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  1. Please and thank you. The Spectacular Spider-Man was as described.
  2. Speaking of Mick Foley, Foley was great as a face and heel.
  3. Tommaso Ciampa on Instagram. I'm thinking tonight is Johnny Gargano's last in WWE.
  4. Tommaso Ciampa put this out on Instagram. I'm thinking it's Johnny Gargano's last night in WWE.
  5. Hogan was always a heel to me even in the red and yellow ;). I take your point on Hogan. I fucking detest Fuck Hogan.
  6. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair in the main event of WrestleMania XXXVII. One of the best matches and spots in 2021. Real shame we never got the rematch at SummerSlam.
  7. The more, the merrier of Hailee Steinfeld!
  8. Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver I'm most looking forward to. Enjoy my friend, @WholeFnMachine.
  9. LOVE #FTR, Vickie Guerrero and #FTR wearing Eddie Guerrero/Los Gringos Loco attire. #FTR are so thoughtful about their attires here and the Midnight Express look. Best tag team in the world 2016-2021.
  10. Yeah, I wouldn't have signed Tony Nese either. Bland blah.
  11. I second both of those suggestions for wrestlers great as a face and heel. Cheers.
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