. Do we know that they took Cena? Or maybe they just said forget it then and moved on to someone else?
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