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  1. Still the best looking championship in wrestling history, Big Gold.
  2. Money in the Bank 2016, the night all three members of the Shield held the WWE Championship!
  3. Great GIF to start with. This was so memorable, Tyson Fury out cold as Deontay Wilder celebrates thinking it was over like all of us were only for Fury to do a fucking Undertaker sit up.
  4. I'm wanting West Ham United to go down as well pretty much because of the owners. Bonus:
  5. NSFW. Most of you will have seen this. Worth revisiting as it's a spot on tribute to Bob Ross' The Art of Painting. Deadpool and Deadpool 2's marketing, so well done.
  6. Depression sucks, speaking from someone who has it. Hope the fog lifts ASAP. I used to watch Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting when I was younger with my Mum. I sometimes watch them still on YouTube.
  7. Little survey, MMA posters. Your favourite fight from the weight classes. Here's mine: Heavyweight: Randy Couture vs. Pedro Rizzo, UFC 31. Light Heavyweight: Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, UFC 164. Middleweight: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, UFC 116. Welterweight: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit, UFC 195. Lightweight: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard, UFC 125. Featherweight: Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber, WEC 48. Bantamweight: Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber, UFC 132. Flyweight: Henry Cejudo vs. TJ Dillashaw, UFC Fight Night 143. Women's Featherweight: Amanda Nunes vs. Chris Cyborg, UFC 232. Women's Bantamweight: Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey, Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey. Women's Strawweight: Rose Namajunas vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, UFC 217. Women's Flyweight: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, UFC 231.
  8. I haven't. Didn't want you thinking I wasn't going to reply.
  9. The Double Arm DDT is my favourite after the original DDT.
  10. Shameful thing, lobster head. Too many limes. Too many limes. I like that old theme and the one he's used since 2015.
  11. You learn something new every day. Thanks, @JonnyLaw. What I did know: Kenneth Crawford is married to...
  12. For the past two years, the Men's Elimination Chamber participants wrestle a Gauntlet match with Seth Rollins going an hour in 2018 on RAW and Kofi Kingston last year on Smackdown Live. I REALLY, REALLY want Daniel Bryan to be the third. 60 minutes and over for Daniel Bryan please and thank you.
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