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  1. I'd want Rey Mysterio's, then Edge's and Kurt Angle's last.
  2. [ spoiler] Spoiler item here. [/ spoiler] Remove the spaces, @LoneWolf&Subs.
  3. And I thought three Fuck Hulk Hogan were bad.
  4. Oh, France. You never know which French side shows up. Need to single out Sebastien Vahaamahina for stupidity, a red card for throwing a brutal elbow. Wales have got away with that win.
  5. Respect. I think Ali did the same last time as well.
  6. Awesome Thug Rose GIF coming up: One of my favourites.
  7. One of my favourite fighters when I started getting into MMA proper in January of 2005. R.I.P. Evan Tanner.
  8. Latest Joker box office update: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2019/10/19/joker-batman-justice-league-box-office-700-million-todd-phillips-joaquin-phoenix-dc-films-man-of-steel-wonder-woman-aquaman-shazam-venom-deadpool-matrix-oscars-warner-bros-dwayne-johnson-jason-statham-jumanji/#66f0b32817d8
  9. Cesar Romero's Joker should be with Nicholson's, Hamill's, Ledger's and Phoenix's. Live-action Jokers: 1. Ledger. 2. Phoenix. 3. Nicholson. 4. Romeo. 5. Leto. Only thing I wasn't sure on, Nicholson a spot above Romero or whether Romero goes above Nicholson. If we're counting animation among live-action, Mark Hamill tops the lot.
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