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  1. More power to you if this Super Sloppy Double Dare arena and not at all ready for prime time developmental talent is your jam, but hoo boy this couldn’t be less for me. Add the Beav’s nauseating jump cuts and I’m ready to tap out after one episode. This would be fine as some extra content on Peacock, but this has very little business on cable TV. If you’re anyone AEW would show interest in, gotta imagine you’re jumping ship ASAP.
  2. Fuck it, give me Rex Steiner as champ
  3. Wrestle heavy two hour show that was missing a lot of guys completely (Mox, Kingston, Hangman, Cody, Archer & more), but we still only get one women’s match? Went back and looked through Dynamite results from this year to find the last time some of the contracted women had their last match on Dynamite - Thunder Rosa - 7/28 Yuka Sakazaki - 7/14 Penelope Ford - 7/14 Jade Cargill - 5/28 Hikaru Shida - 5/18 Serena Deeb - 5/18 (injured) Tay Conti - 4/21 Riho - 2/17 Abadon - 1/6 Big Swole - Has not had a Dynamite match this year There is no reason they can’t cut a couple video packages every week (do we really need a Bucks match plus one, sometimes two additional video/interview segments every week) and add another women’s match to the show. Would help build up some actual challengers for Britt as well, as opposed to just randomly inserting someone into a program like they did with Red Velvet.
  4. Giant Zanjeer was the other giant Indian dude. Dilsher Shanky is the one that’s been with Jinder.
  5. Feel bad for Bronson Reed/Jonah Rock. Seems like a good dude. To go from thinking you’re probably about to get brought to the main roster to being released. What a shitty fucking company.
  6. Noted. My original point was less about viewership and more about the continued bad booking of the women’s division. Britt is great. But like, she’s a heel? I think? But gets cheered like a face because she’s great. Shida had been relegated to YouTube. Kris Statlander is just kinda treading water since coming back. It’s rare we get more than one women’s match per Dynamite and even then, unless it’s something involving Britt it’s likely just a random one-off match. They’ve got plenty of talent on the roster, I don’t really get why they don’t utilize some of them more on Dynamite. Hopefully Rampage helps change that.
  7. So in a week it’s achieved less than half the viewership an episode of Dynamite gets from its initial airing on Wednesday? Like I said.
  8. Yeah I’m not sure if people are being serious about that or not. But the idea that Punk or Danielson sign off on coming in for some lame as shit NWO revival is pretty hilarious. Especially when the Elite are already doing a parody of the Bullet Club which is an homage to the NWO. Or maybe it’s an homage of a parody? Who’s to say. What’s up with Hikaru Shida? She’s their Women’s champ for like, a year, drops the belt to Britt and then disappears? I know she’s had some matches on the YouTube shows no one watches, but legit has she been on Dynamite at all since losing the title?
  9. Why are we cheering Dakota? Because she’s awesome and Raquel is as exciting as a wet blanket who’s entire personality seems to be simply calling her opponents “Chiquita”.
  10. So Finn has this great year+ long run in NXT, reinvents his character, and his long awaited return to the main roster he’s immediately doing the same fucking bullshit they had him doing when he left. Posing to his music, mid-card, Balor Club, smiles. Fuck that shit. Otherwise decent show aside from Old Man Vince’s hilariously awful open. Because LOL pandemics, right? Put him in a fucking home already.
  11. Expectations were pretty low going in, but what a dud of a show. Gotta be in the convo for worst Takeover ever. Six man was fun and a good way to start the show. All downhill from there. Mercedes/Li was a nothing match with no real business being on a Takeover, especially considering neither Toni, Io, Candice, Indi, Dakota, or Sarray had a match tonight. The less said about that ladder match the better. Eli Drake is a fucking shits. Raquel/Ember was fine, and Raquel has improved a ton, but she’s like, the 10th most talented woman on the roster. The most enjoyable parts of the main event were of course the parts Kross was not involved in, but at the end HHH’s nocturnal emission stands tall. Kyle taking the fall seemed like the worst possible choice, but I assume that means he’ll be the one to take the belt when they finally fuck Kross off to Raw or Smackdown. Enjoyed the live crowed giving him the response he deserves though, which is absolute fucking apathy.
  12. Dead weight in terms of guys that aren’t really very good and/or no one gives a shit about. Luther, Serpentico, Jack Evans, Angelico, Kip Sabian, Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, Peter Avalon, Bononi, Ziggler’s brother, Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler, though I realize neither of those guys are likely going anywhere. Same for a majority of the Nightmare Family/Factory dudes too, but again, probably not going anywhere.
  13. Exactly. There’s a lot of dead fucking weight on that roster that any of those mentioned would be a dramatic improvement over. I mean, they’ve been giving fairly regular TV time to Cezar fucking Bononi for christ’s sake.
  14. Hopefully this five way clusterfuck is a way to get the belt off Kross without him actually taking the fall and then he fucks off to Raw or Smackdown.
  15. Definitely not just you. Other woman have done the punk rock gimmick much more naturally IMO, Christina Von Erie, Ruby Riot, even AJ Lee to an extent, but everything Shotzi does seems so forced. Like, what the fuck does “welcome to the ball pit” even mean?
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