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  1. Orton winning the belt here is like if Bob Backlund had cleanly pinned Shawn Michaels for the belt in 1996, having never left the company since the 70s. And then, if the rumour is true that this is building to Orton/Edge at Mania, that would be like building to a Backlund/Pedro Morales main event at Mania 13.
  2. 21:14, but I was eating soup at the same time. And I spent way too long trying to work out what Rachel Ellering's birthname could be... Leanne Sotan? Joanne Sotan? Who names their kid Minne?
  3. I'm sorry to hear all this. I hope things work out okay for you all.
  4. "My children have already started burning his movies". I don't even want to be human anymore. I just can't do it.
  5. I'm sorry that you're struggling, man. Know that so many people are struggling too right now. I mean, always, but especially right now. You're not alone. And people care about you and love you. I hope you can find some comfort. Keep posting on the board.
  6. Sure, but Heyman probably could have taken him further, but there were injuries and stuff, and losing Kante and Mahrez probably didn't help.
  7. Axel is proof perfect of why Heyman is the best. The guy proved to be a scrub pretty much his whole career, yet Heyman took him to the IC title, one of the most prestigious belts in all of wrestling. That's some Ranieri taking Leicester to the Premiership title shit right there. Cesaro, I have nothing for.
  8. Reading shit like this and, and I'm not knocking anyone who still watches for whatever reason, whether out of habit or enjoyment or what, I'm so glad I'm not enabling this shitty company anymore. It's kinda embarrassing to me, again no judgments on anyone else, that with all the scummy shit they've pulled, it was a booking decision that finally got me to wash my hands of them (to elaborate, Hell in a Cell Rollins Vs Bray is when I decided I wasn't going to watch the weekly TV anymore, and just phased down to the ppvs, with a view to stopping completely, and then firing people during the pandem
  9. I'm more offended at the idea that getting anything out of Mike Knox is some sort of miracle. Knox was a pretty good worker.
  10. He has Becky to do that for him now. Ba-dum-tshh.
  11. It's kinda telling how this article lumps Seth Rollins in with the stale old guys (Orton, Show and Rey in this instance), while he's only been on the main roster a shade under 8 years. I mean, Seth sucks, so I get it, but I think it says a lot about how quickly people become completely overexposed in WWE. To put it into contrast, Bret was with the company for 7 years before winning his first world title. For Shawn it was closer to 8 years. Now, whole careers play out in the space of a couple of years, and guys just spend the rest of their careers simply existing.
  12. This is not true, is it? I distinctly remember Bryan beating Punk the year of the pipe bomb. There was controversy I think when Punk beat Henry in the semi-final.
  13. My friend and I were talking about Raven earlier, and about how perfect his look and character were for the mid-90's. That got me thinking, what are some of the most zeitgeist-defining looks or gimmicks in wrestling history. I suppose you'd have to mention Hogan in the 80's. When two of the biggest stars in Hollywood were Schwarzenegger and Stallone, the WWF had their very own version with Hulk. Nowadays, even though the gimmick is at least 6 years old at this point, I don't think anyone has a more contemporary look than Sasha Banks.
  14. I was gonna say, they already did a foot fetish gimmick and had a guy use the n-word, so what more do you want? Tarantino sucks.
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