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  1. The humour felt very Marvel and they are under the same umbrella so..... I liked the movie but what a waste Snoke turned out to be. And your big idea for one of your new heroes was terrible looking CG intergalactic casino horse racing? Seriously, I almost fell asleep during Finn’s scenes. How was I supposed to care/ not be annoyed when they kept splicing his shit in between Luke and Rey?
  2. Justice League certainly has its flaws but I can’t remember ever coming out of a movie feeling that happy and smiling so much.
  3. There are two mid or post credits scenes, both of which have leaked and are pretty fucking great. There's another really big scene that leaked as well, CGI looks poor. If this scene was part of the reshoots, I can't imagine they had too much time to work on it. Still, I really liked this scene. I'm still really excited to see it tomorrow.
  4. Gotham's Scarecrow design is pretty rad.
  5. I went to see Terminator 2 in 3D a few weeks ago. The 3D didn't really do anything for me but hearing the theme blasting from theater speakers during the intro is still fucking amazing. Also, T2 3D in Orlando is closing down next month. Thank god I got to go twice during Mania week.
  6. Tim Miller will direct the next Terminator, he and James Cameron put together the story and Cameron is producing. Linda Hamilton and Arnold will return and it will star an 18 year old female lead. Writers room included David Goyer and Josh Friedman. They're planning a trilogy because of course they are.
  7. Now Matt Reeves is saying his Batman movie is stand alone, Hollywood Reporter said it won't star Affleck but later removed it. Affleck himself talked about working with Reeves at Comic Con. And the Crazy, Stupid Love writers are writing a Harley/Joker movie that may or may not be the Gotham City Sirens movie that is already in the works. I'm confused. But I'm seeing The Dark Knight in a movie theater tomorrow so that's cool.
  8. The best part about the villains was that one scene...
  9. I liked it a lot, thought it was sweet and kind of moving. Gadot is so lovely as Diana when she first arrives in London, just completely lovely and innocent. And when see goes to war and the theme kicks in? Goosebumps. Also, that new DC Intro.
  10. Eh hee, he also wrote the story and cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. His hands were all over the DCEU when WW was in production.
  11. Wonder Woman is getting a lot of positive reactions from critics on Twitter. http://batman-news.com/2017/05/18/wonder-woman-critics-reactions/
  12. Dolph Lundgren is King Nereus in Aquaman. FUCK YEAH
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