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  1. Bizarro Cody returns at AEW Double or Nothing 2022:
  2. There was a sale today of the remaining Bradford City Avec stock. Did well managing to get some home shorts, away shorts and training shorts considering where we were in the queue and when we got to the window of the Club Shop, there was hardly anything left. 14th June will be the reveal of the home kit.
  3. 5. WrestleMania XXX. 4. WrestleMania X. 3. WrestleMania XXIV. 2. WrestleMania XIX. 1. WrestleMania X-Seven.
  4. Bought two out of three of the Greatest WrestleMania's of All Time on DVD today, WrestleMania X-Seven and WrestleMania XIX. Other than the cover of the former with the scratch logo replaced with the W and World Wrestling Entertainment on it, the show itself has the traditional scratch logo with no blurring like on past releases. That's the biggest draw of this.
  5. Happy Birthday, @Super Ape. Have yourself a good un!
  6. This. I was hoping for Baker vs. Statlander. Baker/Statlander's match at All Out 2021 is underrated. Really liked that match with Orange Cassidy showing emotion cheering Kris to get back into the ring and the unexpected Pittsburgh Sunrise.
  7. Adding to the above: https://www.f4wonline.com/news/new-japan/njpw-addresses-status-of-kota-ibushi-will-remain-under-contract I can't see what Chairman Kidani said happening.
  8. I'd be down with that match. Only match I see making my Best AEW Matches from this show is Adam Page vs. CM Punk. Outside shots are JAS vs. Danielson/Moxley/Kingston/Santana/Ortiz, MJF vs. Wardlow and Rosa/Deeb.
  9. When I think of Ray Liotta, it's as Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Still the best GTA game.
  10. A big draw is the amount of AEW CAW and AEW arenas. NJPW as well so you'd have WWE X NJPW X AEW.
  11. Form what I've seen of WWE 2K22, I'D get it if I had the console to play it on. I use GameCentral for my videogame content, GC savaged WWE 2K19 and roundly praised WWE 2K22. GC are particularly strict with their scoring so it earns them. Hope that helps in some way.
  12. Slightly under. Buzz and build doesn't feel there like Revolution. I'm looking forward to the show even though there's a few matches I'm not into. Once the show ends, it's a quick turnaround as matches need to be announced for AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door.
  13. My four AEW Pillars: MJF, Darby Allin, Britt Baker and Ricky Starks. I used to have Jungle Boy and Sammy Guevara.
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