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  1. Watching the above, someone out there needs to use the overhead shot for their entrance.
  2. @Brian Fowler will be with you, I'm sure. Roode's long reign as TNA Heavyweight Champion was a favourite of mine, he had great music and entrance to go with: Fuck the lyrics version.
  3. Neither did I. Helen McCrory was only 52 years old. Fuck cancer. Condolences to Helen's family and friends at this sad time. R.I.P.
  4. WALTER's WWE NXT UK Championship reign is the longest since 1988, over two years. I'm all for WALTER holding it even longer. Be interesting to see who'll beat him for it. Finn Balor? Tyler Bate? Pete Dunne? The NXT United Kingdom Championship is now the best looking belt in wrestling now that NJPW replaced the IWGP Heavyweight Championship Version 4 for the new IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. I will say I prefer the original name, WWE United Kingdom Championship and the original belt design as well.
  5. WWE 13 by far. There's Attitude Era mode where you play matches from that famous period and by fulfilling match objectives, you get unlockables. You also play some matches before Attitude Era and after. The roster is a mix of the current roster at the time and from the Attitude Era. WWE 13 was THQ's last WWE game and went out well. I didn't expect the enjoyment I got from it at all because the three or four games I played after Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 sucked. CM Punk's also on the cover. THQ wanted Punk on the cover while WWE didn't. Shame THQ weren't able to build on WWE 13 by going under
  6. Thank you for this. Brings back memories of me and a group of friends playing it in school sixth form, trying not to get caught by teachers/librarians.
  7. Cesaro should be a multi time world champion in WWE. Scandalous that's he never held it. The only singles championship he's won is one reign as WWE United States Champion. I'd love the big names on Smackdown Live in Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins would go to Vince McMahon and say Cesaro is well overdue a WWE world title reign. The WWE Championship is THE world title you want to win in WWE for its long history and the names who have held it than the WWE Universal Championship.
  8. EXCUSE ME!!! I SAID EXCCCCUSEE MEEEEEEE!!! Happy returns xxx.
  9. On Spider-Man: No Way Home, I wish we were getting a more simple story of Peter Parker trying to prove his innocence while on the run from various villains (one of them being Kraven the Hunter) who are trying to kill or capture him rather then a multiverse story. Anybody else? I'm still looking forward to the movie mostly to see the fallout from Peter's secret identity expose and Alfred Molina back as Doctor Octopus. Molina's portrayal is still one of the best CBM villains. I'd make a Doc Ock bad from the start than the tentacles corruption this go round. Hope the rumours are true that Ma
  10. The late, great Mr. Brodie Lee. Loved and missed.
  11. First time I've had an infection for a while and it's done a number on the CP. Any infection does. It varies on the infection.
  12. Dream's release should have happened a lot sooner. Better late than never. I'll keep an eye out for his name and Jordan Devlin.
  13. One of my favourite artists, Francesco Francavilla.
  14. For fuck's sakes, THE VELVETEEN DREAM is still there.
  15. Avengers: Endgame (2019), there was an exchange between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes which to me hinted that Bucky knew Steve was going back to Peggy Carter and not return. Bucky gave a little grin as Sam and Hulk weren't able to bring Steve back. Bucky wasn't flustered. I caught this today: I knew Steve Rogers would have confided in Bucky. This confirms it though I prefer how it was handled in Avengers: Endgame.
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